Ice Hockey Skates

Just as many other sports, ice hockey is both challenging and fun. Once you get into playing ice hockey, the next step is to improve your hockey performance. You need to train in order to achieve your goal but this is not all. Some people neglect the importance of the ice hockey equipment and how this can affect their results. Skates are one of the most important parts of your ice hockey equipment. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional player, you need good skates that help you fly around the ice.

Since we know how important skates are, we have gathered here some of the best models at this moment. For helping you choose one, we compared and reviewed them for you. You will find in the comparison table all the information you need about the skates while the reviews will reveal you not only their advantages but also their drawbacks.

Top Ice Hockey Skates Comparison

1. Bauer Supreme 140 2. Bauer Vapor X400 3. CCM Tacks 4092 4. CCM Jetspeed FT360 5. Bauer Nexus N6000
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General Information

Fit Classic Fit Tapered Fit Anatomical Fit Tapered Fit Classic Fit
Size 6-12 6-12 6-12 6-12 6-12
Weight (oz.) 24 27 29 N/A 25
Color Black/White Black/White/Gray Black/White/Yellow Black/White/Red Black/White/Blue
Heat Moldable


Interior of the Boot
Quarter Package Premium Nylon Trueform Tech PU with X-Rib Pattern Synthetic Power Form Composite Injected with Composite Skin Lightweight Mesh
Ankle Comfort Foam Anaform Foam Comfort Foam Multi-Density Memory Foam Comfort Foam
Tendon Guard C-Flex Technology Stiff Flex Traditional Stiff Traditional Flex Traditional Flex
Lining Microfiber Microfiber Brushed Microfiber Microfiber with DuraZone Abrasion Protection Brushed Nylon
Tongue Anatomical 30oz Felt Anatomical 2-Piece Felt Felt Tongue with Embossed Lace-Bite Protection Felt Tongue with Embossed Lace-Bite Protection Pre-Shaped Comfort Felt with Metatarsal Guard
Footbed Shaped EVA Molded Comfort EVA Anatomical Response CCM Anatomical Response Molded Comfort EVA
Exterior of the Boot
Outsole Thermoplastic Rubber Injected Thermoplastic Rubber Injected with Exhaust System Injected with Exhaust System Thermoplastic Rubber
Holder TUUK Lightspeed Pro TUUK Lightspeed Pro SpeedBlade 4.0 SpeedBlade 4.0 TUUK Lightspeed Pro
Runner TUUK Super Stainless Steel TUUK Super Stainless Steel SpeedBlade Stainless Steel SpeedBlade Stainless Steel TUUK Super Stainless Steel


Warranty 90-Day Warranty 90-Day Warranty 90-Day Warranty 90-Day Warranty 90-Day Warranty
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Ice Hockey Skates Reviews

1. Bauer Supreme 140

These skates are a nice option for beginner and recreational players. Made by Bauer, one of the most popular and trust wordy brands in the hockey equipment industry, they are durable, comfortable and highly supportive.


The Supreme 140 have a stylish design and they come in a nice black and white combination. They are made using high-quality materials that increase their resistance to wear. The skates are pretty lightweight and easy to put on.

  • Premium nylon: very durable and resistant to abrasion.
  • Microfiber lining: dries very quickly. Also, it is very soft and comfortable.
  • Plastic outsole: it is pretty rigid, offering good energy transfer.
  • Once-piece tongue construction: the one-piece tongue features an anatomical felt.

User Convenience

The skates feature a classic fit profile and are suitable for various foot types. Also, they are heat moldable to get the perfect fit.

  • Fixed runner: the runner can’t be replaced and the blade comes dull.
  • Support and flexibility: they feature great support in the back while being more flexible in the front.
  • Great quality at a reasonable price
  • High level of comfort as they feature foam pads and EVA foam
  • Ideal for players with wide feet
  • The microfiber lining keeps foot cool and dry
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • At first wears you may feel a little discomfort

Nice choice if you’re an entry-level player. Perfect for people with wide feet. Great design and durable materials. These skates are less expensive then high-end models but they perform really well. They are lightweight and feature a classi fit. However, at first you may feel a little discomfort but after several wears your feet will feel very comfortable.

2. Bauer Vapor X400

Another great pair of skates made by Bauer. This model is a little bit heavier than the first one, but still lightweight enough to achieve a high level of performance. The tapered fit makes them fit like a glove. The narrow V-fit in the heel and ankle increases mobility and promotes fast movements. This model is heat moldable for a custom fit. Also, unlike many other models, you won’t feel any pain while wearing Vapor X400.

The many features these skaters come with are meant to help you improve your game. Among the most impressive ones are the trueform tech PU with X-Rib pattern quarter package and the anatomical 2-piece felt tongue. Since comfort and support are among the most important aspects to consider when referring to skates, the manufacturer added a molded comfort EVA footbet and anaform foam ankle pads. And there is more, as the injected thermoplastic rubber outsole promotes quick movements.

  • They can be heat molded for perfect fitting
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Increased speed due to the outsole
  • Great energy transfer
  • Well-made and durable
  • The heel may be too narrow for some people

All around, these skaters are great and are packed with many features. They feature a durable design and we recommend them if you’re a beginner and you are serious about this sport. They are heat moldable which is a great advantage and feature a tapered fit. However, they have a relatively narrow heel, so some people may find it a little bit too tight.

3. CCM Tacks 4092

Next model in our list weighs 29 ounces and feature an anatomical fit. It features a stiff design that provides a better energy transfer. Luckily if you’re looking for a heat moldable pair of skate, this is a great option to consider. The boot features a composite shell to increase its durability and performance. Also, you will get a nice aggressiveness from the fact that you can get over even further on the edges without bottoming out.

The Pro injected plastic outsole connects the holder and runner together, featuring vents for a better ventilation. The SpeedBlade stainless steel runners are removable. The synthetic power foam composite quarter package is a great addition as it increases the durability of the boots, featuring at the same time elite structural stiffness. The felt tongue is very comfortable being injected down to the center with foam and it runs down all the way to the end of the tongue. The brushed microfiber lining wicks perspiration, so your feet will always be cool.

  • Specially made to offer quick acceleration
  • Excellent energy transfer
  • Heat moldable for a custom fit
  • Feature abrasion patches
  • The blades are nicely sharpen
  • A little bit heavy
  • Some people say that the tendon guard tends to dig into the back the leg

These can be categorized as medium fit profile skates. They are made with comfort and performance in mind. They are not as stiff as other models, so they are much more comfortable, allowing you to concentrate more on the game. However, they are heavier than other boots and the tendon guard needs some improvements.

4. CCM Jetspeed FT360

If you’re a fan of CCM ice hockey skates, we have another model for you. Similar to Jetspeed FT380 and Jetspeed FT390 but more performant, these skates will surely impress you. They look pretty nice and the composite material can be heated to enjoy a perfect fit. They break in very nice and the manufacturer used only premium materials.

When it comes to the quarter package this is injected with composite skin. Furthermore, the 2-piece 7mm felt tongue features embossed lace-bite guard and the ankle has multi-density memory foam for an increased level of comfort. The tendon guard is very stiff and it does a great job at protecting the Achilles tendon. The injected and embossed outsole features air vents at the button that let moisture escape. The SpeedBlade 4.0 ha sthe SpeedRib design at the bottom that adds more stiffness and it resists twisting and torquing, so you don’t have to worry about losing power. Furthermore, the skates come with removable stainless steel runners.

  • SpeedRibs design for high speed
  • The microfiber lining features DuraZone abrasion protection and don’t retain moisture
  • Can be heat molded for a customize fit
  • The outsole helps energy transfer
  • The lining material is highly durable to wear

This model won’t cost you a fortune and the good thing is that it comes with many features. This is a medium volume skate but is slightly narrow in the forefoot and a little bit shallow in the heel pocket. The boots feature a nice design and they are highly durable.

5. Bauer Nexus N6000

Bauer company is among the best ones when it comes to ice hockey skates, so here is a great pair of boots worth considering. Nexus N6000 skates are lightweight and they feature a nice design, providing a comfortable fit for all players. Nevertheless, you need to know that this model is not heat moldable, so you can’t bake it to take the shape of your feet.

It features a 2-piece black felt tongue and has extra injected foam down to the center for more comfort and protection. The brushed nylon lining material is soft and does a really great job at absorbing moisture and keeping your feet dry. For even more comfort, the manufacturer added a thin molded EVA comfort foam footbet. The UUK Super Stainless Steel runers are hold by the TUUK Lightspeed Pro holders and they are not removable. They are further attached to the Thermoplastic Rubber outsole which has a good level of stiffness.

  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight construction
  • The lining features moisture resistance properties
  • Comfort foam ankle pads
  • Deep V Heel Fit heel support
  • Blades are not removable
  • They are not heat moldable

Great attention to details and stylish design. These boots have a traditional fit with a wide forefoot and high volume. They are ideal for beginners and recreational players. Also, they are suitable for people with flat feet. The boots are comfortable and lightweight and include only high-quality materials. However, there are some drawbacks. They are not heat moldable and the blades can’t be replaced.

6. American Athletic Shoe Men’s Ice Force

These skates are suitable for beginners and they are comfortable and feel very sturdy. The shoe features a leather lining material that is highly resistant to moisture. For increased support, the boots feature a hard outer shell and leather upper material. For providing extra ankle support, the manufacturer added multiple layers. Also, the shoes feature a cut resistant box toe. Furthermore, the adjustable straps allow you to get a secure fit.

The skates come with nylon bladeholders and carbon steel blades. As for the brake system, they feature toe stop brakes. In order to keep them clean, it’s recommended to wipe the blades after each use and hand wash the boots regularly. They weigh 5 pounds and are available in multiple sizes. Also, they come in black color and can be used both for indoor and outdoor ice hockey.

  • Feature a multilayered construction to increase ankle stability
  • The bladeholder is made of nylon and the blade of carbon steel
  • Come with adjustable straps for a tight fit
  • The lining has moisture-resistant properties
  • Have a cut resistant box toe
  • Some customers find them a little bit stiff
  • The ankle padding could’ve been thicker

What we like about this pair of skates is the fact that they are pretty comfortable and are available at an affordable price. The boots are made of quality materials that are resistant to moisture. The only complaints are related to the fact that they are rather stiff and the ankle padding is pretty thin.

7. Bauer Women’s React Recreational

Specially designed for women, these skates are very comfortable and stylish. The quarters are made of performance mesh and deco-stitched performance synthetic while the tongue is made of comfort foam. The microfiber lining and the ankle padding with foam inserts are meant to increase the level of comfort no matter for how long you’re wearing them. In order to keep your foot secure, this model is equipped with lace locks and ankle support straps. Additionally, the skates feature Velcro straps that provide a tight fit.

The footbed is made of shaped EVA that is shock-absorbent and provides great cushioning. At the same time, it is moisture resistant. The outsole is made of thermostatic rubber, so it is highly resistant to impacts. Both the blade holder and the blade are made of quality materials – TUUK LS Pro blade holder and stainless steel blade. What we really about these skates is that they are true to size and they are very easy to lace up.

  • Feature Velcro straps for a tighter fit
  • Stylish design – black color with beautiful insertions
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Durable construction with quality materials
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Not heat moldable

Ideal for women who want a nice pair of skates for recreational play. They are made by a reliable brand and provide great support during the game. Also, they look very stylish.

Features and Characteristics That Matter: How We Ranked the Products?

Ranking the products was not an easy process. When referring to ice hockey skaters, the most important aspects every buyer needs to consider are the fit and weight of the boots, as well as the construction. Quality matters, even if you’re just a recreational hockey player.

  • Fit

    Fit is highly significant as in this game, the skate is part of your feet. If the boots don’t fit properly, your game will be affected, not to mention the fact that you may get injured. All the models selected by us are categorized as senior skates and they are suitable for people aged 13+. There are also junior skates for children with ages between 8 and 12, and youth skates for children under 9. There are 3 types of you cna choose from, so we selected at least one pair of skates for each type.

  • Classic Fit: Also called traditional or comfort fit, this type features deep instep, slightly wide heel, wide midfoot and toe box, and high volume. This fit accommodates a wide range of foot types and it features a forgiving feel.
  • Anatomical Fit: Anatomical fit or contoured fit features a standard instep, snug heel and midfoot, standard tow box, and medium volume. As a result, the boot wraps around the foot for a close fit. It promotes a powerful stride while maintaining a high level of comfort.
  • Tapered Fit: Or narrow fit. It features a shallow instep, narrow heel, slightly narrow midfoot, standard toe box, and low volume. Therefore, the boots are narrower in the forefoot and heel, offering a glove-like fit. Boots with this type of fit are great for fast speed.
  • Weight

    Ice hockey skates need to be light if you want to achieve great performance. The weight of the boot depends on the materials they are made of. The top-leading manufacturers use only light materials and this without sacrificing the quality of the skates. Bulky and heavy boots are uncomfortable and they only slow you down. The lightest model in our list is Bauer Supreme 140 that weighs 24 pounds, followed by Bauer Nexus N6000 with a weight of 25 pounds. The “heaviest” model is CCM Tacks 4092 and it weighs 29 pounds.

  • Interior of the Boot

    The interior of the boot is responsible for the comfort and protection of the foot. Here are the most important areas you should know about:

  • Quarter Package: Is the area that extends from behind the toe box to the ankle. It also includes the midfoot. In general, this area is made from heat-moldable materials. This means you can bake the skates for a perfect fit. If we take a closer look at our list, only 3 models are heat moldable, namely Vapor X400, Tacks 4092, and Jetspeed FT360. Each one is made of different materials but all of them are thermo-moldable. The other two models feature a premium nylon (Supreme 140) or a lightweight mesh (Nexus N6000) quarter package.
  • Ankle: For preventing ankle injuries, the ankle has to be padded. Most manufacturers opt for foam pads as they provide a high level of comfort while supporting the ankle.
  • Tendon Guard: This area runs from the heel to the back of the ankle and is made from stiff materials. The main purpose of the guard is to protect the Achilles tendon from any kind of injuries. Supreme 140 features C-Flex Technology with custom stiffness inverts and it provides a high range of motion.
  • Lining: The interior of the boot comes with a lining material. In most cases, this is made of microfiber or nylon. Both options are great as they are not only comfortable but also moisture-wicking.
  • Tongue: The main purpose of the tongue is to protect the top of the foot. It is usually made of comfortable materials, like dense felt. Depending on the model, the material has different thicknesses. Supreme 140 and Vapor X400 feature a tongue with the interior made of anatomical felt. Both Tacks 4092 and Jetspeed FT360 feature a Felt Tongue with embossed lace-bite protection. As about Nexus N6000, the manufacturer added a pre-shaped comfort felt with a metatarsal guard which does a great job at limiting the injuries.
  • Footbed: The bottom interior of the boot is covered with a removable footbed. This protects the sole of the feet and is usually made of EVA which is a very elastic material, being similar to rubber. Additionally, this is a good material for absorbing shocks. All models made by Bauer feature an EVA footbed. The skates manufactured by CCM come with anatomical response footbeds. These offer a much better support in comparison to the traditional foam footbeds.
  • Exterior of the Boot

    When it comes to the exterior of the boot, there are 3 important aspects you need to consider: the outsole, the holder, and the runner.

  • Outsole: This is the rigid area beneath the skate boot. Both the holder and runner are mounted on it. The Bauer’s skates feature a thermoplastic rubber outsole while the CCM’ skates have injected outsoles with vented exhaust.
  • Holder: The holder is attached to the outsole and it holds the runner. It has to be made of strong materials to support your weight. As the same time, a good holder allows you to perform a wide range of movements without affecting the pressure distribution. In this way, you will have more powerful strides while increasing the attack angle.
  • Runner: The runner is in fact the skate blade. All our models feature stainless steel blades. There are also blades made of high-speed steel or carbon steel. Although stainless steel blades are a little bit more expensive and heavier, they are more durable and rust-resistant.
  • Warranty

    All our models come with a 90-day warranty from the day of purchase. The skates are warranted against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Therefore, in case you encounter any defects during this period of time, the manufacturer will repair or replace your purchase.

After comparing some of the best ice hockey skates on the market, it’s time to draw a conclusion. We believe that the best option to go with is Bauer Supreme S140. These skates are lightweight and are made from high-quality materials. We like the design and the various features they come with, including the C-Flex Technology in the tendon guard. You won’t have to pay a fortune for these boots but you will be able to enjoy them for many years. Nevertheless, Supreme S140 is not heated moldable. Our next option is CCM Tacks 4092. We particularly like these skates as they will help you improve your performance and speed. Additionally, they are very comfortable and can be molded to your foot shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How Exactly Can I Mold My Skates?
You can do this at a sports shop. There are many shops that have a small oven where you can heat up the skates. Then, once you put them on the feet they will take the feet shape.
?How to Clean the Skates?
In order to clean your skates you need to follow some steps.

1. Once you untie the skates, remove the snow built-up on the blade. Use a rag, or if you don’t have one, use the skate guards. Clean off the snow down on the blade. In case there’s built-up on the boot area, make sure you remove it. The boot has to be as dry as possible.
2. Then, put the skate guards on the blade. You can opt for hard or soft guards. The soft ones are better at absorbing the moisture on the blades.
3. Make sure you always pull the tongues out and remove the insoles so the interior of the boot can dry faster.
4. Use a special cleaning product (it can be purchased from a sports store) for a thorough cleaning. For best results, follow the instructions provided.

?How Often Should I Sharpen the Blade?
When the blades get dull, the stability is decreased and the turns are rather difficult to make. Specialists recommend sharpening the blades after 5 to 10 hours of use. However, this also depends on the quality of the blades and your preferences.

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