This product is an essential item to have in your kitchen if you want to save money. Even though it’s small it can do the same things as an electric or gas cooker at a faster pace and at a cheaper cost. The people which have already purchased it compliment their efficiency and durability. If you want to travel somewhere, obviously you cannot take your gas cooker with you so as a replacement we strongly recommend that you look into this smart product.

Top 5 Induction Cooktops Comparison

1. Max Burton 6400 2. Fagor 670041900 3. Duxtop 9600LS 4. SPT SR-1884SS 5. NuWave PIC2
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General Info
Manufacturer Max Burton Fagor Duxtop SPT NuWave
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.5” x 12.5” x 2.6” 11.8” x 15” x 2.3” 17.4” x 17.2” x 4.3” 11” x 14.25” x 2.5” 14.4” x 15.9” x 6.3”
Weight 6.25 Lbs 6 Lbs 7.5 Lbs 5.55 Lbs 7 Lbs
Material Ceramic Heat Resistant Glass Ceramic Glass Micro-crystal ceramic plate Ceramic glass

Technical Specifications

Power Source 120V 120V 120V 120V 120V
Wattage Range 500-1800W 1800W 100-1800W 100-1650W 1300W
Temperature Range 100°F-450°F 140°F-465°F 100°F-460°F 100°F-390°F 100°F-575°F
Type Portable Portable Portable Portable Portable
Cord Length 5 Ft Cordless 5 Ft Cordless 3 Ft
Performance Details
Heat Settings 10 8 20 13 10
Number of burners 1 1 1 1 1
Current usage 15 Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp 10.8 Amp
Timer 180 Minutes Maximum 180 Minutes Maximum 600 Minutes Maximum 599 Minutes Maximum 6000 Minutes Maximum
One-touch button Simmer and Boil Boil, Rapid-Boil, Simmer, Keep Warm, Saute, Stir-Fry, Brown and Sear Boil and Keep Warm Heat Levels Heat Levels


Digital Touch-Pad Controls 8 14 8 4
LCD Readout
Other Features
Child Lock Safety Automatic Shut-Off Child Lock Safety Includes a Timer Pan included
Over-heat protection ETL Approved Diagnostic error message Control knob Automatic Shut-Off
Automatic Shut-Off Child Lock Safety Automatic Shut-Off Dual Functions Programmable options


Product Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
User Manual
Costumer Support
Telephone Support 800-227-0196 1-800-207-0806 888-792-2360 800-330-0388 1-877-689-2838
E-Mail Support info customercare service help
Online Chat Support

2018 Induction Cooktop Reviews

1. Max Burton 6400

This is one of the most advanced models on the market today. It has so many great features such as temperature control and automatic shut-off. With it, you do not have to waste time cleaning it as the top is manufactured from Ceramic which means that with a simple wet-wipe you will squeaky clean it. It’s designed so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s easy to install. All you need is a standard 120volt power outlet and your product will be ready to use and help you create delicious dishes. Long gone are the days where you only had to rely on your microwave. Furthermore, another reason why this is one of the best sellers is that it offers 15-level settings on temperature control. The other items at a similar price only offer 10 settings. With one-touch buttons, you will be able to access it easier and cook faster.



It includes an LCD display Some people claim controlling the heat is difficult
Auto shut-off which means you can leave it unattended
Plenty of safety features


The reason why this is one is one of the best sellers on the market is because it has a lot of features. For example, even though it’s portable it still comes with a cord which is 5ft long so you can place it anywhere you like.

2. Fagor 670041900

This item is one of the most powerful on the market today as it comes with an impressive 1800 Watts. This makes it a suitable product to use if you want to cook anything from scrambled eggs to stir-fry. This model utilizes 90% of its power by heating up the bottom of the cooktop and then the energy is transferred throughout. This means that less energy is wasted in comparison with the other models which use around 50% of it. The item is designed so it doesn’t take up a lot of the space and you can carry it with you wherever you go as the dimensions of it, allows you to do so. Furthermore, this model is also easy to clean and set up which means you can get started cooking as soon as you receive it.



It comes with a LED display Some pots cannot be used on it unless they have a magnetic bottom
Speedy cooking time
Instruction manual is easy to read
Automatic shut-down if no pot is detected


The reason why this is one of the best sellers on the market is that of the speed the food is getting cooked. The online reviews for the product describe how reliable and durable this product is. If so many people trust it, it definitely means that the item works.

3. Duxtop 9600LS

This is one of the most reliable product on the market. It features a 6ft long cord which means that you will be able to place anywhere you wish. The automatic shut-off means that you won’t be able to use it if the item detects overheat or if no pot is detected. This product is fairly priced and it does a similar job with the most expensive models. If you do not want to spend a fortune on a cooktop, you should definitely take a look at this item. What makes this item stand out from the rest is that the built-in timer can go up to 10 hours. This means that you can slow cook with it whereas with the other models you couldn’t. The one-touch buttons are easy to use and easy to clean.



Portable Child Safety Lock takes a long time to disable
20 power settings
Comes with an LCD panel
It’s small so you can place it anywhere you wish


The reason why this is one of the best sellers is that of its price. Many people believe that they are actually investing their money because it does the same job as a more expensive model. The numerous people which have purchased this product have rated it with 4 stars quality.

4. SPT SR-1884SS

This model has one of the fastest heating times on the market. Even when you set it on a low heat, you will notice that your food will cook impressively fast. The product has 13 heat settings and has won many awards for its efficiency. In fact, the product offers you dual-functions as you can cook and keep the food warm. So for a small price, you are actually getting a lot of benefits from it. Additionally, this item comes with a lot of features from a built-in timer for almost 10 hours to automatic shut-off. People that have purchased this product claim that the item is durable and reliable. Why waste your time using a gas cooker when you can buy this model and cook food at a fast rate.



Non-skid feet Only certain plates work on it
1-year warranty
Child-Safety Lock
It comes with a digital panel


The reason why this product sells so good is because its performance is impressive. For a small amount of money it does the same job as the more expensive.

5. NuWave PIC2

This model is great for beginners as you get all you need at a cheap price. There are 52 settings controls and you can pre-program it at 6 different settings. The control buttons are self-explanatory and are conveniently located for everybody. Even if you do not have experience with it you will not struggle to manage it. The model is designed so it fits in tight spaces and you can take it with you on your travels. Furthermore, the product is safe to use if you have children as it comes in with automatic shut-off if it gets too hot or if you remove the pan from it.

This model has a lot of great reviews on the internet and has won a lot of rewards for its efficiency. The model is even reviewed on television. The product is known that it uses less than 70% electricity and it can even slow cook or barbecue your food.



Comes with pan included Some people describe it as too small
It comes with a lot of settings
Easy to clean


This product is preferred by beginners as it comes with a pan included and a lot of settings to play with. The reason why this model sells so well is because the company provides great customer service and the product is built to last.

How We Rated Our Picks

There are numerous models on the market today and ranking the worthy products was not an easy job. We had to take a lot of things into consideration first and then provide you with the right information. We understand that it’s rather difficult and time-consuming to look for them yourself so we have taken this job upon us. In this section, we will present you with in-depth analysis of our top picks.

  • One-touch buttons

    It’s important that the models have one-touch buttons for easier access. The companies which produce the best sellers have touch controls which are made for people who prefer their sleek design and easy access. It doesn’t matter what the buttons are made for as they are either built to change temperature settings or for quick cooking options. In this case, we have given the Fagor model a higher score because it has fast touch settings for both of these options. This inevitably more convenient for you if you are in a rush or simply do not like the look of bulky things.

  • Corded or Cordless

    It doesn’t really matter if the models have this feature or not because they have their own set of advantages. Cordless models allow you to use them without plugging them in first which means you have better freedom of movement and you can use them even outside. Whereas the models with cords allow you to use them for a longer period of time which means you can slow cook meats and several of things. In this scenario, we have given Duxtop model a high score because it has a long cord and you can use it for 600 minutes. Don’t worry, the product is still safe to run its time if you leave it unattended.

  • Safety Features

    The more safety features a model has the better. All of our models have one of the most important features which are the Child Safety Lock. This means that it will be difficult for anyone to change the settings of it when it’s in use. As well as, the automatic shut-off is presented in the majority of the items as this feature is useful when the cooktop gets too hot or when there aren’t any pots detected. For this, we have given the Max Burton model a high score because the item is safe to use when children are around.

  • Product Warranty

    We couldn’t overlook this feature as it’s important that you get a warranty for the product which you have spent money on. All of the companies we have chosen have 1-year warranty in case a defect shows up. In this case, Max Burton, Fargo and Duxtop have great customer services and you can contact them by telephone, e-mail or online chat support. This is very important as it means that the company stands firmly with their items.

  • Heat Settings

    Having control of this is very important for some people. A large number of settings mean that you will be able to cook a variety of things on the cooktop. Anything from simple fried eggs to well-done steak. In this case, we have awarded Duxtop and SPT a high score because they have an impressive number of heat settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Will the radiation emitted have negative impacts on my health ?
There was a lot of research conducted on this product when it was introduced on the market. To answer your question short, no there won’t be any harm to your well-being. There is no evidence to prove that the electromagnetic field causes undetected body damages.

?Is this product difficult to use?
Realistically it isn’t difficult to use at all because many models are created with few straightforward controls which are easy to manage. In fact, many of them are created with one-touch cooking modes for easier access.

?Can I use it in my kitchen?
The product is designed so they can fit anywhere from tight spaces to large kitchen counters. As well as, for some, you won’t even need a plug because they come cordless.

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