Gas String Trimmers

Over the last few years, the string trimmers have become more popular than lawn mowers because of the fact that they are more flexible and versatile than larger mowers that cannot be used on uneven terrain. The gas-powered string trimmers themselves come in two basic varieties: the two-stroke and the four-stroke engine. The market is overflowing with a broad array of models, so choosing the right trimmer depends on the property’s size, its terrain and your tolerance for noise. In order to help you determine which trimmer suits the needs of your yard best, have a look at the comparison table below.

Top 5 Gas String Trimmers Comparison

1. Husqvarna 967055801 324L 2. Husqvarna 128LD 3. Hitachi CG23ECPSL 4. Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD 5. Remington RM2560 Rustler
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Manufacturer Husqvarna Husqvarna Hitachi PoulanPro Remington
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 70 inches 40 x 10.25 x 12.2 inches 8 x 8 x 70 inches 11 x 7 x 7.5 inches 39 x 10.63 x 11.8 inches
Weight 11.24 lbs 11.11 lbs 10.3 lbs 10 lbs 14 lbs
Color Orange Orange Green Yellow Orange


Engine Size (CC) 25 28 22.5 28 25
Sound Level (dB) 106 114 115 105 60
Power Output 1.07 hp 1.0 hp 0.93 hp N/A 1.2 hp
Engine Type 4-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke 2-stroke
Tube Length 58.4 inches N/A 69.6 inches 40 inches N/A
Trimming Line Diameter 0.9 inches N/A 0.095 inches 0.095 inches 0.095 inches
Idling Speed 3100 rpm 2800-3200 rpm 3000-3400 rpm N/A N/A
Electrode gap 0.02 inches 0.024 inches/0.6 mm 0.6 mm 0.02 inches 0.025 inches
Maximum RPM Output Shaft 8220 rpm 8000 rpm 9900 rpm N/A N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity 16.9 fl. oz. 13.53 fl. oz. 14.5 fl. oz. N/A 10 fl. oz.
Line feed type Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Manual Bump
Cutting Path Diameter 17 inches 17 inches 15 inches 17 inches 16 inches


Air purge Air purge Anti-vibration system Spring assisted start system QuickStart technology
Smart Start feature Smart Start feature S-Start recoil starting system Split boom straight shaft with ProLink attachment system Straight shaft
Auto return stop switch Debris shield Dual-line bump head


Warranty 1-year 4-year 2-year 2-year 2-year
Customer Support
Online Manual

Gas String Trimmers Reviews

1. Husqvarna 967055801

If you are looking for a gas trimmer than can help you improve the outside appeal of your house, the Husqvarna 967055801 is exactly what you need. This powerful grass trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke engine which has a cylinder displacement of 25 cm³. The maximum power speed is about 7000 rpm while the idling speed is 3100 rpm. As compared to other similar tools, this Husqvarna model features a maximum rpm output shaft of 8220 rpm. It’s important to consider what exactly your needs are before purchasing a gas trimmer. For example, if you look for a tool with a large fuel tank capacity, you can confidently choose this model which comes with a 16.9 g fl. oz. tank. The Husqvarna 967055801 is also equipped with a lot of features. The air purge function removes air from carburetor for easy starting, while the Smart Start feature helps the machine start faster with no effort. Overall this model is ideal for semi-professional looking for power and performance.

2. Husqvarna 128LD

Another powerful model that will surely meet your requirements in terms of trimmers is the Husqvarna 128LD. It is a two-stroke engine 28 cm³ of displacement that requires 100% gasoline with no ethanol. It comes with a 13.53 fl. oz. fuel tank and an auto return switch which automatically resets to the on position for easier starting. Plus, there is also an air purge function that removes air from the carburetor. Despite the fact that it is extremely powerful, the machine is much lighter than most gas weed eaters. Actually, its power in proportion to its weight is the most impressive in our top. At just 11.11 lbs., it is very easy to handle and has a detachable straight shaft for easy storage and transport. As compared to other similar items, this tool is extremely versatile, so it can be used with either trimmer head or grass blade. The 128LD weed whacker comes with a 4-year warranty. When the warranty expires, the machine must be replaced on your own, because the manufacturer doesn’t offer an additional warranty on the driveshaft.

3. Hitachi CG23ECPSL

Another powerful model that will surely attract your attention is the Hitachi CG23ECPSL gas trimmer. This 22.5 CC two-stroke engine delivers great power and performance expected from high-top grass trimmers. It has a 14.5 fl. oz. fuel tank capacity and a long 69.6” overall length for better control. Additionally, it features an anti-vibration system that improves comfort and reduces fatigue. At just 10.4 lbs. the trimmer is more lightweight and easy to use than other models. It comes with a 4” Tap&Go head and an S-Start recoil system. The CG23ECPSL trimmer is extremely durable. It is a sturdy tool, made of high-quality materials. In comparison to other gas trimmers, this mode is covered by an impressive warranty that includes 2-year commercial use warranty, 1-year rental use and 7-year consumer use warranty. Aside from being efficient and extremely powerful, this weed eater is also much cheaper than other similar units. It only costs $179.97.

4. Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD

If you want to complete your yard-care kit with a powerful, yet easy to use weed whacker, the Poulan Pro 967228401 PP28LD is the best option out there. Thanks to its 28 cc two-stroke engine, the trimmer is able to cut through thick and high grass. What we really like about this model is the fact that it is perfect for any job. It boasts so many features that it can do everything you want. The PP28LD trimmer comes with 6 attachments that make it extremely versatile. From standard trimming to edging, tilling, tree pruning, brush cutting and even hedge trimming, this product can complete every task. Since it has such a powerful motor, it can reach more than 100dB. At 105dB, the PP28LD gas trimmer is one of the louder models available on the market. Like most manufacturers, the PoulanPro offers a 2-year warranty that also covers the drive shaft. For more detailed information, visit the manufacturer’s website or contact the customer support department.

5. Remington RM2560 Rustler

The Remington RM2560 Rustler comes with a 25 cc two-stroke gas engine and an interesting design which helps it trim under bushes and hard to reach areas. It is equipped with a dual-line bump-feed trimmers head with 0.095” line and an adjustable D-handle for maximum comfort and control. The RM2560 Rustler uses a QuickStart technology which makes it start faster with no effort. It measures 62 x 11 x 10 inches and weighs 14.06 pounds. Thanks to its compact design, it is perfect for small to medium-sized backyards. The maximum cutting path diameter is 17 inches while the recommended line diameter is 0.95. as compared to other similar tools, there are no multiple heads included and it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap. The fuel tank capacity is 10 fl. oz. and it comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Overall, this is surely a great model worth taking into consideration.

Things to Know about String Trimmers

Best Gas String Trimmers

Whether you are a professional landscaper or you just like to beautify your yard, you must have a string trimmer in your gardening kit. The trimmer is more efficient than a mower and it can perform better than a lawn mower. It can be used to clear tall weeds, it can cut back vines and it can even groom areas that are very difficult to mow. Since there are two types of trimmers, it’s important to decide whether you want an electric or gas model. Both models have their pros and cons.

The gas trimmers are much more powerful than the electric model. They are designed for large areas and heavier growth. They are equipped with a strong 2-stroke motor that burns a mixture of oil and gas. However, you may also find models with a 4-stroke motor which run on gasoline alone. The 4-cycle models eliminate the need for mixing fuel and they require regular oil changes. Furthermore, they are much heavier than the 2-stroke engines. As compared to the 2-cycle engines, the 4-stroke models are more expensive. They cost around $300 and up. However, they are much easier to start, they are quieter and pollute less than 2-cycle motors.

The electric string trimmers are very easy to start and are simpler to maintain than gas models. The electric trimmers are perfect for smaller yards. It’s very important to know that they are available in both corded and cordless models. The corded models are more versatile than corded trimmers. They are equipped with lithium-ion batteries rated from 40 to 80 volts which provide more power than lower batteries. On the other hand, the corded trimmers are not as versatile as the cordless models, because they require an extension cable. This way, it will be a bit more difficult for you to use the unit if you have trees or other obstacles in your garden. However, a corded trimmer will provide you with constant power without recharging.

Why Choose a Gas-Powered Trimmer?

Fall is right around the corner, so it’s time to do some lawn maintenance before winter arrives. Caring for your yard can be an exciting yet daunting task. It’s not difficult to keep in fertilized or watered, neither to mow it twice a week. However, when the lawn gets too long, it’s a bit more complicated to mow it, especially in areas where a lawn mower cannot reach. Adding a gas string trimmer to your arsenal is a great investment that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

  • They are easy to use

  • As compared to electric trimmers, the gas-powered models are easier to use and maintain. Trimming, mowing and edging with a gas trimmer can be very easy. In spite of its lightweight feature, they are much powerful yet easy to maneuver than the other trimmers. The cushioned and rubberized handle of these models avoid hand fatigue, making you feel much more comfortable.

  • They are flexible and versatile

  • The gas-powered string trimmers have become more popular with people because they are more flexible than electric trimmers and can be used on terrain. They are lighter than most of the trimmers or grass cutting tools available on the market, today. Since they are so light, even the older children can use it to trim the lawn. In fact, the gas trimmers will help you teach your child to trim and cut the lawn in your garden. More than that, they are not equipped with so many parts that require repair and maintenance work. In simple terms, it is more economical to use than other string trimmers.

  • They work fast

  • The gas string trimmers work incredibly fast. As it has been mentioned above, there are two types of gas-powered trimmers, such as the two-cycle and four-cycle engine. Although the four-stroke models are heavier than the 2-cycle engines, either one will do a good job with your backyard. Keep in mind that people prefer them because they can use them to trim along fences, under brushed and near trees. More than that, if you are looking about purchasing a gas string trimmer, it’s good to know a few things. Most people use this gardening tool because it takes minutes for it to cut the grass while it can take more than an hour for a mower to do the same thing. However, as with any type of trimmer, safety measures and proper precaution is required. The most quality models are equipped with safety features. While some trimmers have protective shields to keep you away from flying debris, other models are equipped with trigger lock feature. This safety features is specially designed to prevent the trim head from accidentally started when not in use.

Your Guide to Buying a Gas-Powered Weed Whacker

Gas String Trimmers
The gas models are some of the most powerful and costly trimmers on the market. Most of them use an advanced technology and are equipped with plenty of impressive features that surely meet anyone’s needs. However, when you go shopping for a gas trimmer, it’s important to take into account various factors.

  • Match your string trimmer with your backyard

  • The most important factor in making a decision is the size of your yard. While bigger trimmers are designed for larger yards, the small and light-duty models can handle smaller lawn. However, keep in mind that trimmers with ample runtime are capable of handling all the cutting jobs at once. You may need additional batteries to extend the runtime, but don’t forget that they are a bit expensive. For gas models, the recommended lawn size is over 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.). Generally speaking, the larger your backyard, the more powerful string trimmer you need. If a trimmer has a powerful engine, it can handle various tasks. Overall, opting for a product that matches your lawn size will help you get maximum performance from your trimmer.

  • Have a look at the difference between the straight shank and the curved shank

  • As you probably know there are two types of shank/shaft, such as the straight and the curved type. The trimmers that are equipped with straight shafts provide a better balance than curved models. Plus, the extra shaft length will put a distance between you and the trimmer. This way, the debris that will ricochet around the cut area won’t affect you. Most gardeners prefer this model as it can handle multiple tasks including cultivating, blowing, edging, trimming and so on.
    The trimmers with curved shafts provide power to the head with the flexible-cable drive shaft. They are much more comfortable and easy to maneuver because of their lightweight feature. Furthermore, they are more affordable than the straight shanks trimmers.

  • Two-cycle engine vs. four-cycle engine

  • There are two types of gas string trimmers: the ones that are equipped with a two-stroke engine and the four-stroke engine trimmers. As compared to the four-cycle engines, the two-stroke trimmers are more affordable. They are equipped with a separate primer, a choke and throttle control for easy starting. As it was mentioned above, they run on a mix of gas and oil and they are able to clean up a large yard.
    On the other hand, if your yard looks more like a tiny jungle, you will need a 4-cycle engine which doesn’t require a gas-oil mix. It works smoother than the other motor and it is much easier to start. It is much quieter and pollutes less than 2-cycle engine.

Top 3 Brands on the Market

  • Husqvarna

  • The Husqvarna is one of the world’s leading manufacturers outdoor power products, such as trimmers, mowers, chainsaws, tractors and cultivators. When it comes to gas-powered trimmers, Husqvarna markets a small line of models for both the consumer and professional market. These trimmers are equipped with a plethora of features and split-shaft designs for attachments. They are available with both two- and four-cycle engines. One of the most powerful and efficient string trimmers manufactured Husqvarna is the 128 LD trimmer. With a 28 CC engine and a 1.0 hp, this trimmer has everything you need from a gas string trimmer. It provides performance, quality and durability.

  • Hitachi

  • The Hitachi Group is a multinational company headquartered in Japan. It operates various business segments, including power systems, high functional materials and components, automotive systems, and more others. The main purpose of this company is to make people’s lives convenient, smart and more enjoyable with robotic solutions. As it has been mentioned above they developed hundreds of systems and products, including trimmers with two- and four-stroke engines. The CG23ECPSL is one of the most efficient and easy to use a gas string trimmer. It is a two-stroke model, powered by a 22.5 cc engine. It has so many features that it can start its work quickly with minimum effort.

  • Poulan Pro

  • Poulan Pro has earned its name as a respected brand in this industry by the early 1950s. It developed various products, including blowers, mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and so on. After 70 years of experience, Poulan Pro amaze its customers with high-performance products, quality and durable products. There are so many brands on the market, but the Poulan Pro is by far one of the most respected brands out there. The 967228401 PP28LD is an efficient yet affordable gas-powered string trimmer. As compared to other similar products, this one features a spring assisted start system that simplifies the starting process. Furthermore, the split boom straight shaft with ProLink attachment system makes it complete a wide range of tasks.

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