Label Makers

Labeled items are easier to store, organize, and find. Many people choose to brand everything because they want to keep their things in order and easily reachable at all times. If you want to brand your kitchen containers, your closet, or your papers and make them easier to find, you will need a label maker that can deliver instant labels. The best units can also be used for industrial purposes, being greatly efficient in branding all sorts of things.

Top 5 Label Makers Comparison

1. Brady BBP31 2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo 3. Epson LabelWorks LW-300 4. Brother P-Touch PT-D210 5. DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Plus
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Size 9.5 in H x 12 in W x 10.25 in D 5.27 in. H x 5 in. W x 7.36 in. D 5.9 in H x 5.7 in W x 2.2 in D 6.2 in H x 5.9 in W x 2.7 in D 8.3 in H x 3.1 in W x 2.6 in D
Weight 18.1 lbs 3.5 lbs 14 oz. 1.1 lbs 1 lbs
Type Desk Desk Desk Desk Handheld
Display Touchscreen LCD LCD LCD
Printing Method Thermal Transfer Thermal Transfer Thermal Transfer Thermal Transfer Thermal Transfer
Printing Speed 3” per second 71 labels per minute N/A 20 mm per second N/A
Maximum Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi 180 dpi 180 dpi N/A
Number of Fonts 5 N/A 14 14 5
Number of Symbols 247 N/A 300 617 195
Number of Styles N/A N/A 10 10 15
Barcode Printing N/A
Pipe Printing N/A N/A
Printing Width 1/2″ to 4″ N/A 1/2” 3.5 to 12 mm 1/2”
Number of Lines 2 4 2 2 2
Built-in Tape Cutter
Power Source AC power or AAA batteries (not included) AC power AAA batteries (not included) AC power (optional) or AAA batteries (not included) AC power (optional) or AAA batteries (not included)
20-second material changeover Included DYMO Stamps software to print USPS-approved postage Seven languages available Horizontal Printing Auto power off
No calibration required Specialty prints Mirror Printing Low battery indicator
Prints on 16 different materials Text Framing Three languages available
Four languages available Multi-copy Printing
Print Preview Color Printing
Multiple Copies
PC Connection
Included Softwarer
System Compatibility N/A iOS, Windows
Built-in Memory
Built-in Apps
Warranty 5 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 3 years
Customer Support
User Manual
Package Contents Printer, Power Cord, USB Cable, Drivers CD, Stylus, Cleaning Kit, Cutter Cleaning Tool, Quick Start Guide and Documentation Holder LabelWriter 450, Starter Roll, Adapter, Power Cable, USB Cable, and Quick Start Guide for PC and Mac LW-300, ~½” (12 mm) Black on White LC sample tape cassette, User’s Guide, and Warranty Card Printer, One 0.47″ (12mm) x 13.1′ (4m) Black on White laminated “TZe” starter tape, User’s Manual LetraTag Printer, Mountable Magnetic Holder, 1/2 White Paper Cassette, 1/2Clear Plastic Cassette, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card.

Tag Making Machines Reviews

1. Brady BBP31


Without a doubt, the most reliable is this model from Brady that is designed to print on over 16 types of different materials, including polyester, magnetic polyester, reflective tape, photoluminescent tape, or vinyl. It can create glow-in-the-dark tags, pipe tags, signs, tags, or even Ids since it has the ability to print barcodes. Although it doesn’t print in colors, it can be used with colored tags. This is a desk machine that is slightly bigger than other models, reason for which it’s hardly portable.


It incorporates a touchscreen display and a large QWERTY keyboard that makes it very easy for you to choose between 5 font styles and over 240 symbols. It can work for 8 hours per day and it delivers around 600 small or 300 large tags. One of its biggest advantages is that it’s very easy to use, despite the numerous features that might seem cumbersome. Changing the material takes around 20 seconds and it offers the possibility to print multiple copies at a time. It also memorizes a number of tags so you can create a list of the most popular ones. The tags resulted can vary in size, starting with 0.5 inches and all the way to 4 inches in width and it can write 2 lines on each tags.


Before actually printing the writing, you can choose to preview the tags and make sure it is perfect, with no errors, so you won’t waste any material. You can either connect it to a computer and use the integrated apps or operate it as a standalone printer in case you don’t have a computer at hand. It comes with a full set of accessories including a cutter cleaning tool, the required cables, a cleaning kit, a stylus, and a user guide. The warranty for this high-end device is 5 years and you will enjoy all the customer support you need.

  • It detects if anything is wrong
  • Suitable for beginners
  • 101mm wide media
  • Sign Shop built-in
  • Affordable price
  • Some people claim the error message appears often

The reason why this product is the bestseller is because the machine has a lot of features which will not fail to impress or to get the job done fast. This is because it uses a system through colour coding which means that it’s very unlikely to put something the wrong way around or not in the right place.

2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

If you need a compact machine that you can use at home or at work, you can go with the DYMO 450 Turbo that is one of the fastest and most accessible units out there. It can brand anything from customized graphics to address tags and barcodes. Unlike other printers that use toner or ink cartridges, this one uses thermal printing that eliminates the costs and mess of dealing with cartridges.

This is a very compact device that can be easily moved and used whenever needed, provided that there is a computer nearby because the 450 Turbo only works when connected to a PC because it doesn’t have a screen or a keyboard incorporated. When connected to a computer, you can print directly from any program like Word or Excel and it’s compatible with all the newest operating systems from iOS or Windows. The printer releases 71 tags per minute, at a dizzying speed and it can write 4 lines on each tag, which is something you hardly see in other printers.

For the easiest operating, a DYMO Stamps software has been included to allow you to print USPS-approved postage tags so you can cut on your postage expenses. Also included in the package you will find a roll of address tags, a USB cable, a power cable, and a useful guide to using it with any PC or Mac device.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Compatible with iOS and Windows
  • Can print USPS approved stamps
  • Can print more than 2 lines per tag
  • Affordable price
  • It’s AC powered
  • Hasn’t got a built-in memory

This is another bestseller because it was designed for beginners or those who want a simple to operate label maker.For example, once you set it up, you will get the printer to actually work and is very unlikely to show you constant error messages.

3. Epson LabelWorks LW-300

Epson is a reputable brand that delivers some of the best and most durable electronics, including a series of labeling machines. Th LW-300 is a model that really knows that to combine functionality and variety. It’s small in size but hides many features under that compact housing. It works solely on batteries, without the option of using a power cable, but this is not exactly a disadvantage because the batteries last long.

It also uses the thermal transfer technology that eliminates the need to buy ink cartridges and that offers fast results. It offers a number of 14 fonts, 10 styles, and over 300 symbols so you can brand anything you want. The specialty prints include glow-in-the-dark tags, reflective tags, decorative and iron-on tapes so you can extend the use of your tagging to decorating and crafting, not only organizing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t brand barcodes or pipes, which would have been useful. Also, keep in mind that it can’t be connected to a computer because it doesn’t offer any type of connectivity.

However, it can memorize 30 tags so you can keep records of the most used ones. The menu is available in seven languages, like English, French, Spanish, so the printer can be used by anyone. It is covered by a 1-year limited warranty and comes with a set of sample tape cassettes to have start branding at any time.

  • Prints on wide tapes
  • Over 300 symbols
  • It’s durable
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable product
  • Some say that there is a motor issue
  • Some people describe the customer support group as not helpful

The reason why this product is so popular is because it’s one of the most efficient portable models. Not only that it runs on batteries, you can also see the buttons clearly whenever you are in a rush because they are clearly and boldly labeled.

4. Brother P-Touch PT-D210

You’ve probably heard about Brother sewing machines but what you most likely didn’t know is that you can also find a tagging machine designed by this popular manufacturer. The P-Touch model is one of the most appreciated for its ease of use and wide range of features. It’s a standalone thermal transfer printer with a generous LCD display and a QWERTY keyboard that offers 14 fonts, 10 writing styles, 97 frames, and over 600 symbols for the most vary tags.

You can also choose one of the 27 templates and just press print to have a tag ready. Thanks to the very compact size, you can always take it with you at the office, use it at home, or borrow it to a friend. It operates on batteries but if you wish, you can buy a power cord and plug it in to make it more versatile. A carrying case is also available for purchase and it helps you keep all your tools and accessories at hand.

The resulted tags are water-resistant and can even be washed or placed at extreme temperatures they they won’t fade away. An impressive number of features is at your service to help you design any label, tag, iron-on tape, or ID you might need. If you wish, you can choose the vertical printing that is very useful for tagging folders, the mirror printing, or the colo9r printing. You can make up to 9 copies and the printer will memorize a generous number of 30 tags in its built-in memory. We end the list of advantages with the 1-year warranty and the prompt customer support.

  • You can hold it in your hand and work with it
  • Accessories are included
  • Memorizes up to 30 tags
  • Simple to assemble
  • It’s not heavy and can be used when traveling
  • Hasn’t got a colour display

This is another popular item because it has a wide variety of categories. As well as, probably the only problems you will have with this model is that you won’t know which one to choose out of the wide variety of options.

5. DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Plus

Handheld models have the advantage of being easily portable so they can be used for instant labeling. This one from DYMO is very compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Despite the small size, it has a 13-characters screen and a complete ABC keyboard so you can print using up to 195 symbols, 5 fonts, and 15 different styles on tags measuring 0.5” wide.

You can either power it with batteries if you need to take it with you or you can use the power cord and use it at the office, just remember that it can’t be connected to a computer. You will know when the batteries need to be replaced thanks to the Low Battery indicator. To save energy, there is an Auto Shut-off feature that turns it off after a few minutes of standby.

It can be used to brand white paper, white plastic, and transparent plastic, and it comes with a roll of each so you will have everything you need to start tagging. Therefore, you can use it to create customized tags and to organize things in your house fast and easy. Thanks to the generous 3-year warranty, you will know that it is designed to last and to work impeccably no matter how many tags you plan to create with it.

  • One-touch button for easy access
  • Accessories are included
  • It’s durable
  • People describe as lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Instructions may be hard to follow
  • Batteries are not included

We have chosen this model because of it’s unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. We all know that sometimes we leave things on when we shouldn’t, this is why the company has designed this model with auto-shut off.

6. Brother QL-700

A small yet powerful machine that enables you to produce up to 93 tags per minute, the QL-700 stands among our favorite for all the right reasons. First off, it provides you with the possibility to produce cost-effective tags for packages, banners, envelopes, discs, and more. It can be used to print on easy-peel, rounded-corner, and pre-sized tags. As it is a future-forward product, it comes with the automatic cutter which ensures precise cuts when you print multiple tags at a time.

As the resolution it offers is 300 by 600 dpi, the prints you do with it will feature crisp graphics and text. One of its most appealing traits is the fact that it can be used to print on continuous-length paper and film tapes which measure a maximum of 3 feet in length. You just have to insert the roll and wait for the machine to automatically adjust the tag template to its specifications, which ensures utter ease of use.

It comes with a USB cable that you can use to connect it to your computer and import designs or elements you have create using Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook. Best of all, there’s no software installation needed in order to use it for importing from the computer.

  • Can print up to 93 tags per minute
  • Auto cutter allows you to print multiple tags at a time
  • Can print on continuous-length paper and film tapes
  • Can be connected to computer via USB
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Some customers have had issues with the sensors as time passed

If you know that you plan on doing some serious tag printing work, then you need the QL-700 as it can handle a huge workload in a very efficient manner, printing out an impressive 93 tags per minute to save you time.

7. Brother P-Touch PTH110

As it features a simplistic QWERTY-style keyboard, you will have an easy time using it to brand your belongings. It even includes one-touch keys that offer you fast and easy access to size, style, frames, and font, so that you may more conveniently select the settings you need. It is compatible with TZe tapes that measure up to 0.5 inches or 12 millimeters, the 4 width it offers including 3.5 millimeters, 6 millimeters, 9 millimeters, and 12 millimeters.

It allows you to enter up to 15 characters as this is the maximum allowed by its LCD display. The maximum print resolution it provides is 180px, while it is capable of printing out with a high speed of 20 millimeters per second. In terms of tape type compatibility, it works with extra strength adhesive, non-laminated iron-on fabric, standard laminated and flexible ID.

It measures 4.3 inches in width, 2.2 inches in height, and 8 inches in length, so you will conveniently walk around with it to brand everything you need. In order to properly personalize the tags, you have fonts, 14 frames, and over 250 symbols to pick between. Furthermore, there is a 1-year warranty provided for it by the manufacturing company.

  • Can hold in its memory up to 15 models
  • High maximum printing speed – 20 millimeters per second
  • Compatible with tapes up to 12 millimeters
  • One-touch keys for convenient use
  • Automatic shut-off helps save battery power
  • Some customers complain that it wastes tape

A portable solution with which you can print tags anywhere, tags of all types, colors, and sizes, the PTH110 is a must-have. What definitely adds to its appeal and makes it a fan favorite is the cheap asking price, this being an accessible option for all interested customers.

8. DYMO LabelManager 280

If you like to stay organized, you need to brand your belongings, that is a given. With it, you will easily print out durable tags which are water resistant, thus, having easier access to charts, files, and tools. You can use the accompanying USB cable to connect the machine to your computer, thus being granted with access to its powerful editing capabilities which include barcodes, graphics, and fonts.

It features a computer-style QWERTY keyboard which makes it easy to enter and edit any test you please. Furthermore, its one-touch fast-formatting keys ensure that it will be a speedy process altogether. To make sure that the tag coming out will suit your expectations, there is a large LCD display where you can preview it before printing.

Seeing how the machine is actually powered by a rechargeable battery, you get to save money in the long run as no battery replacement is required. Best of all, you can even power and charge it directly using the included AC power adapter. Additionally, the manufacturing company backs it with a pretty lengthy 1-year warranty, so you need not worry about repairs or an eventual replacement costing you a cent.

  • One of the cheapest quality machines you can find on the market
  • Prints water-resistant tags
  • Computer-style QWERTY keyboard is easy to use
  • Contents can be easily checked on the large LCD display
  • Uses a rechargeable battery which helps save time, as well as money
  • Upon reinstalling a new cartridge, some customers have reported issues with print quality

Cheap, easy to use, and reliable in the long run, the DYMO is our top recommendation to those who are looking for a budget-smart solution to keep organized. Its powerful editing capabilities ensure versatility when it comes to the types of tags you can print out with it, while the durability of these prints will astound you as they are water-resistant.

The Utility of Printing Labels

While some devices are considered indispensable, others are used less often so they aren’t considered exactly useful without looking deeper into their advantages. They might seem useless at some point if you don’t realize their functionality. Believe it or not, this small gadget can make your life easier and more organized.

What mainly makes tags useful is the way they help you sort, arrange, and find things when you need them. Clutter is awful and once it takes over the pantry, the office, or the closet, it’s hard to get rid of it. Children tend to misplace their things and adults can also make a mess while trying to organize their stuff. Branded boxes can help you put all your things in order so that you will always know what’s inside a box without having to take a look inside of it. You can sort your clothes, your paperwork, your personal items, things you rarely use and put them in boxes that will say what each of them contains.

Things that don’t go in boxes can also be branded so it will be easier for you to find or use them. For example, you can put a tag on a switch so you won’t press the wrong one again, or you can brand the phone chargers to make sure you use the right charger with each device you own. Power cables can also be tagged to make it easier for you to plug and unplug the right one.

In the kitchen, you will probably use it very often to sort your spices and all your ingredients. Most machines use paper but there are some that can write on plastic so you can make water-resistant and fade-resistant tags that you can sore in the cabinets or in the freezer to prevent clutter. If you brand jars and casseroles, you can even wash them and the tags won’t be damaged.

You can use the machine for fun projects as well. It can be used for scrapbooks, gift tags, crafts, and message cards that you can use in many ways. A lot of DIY projects include a labeling machine. Another great thing about a good machine is that it can tag addresses that you can use for your mail. The best ones also brand barcodes that can be very helpful at work.

Choosing a Good Label Printer

Now that you know how useful branding can be, it’s time you get a printer so you can create your own tags as you like. To make sure you buy the right one, there are some things you need to know about how they work and the features they offer.

  • Writing options

    The more styles, symbols, and fonts a printer has, the better because you will be able to write anything you want on your tags. As such, look for models with a generous keyboard and plenty of symbols, frames, and patterns that will help you decorate your tags.

  • Printing speed

    You wouldn’t want to wait forever for a tag to be ready so it’s important to find a printer that is fast and prompt. The ones we have reviewed have a very quick response to commands and can print at high speeds, like 3” per second. Also, it’s best to look for a printer that can make multiple copies and can memorize a certain tag, thus making it easier for you to print at a future time.

  • Number of lines

    You might need to print larger tags at some point so it’s best to look for a printer that can write more than one line per tag. The best models can print even 4 lines so you can make more detailed tags, but most of the models you will find can print 2 lines per tag, which should do it.

  • Power source

    This can also be an important feature because it will allow you to use the machine in any situation. Those that only work with a power cord is not portable so you won’t be able to use them anywhere you need, while printers that work solely on batteries could run out of power at any time. Therefore, the best choice is a combination of the two power sources that will guarantee you will be able to take your printer anywhere with you.

What’s behind Our Ratings

  • Printing technology

    Usually, printers use ink or toner to print a writing or an image on a piece of paper. The printers nowadays use a thermal transfer printing method that is actually a digital technology that involves melting a ribbon coating on a piece of material so that it will stay glued to it. It’s a very resistant method that ensures the resulted tags will not fade away in time. For added durability, they use thermal transfer laminate the material, be it paper or plastic, so that the printed image will last even more.

  • PC connection

    Although not essential for the proper operating of the printer, the possibility to connect it to a computer extends its range of use. First of all, you can use it faster and in a much easier manner. Secondly, you can print tags directly from PC programs like Word or Excel. The best machines are the ones that can be connected to a computer but also work as standalone printers so they are easily portable.

  • Printing variety

    We looked for devices that offered a wide range of writing options, starting with a variety of materials to print on. Our top choice, the Brady BBP31, can print on over 16 different materials, including paper, plastic, reflective tape, or iron-on tape. The extended range of materials followed by a plethora of symbols and styles are what make the printer truly useful and functional.

  • Accessories

    Aside from the printer itself, you will also need some additional equipment and it’s always best to get it in the package so you won’t have to spend any more money afterward. This is why we looked for printers that come with all the necessary accessories like printing tapes, software CD’s, cables, and user manuals.

  • Warranty

    The more money you pay for a printer, the longer you wish to be protected by the warranty so it’s vital to look for a product designed by a manufacturer that stands behind it. We chose products that come with warranties ranging from 5 years to 1 year. This way, we could be certain that the purchase was warranted by a prompt customer service for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Are the stamps UPS approved?
Only one model offers this feature. The rest do not print out UPS approved stamps.

?Can I preview my work before printing?
Yes all of the models that we have metioned let you look at what you have created before you print it out.

?Does the build-in memory saves my work?
Yes, you will notice that you do not have to keep redoing what you have already done because it will be saved by the printer.

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