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           In case you are preparing for a road trip, don’t leave your house until you have prepared an emergency toolkit. You have to be preventive in such situations because you can’t be sure what it is going to happen during the ride. It’s highly important to have a spare tire in your trunk, and a bunch of tools that might come in handy at some point. A high lift jack must definitely not miss from your car because without it, you will not be able to mount the spare tire. It is a basic tool that all drivers should always have in their cars, along with other useful car accessories. Hi-lift jacks are strong devices, that are able to support great weight capacities and generally provide an easy way to use. In case you are interested in choosing this type of tool, we have provided you a list of powerful products that will save you from trouble.

Top 6 High Lift Jack Comparison

Photo High Lift Jack Price
 Hi-Lift Jack XT485 Image

1. Hi-Lift Jack XT485

  • Material: All-cast construction
  • Tested capacity: 7000 lb.
  • Available sizes: 48”/ 60”
  • Features: Rust resistant
  • Provides: Stickers for a safe use
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 Hi-Lift Jack HL485 Image

2. Hi-Lift Jack HL485

  • Material: All-cast construction
  • Tested capacity: 7000 lb.
  • Available sizes: 42”/ 48”/ 60”
  • Features: Durable design
  • Provides: Stickers for a safe use
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Hi-Lift XT-605 Image

3. Hi-Lift XT-605

  • Material: All-cast construction
  • Tested capacity: 7000 lb.
  • Available sizes: 60”
  • Features: Powder-coated finish
  • Provides: Safe use information
 Torin TR6501B  Image

4. Torin TR6501B

  • Material: Steel
  • Tested capacity: 6000 lb.
  • Available sizes: 48”/ 60”
  • Features: Durable design
  • Provides: Adjustable top clamp clevis
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 Goplus Off Road Ratcheting Jack Image

5. Goplus Off Road Ratcheting Jack

  • Material: Solid steel construction
  • Tested capacity: 7000 lb.
  • Available sizes: 48”/ 60”
  • Features: Anti-rust paint
  • Provides: Ease of use
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 Roadstar Off Road Ratcheting Farm Jack Image

6. Roadstar Off Road Ratcheting Farm Jack

  • Material: Steel
  • Tested capacity: 6600 lb.
  • Available sizes: 48”/ 60”
  • Features: Multi functional use
  • Provides: Ease of use
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Car Lifting Jacks Reviews

Hi-Lift Jack XT485

Be fully prepared when you leave home for a road trip on bumpy terrains with the XT485, a jack that is sure to get you out of trouble or others you meets along the road it provides a high load capacity. It comes with a top winch-clamp-spreader attachment that replaces a standard clamp-clevis, thus being a versatile tool to have in your collection. It’s easy to use as there is one position for all winching, spreading, and clamping applications you will use it for. Furthermore, to ensure convenience in use, it comes with a quick-release pin which makes it easy to remove the foot-piece when needed.

Load Capacity

It’s more than obvious that the spec which interests you the most with this tool is load capacity as it shows what are its limitations and up to what point you can use it. Fortunately, it provides a high 7000-pound tested load capacity, and a 4660-pound rated load capacity, thus being perfect for even the nastiest of situations where brute force is needed to get out of ditches, mud, and so on.


Obviously, since it provides a high lifting capacity, it means that the tool’s construction is a durable one. However, while its construction might allow its use in heavy-duty application, it isn’t enough to ensure its durability in the long run. Fortunately, the XT485 is a worry-free product from this point of view as it features a charcoal metallic powder-coat finish which provides resistance throughout the years and a strong build. Furthermore, there is the gold zinc-coat hardware it features that ensures it is rust resistant, the elements and the passing of time not affecting it.

Clamp Features

The feature that enhances its versatility in use, the top clamp comes with features that make it usable in a variety of situations. The 7/8-inch shackle holes provide a secure shackle attachment that doesn’t bind. The cut-out wedge makes it easy to grip the tool when spreading, while the 3/8-inch chain slot ensures an easy and secure winching, and it eases slack adjustment as well, eliminating the need for a hook.

It is a powerful tool offering the “top of the line”construction
Provides a unique look due to its charcoal metallic powder-coat finish
Comes with X-Treme Top Clamp that replaces the clamp-clevis of standard tool

Made by a reliable brand in this industry, this model comes with many impressive features. It is more expensive than the other jacks but it’s worth spending the extra money. Specially built to last for many years.

Hi-Lift Jack HL485

The Hi-Lift Jack Company continues the good work with the model HL485, made of a powerful material that can last in great conditions over the years. It is a strong tool that is able to support weight up to 7000 lb and comes available in 3 sizes depending on your preferences and needs. In order to provide a safe use, the tool comes equipped with a shear bolt that can prevent the jack from being used on loads that exceed its weight limit. In addition, the product comes with attached stickers that provide you the required operating information for its best use.

Made of a solid and long-lasting material
It is available in 3 different sizes
Provides a powder coated finish with zinc-plated hardware

Another heavy-duty jack made by Hi-Lift. This one is less expensive in comparison to the previous model. Also, it is available in 3 sizes. The attention to details and the quality of materials make it a long-term investment.

Hi-Lift XT-605

With a rated load capacity of 4660 pounds, and a tested load capacity of up to 7000 pounds, this is a jack you can depend on in any situation. It achieves an impressive 150% safety factor, being designed to help you survive in any situation, regardless how demanding it is. It comes with a top clamp/winch/spreader attachment which features a 3/8-inch chain slot, a cut-out wedge for gripping, 7/8-inch holes, and a non-binding attachment. In addition, this highly versatile tool is perfect for situation where lifting, winching, clamping, pulling, or pushing are required.

Rated load capacity of 4660 pounds
Ideal for pulling, pushing, clamping, lifting, and winching situations
Achieves an impressive 150% safety factor

Reasonably priced and tested for a load capacity of up to 7000 pounds, this jack is ideal for situations where pulling, pushing, winching, lifting, or clamping is required. As it can achieve a safety factor of up to 150%, it is more than obvious that this is the tool you need to keep in your trunk at all times.

Torin TR6501B

Well, you will be very satisfied with this multi-functional product that can quickly come in handy in extreme situations. Torin did a great job with this tool, made out of a sturdy material that you will be able to keep it for a long time in your toolkit. It has a maximum weight capacity of 6000 lb., meaning that you can easily use it to lift plenty of heavy vehicles, such as trucks and off-road vehicles. The tool provides an adjustable top clamp clevis that can be moved and fixed in the desired position. The device is available in 2 sizes and features an attractive design and a zinc plated cast locking mechanism.

It is a great multi-functional tool It supports a smaller capacity than other tools
Has an adjustable top clamp clevis than can be moved to any position
Made from a long lasting material

This model was designed for a wide range of applications. It is the lightest model selected by us but it can only handle weighs of up to 3 tones. Easy to use and comfortable handle with a rubberized grip.

Goplus Off Road Ratcheting Jack

Goplus did a great job with this tool, made of heavy duty solid steel construction, it is able to resist over the years in a good condition, even it is often used in extreme situations. It is an indispensable device that can provide effective results in lifting, clamping, pulling or pushing plenty of heavy loads. It features a quick release spring loaded pin, which is great because it allows you to easily select the desired height. It provides an added safety, due to its built-in shear bolt that prevent the device from being used on vehicles with weights greater than 7000 lb.

Made of a resistant heavy duty solid steel construction
Provides a quick release spring loaded pin
It is equipped with a shear bolt, for added safety while operating

It works pretty great and is highly secure. For extra safety it features a shear bolt that helps prevent using the jack on loads over 3.5 tones. Superior quality of the paint and solid materials.

Roadstar Off Road Ratcheting Farm Jack

Whenever you need an effective and easy-to-use tool, you can use Roadstar Off Road. The device is made from solid steel, meaning that it will provide a long-lasting and durable use over time. It supports a maximum weight of 6600 lb., which makes it perfect for lifting a lot of vehicles of various weights. It is a multi-functional tool, that comes available in 2 sizes depending on your requirements. You can use this item in emergency situations, no matter what vehicle you need to lift, push or pull, due to its sturdy construction that allows you to lift a wide range of heavy loads.

Has a sturdy and durable construction
It is a multi-functional tool
It provides an easy way of use

Easy to handle and features a sturdy design. You can confidently use it in rough environments. It is a little more expensive and it lacks some features but overall is a nice option if you want a well-made jack.

Basic Tool Information for Drivers

  • Never hit the road without basic car items
  • You might think it is useless carrying all those accessories with you because in an emergency case you will eventually receive help from other drivers. It is recommended to have basic items with you, especially if you are often traveling. Wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers seem little things, but they are very important. Along with a spare tire and a hi-lift jack, they create an essential emergency kit that you should be available every time you need them.

  • A list of essential items that you should always have in your car
  • Spare tire;
  • Jumper cables;
  • Tire pressure gauge;
  • First aid kit;
  • Life hammer;
  • Flashlight;
  • Flares or reflective triangle;
  • Chain or metallic rope;
  • Tire chains;
  • Duct tape
  • Socket and screwdriver set;
  • Knife
  • Use a few simple steps to change a tire
  • 1. First, you have to park the car on level ground and make sure that the handbrake is secured.
    2. Put the jack on the side of the car where it needs to be raised. Find a proper place where you can position the jack and make sure it is in a straight position.
    3. After making sure that it is a point from it can be easily handled, click its bar up until you have reached the car’s body. Put one hand between the jack and the vehicle and check if there is enough tension put on it. Use your both hands while moving the tool’s handle up and down, because you don’t want to get injured.
    4. There are people that use jack stands, in order to be sure that the vehicle is securely held up. In case you want to do this, use proper tools, not brick or stones because they might break or slip under the car’s weight. Now you can freely change the tire in a safe manner.

  • Why are jacks multi-functional tools?
  • Its basic use is lifting heavy loads, the main purpose of its creation, and it is the most common and suitable tool when you want to replace a flat tire. But, besides this, there plenty of other ways that you can wisely use it.
    For example, in case your wheels get stuck in the mud, you can lift the car from on side and put a board or something solid under them and done!
    You can use a jack in case your car got into a pit or can’t move forward because of a specific obstacle. In this case, you will also need a chain or a metallic rope to be able to connect them. After attaching the rope from a side to the car, and from the another to the jack, you can start pulling its handle forward and backward and you will see how the car starts slowly moving.

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