Garage Ceiling Fan

It does not matter if you use your garage as a workspace or only for weekend dabbling, it has to be a comfortable place where you can easily and practically do your job. The lack of air conditioning might be a real deficiency, especially in summer, when the garage heats up very quickly. When this happens, the perfect solution is to opt for a ceiling fan that can get you rid of this situation efficiently. Why choose a ceiling fan? They are powerful, they are versatile, and they are perfect for a man cave. They move a greater capacity of air in many instances so they provide whole-room benefit. Your garage will totally be fresh and healthy with one of the appliances on our list. There is a various range on the market but the article below will help you spot what you are searching for, the best item that suits your garage’s needs.

Top 5 Garage Ceiling Fans Compared

Photo Product Name Product Dimension Weight Material Blades Size Shape Airflow Voltage Wattage Price
Emerson CF765BQ Image
Best Overall
1. Emerson CF765BQ 60 x 60 x 12.8 inches 19.6 pounds Metal & Plastic 3 60″ Circular 6916 CFM 120 V 80 W
Air King 9718 Image 2. Air King 9718 24 x 10.5 x 28 inches 10.43 pounds Metal 3 18” Circular 3190 CFM 120 V 150 W
Ciata Lighting 7812700 Image
Our Choice
3. Ciata Lighting 7812700 52 x 8.8 x 9 inches 30.1 pounds Steel 3 56” Circular 7105 CFM 120 V 60 W
Hunter 59262 Image 4. Hunter 59262 52 x 52 x 15 inches 15.4 pounds Metal & Plastic 3 52” Circular 5537 CFM 120 V 64.1 W
Westinghouse 7861400 Image 5. Westinghouse 7861400 25.4 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches 16.49 pounds Steel 3 56” Circular 7105 CFM 120 V 60 W

1. Emerson CF765BQ

This one stands as our top recommendation due to its premium quality and performance. For this brand, quality has been a trademark for over 125 years. The appliance features detailed expertise and the most exquisite materials. Its motor has been also tested carefully in order to make sure that it is longlasting and quiet. Except for these features, we can discuss its efficiency. It offers you comfortable temperatures and also reduces energy costs due to the reversible airflow. It can make you feel up to seven degrees cooler by creating a chill effect. Set the thermostat higher and save up to 40% on the bills.

In relation to its peculiarities, it is perfect for high ceiling applications, it has three high-efficiency airfoil blades, and brushed steel finish which is not suitable for damp places. It features a four-speed wall control that allows you to customize the speed that you need. The 120 voltage and 80 wattage power will offer high-efficiency for any man cave. It has a modern style so it can easily fit in many types of locations. As a special feature, it is remote control adaptable and it is Energy Star approved. Energy Star rated fans are up to 60% more effective than the average ones.

Let’s not forget about the customer service, that weighs a lot when purchasing this type of product. The appliance is backed by limited lifetime motor warranty, plus one-year warranty on parts such as blades, and other components that will be replaced if defected. In order to benefit from the warranty, you have to be the original customer and user of the product.

  • Energy Star rated
  • Remote control adaptable
  • 4-speed fan slide control included
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • Some say that it might be too noisy
This is a saleable appliance because it can be the best solution to cool your garage in the summertime. Its powerful motor and high-efficiency will prove you that it is the best option for an ideal and healthy working environment.

2. Air King 9718

Our second choice is an 18” ceiling fan for any industrial space such as garages, offices, stores, warehouses, and many other locations. The appliance is made of powder-coated steel for long-lasting endurance. The spinning switches placed on the back allow you to turn on and off the fan and change the speeds easily. In what concerns its power, we must mention its 1/6 horsepower fully enclosed, and lastingly lubricated motor with a split capacitor in order to offer a silent performance and to produce more airflow. The motor is made to last for years and years so you do not have to worry that it will disappoint you.

The cooling device is ETL and OSHA approved so it will absolutely perform at its highest. What’s more, the item is backed by one-year limited warranty. Air King is the ideal choice for your working room because of its skillfulness and proficiency.

  • Suitable for any industrial space
  • Made of powder-coated steel
  • ETL approved
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Some say that there is no oscillation
This is a saleable product because it can fit any location and can offer great performance for your working space. Now your garage will benefit from a cleaner and fresher air and you will forget about the heaty summer temperatures.

3. Ciata Lighting 7812700

This indoor 56” appliance is excellent for industrial and commercial spaces. It was created with a great design, having a white finish so to fit all types of locations. The product needs minimal assembly and comprises a five-speed wall control unit. This one is perfect for workshops, large work and living areas, and high ceiling rooms. It is recommended to hang it at least 10 feet above the floor for safety measures. Enjoy a comfortable environment with this cooling device that provides excellent airflow.

When describing this product we discuss durability and power. The appliance has a voltage power of 120 V and wattage power of 60 W, thing that will make it more competent and dynamic. The durable material, steel, will make it last for a long time so that it can accomplish your needs. To boot, it includes a 78” lead wire, 12” down rod, ball hanger installation system, and also a 5-speed wall control. Also, let’s not forget about the fact that it is ETL approved for safety. Relative to the warranty, Cita Lighting cooling device offers a 15-year motor warranty, and 2-year on all the parts.

  • Ideal for large surfaces
  • Steel motor with single capacitor
  • Ball hanger installation system
  • 15-Year motor warranty
  • Some say the blades are very delicate
This product is a popular choice due to its airflow efficiency and the 5-speed motor that quietly turns the blades for efficient air circulation. If you are looking for this type of appliance, you can confidently opt for this cooling device that will suit various types of locations.

4. Hunter 59262

This is another product you can count on due to its WhisperWind motor that delivers ultra-powerful air movement together with a whisper-quiet performance so that you can enjoy the cool air without a lot of noise that can be disturbing. Its reversing motor allows you to switch the position of the fan from updraft to downdraft. Moreover, its 13-degree blade pitch is designed to assure ideal air movement and high performance.

For more efficiency and effectiveness the appliance comes with 5″ and 3″ down rods in order to establish the correct distance from the ceiling and also to enhance the air movement at your needed blade height. An important feature to take into consideration if interested in purchasing this item is the fact that it is ETL damp-rated for use in covered patios, and sunrooms. What’s more, the product is designed with three position mounting system: low, standard, and angled chained. It also includes pull chain for easy on & off and speed adjustment and comes with limited lifetime warranty.

  • Ideal for large surfaces
  • 13 degree blade pitch
  • ETL damp-rated
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Customer service could be better
If you are searching for a cooling device that can perform at its highest you might be in the right place. This one might be the best solution for your garage, and not only. Its efficiency and reliability will prove you that it will revitalize your working space.

5. Westinghouse 7861400

The last but not least, this indoor cooling device is another good choice to take into consideration. The appliance is designed for industrial, commercial, and larger spaces. Among its most significant peculiarities, we can mention its smooth nickel finish, the five-speed wall control unit, and minimal assembly. For a better air circulation, it is recommended to hang it at least 10 feet above the floor. Helped by this appliance, the environment will be more comfortable and the air will be fresher and healthier. It provides excellent airflow no matter the location. You can rely on this cooling device also due to the ETL certification for safety.

Moreover, the package includes a ball hanger installation system, 78” lead wire, and 12” down rod. As regards the warranty, the product is backed by 15-year motor warranty, and 2-year warranty on the other parts. Enjoy working in a fresh and cool environment even on the hottest days of summer. Its silent mode and efficiency will provide you with the perfect climate.

  • 5-speed wall control unit
  • Efficient air circulation
  • Minimal assembly
  • 15-year motor warranty
  • Some complained about the control switches
This product is so popular due to all its features that can suit every type of room. Even if you are using it for a garage or not it will surely be the best choice in order to deal with the highest temperatures and enjoy a comfortable environment.

A Few Facts About Ceiling Fans

  • Most ceiling fans use the same amount of power as a 60 watt light bulb, which costs about 3c per hour to run
  • Up to 40% saving on power costs – Use the fan together with the air conditioner to diminish your air conditioning bill by up to 40%
  • You will feel up to 8 degrees cooler from your ceiling fan’s cool breeze
  • Most of the fans are reversible, meaning that they can be changed to “winter mode” with just a switch. Winter mode changes the blade direction to anti-clockwise, blowing warm air against the ceiling and down the walls
  • They do stagger when blades are out of balance, but there isn’t any possibility to fall
  • Some of them have light fittings attached so there is no need for a light bulb
  • They reduce heating costs by up to 10%
  • They can save a great quantity of energy and blow masses of air around accurately
  • They feature switches or dials that can be mounted on a wall for easy usage
  • Initially, they were powered by water

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