Best Golf Bags

            Golf is one of the most expensive sports to play. Passionate players, and not only, have access to various golfing equipment and supplies that are meant to improve their performance. But for safely carrying them, every player needs a golf bag. The first club-carrying golf bag was invented in the 1900s and ever since then it has been greatly improved.

            However, not all the available bags are made to provide you durability and plenty of storage. Fortunately, we have gathered in this article the best models you can find at this moment, each of them being very comfortable and featuring a stylish design to match your outfit.

Top 5 Golf Bags Comparison

Photo Golf Bags Price
 Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag

1. Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag

  • Dimensions: 17 x 12.5 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • 14-way top
  • 8 color options
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 Titleist Golf- 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag

2. Titleist Golf- 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag

  • Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • 4-way top
  • 4 color options
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 Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

3. Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

  • Dimensions: 11 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • 14-way top
  • 1 color options
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 TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

4. TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • 5-way top
  • 6 color options
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 OGIO Golf 2017 Tyro Stand Bag

5. Ogio Golf 2017 Tyro Stand Bag

  • Dimensions: 36 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
  • 7-way top
  • 3 color options
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Reviews of the Golf Bags

Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag

           If you’re looking for a bag that can protect your clubs and other useful things you need when you’re on the golf course, then you can confidently go with the Callaway Golf Cart Bag. Specially designed to accommodate an entire set of full length dividers, this bag is the perfect choice for golf players who like to keep things organized. Besides this, you will surely like the two insulated cooler pockets that are large enough to keep your refreshments, as well as the water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket. Furthermore, the bag features an E-Trolley base system for a more secured based and two molded grab handles to lift it with ease. Additionally, the bag also has a separate sleeve for your umbrella and a pocket where can keep your rangefinder or GPS.



Stylish design
Features a larger pocket for the putter
Comes with a tea holder
Multiple pockets to secure your things
Top configuration for easy access


Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag is our favorite model simply because is lightweight, versatile, and well-made. Featuring a 14-way top divider and multiple pockets for a convenient storage, this model is definitely worth considering even if you have to pay extra money to buy it. Additionally, you can choose from 8 different styles to match your golf outfit.

Titleist Golf- 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag

           This bag is spacious enough to transport your clubs in a safe manner, being made of high-quality materials that make it very durable. Featuring a 4-way top construction with 2 full-length dividers, this bags is definitely one of the best you can currently find on the market. Furthermore, the bag also comes with 6 zippered pockets to secure your food, drinks, or other items, as well as a velour-lined valuables pocket. The stylish appearance of the Titleist Golf Stand Bag makes it very popular among golf players, being the perfect accessory to complete your golf outfit. What is interesting about this particular model is that it comes with a stand that is anti-split, featuring at the same time foot pads so it won’t slip. Furthermore, it has a built-in lift handle.



Lightweight According to soome people it’s rather bulky
Comes with a beverage pocket
Attractive design
Features a double-shoulder strap
Comes with a cover for the top


Titleist Golf- 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag has convinced us and many customers that it is a reliable bag for every golf player. Because is lightweight and it features a double-shoulder strap, you can easily carry it on the course field along with the clubs and other personal items. Even though there are some people who find it bulky, we sincerely believe that this bag is one of the best you can get.

Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

           Made by a reliable brand, this bag is everything you need if you usually carry all sorts of things on the golf course. It features a 14-way divider top that holds your clubs separately, as well as 7 pockets that were specially deisgned to keep the rangefinder, the umbrella, or your favorite beverage. Additionally, the bag features an integrated handle that allows you to transport it easily from one place to another. At the same time, the padded strap adds an extra level of comfort which is a great plus. The top design allows you to access the bag with ease every time you want. Due to the fact that the Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag is very spacious, you can carry with you all the things you need to improve your game, being ideal for dedicated golf players. Last but not least, the premium diamond rip-stop fabric makes it very durable.



Comes with a velcro glove patch Unfortunately, the dividers don’t go all the way down so the handles get tangled
Includes a rain hood
Great brand
Offers plenty of storage
Durable premium diamond rip-stop fabric


With multiple pockets to carry your things and a durable construction, Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag is one of the most popular bags. It is made by a respectable brand, so you will be able to enjoy it for many years. Additionally, even though it doesn’t go all the way down, the 14-way top divider does a great job when it comes to keeping all your clubs well-organized.

TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

           The TaylorMade Stand Golf Bag is another great model you can opt for if you want a high-quality product to transport your clubs and other items. With a 5-way top and six pockets to place your food, balls, and various things you need on the golf course, this bag is spacious enough for any golf player. Besides this, it features a EVA molded hip pad on the side for extra comfort, as well as two air mesh shoulder straps for a comfortable transportation. Since it’s a stand bag, the model features an anti-slit stand system that features non-slip foot pads for keeping the bag in a stable position for as long as needed. Additionally, the bag comes with a velour-lined valuables pouch and a matching rain hood. Also, it features a simple, yet attractive design.



Comes with pockets for balls It doesn’t have a beverage pocket
Comfortable straps
EVA molded hip pad
Simple design
Very spacious


Another great bag we recommend is TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0. Offering a generous space to transport your clubs, balls, and other useful items, this bag is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a top-quality product. At the same time, it is budget-friendly, so you will get to pay less for great quality.

Ogio Golf 2017 Tyro Stand Bag

           Specially created for your golfing needs, the Ogio Golf Tyro Stand Bag definitely worth the investment if you want a reliable bag at a reasonable price. With a 7-way top and multiple pockets to place your things, you can be sure there will be nothing left behind. The built-in fleece lined valuables pocket is a truly great addition because it keeps your items well-secured. Furthermore, the bag features an insulated water bottle pocket for more convenience and a tower ring. Also, the bag features a double shoulder strap and it’s light enough to carry it around with absoutely no inconvenience. Another great advantage this bag comes with is the anti-split stand system that provides it stability every time needed. All in all, the bag is among the best you can find, featuring a stylish design and durable materials.



Comes with double shoulder strap No full length dividers
Very spacious
Durable construction
Stylish design


Ogio Golf 2017 Tyro Stand Bag is a great addition to any golf player. We like the fact that even though it is less expensive, this models comes with many features that make it very convenient. Besides the fact that is lightweight, this bag is also durable and spacious, so you can carry with you all the things you need and this without being limited to the amount of storage space.

How the Products Were Rated

            We selected the products based on several criteria, some of them being more important than others. Besides the unique features of each model, we also look for information like dimensions, weight, divider top, and color option. The product which occupies the first place in our top is the most versatile in terms of club storage and available colors.

  • Dimensions

  •             A golf bag has to offer you enough space to store your clubs and other personal things. The larger it is, the more space to keep your items organized. However, no one wants a bulky model that is difficult to transport or handle. Therefore, the bag has to be spacious but compact at the same time, allowing you to carry it with ease.

  • Weight

  •             Considering the fact that you have to place your clubs and other items in your bag, it’s best to choose a lightweight product. Constantly carrying a heavy bag can be quite inconvenient, especially if you are a woman. From all the models selected by us, the Ogio Golf 2017 Tyro Stand Bag is the lightest, while the TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 is the heaviest.

  • Top Divider

  •             In order o keep the clubs organized, manufacturers added top dividers. Some of them are full length because they go from top to bottom. When a bag comes with more dividers, you have the possibility to store more clubs, some of them having 14 different dividers, such as Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag and Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag. The others models selected feature fewer dividers, namely 7, 5, or 4.

  • Color Options

  •             If you want a stylish bag, you can opt for a more attractive color, like red, green, or whatever you like. In general, most manufacturers offer you the possibility to choose between more colors, so you can match your bag with your golf equipment if that’s what you want. The Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag comes with more color options to choose from, namely 8. Unfortunately, Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag is only available in one color.

Advantages of Having a Bag

           If you’re a golf player, you surely know how difficult is to store all your clubs and golf equipment. Regular bags aren’t the best choice for keeping all things organized, so it appeared the necessity of a more spacious bag that can successfully meet every player’s needs. In consequence, there were designed the golf bags that offer you the possibility to store all your things with ease. Here are the main advantages of this type of a bag.

  • Plenty of Storage Space

  •            To begin with, a golf bag comes with plenty of storage space for everything you need on the golf course. The fact that it features various compartments to keep your clubs safely is a great advantage, offering you peace of mind every time you’re playing your favorite game. Besides this, due to the fact that it comes with multiple pockets, you can carry with you all the things you need on the course. Some models also feature insulated cooler pockets or valuables pockets.

  • Lightweight

  •            Even though it can carry many things, a bag is made of lightweight materials, so it doesn’t weigh too much. At the same time, the materials are quite resistant, so you can consider it a long-term investment. Additionally, the top-rated models feature a high-quality construction, being water-resistant and keeping your things well-ventilated every time you transport them.

  • Stylish Design

  •            Another great advantage of these bags is the fact that they come in various styles and colors, allowing you to choose a model that complements your golf apparel. While it’s true that the design isn’t that important and it doesn’t influence the score of the game, it’s always nice to invest in a stylish accessory.

            In comparison to other sports, golf requires more than just a ball and a club. A player needs different clubs for a specific shot, so advanced players can carry up to 14 clubs in their bags. In this case, a spacious golf bag is the perfect solution for keeping the clubs and other items well-organized. Our favorite model is Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Cart Bag as it features a 14-way top divider and no less than 8 colors to choose from. Additionally, it comes with extra pockets to carry other useful things, including food and beverage. The second choice is Titleist Golf- 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag as is suitable for less advanced players. It has fewer dividers but it comes with extra pockets for your personal items. A cheaper yet reliable alternative is Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag that also features a 14-wat top divider but the difference is that they don’t go all the way down. The last two bags are budget-friendly but they lack some features. However, they are very spacious and sturdy.

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