Are you tired of using the old air-bubble level? While this tool helps for precise alignment and costs little money, it is outdated. Laser levels, on the other hand, offer a higher degree of accuracy and can be used for much more applications. They are perfect not only for simple DIY projects but also for harder jobs. Carpenters, plumbers, electrician, and many others should add this tool to their toolset.

There’s no need to look for the best models as we’ve already done it for you. Here below you will find the 5 top-rated cross-line lasers compared and reviewed. Learn more about how exactly we ranked them and choose the one you consider more appropriate for your projects. Make a smart purchase for no-hassle layout tasks.

Top Laser Levels Comparison

1. PLS180 2. Dewalt DW088K 3. Tacklife SC-L04 4. Bosch GLL 55 5. Makita SK104Z
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Dimensions (in.) 2 x 2.87 x 3.37 2.40 x 4.40 x 4.44 3.8 x 3.4 4.2 x 4.4 x 2.2 4.25 x 4.6 x 2.83
Weight( lbs.) 1.7 3.81 1.76 1.08 2.4
Color Yellow Black&Yellow Black&Orange Black&Blue Black&Light Teal Blue
Housing Plastic Over-Molded TPR Soft Rubber on All Sides Plastic Composite Over-Molded


Type&Laser Class
Type Laser Cross-Line Laser Cross-Line Laser Cross-Line Laser Cross-Line Laser Cross-Line
Laser Class Class II Class II Class II Class II Class II
Power-Source 3 AA Batteries 3 AA Batteries 4 AA Batteries 3 AA Batteries 3 AA Batteries
Operating Time (h) 35/12.5 40 8 N/A 35
Type Self-Leveling Self-Leveling Self-Leveling Self-Leveling Self-Leveling
Range 4°±1°
Accuracy&Working Range
Line Accuracy ± 1/8″ at 30′ ± 1/8″ at 30′ ±1/9″ at 33′  ± 1/8″ at 33′ ± 1/8″ at 30′
Working Range 100′ 100′ 98′ 50′ 50′
Operating&Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature 0° F – 122° F 20° F – 115° F 14° F – 122° F 14° F – 122° F 14° F – 104° F
Storing Temperature -40° F – 158° F -5° F – 140° F -40° F – 158° F N/A -13° F – 158° F
Number 2 2 2 2 2
Direction Horizontal&Vertical Horizontal&Vertical Horizontal&Vertical Horizontal&Vertical Horizontal&Vertical
Indoor/Ourdoor Indoor Indoor/Ourdoor Indoor Indoor Indoor/Ourdoor
Environment Water-Resistant; Not Submersible Protected from Limited Dust and Water Spray Protected from Limited Dust and Water Spray Protected from Limited Dust and Water Spray Protected from Limited Dust and Water Spray
Mounting Method Wall or Tripod Wall Wall or Tripod Wall or Tripod Wall or Tripod


Internal Shock Frame Built-In Magnetic Pivot Base 360-Degree Vertical and 360-Degree Horizontal Line Magnetic L Mount Integrated Pendulum Lock
Out-Of-Level Shutoff Low Battery Indication Low Battery Indication  Out-of-Level Indicator Pulse Mode
Out-of-Level Indicator Multi-Purpose Magnetic Bracket
Rubber Sleeve Acoustic Ceiling Mount Magnetic Pivoting Base Magnetic Mounting Bracket Magnetic Mounting Adapter
Carrying Pouch Kit Box Portable Bag Laser Target Plate Target Card
Wall Bracket Batteries Batteries Hard Carry Case Carrying Pouch
Carrying Case Batteries Batteries


Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty
1-Year Free Service 30-Day Satisfacyion Guarantee
User Manual
Customer Support
Online Support

1. PLS180

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If you’re looking to replace your bubble level with a laser one, one of the best options to consider is this model made by Pacific Laser Systems. It is, in fact, a level, plumb and square laser line tool that will help you finish your tasks faster and more precisely.


Due to the fact that it is compacts – measures 2 x 2.87 x 3.37 inches – and lightweight – weighs less than 2 pounds – the tool is easy to handle and portable. It is made of durable plastic that is resistant to impacts and water. However, it is water submersible.

  • Carrying case&pouch: comes with a rigid case and a soft pouch to keep it protected.
  • Batteries: it operates with 3AA batteries that are included.
  • Magnetic wall bracket: features strong magnets to support the tool.


The tool allows you to perform perfect indoor layouts with ease. With an SLD detector – bought separately – you can also use it for outdoor applications. With an accuracy of ± 1/8-inch at 30-feet and 180-degree fan angle, this model delivers great performance and precision.

  • 2 laser lines: one horizontal and one vertical. The lines are bright and can be visible at maximum 100 feet.
  • Self-leveling: features a self-leveling range of 6 degrees.
  • Long operation: it can operate for more than 30 hours.


Its practical design makes it very easy to handle. Also, the fact that it is fully self-leveling simplifies your work. A great advantage is that it features 2 mounting options – on the wall or on a tripod. The tripod is not included so you have to buy it separately.

  • Long visibility range: up to 100′
  • Works up to 35 hours continuously
  • It can automatically level up to 6 degrees
  • The magnetic dampening makes it ready to use in less than a second
  • ]It features the PLS pendulum design
  • Using it outdoors may be difficult as the beam is not very strong

High accuracy and versatility. You can use it for many purposes. It comes with a long 3-year warranty and is very easy to use. The built-in features are pretty interesting and will help you finish your job faster and without any inconvenience. We consider it a long-term investment for anyone who’s looking for a well-made laser level.

2. Dewalt DW088K

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This tool is among our favorite ones. It is made by a reliable brand and it will surely impress you with its features. It has an over-mold housing that makes it very durable. In comparison to the other models, it is a little bit heavier. The class II laser offers great visibility not only indoors but also outdoors, so you can use it for all your projects.

It is self-leveling at 4 degrees and it features a high rate of accuracy, 1/8 inch at 30 feet. Without a detector, it provides a range of 100 feet but if you install a detector, you can use it up to 165 feet. The 3 AA batteries can work up to 40 hours and they come with the tool.

The model projects both vertical and horizontal line, having a dedicated button for each of them. The lines cross with each other. It features a magnetic pivot base and a low battery indication.

In what concerns the mounting possibilities, you can easily mount it on a wall. When purchasing the tool, you will also receive an acoustic ceiling mount and a kit box. What is interesting about this particular model is that besides the 3-year limited warranty, the manufacturer also offers a 1-year free service.

  • You can use it on wet surfaces as it is protected against water spray
  • Alerts you when it’s time to change the batteries
  • Durable over-molded housing
  • Class II laser
  • Built-in magnetic pivoting base
  • A little bit heavy
  • No lock on the pendulum

Ideal for both professionals and beginner. It features a solid housing and can be used for outdoor works. It comes with a flashing indicator to replace the batteries. Additionally, besides the long 3-year warranty, you will enjoy free service for 1 year. The only major drawback is the fact that it doesn’t have a lock on the pendulum for a more convenient transportation.

3. Tacklife SC-L04

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Another laser level to consider is Tacklife SC-L04. It is both compact and lightweight. The TPR soft rubber on all sides provides protection against any possible shocks. This is a class II laser and is accurate to ±1/9′′ at 33′.

It boasts a working range of 98′. Just like the previous models, it levels itself up to 4 degrees. The tool produces horizontal and vertical cross-line beams. It also features dual 360-degree horizontal and vertical plane. When all beams are on, it can work for up to 8 hours.

You will need 4 AA batteries for this tool, which are included.

This model indicates an out-of-level condition in case it gets out of level and it automatically locks when you switch it off. It is both waterproof and dust-proof. You can easily mount this tool on wall or tripod and you can use it outdoors with the laser detector.

It includes the batteries, a portable bag, and a magnetic pivoting base. It is backed by a 2-year warranty.

  • 360-degree vertical and horizontal line
  • One-button operation design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Solid construction with TPR soft rubber
  • It locks automatically when you switch it of
  • Not so great in the daylight
  • The user manual should be more detailed

This laser level does a great job. It is lightweight and compact and it comes with a nice zipper bag to carry it around. The 360-degree feature is a great addition although you won’t need it too often. However, according to some customers, the tool is not so great in the daylight.

4. Bosch GLL 55

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You will like this laser level as is accurate and well-made. It is the lightest model on our list and is made of plastic composite. You can use it for multiple indoor jobs but it won’t work in the daylight.

It has an accuracy rating of ± 1/8′′ at 33′ and a working range of 50′. You can set it to project both vertical and horizontal lines that cross with each other. Since this tool is self-leveling, it automatically levels itself up to 4 degrees.

It requires 3 AA batteries that are included. The laser is class II.

The VisiMax technology provides superior beam brightness and prevents diodes overheating. At the same time, the tool indicates out-of-level conditions for increased accuracy. For a secure transportation, the pendulum is locked automatically every time you switch the tool off.

You can mount this tool on wall or tripod and it comes with a magnetic mounting bracket. Besides this, you will also receive a laser target plate and a carry case. As about the warranty, the manufacturer covers it for a period of 2 years.

  • Features VisiMax technology
  • It can indicate out-of-level condition
  • Automatic lock of pendulum
  • You can use it at any angle with the manual mode
  • Lightweight and budget-friendly
  • It can’t be used outdoors

Made by Bosch, this laser level works well and won’t cost you a fortune. Due to the VisiMax technology, this tool delivers superior beam brightness while the diodes are protected against overheating. This model is very lightweight, affordable, and user-friendly. However, it can’t be used outdoors.

5. Makita SK104Z

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Makita SK104Z is another great option to go with. It features a solid housing that provides superior protection and is battery-powered. The 3 AA batteries are included and they deliver a continuous operation of up to 35 hours.

Just like the other models, it is self-leveling up to 4 degrees. It features an accuracy rating of ± 1/8′′ at 30′ and a working range of up to 50′. The two vertical and horizontal lines can be used individually or simultaneously. You can use it both for indoor or outdoor works and you can mount it on a wall or on a tripod.

With the pulse mode, you will be able to extend the battery life while the integrated pendulum lock allows slope incline applications. Besides the laser, you will also receive a magnetic mounting adapter, a target card, and a carrying pouch.

However, even though this model comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, it is backed by only 1-year warranty.

  • Features a pulse mode
  • Long operating time, up to 35 hours
  • Works for indoor and outdoor jobs
  • Comes with a multi-purpose magnetic bracket
  • Features an integrated pendulum lock
  • Short warranty, 1-year
  • Rather tricky to change from vertical to horizontal mode

This laser level made by Makita is available at an affordable price. It comes with some pretty interesting features and it can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. For more peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Nevertheless, it is backed by a 1-year warranty.

6. Hammerhead HLCL01

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With this tool made by Hammerhead you can simply forget about the old level because it is more accurate and easier to use. The HLCL01 is versatile as it can project not only vertical and horizontal lines, but also cross lines.

In order to select the mode you want, you just have to push the top button and set it according to your needs. The accuracy of this unit is 0.25 inches at 30 feet. With a compact design – measures 2.2 x 3 x 3.4 inches – and a total weight of around 1.5 pounds, the unit is portable and easy to handle.

The adjustable mounting clamp allows you to place it pretty much everywhere you want but you can also set it on a tripod. Additionally, it features an LED indicator to help you position the unit within the self-leveling range of 4 degrees– turns green when positioned correctly or red when positioned incorrectly.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to use the self-leveling feature, you can opt for the manual mode. For this model, you will receive a 3-year warranty.

  • User-friendly operation
  • Features a LED indicator to help you position it correctly
  • Includes a clamp to mount it on multiple surfaces
  • Features a side button to lock the laser
  • Includes the batteries
  • The lines are weak in sunlight

Low price and great performance. The unit is easy to use, durable, and accurate. Can be used for a wide variety of indoor projects and includes a clamp for more versatility.

7. Qooltek Laser Level Pro3

This tool is versatile and cheap. It is among the most popular laser levels you can currently go with. It is ideal for multiple indoor works and it is highly accurate.

The Pro3 was designed with convenience in mind. Therefore, you have both a standard and a laser level in just one tool. On the top, you will find an air-bubble leveler with 3 different positions – vertical, horizontal, and angle (45 degrees).

The laser level can be activated very easily, with the help of the on/off power switch. There are 3 line modes you can choose from horizontal, vertical, and crosshair. You also have the possibility to adjust the beam. Nevertheless, in case the laser is the vertical or horizontal level, it’s recommended that you don’t adjust the beam.

Since this is a multipurpose tool, it also includes an 8-foot tape measure with both imperial and metric measures. This really comes in handy during your projects. Additionally, the device also features a metal ruler on each side. It has imperial measures on one side – 6 inches – and metric measures on the other side – 15 cm.

  • The laser line is generously long
  • Includes a screwdriver to add it to your toolbox
  • Accuracy of +/-2mm at 10m and 25m
  • Includes a measuring tape and a ruler, so you don’t need any extra tools
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • The power switch may be easily turned on by accident
  • Not intended for outdoor purposes
  • It is not magnetic, so you can’t attach it to the wall

The tool is a really nice addition to your tool box. It was specially designed to help you hang pictures or wallpapers, to install shelves, and so on. It is cheap, so don’t expect it to be flawless.

Product Research&Ratings

When we talk about laser levels, the accuracy and working range play a significant aspect. Besides this, we made our research taking into consideration aspects like housing, operating time, leveling type, and so on. More about our findings and how we rated the products will be detailed below.

  • Operating Time

    All our models are battery-powered. This means that eventually, you will need to replace them. The tool with the longest operating time is Dewalt DW088K that can work for up to 40 hours. Makita SK104Z can provide up to 35 hours of continuous use, same as PLS180 if you use one beam only. Tacklife SC-L04 works for 8 hours with all the beams on. Unfortunately, we have no information about Bosch GLL 55./li>

  • Leveling

    In terms of leveling, the laser can be manual or automatic. The manual ones require you to check if the unit is leveled or not. Leveling the tool may be more difficult, especially for beginners, as some thumb screws have to be adjusted. Self-leveling lasers are more convenient from this point of view. They feature an internal pendulum that does all the job for you. So, even if the surface is not smooth, the tool can level itself up to a particular degree. All our models are self-leveling, with small differences in what regards the range. Therefore, PLS180 levels for maximum 6 degrees while Tacklife SC-L04 features a compensation range of 4±1 degrees. All the other models have a range of 4 degrees./li>

  • Accuracy

    In general, self-leveling lasers are more accurate than the manual ones. However, the error increases with distance but some models have an impressive accuracy of up to 1/64″ at 30′. If we take a closer look at our products, the most accurate one is Tacklife SC-L04, with an accuracy of up to ±1/9″ at 33′. PLS180, Dewalt DW088K, and Makita SK104Z feature an accuracy of ± 1/8″ at 30′. As about Bosch GLL 55, it has an accuracy rating of ± 1/8″ at 30′./li>

  • Working Range

    Level lasers automatically level if they remain in a specific range. Some models can expand the working range up to 100 feet indoors and up to 200 feet outdoors. From this point of view, the most versatile models are PLS180 and Dewalt DW088K with a range of 100 feet indoors. They are followed by Tacklife SC-L04 with an indoor working range of up to 98 feet. Bosch GLL 55 and Bosch GLL 55 feature a visibility range of up to 50 feet./li>

  • Beam

    There are lasers that emit only a horizontal beam or a horizontal and vertical beam. A model with 2 beams helps you level objects across a horizontal or vertical plane, according to your needs. You can use the beams separately or concomitantly for increased flexibility./li>

  • Features

    Each and every model comes with certain features. Some of them feature a flashing indicator to notify you when the battery runs low or an out-of-level indicator for knowing when the tool gets out of level. PLS180 features an internal shock frame that protects the tool against collisions and Tacklife SC-L04 comes with dual 360-degree horizontal and vertical lines for more convenience./li>

  • Accessories

    The more accessories, the better. All models come with the batteries and a carry case or box for storing or transporting the laser under safe conditions. Some of them include a bracket for mounting the tool on the wall. PLS180 has some extra accessories like a tripod extender and a carrying pouch. Makita SK104Z comes with a carrying pouch.

  • Warranty

    Usually, this type of lever is backed by the standard 1–year warranty. The models with the longest warranty are PLS180 and Dewalt DW088K as they are covered for a period of 3 years. The latter also comes with a 1-year free service. Tacklife SC-L04 and Bosch GLL 55 are backed by a 2-year warranty. The shortest warranty is given by Makita, only 1 year. However, the manufacturer allows you to return the product within 30 days of purchase./li>

Available Types and Their Particularities

  • Dot Lasers: These lasers are also called plumb lasers. They work by projecting one or multiple reference dots on a surface. They are further classified in 3-point and 5-point models. The first type features ahorizontal dot, as well as a plump up and down. The second type features 2 horizontal dots at 90°. They are ideal for indoor jobs and are the less expensive in comparison to the other types available.
  • Line Lasers: Line lasers or line generators project a single line (horizontal) or double lines (horizontal and vertical) from one point to the other. The horizontal and vertical lines can also cross. They have a range of up to 100 feet and are mainly used for indoor applications. However, there are some models that can be used outdoors.
  • Rotary Lasers: Just like the line lasers, these lasers projects a line but the difference is that the line rotates around the entire room in 360°. The tools can produce both horizontal and vertical lines. They work best for outdoor applications. Nevertheless, they are the most expensive ones, being at the same time less compact than the other types.

There’s absolutely no doubt that a laser level is a tool that comes in handy when you need to level floors or to align masonry. After a thorough research, we came to the conclusion that PLS180 is the best model to go with. Even though is not so great for outdoor tasks, it does a great job for indoor works. You will have to pay more money for this tool but it’s worth paying the price if you want to improve accuracy with your DIY projects. Dewalt DW088K is another tool we recommend if you want to pay less money and enjoy a great performance. Besides the 3-year warranty, this laser comes with 1-year free service for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is the Laser Light Dangerous?
As any other laser products, laser levels should be used with caution. When eyes are exposed to a high-intensity light flash, it may appear what is called flash blindness. In general, these tools only irritate the eyes without causing permananet damage. However, you can avoid this by not staring directly at the beam.
?What Happens If the Laser Is Exposed to Rain?
That depend on the laser IP rating. Some models are water-resistant while other shouldn’t be exposed to wet weather. We recommend you to check this information prior to using it as if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s specifications you may damage it.
?What Does Class II Refers To?
Lasers are categorized into safety classes according to the potential risk of adverse health effects. The classes are as following: Class 1, Class 1C, Class 1M, Class 2, Class 2M, Class 3R, Class 3B, Class 4. The higher the class number, the greater the radiation hazard. In general, most laser levels are Class 2 or 3, being safe for users as long as they don’t stare into beam.

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