There are plenty of people suffering from serious leg injuries who are passing through hard recovery times and others that unfortunately, have permanent mobility issues and think they will constantly depend on something or someone to get around. But things are not always as dark as we imagine, especially that today’s market offers such a wide range of modern solutions and high-technology products that can truly improve our lifestyles, no matter the situation. Because the desire and need of mobility are very important in the first place for a mind’s health, you might be interested in these small yet powerful knee walkers, that sometimes can be real lifesavers. They come in different colors and designs, featuring various facilities for anyone who wishes to move around easy and safe, without other person’s constant help. In case you are not quite informed in this area, we have provided you a list of plenty useful products that you might need at some point.

Top 8 Knee Scooters Comparison

Photo Product Supported Capacity (lbs.) Material Knee Pad Material Folding Mechanism Storage Basket Frame Color Price

Best Overall
1. All Terrain KneeRover 350 Lightweight steel Molded foam Blue Check Price
2. KneeRover Deluxe 300 Lightweight steel Molded foam Blue Check Price

Our Choice
3. Roscoe ROS-KSW 350 Metal Soft pad Black, white, burgundy Check Price
4. Folding Medical Walker Health Port 300 Lightweight steel Soft pad Dark green, glossy red, matte black, navy blue Check Price
5. KneeRover Steerable 300 Lightweight steel 3-inch cushion Green Check Price
6. Drive Medical Aluminum Alternative 300 Aluminum Soft pad Silver Check Price
7. CO-Z Rover Skooter 350 Steel Soft pad Red, black Check Price
8. Healthport Knee Walker 300 Aluminum Soft pad Red, black Check Price

Knee Walkers Reviews

All Terrain KneeRover

As the KneeRover offers the user full control over it, you are ensured to enjoy a helpful product that will help you move around safely until you recover from your injury. As the name suggests, it is an all-terrain vehicle, so regardless where you plan on going, it won’t limit or condition you. for those who want to remain active despite not being able to bear weight on one of their feet or ankles, it is definitely a heaven-sent.


It features 12-inch pneumatic tires that make it perfect for indoor, as well as outdoor use. Despite having a lightweight frame, it can accommodate individuals weighing up to 350 pounds who have a height ranging from 5’6” to 6’5”. It measures 35.5 inches in length and weighs only 26.4 pounds. The front axle measures 21 inches in width, while the knee pad on which you position your foot measures 7 inches wide and 12.5 inches in length, more than enough to ensure a comfortable seating. The height of the handlebar is adjustable, so you can suit it to your needs according to your own height. Furthermore, it features brakes on the rear side that you can use to stop it from going any further when needed.

Comfort and Convenience

These are two of the most important aspect with this type of transportation means as you need it to get around more easily, without feeling any pain or discomfort as no pressure or weight is put on the ankle or foot that is injured. The thick platform on which you place your knee feels comfortable to rest it on, while the adjustable height of the handlebar ensures you will be able to comfortably set its height to suit yours. It features rubber grips that aren’t only soft to the touch and provide a stronghold, but that are easy to clean as well. Additionally, there is a wire basket mounted at its front, a basket that you can use as storage when you go shopping, for example.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Contoured knee support height can be adjusted from 18 inches to 21.5 inches.
  • Its overall height when the handlebar is folded is only 19 inches, meaning that storing it won’t be too much of a hassle.
  • Folding mechanism it features makes this action easy when you need to store or transport it.
Stability and Control

When you are maneuvering the scooter, it’s important to enjoy maximum stability and control to ensure safe use conditions. The steerable design it boasts offers an automotive tie-rod mechanism to steer, mechanism which is available with only a few products on the market and that enhances maneuverability. Furthermore, there is the adjustable locking handbrake that offers full control over its braking system to keep you safe.

  • Provides dual crossbar design for extreme durability
  • Has adjustable brake and parking/locking feature
  • It features a comfortable knee platform with an easy folding mechanism
  • Offers a maximum stability and control when maneuvering
  • Lack of warranty

This is the most expensive model reviewed by us yet one of the most advanced models on the market. It comes with multiple features that are meant to improve your driving experience. Very stable and versatile as you can use it on many terrains. Additionally, the compact design allows you to store it in tight places.

KneeRover Deluxe

This model comes with great handling and control features that can be easily used on any types of terrain. It provides a steerable mechanism that can’t be found in other products and an adjustable locking handbrake. In case you need to transport the walker, you don’t have to be worried because due to its removable front axle and folding handlebars, it is easy to be transported and stored. In addition, you can use its front mounted basket if you need to carry around with you plenty of things that sometimes are really hard to reach. It also comes with an extra comfortable knee platform which is ideal for a long-time use.

  • Has removable front axle for a simple storage
  • Comes with built-in adjustable disc hand brake and parking brake
  • Features rear drum brakes for a more consistent braking
  • Provides a comfortable knee platform with an easy folding mechanism
  • The material is not rust-proof

Reliable option for all those who are looking for a durable scooter. Comes with comfortable rubber grips and a 3-inch thick knee platform. The manufacturer added a wide number of features for enjoying a hassle-free ride. Easy to transport and storage and very stable.

Roscoe ROS-KSW

Foldable at the handlebars to ensure easy transport and storage, the Roscoe is one of your best picks if you have trouble moving around due to a foot or ankle injury. It’s not necessarily the cheapest item you will stumble upon, but it’s one worth spending your money on as it can accommodate weights up to 350 pounds and features large 8-inch polyurethane wheels that keep it rolling smoothly over the years. Comfort in use is granted by the padded handlebars and the knee platform. As it can navigate through all types of terrain with ease, you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It features a hand brake that ensures safety, and an easy-adjustment mechanism for the knee platform. Furthermore, it is intended for users ranging in height from 4’11” to 6’6”.

  • Collapses using a thumb release lever
  • Features large 8-inch clear polyurethane wheels
  • Disc brakes provide you with full control over it
  • Handlebar grips are padded for increased comfort

If you are having trouble getting around due to a bad knee, the Roscoe will help you get around with ease. perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and coming with a useful basket where you can store your groceries, it provides versatility like few other products in its niche do.

Folding Medical Walker Health Port

This knee walker is a really comfortable and reliable alternative for patients with mobility difficulties. It can be used indoors and also outdoors, being able to move around a variety of ground types. It comes with a storage basket allowing you to carry around plenty of items and is perfect for easily navigating anywhere you want. It is a versatile product among plenty of knee walkers and provides durability due to it robust weight capacity while being made of a light weighted material that gives safety and stability. The walker is very compact, featuring a folding handlebars mechanism, meaning you can easily store and move around.

  • It has a lightweight but durable construction
  • It provides adjustable handlebars and can be easily transported and stored
  • Can be used on any type of terrain
  • Dual hand brake system
  • It’s bulky

Multiple color options to match your preferences. Comes equipped with a dual handbrake and a parking brake. The 10-degree steering radius helps approach much easier tight corners. To simplify the assembly process, the scooter comes with video instructions. Additionally, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

KneeRover Steerable

There is a wide range of features to praise when it comes to this scooter. We start off with the sturdy dual bar frame which ensures reliability, and the locking handlebar that ensures stability and enhanced control over the vehicle. The height range of the handlebar is from 29.5 to 38 inches, while the knee support height ranges from 17.5 to 22 inches. It can carry a person weighing up to 300 pounds, and the 7.5-inch diameter non-marking rubber wheels it features ensure a smooth ride. Furthermore, it is designed to be easy to transport as it weighs little and can be folded.

  • Handlebar height range from 29.5 to 38 inches
  • Knee support height range from 17.5 to 22 inches
  • Features 7.5-inch diameter non-marking rubber wheels
  • Ergonomic rubber hand grips for comfort
  • Some say it gets stuck in sand

Easy to use, foldable, and ensuring a convenient protection for your damage knee, this scooter is a must-have for elders and those who have ligament issues. What makes it all the more appealing is the fact that it comes at an accessible price, meaning that you are most likely to afford it.

Drive Medical Aluminum Alternative

Drive Medical did a great job with this product made of aluminum, that features a simple and safe way of walking around, for people who have mobility issues. It represents an innovative and stylish walking substitute that can be easily adjusted to provide an increased maneuverability. It has a dual frame design for an improved indoor and outdoor control and comes with adjustable hand brakes that guarantee you a totally safe use. Besides, it can be easily folded without the need of using any tool, creating an easy way of transporting and storing.

  • It has dual hand brakes for added safety
  • Can be easily folded for storage and transportation
  • It can be steered for increased maneuverability
  • Ergonomic rubber hand grips for comfort
  • Unlike other products it doesn’t come with a storage basket

A budget-friendly scooter that comes with a lifetime warranty for the original customer. However, it lacks a storage basket for keeping your things within reach. We like the fact that the knee cushion features a channel that provides an increase level of comfort. Also, the dual wheel brake mechanism it highly responsive.

CO-Z Rover Skooter

The model comes with a sturdy steel frame which ensures durability and resistance. It features an adjustable height without using any tool and a basket where you can easily store plenty of useful things. It can be used on any type of terrain, inside or outside, and provides anti-skid properties, making your ride safer, while saving you from efforts when walking on wet or slippery floors.
It has a comfortable and adjustable knee platform, ideal for a long-term use and adjustable handlebars, leaving you with an easy way of storing and moving around. A great design along with plenty of great features, make the walker ideal for anyone with mobility issues.

  • It features adjustable handle bars and knee platform
  • Has padded knee platform, providing a comfortable use
  • It features anti-skid properties and smooth wheels for increased safety
  • Adjustable height
  • Some say it’s heavy

Comes with an upgraded braking system that provides a better stability. Easy to adjust the height of the handle bar and the seat. It folds for storing it in tight places and for transporting it in the car’s trunk. Comfortable platform and solid construction.

Healthport Knee Walker

This knee walker is a convenient way of transportation for anyone suffering from a foot, ankle or lower leg medical injury. As well as, it’s also suitable for those that had a leg amputee below the knee. It’s a superior alternative to crutches because it allows you to easily go wherever you want. You can use this scooter indoors and outdoors as it has a padded seat and 12” pneumatic tires that allow an easy roll around a variety of terrains. This includes carpet, concrete, and wood flooring. Additionally, the adjustable height feature allow people of different sizes to feel comfortable. It’s worthy to mention that this model is most suitable for those that are above 5ft 3” tall. In order to feel more confident and comfortable, the model has been designed with double-bar, heavy-duty construction.

  • It can be turned and manuevered easily
  • Adjustable hand brakes and seat
  • Suitable to travel on a variety of terrains
  • It works for both legs
  • Only one colour available

The reason why this model sells so well is because even though it’s made from solid metal construction, it’s very lightweight and silent. This means that you won’t disturb anyone if you want to use it indoors. In addition to this, you can take it with you wherever you go because people can easily lift it.

Interesting Facts about Knee Walkers

These steerable walking substitutes are great inventions because they can be really helpful in some cases. Using them after a leg surgery can help you in the healing process, while you are free to continue doing your regular daily activities. Besides, elder people can also use these inventions whenever they encounter moving issues or suffer from illnesses that make hard their mobility.

  • Provide a good posture
    Using one helps you maintain a good posture even if you are not able to do the exact same moves you did before. Even if you are keeping a leg bent, your body remains up in a straight position and your shoulders back as usual. When using crutches, you might be forced doing unnatural or uncomfortable moves that over time can lead to other physical pains and aches.
  • Allow you to move around
    These products are designed to provide a great versatility. They come with adjustable handlebars, so you can easily control them and more, you don’t have to resume your mobility inside the house, you can drive them out on any type of terrain. Unlike crutches that might be really unstable on grass, dirt or wet ground, these devices give you a great confidence in moving anywhere you want, without the risk of losing balance and falling.
  • Can help you increase moving speed
    Because they come with 3 or 4 built-in wheels, you can cover a larger area with little moving efforts in short periods of time. If you were using crutches, you should probably need more time to reach a certain point and also use a lot of energy even when doing little things. Knee walkers are effective and fast and help you save a lot of energy that you definitely need for a faster recovery.
  • Provide a lot of storage space
    It is hard enough to move using only one leg, what if you should also need constantly holding something with you? It would be quite difficult even trying to reach something that you might regularly need, like an inhaler or, glasses, or mobile phone. You can’t put a lot of things in your pockets, but you can easily store them in the scooter’s basket, specially created for these kinds of needs. This way, they can come in handy whenever you need using them.
  • Contribute in the recovery process
    Generally, in this kind of accidents, doctors recommend that the injured leg should be kept in an elevated position for a proper and faster recovery. Resting your leg on the comfortable soft pad, without putting any type of pressure on it, and preventing it from possible scratches or bumps, is the right protection and prevention method that you can use for a faster recovery.

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