A hernia happens when an organ pushes through a cavity in a muscle of the body and holds it in place. It can cause a major pain, almost unbearable. This condition is most common in the abdomen, but it can also appear in the groin area, belly button, and upper thigh. If not treated properly, usually with a surgery, it can become dangerous and complications might appear. It is also recommended to use a supporting bandage before and after the surgery so to relieve the pain. In order to help you, we came with a top 5 back and abdominal support suggestions.

Top 5 Hernia Belts Compared

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  • High-quality material
  • Slim design
  • Helpful for all types of hernia
  • Offers comfort and relief
  • Adapts to the shape of the body
 TOROS Group Belt Image

2.TOROS Group Belt

  • Soft and durable material
  • Reduces the abdominal wall load
  • Prevents umbilical hernia
  • Can be worn underneath clothes
  • Offers great support
 Everyday Medical Hernia Belt Image

3.Everyday Medical Hernia Belt

  • High-quality material
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Helpful for ll types of hernia
  • Ligthweight and slim design
  • Fast pain relief
 ObboMed MB-2310NS Image

4. ObboMed MB-2310NS

  • Soft and durable material
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Effective for many types of conditions
  • Contours to the body
  • 3-panel design
NYOrtho Abdominal Binder Image

5. NYOrtho Abdominal Binder

  • Made of premium materials
  • Extra-wide design
  • Effective for many conditions
  • Fast pain relief
  • 4-panel design



This umbilical band is designed to provide support before and after a surgery. After a surgery, it will support the stomach muscles and it will also protect the incision. It is made of a breathable and high-quality material, in order to keep the body dry and comfortable no matter the weather but also to offer stability and support. This item will totally surprise you with its innovative features such as the removable silicon pad with smooth lining and also the adhesive layer that can be placed anywhere on the band for a maximized effect. Moreover, the Velcro closure allows a controlled fit and compression. The supporting item will offer you instant relief and also comfort. It has a slim design so you can easily wear it underneath the clothes.


Except for its efficiency, this product has also a simple usage and maintenance. Firstly, make sure that you measure your waist circumference to purchase the correct and needed size. It comes in all sizes from small to extra large so you do not have to worry that there are no sizes available. After you have purchased it align it correctly over the abdominal area. Next, position over the affected area and then overlap bands and fasten it. Finally, you can put your clothes on.

  • Instant pain relief
  • Elastic cotton blend material
  • Velcro fastening
  • Removable concave silicone pad
  • Some people complained about the Velcro

This product sells so well due to its supporting but also comfortable design. You can take it everywhere you go also underneath your clothes because it has a slim design.

TOROS Group Belt

This one is another of our recommendations due to its peculiarities, safety and comfort features. If you suffer from abdominal pain, or you have been through a surgery this might be the perfect choice in order to get rid of the discomfort. This ergonomic truss reduces abdominal wall load, prevents and treats the umbilical hernia and it is available in 4 sizes. But be aware that it has not the standard US measurements. So this is why it is better to check the size chart in order to choose the suitable for you. The band is made of a durable and breathable material with elastic compression that boosts its efficiency. It also includes a pad with an adhesive layer that facilitates the self-positioning. Also, it comes in white and beige colors and it can be worn underneath the clothes.

  • Two splints, one on each side
  • Made of soft terry cloth
  • Elastic compression with fastening
  • Curved pad with an adhesive layer
  • Some say that the Velcro overlaps

This product is saleable due to its efficiency and comfort provided when using it. Choose this one and you won’t regret, you will see results in just a short time. Its most relevant features will speed up your recovery.

Everyday Medical Hernia Belt

This one is another of our favorite products due to its effectiveness and healthy medical results. This product offers support for your abdominal area and relieves the pain. It is designed for people who suffer from umbilical, post-operational hernia and weakened abdominal muscles. It will immediately get you rid of the aches due to its most significant features such as its firmness, comfortable fit, and improved design. The product is made of durable and high-quality elastic cotton material to offer more comfort and breathability. The supporting item comes with a silicone pad that offers localized pressure. Additionally, the safe and cozy fit conforms to the body’s shape so you can wear it underneath your clothes. It is suitable both for men and women, protects wounds, and avoids complications.

  • Firm silicone pressure pad
  • Precision comfort fit
  • Back support for added comfort
  • Slim design
  • Some say it is not suitable for sensitive skin

This supporting device sells so well due to all its effective features. Its safety and comfort is the best mix for your body. When using it you will get rid of the pain and ache caused by various affections.

ObboMed MB-2310NS

This abdominal binder is another product to take into consideration because it supports post-surgery and abdominal injuries. It does not only work best for a hernia, but also for weak muscles, waist, and lumbar area. It is made of breathable elastic fabric, perfect to be used in post-surgeries care and recoveries. The truss contours your body offering it an adequate support. Moreover, it includes a Velcro closure so that you can adjust it easily and fastly by yourself. The item features 3 panels with lace stitching. It suits both men and women due to its universal design. It can be worn under or over the clothes.

  • Breathable elastic fabric
  • Adjustable fit
  • Easy to use
  • Unisex design
  • Some complain about the material

This binder is saleable because it offers great comfort and safety when using it. This one gets you rid of the pain suffered from various surgeries and affections. Take care of yourself by using it daily under or over your clothing items.

NYOrtho Abdominal Binder

This is another binder to take into consideration if you suffer from a certain condition. Make sure that it might be a very well done choice due to all its features and details. The product is made of premium, lightweight and breathable materials so it will offer you both safety and comfort. It is built for relieving pain and to reduce discomfort from several surgeries or muscle pain. The item provides support after hernia surgery, birth, and abdominal injuries. Also, it supports your back and redefines your waistline. You can easily adjust it the way you want due to its Velcro feature. It can be worn underneath or over the daily clothing. The product is made in the USA, conforming to quality controls.

  • Premium support
  • Naturally flexible
  • Custom fit
  • Made in the USA
  • Some complain about the Velcro

This is a saleable product due to the fact that it provides optimum support for both men and women that are recovering from injuries and surgeries. It can be used before not only after a surgical intervention.


As mentioned above, hernias are the most common in the abdomen but they can also appear in other parts of the body. Most of them are not life-threatening by they do not disappear on their own at all, too. Sometimes they can require surgery in order to get rid of them. But, which one is the most common type and how we know that we suffer from it? Let’s find out the most usual hernias types.

  • Hiatal – This type of condition appears when a part of your stomach sticks out through the diaphragm into the chest. It is most common in people over 50 years old, if a child suffers from this condition it is caused by a birth defect. In most cases, hiatal hernia causes gastroesophageal reflux providing burning sensations.
  • Umbilical – It occurs in children and babies under 6 months old. This takes place when their intestines lump through their abdominal wall close to the bellybutton. This type is usually the one that goes away by the time the child is 1 year old. If not, it is recommended to see a doctor check if the baby needs a surgery.
  • Inguinal – This one is the most common type but it is more common in men than in women. It occurs when the intestines push in the lower abdominal wall, mostly on the inguinal canal. Sometimes, this canal does not close properly and leaves a weakened area liable to this type of condition.
  • Incisional – This last one happens after a surgery, mostly after an abdominal one. The intestines might push over the incision scar of the weakened tissue.


This condition is caused by a mixture of muscle weakness and pain. Depending on its origin, this affection can develop fastly or over a long period. Among the most common muscle weakness causes, there are:

  • cronic coughing
  • the collapse of the abdominal wall to close correctly insides
  • age
  • injuries or surgeries
  • lifting heavy weights
  • pregnancy
  • poor nutrition
  • obesity
  • heavy smoking
  • lack of exercise

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