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Regardless of the reason why you’re interested in buying an inflatable boat, whether it be to go out fishing or to simply sit and relax in the soothing environment on water, what you must make sure is for the boat you do end up purchasing to be of a good quality. In the following, we will show you what are the best boats that you need to inflate in order to use. By doing this, we will help you make a safe and reliable pick without having to do too much research and waste your precious time.

Top 5 Inflatable Boats Comparison

1. Newport Vessels 9’6″ Del Mar 2. Ancheer Inflatable 10’8″ 3. Pinty INB-0108 Premium 4. HydroForce Caspian Pro 9’3″ 5. Sea Eagle SE9
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General Information

Brand Newport Vessels Ancheer Pinty Bestway Sea Eagle
Total Dimensions (L x W) 114″ x 60″ 128″ x 57″ 128″ x 54″ 110″ x 60″ 132″ x 56″
Interior Dimensions (L x W) 77″ x 24″ N/A 86″ x 25.6″ N/A 90″ x 28″
Weight 116 Lbs 136.7 Lbs 108 Lbs 99.7 Lbs 38 Lbs
Floor Aluminum Framed Marine Wood Non-Skid Aluminum with 2-Side Jointers 12.5mm Thick Aluminum Marine-Grade Aluminum Alloy Double Layered Reinforced 4″ Thick I-Beam
Build Material 1100 Denier Korean PVC Triple Layer 0.9mm PVC 1100 Denier 0.9mm PVC Heavy Grade PVC K80 PVC
Tube Diameter 18″ 18″ 15″ N/A 15″


Type Dinghy Dinghy Dinghy Dinghy Raft
Passenger Capacity 4 Adults 4 Adults + 1 Child 5 Adults + 1 Child 3 Adults + 1 Child 4 Adults
Number of Chambers 4 4 4 4 4
Maximum Load Capacity 1124 Lbs 1102 Lbs 1366 Lbs 1058 Lbs 1200 Lbs
Recommended Motor Paring 9.9 HP 15 HP 15 HP 10 HP 3 HP
Approximate Speed 17 MPH 20 MPH 20 MPH 17 MPH 6 MPH
Inflation Time ≃15 Minutes ≃15 Minutes ≃15 Minutes ≃15 Minutes ≃15 Minutes
Deflation Time ≃5 Minutes ≃5 Minutes ≃5 Minutes ≃5 Minutes ≃5 Minutes
Recommended Tube Pressure 3.6 PSI 3.62 PSI 3.9 PSI 3.65 PSI 3 PSI


Exposure Resistant
Corrosion Proof
Puncture Resistant

Included Accessories

Inflation Pump
Carrying Bag
Towrope N/A
Repair Kit


Product Warranty 2 Years 1 Year N/A 1 Year 3 Years
Customer Support
User Manual

Important Information About the Boats

Inflatable boats have become the preferred choice of people who live near water as they are much less expensive than yachts and classic boats. Also, modern models deliver a durable construction that ensures they won’t puncture or get damaged easily, thus being reliable and long-lasting investments. There is an array of perks to be enjoyed with these inflatables, but we will debate this specific subject in another section of the article.

The lightweight boats feature sides and bow made from flexible tubes that contain pressurized gas. When it comes to the main types of inflatable dinghies, you can opt between soft inflatables and rigid inflatables. But, as you will see later in the article, there are more classifications for these boats, these two types strictly referring to the rigidness of the construction.

The speed and portability that the dinghies deliver are what makes them one of the most desirable options to go with. You will be capable to deflate them and inflate them at the specific location where you’re going, so not much space will be occupied in the car by them. Additionally, they can be used for a wide variety of experiences, such as fishing, short scuba diving excursions, yacht tending, and so on.

Basically, they are the most versatile and convenient types of boats to go with, so if you’re planning on spending a big portion of your free time on water, we recommend that you give these inflatables a try rather than having to spend a ton of money on a classic, traditional boat or yacht.

Guidelines to Follow When You Go Shopping

As you have already figured out up to this point, the possibilities are limitless when you have an inflatable boat. Of course, your capability of performing the activities that you want with the inflatable depends mostly on the quality of the boat. Therefore, it’s mandatory that you make the right purchase. To make your life easier, we have written this section of the article where you will find useful guidelines to help you reach the best decision possible.

  • Decide What Type You Want to Go With

  • According to their functionality, size, construction, and other important design and performance elements, there are 5 main types of boats, more precisely inflatable dinghies, inflatable rafts, inflatable kayaks, inflatable pontoon boats, and inflatable sports boats. Before you start your search for the inflatable, we recommend that you take your time and analyze what each type of boat has to offer and what characterizes it so that you know for sure what type of inflatable you must look for. This is going to make your shopping experience a lot easier and will be less likely to make a wrong choice as well.

  • Check Out the Passenger Capacity

  • One of the main aspects to look into when making the purchase is the passenger capacity that the boat delivers. Take into consideration with how many people you usually take with you on your fishing or rafting trips, and search for a boat that is compatible with this number. Generally, inflatables that can accommodate a bigger amount of passengers come at a more expensive price. This is an aspect that you must be aware of as it might affect your final decision, having to compromise if your budget isn’t big enough for big a capacity boat.

  • Make Sure That the Interior Dimensions Suit Your Needs

  • Regardless whether you’re planning to use the boat all by yourself or if you take to take friends and loved ones with you, an element that you have to pay attention to is what the interior dimensions of the inflatable are. We recommend that you invest in a model that delivers a generous width so that you may sit comfortably inside it.

  • Look For a Quality, Durable Build

  • Obviously, the durability and the quality of the boat’s construction is one of the most important aspects that you have to take into consideration when you go shopping. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up buying a boat that you’ll have to throw away 1-2 years later as it has corroded or it has been punctured. When it comes to manufacturing quality, we recommend that you invest in a boat that features an aluminum floor and a reliable heavy grade PVC construction.

  • Don’t Forget to Check the Inflation and Deflation Times

  • Convenience is one of the key advantages that convince people to invest in inflatable dinghies, the high level of convenience being provided by the fact that the user can deflate the boat in order to carry it more easily in the car. For you to be assured of the fact that your money is being spent on a quality product, make sure that the inflation and deflation times are as short as possible. A high-end inflatable should fully inflate in approximately 15 minutes and deflate in around 5 minutes, not wasting a big portion of your time.

How You Can Benefit From Making a Quality Purchase

All inflatable boats differ from each other when it comes to fine details in their design or overall performance, but what they all have in common is the fact that they come with a plethora of advantages. In this section of the article, we will present to you the reasons why it’s worth investing in an inflatable dinghy. Thus, whatever doubt you had regarding making the investment will surely go away.

  • Generous Loading Capacity

  • Although you’re tempted to think that the inflatable isn’t capable of carrying large weights, this is as far away from the truth as possible. As a matter of fact, the buoyancy of the tubes along with the structure of these boats makes them capable of holding impressive weights. Therefore, if you’re a fisher, you don’t have to worry that the dinghy won’t be capable of accommodating your tackle boxes. Also, if you have a large family and you want to enjoy your free time together on the water looking at the beautiful skies and breathtaking sceneries, the inflatable will safely accommodate you all without a problem. Generally, the loading capacity of these boats ranges from 1000 pounds to 1500 pounds, depending on factors such as construction quality and size.

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Due to the fact that these boats are extremely lightweight when compared to their traditional counterparts, they require smaller engines to propel them. Due to this precise reason, inflatables actually consume less fuel when they run. As time passes, this important advantage becomes even more crucial as it shows you are going to save a lot of money. Also, you will participate in helping save the environment as you won’t be using a boat that practically eats fuel in large proportions.

  • Safe and Stable

  • When you’re on the water, safety and stability are two factors that you must pay the most attention to. Despite the fact that the term “inflatable” lets you think that the boat isn’t too stable, with the modern, high-end models on the market this isn’t an issue at all. Featuring large buoyancy tubes on each side as well as a flat and stable bottom, the craft delivers an impressive stability that guarantees complete safety when using it. Additionally, the tubes that the inflatables feature enhance the ability to absorb large waves as well, making for a much more comfortable ride as you won’t feel agitated when the conditions are a bit harsher.

  • Convenience

  • The fact that these boats are inflatable shows that you can deflate them when they’re not in use. Thus, it will be easy for you to carry them in your car when you’re leaving home for a much-awaited fishing trip or rafting session. When deflated, the boats fit perfectly in the boot of the car or they can even be fixed to the roof rack, so regardless of how big or small your car is, you won’t have trouble finding a storage space for the inflatable.

  • Multi-Functionality

  • Generally, traditional boats serve a single purpose, being specially designed for fishing, sailing, or rowing. With inflatable dinghies, this isn’t the case as there is no actual limitation to how you can use them. Therefore, regardless of the type of activity that you’re interested in, whether it be sailing, cruising, fishing, yacht tending, going through the rapids, or anything else that comes to mind, the inflatable is the boat that you can fully rely on. This multi-functionality is one of the biggest strong points of inflatables, one that usually convinces people to invest in them the fastest.

  • Affordable

  • As opposed to their traditional counterparts, inflatable dinghies deliver another important advantage, more precisely the fact that they aren’t as expensive. Of course, you will have to spend a few hundreds of dollars if you’re going to purchase a high-end model, but with such a large market in front of you, it’s guaranteed that you’ll easily find the perfect boat for your budget. Therefore, these inflatables are accessible to a wider range of customers, which is good news considering the fact that no one likes to spend money uselessly on a traditional boat and enjoy the same experience as they would have if they were to purchase an inflatable one.

Types of Boats Explained

Generally speaking, inflatable boats actually fall into two main categories when it comes to their construction, more precisely rigid boats and soft boats. However, this is a generalized representation that doesn’t say too much about the boats. When digging deeper, you will actually discover that there is quite a wide variety of types of inflatables, each type differing from the other when it comes to fabric, size, and construction. In this section of the article, we will present to you the types of inflatables to offer you a better understanding of what you will encounter on this market and to allow you to more easily choose the right type of boat for your needs.

  • Dinghies

  • Inflatable dinghies are usually lighter and smaller than other types of inflatables. Also, they are cheaper, being the preferred option for most customers due to their more reasonable pricing. If the purpose that you intend to use the boat for is to go on small fishing trips or other similar activities where you won’t go with too many people and you won’t carry gear that is too heavy, you should give the dinghy a try.

  • Rafts

  • Inflatable rafts are characterized by flat bottoms and a lack of transom. They come in a variety of sizes and are usually made with either cheap vinyl or heavy duty materials. Obviously, the construction of the inflatable raft is the factor with the biggest importance when it comes to the pricing of the boat. Therefore, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the inflatable and you want to purchase a raft, you have to opt for a model that doesn’t deliver an impressive construction.

  • Pontoon Boats

  • Inflatable pontoon boats are basically a platform that is suspended between two floating tubes of large dimensions. The design of this inflatable requires for the passenger to sit on the tubes, thus being the target of splashes and waves. This type of inflatable is recommended for small fishing trips or for those who just like to spend their time and relax on the water, not being designed for more serious and demanding types of activities.

  • Kayaks

  • Inflatable kayaks come in a variety of sizes and they are made from different types of materials, the quality of the kayak depending on the sum of money that you’re willing to spend on the inflatable. What makes these inflatables the best choice for those who are into kayaking is the fact that they are easy to inflate, set up, carry, and pack, being a lot more convenient than their traditional counterparts.

  • Sports Boats

  • Inflatable sports boats are very durable as they are made for heavy duty recreational activities. If you want to experience sitting in the water for hours on end, it’s best to go with this type of inflatable. Just know that it’s more expensive, the price rising considerably as the toughness of the fabric increases. Basically, the bigger the weight of the fabric is, the more expensive the inflatable becomes.

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