Heated Toilet Seats

We are sure everyone hates going to a cold bathroom and sitting on a toilet seat that gives them shivers. Therefore, investing in a heated seat can be a life-changing decision that will make bathroom time more welcoming. If the seat has multiple functions like a water stream or a warm air dryer, the benefits are extended. The highest rated warm toilet seats are the newest trend and will certainly become your favorite home improvement due to the comfort they bring.

Top 6 Heated Toilet Seats Comparison

Photo Heated Toilet Seat Price
Lotus ATS-908 Image

1. Lotus ATS-908

  • Material: Antibacterial white plastic
  • Seat temperature settings: 3
  • Water nozzles: PurStream nozzle
  • Air dryer: Yes
  • Special function: Massage
  • Soft closing lid: Yes
  • Design: Elongated and round shape
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Kohler K-4737-96 C3-125 Image

2. Kohler K-4737-96 C3-125

  • Material: Antibacterial plastic in two colors
  • Seat temperature settings: 3
  • Water nozzles: 2
  • Air dryer: Yes
  • Special function: Deodorizer
  • Soft closing lid: Yes
  • Design: Elongated shape
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 HoLead Sbid HL-RSD3600 Image

3. HoLead Sbid HL-RSD3600

  • Material: White plastic
  • Seat temperature settings: 3
  • Water nozzles: 2
  • Air dryer: Yes
  • Special function: Deodorizer
  • Soft closing lid: Yes
  • Design: Elongated and round shape
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TOTO Washlet C100 Image

4. TOTO Washlet C100

  • Material: Plastic in two colors
  • Seat temperature settings: Adjustable and skin sensor
  • Water nozzles: 3
  • Air dryer: Yes
  • Special function: N/A
  • Soft closing lid: Yes
  • Design: Elongated and round shape
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 SmartBidet SB-2000 Image

5. SmartBidet SB-2000

  • Material: Two-color plastic
  • Seat temperature settings: 3
  • Water nozzles: 5-position nozzle
  • Air dryer: 5-level
  • Special function: N/A
  • Soft closing lid: Yes
  • Design: Elongated and round shape
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Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm Image

6. Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm

  • Material: White plastic
  • Seat temperature settings: 3
  • Water nozzles: No
  • Air dryer: No
  • Special function: LED nightlight
  • Soft closing lid: Yes
  • Design: Round shape

Warmed Toilet Seats Reviews

Lotus ATS-908


The toilet seat is made of an antibacterial plastic and it comes in white and you can choose between an elongated or a round shape. It can be easily installed on any type of toilet although the need for a plumber can be required for all the water connections. The PureStream water nozzle provides a thorough wash with warm water that you can also customize. After washing, you can also enjoy a warm stream of air to dry your rear and front parts thus, reducing the need for toilet paper and ensuring a better cleansing.


If you want to experience the ultimate luxury, you need to have a look at this toilet seat designed by Lotus Hygiene Systems. The seat is heated and you can choose between 3 temperature levels to make you feel the most comfortable. Aside from the warm surface it provides, it also works as a bidet that provides both front and backwash for your intimate parts. The nozzle cleans itself so you won’t even have to touch the seat to make sure it is perfectly cleaned. A great feature is the massage that helps you relax your hips and even alleviate hemorrhoids pain.

Warm seat surface
Clean antibacterial materials
Temperature control water
Helpful massage function
Generous warranty

The reason why this sells so well is because all of the controls are placed at hand level so you can easily make your selections and customize its functioning. Given the increased price, the manufacturer stands behind their product with a generous 5-year warranty to ensure you it will work perfectly.

Kohler K-4737-96 C3-125

When buying a new toilet seat, consider getting a heated one that provides both functionality and cleanliness, like this one from Kohler. There are dozens of models available but this one seems to be a customers’ favourite for many reasons, starting with the ease of installation. It’s available in an elongated shape and it can be fitted with any toilet you have at home. Keep in mind that it operates on electricity so you will have to supply a power socket within reach. Choose between a white or a soft biscuit shade to best match your bathroom. Aside from being heated to three levels, it also includes two water nozzles that are used for front and rear wash. The water is also warmed as well as the air that is sprayed afterwards for a soft drying.Also, all the controls are placed on the side to make it easy for you to reach them.



Anti-microbial plastic
Two water nozzles for a wide cleansing
Deodorizes the room after each use
Soft and warm contact with your skin


This is one of the best sellers because it has antibacterial plastic and the thorough cleaning ensure that you will enjoy the highest level of hygiene. To make the cleanliness complete, it also features a deodorizer function that spreads a pleasant scent in the bathroom.

HoLead Sbid HL-RSD3600

Once you see how convenient a heated toilet seat can be, you will no longer want to go back to a regular seat. This one is a high-quality model designed by HoLead and it offers all the features of a bidet with the added advantage of a warm surface for your skin. There are three temperature settings to choose from as well as other three for the water that is sprayed through the nozzles. You can also adjust the intensity of the water stream to make sure you will enjoy a comfortable experience. The nozzle is self-cleaning to eliminate the need for you to touch it before and after each use. To help you reduce the need for toilet paper and, hence, become more eco-friendly, the seat also delivers a warm air that dries your intimate parts. It boasts a white design available in both elongated and round shape so you can choose the right type for your bathroom.



Adjustable seat temperature
Water temperature and pressure control
Self-cleaning water nozzle


One of the reason why this product is so popular is because it has a feature which most of its competitors do not, to prevent slamming and noises, the seat is equipped with a soft-closing system that gradually lowers it so it won’t hit the toilet and make a loud noise, especially during the night.

TOTO Washlet C100

Our next favourite warm toilet seat is the Washlet C100 that can be suitable for any bathroom and toilet. Available in two colours and two shapes, it certainly offers freedom of choice. It works as a toilet seat that ensures a warm touch to the skin and a bidet that provides the ultimate cleanliness. The water nozzle provides an oscillating stream of water for the anterior and posterior parts of men and women to make sure they will enjoy a pleasant and warm feeling. Both the temperature and pressure of the water can be adjusted to everyone’s preferences. Besides the thorough cleaning it provides, the seat also features a premise that sprays a soft mist inside the toilet bowl to ensure a hygienic environment. Enjoy the convenience of the arm-placed control panel that makes it easy for you to select your desired functions. Among the interesting features, we mention the self-cleaning wand, the skin sensor that ensures energy saving, and the soft close of the lid and seat.



Soft and warm surface
Premist feature keeps the bowl clean
Silent closing
Adjustable temperature and water pressure


One of the reason why this product is so popular is because the majority of people that have purchased it have highlighted that it keeps the bowl very clean. Its innovative design has been created after many years of thorough research by the company. In fact, people have claimed that they regret their decision of not buying this model sooner. We promise that you won’t regret it either.

SmartBidet SB-2000

The seats manufactured by SmartBidet are among the most appreciated due to the great price-quality ratio they offer. The SB-2000 boasts a streamlined design that makes it suitable for any type of toilet, be it round or elongated. It’s made of a high-quality plastic that resists impacting and its controls are placed on the side for easy access. The nozzle sprays water in the back and front of the bowl for a complete cleaning of men’s and women’s intimate parts. The water stream is oscillating to ensure the proper cleaning and you can choose between 3 temperature settings, 5 pressure levels, and 5 nozzle positions. You won’t have to worry about keeping it clean because the nozzle cleans itself before and after every use. The seat is heated only when you sit on it due to the skin sensor that limits the energy usage when not necessary. For the ultimate comfort, the seat also boasts a 5-level warm air dryer that completely eliminates the need for toilet paper. And thanks to the soft closing lid, you won’t slam it in the middle of the night.



Skin sensor for energy saving
Silent soft closing
Multiple sizes available
Easy to install


This product sells so well because it really is made to last. The many great reviews this model has all over the internet describe it as one of the most durable items on the market. It’s very unlikely that the product will get damaged even after high volume of usage. This means that you can go ahead and invest your money in confidence as you will have it for many years to come.

Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm

In less than 15 minutes since you start the installation process, you will be able to enjoy going to the bathroom like never before as your seat will feel warm and cozy. Featuring a 4-foot cord which makes it easy to reach an outlet and power up the warming abilities of the seat, it is one of our top recommendations to those who are on a budget. Sure, it might not be as feature-rich as other seats are because it lacks an air dryer function, and there are no water nozzles, but when you look at the bigger picture, it provides the necessary – warmth when sitting down. After all, this is all that truly matters! On the other hand, it does come with an interesting feature of its own, more precisely the blue LED nightlight that enables you to get to the toilet quick and safe even when it’s dark. It provides 3 adjustable heat settings to choose between, while the simple controls ensure an intuitive use. The set and forget settings make it convenient to use, while the gentle closing seat and lid ensure no loud noises will arise in the middle of the might when you use the bathroom. Furthermore, it is accompanied by a 1-year warranty.



One of the more affordable options to go for Does not feature water nozzles to help you clean up more easily
4-foot cable eliminates the need for extension cords Lacks deodorizing function
Backed by a 1-year warranty
Setup takes less than 15 minutes
Fits all standard toilet fixtures


It might not come with all the features that its better-ranked opponents do, but this Brondell toilet still is an investment worth making as it is one of the best at its job – keeping you warm while you are on the toilet. Even better, it comes at a quite accessible price, and it is durable, meaning that this is an investment you won’t have to replace anytime soon.

Reasons to Get a Heated Seat for your Toilet

People spend approximately one and a half years of their life in the bathroom, assuming they only spend an average of 20 minutes per day. Given the importance of this place of your house, it’s normal to want to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible. A warm toilet seat is a pampering that will make you enjoy the time you spend on the toilet and will offer you multiple benefits that will make you very happy with your purchase.

  • Increased comfort

  • Without a doubt, the comfort provided is the main reason why people decide to get a heated seat. Not having to touch a freezing cold plastic at night or early in the morning will no longer give you shivers. You will enjoy the warm and pleasant touch that will not force you to jump right up the moment you sit on the toilet. Children are particularly happy with this change because they are the most demanding when it comes to comfort.

  • More hygiene

  • The heated seats we have selected also work as a bidet seat that provides a higher level of cleanliness. The nozzles spray water that allows you to wash your intimate parts so that you will enjoy an improved personal hygiene every time you use the toilet. These seats are the perfect combination of convenience and sanitation you can expect from a toilet seat.

  • Multiple features

  • Unlike a regular toilet seat that simply serves as a support for your body, the heated model also comes with features like front and backwash, deodorizer, pre-mist, and dry air to help you dry your private parts. With these features, the bathroom will be cleaner and you will be welcomed by a fresh and airy scent.

  • Energy saving

  • Although the initial price is higher than the price of regular seats, the heated version incorporates smart features that enable it to save money in the long run. The highest-end models include motion sensors that only turn the heat on when they sense your skin so that they won’t waste energy by getting hot without having to. The water flushes can also be motion-activated so that the use of water will be limited.

What Stands behind Our Ratings

In our comparison, we analyzed several models and we rated them according to some details that made the difference. From the plethora of models available on the market, we only chose those that we believed to offer a fair quality for their price. Keep reading to discover what stood behind our toilet seat ratings.

  • The material it’s made of

  • For cleanliness and hygiene reasons, we looked for toilet seats made of an anti-microbial plastic that doesn’t allow germs and bacteria to stick to it. Also, it’s important to choose a seat that feels soft to touch, regardless the temperature it reaches.

  • The temperature adjustment

  • If you have a seat with multiple heat settings, you will be able to customize it as you best like. The best models feature up to five temperature levels not only for the seat itself but also for the water it sprays after every use. This will also help you save energy by adjusting the temperature to the ambient conditions.

  • Water and air streams

  • Besides the heated function, the seats we picked also provide water jets same as a bidet serves for washing one’s intimate parts. This increases the personal hygiene level and also limits the use of toilet paper. Moreover, the best models include a warm air dryer that completes the pampering.

  • No-slamming closing

  • Everyone knows how annoying it can be to slam the toilet seat, especially at night when the house is silent. This is why the seats we reviewed feature a soft-closing system that slowly closes the lid to prevent it from hitting the toilet bowl.

  • Other functions

  • The true innovation of these seats is in the additional features they offer, something you wouldn’t expect from a toilet seat. Besides the heated surface, you can also enjoy a pleasant massage that relaxes your muscles and improves your digestion. Also, many seats include a deodorizer that sprays a nice perfume into the bowl to make your bathroom smell clean and fresh.

Installing a New Heated Seat on Your Old Toilet

If you decide to replace your old seat with a new high-end heated model, you are probably wondering how you will be able to install it and whether it will fit on your old toilet. For starters, you need to know that the process is not very complicated and that most of them are designed to fit all toilets. Follow our guide to see how you can go through the installation process.

  • Toilets can be either round or elongated and the seats come in the exact same shapes. Depending on the one you have at home, you must choose the right shape. You can also choose between several colours, usually white and biscuit or beige, to match any bathroom design.
  • The most complicated part of installing it is the ground fault circuit interpreter outlet that is mandatory for the seat to work. As you probably expected, the heated seat comes with an electrical cord that must be plugged into this GFCI outlet. If you are not good with wires, you should get an electrician to perform the installation for you, just to make sure all the lines will be connected properly.
  • Before installing it, you must turn off the power because you will be working with electricity. Select the spot for the outlet, close enough to the toilet bowl so the electrical cord will reach it. You can install it in the place of an old power outlet, if you had one near the toilet, or choose a new place.
  • The GFCI has a receptacle that you need to measure because you will have to cut out a box in the wall large enough to fit it. Once the receptacle is in, you must connect the power cables to the outlet’s terminals, secure the wires very well inside the box, then screw the outlet in place.
  • Now that the power lines are in order, you can attach the seat to the toilet bowl, in the same spot the old seat was. The holes and buckles should fit perfectly and you will find all the screws and bolts in the package. Once the seat is on, plug it into the outlet, turn on the power, and your seat is ready to be used.
  • If your seat has a bidet function as well, you will also have to draw a water line to the seat. For this, it’s also best to call a plumber if you are not sure you will be able to connect a water line. The process is very easy and it shouldn’t take more than two minutes to complete. All the components can be found in the package that comes with the seat so you won’t have to buy any additional parts.
  • The seat needs to be connected to the water reservoir you already have mounted on the toilet and for that, you will have to use a T connection that will allow the water to go to the bidet seat as well. At one end, you will connect the water line from the reservoir, and the other will go into the seat.

Most Trustworthy Brands

Needless to say, there are some brands that manufacture more qualitative and durable heated seats, although their prices are a little higher than average. The multiple features and the functionality make the investment worth it so you should definitely try a reputable brand if you want to invest in a new toilet seat.

  • Lotus Hygiene Systems

  • Some of the highest quality toilet seats are designed by Lotus, an American company that has been in the industry for years. They offer a wide range of seats with multiple functions, including a patented water nozzle. Moreover, they offer a generous 5-year warranty for their products to show clients they are truly a trustworthy choice.

  • Kohler

  • The second best choice when it comes to toilet seat brands is Kohler that is specialized in manufacturing dozens of models of cleansing toilet seats. They also design sinks, faucets, and other fixtures and accessories for the bathroom and the kitchen. Their popularity among clients speaks well of their reliability and promptitude.

  • Toto

  • A list of great bathroom fixture brands wouldn’t be complete without Toto, a reputable company that covers everything from showers to sinks, faucets, and bidets. Their heated seats are among the most appreciated because they bring a wide range of features and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Will it fit my toilet?
You should thoroughly look at the guides the companies have created because it will let you know the exact measurements that will guide you in the correct position.

?Will I need to call a plumber to fix it?
No you do not, you can easily do it if you read the instructions that are in the user manual.

?If it creates heat, does that mean that it's electric?
Yes, this is why you need to make sure that you plug it in the nearest plug that is available to use.

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