Leg Press Machine

A ll gym goers have at one point tried out the leg press, a machine which helps build key muscles in the legs through a weirdly relaxing exercise routine. As with all resistance machines, however, it is essential for you to learn how to properly use it in order to avoid injury. For some people, it is even contraindicated to use it as it puts too much stress on their already damaged bones. Alas, this is a subject to cover later on as it is a complex discussion. If you are medically fit to use the it and you want to enjoy its beneficial workout in the comfort of your own home, there are quite a few options out there to select between.

What is important when you do make this acquisition is to focus on the main points that shape a quality machine, design elements which ensure proper posture and help prevent potential injuries, rather than the total amount of resistance it provides. You will eventually improve your legs muscle mass no matter what, so it is more important how you get there rather than how fast you achieve your goals.

Top 5 Leg Press Machines Comparison

1. Bodycraft F660 2. Body-Solid GLPH1100 with Gauge Diamond Plate Platforms 3. Powertec Fitness P-LP16 4. Body-Solid Pro SLP500G2 5. Powerline PVLP156X
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General Info
Brand Bodycraft Body Solid Powertec Body Solid Body Solid
Dimensions (L x W x H) 79″ x 39″ x 50″ 83″ x 34″ x 56″ 62″ x 42″ x 81.5″ 75″ x 32″ x 72″ 46″ x 48″ x 54″-61″
Weight 380 Lbs 300 Lbs 245 Lbs 555 Lbs 93 Lbs
Mainframe Material Heavy-Duty 2″ x 3″ Steel 2″ x 4″ 11-Gauge Steel 2″ x 3″ 12-Gauge Steel 2″ x 4″ High-Tensile Strength Steel Alloy Steel
Type Inclined Inclined Inclined Horizontal Vertical
Maximum Load 1000 Lbs 1000 Lbs 1000 Lbs 210 Lbs 400 Lbs
Foot Plate 1/4″ Steel Diamond Plate Foot Platforms High Tensile Strength Plate Ergonomic Design Diamond Steel
System N/A Quad Track Roller System Quad Track Roller System Quad Track Roller System N/A
Weight Plate Posts Diameter 1.25″ Solid Steel 2″ N/A N/A 1″
Industrial Grade Linear Bearings
Safety Levers
Thick Padding Double-Stitched DuraFirm 2″ Thick High-Density Foam Double-Stitched DuraFirm Thick Back Pad
Double-Stitched Upholstery 4″ Thick Back and Shoulder Pads Double-Stitched Pads Contoured Head and Neck Pad
Removable 2″ x 3″ Calf Block Quick Flip-and-Lock Mechanism 60-Pound Starting Resistance 2-Position Plate 3 Safety Lockout Positions
Oversized Fully Adjustable Squat Shoulder Pads Under-Carriage Plate Load System PVC Scratch Guard Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Pulleys with V-Grooved Channels Powder Coating
Diamond Skid Hack Squat Plate Contoured Back and Shoulder Pads 4 Weight Horns Nylon-Coated Steel Cables Dual Adjustable 0.5″ Steel Locking Pins
Unilateral Foot Plate Movement Compatible with Olympic Size Weight Plates Resistant Powder Coating Pillow Block 4-Side Welded Construction
Lumbar Support Back Pad Adjustable Back Support Angle Instructional Placard
5-Position Adjustable Foot Plate 3 Safety Lockout Positions
Foldable Foot Plate Design
Product Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime for Frame, 2 Years for Parts, 1 Year for Pads and Grips Lifetime 10 Years for Frame, 1 Year for Parts
Instructions Manual
Customer Support
Telephone Support 800-990-5556 800-833-1227 49 (0) 32 22/17 460 37 800-833-1227 800-833-1227
E-Mail Support service@ bodysolid.com service@ bodysolid.com service@ bodysolid.com
Online Chat Support

The Presses Evaluation

1. Bodycraft F660

Variety is what you need to add in your workout routines in order to witness great results fast, and as the F660 can be used for 4 different fitness exercises, more than what most entries in its niche can, it is ideal for ambitious individuals looking to make dramatic changes in their appearance. The 4 exercises you can perform with it include the classic press with your leg, the hack squat, the donkey squat, and the calf raise. Due to the fact that the maximum load it can accommodate is 1000 pounds, even individuals who are on the heavy side can confidently use it without worrying they might put too much pressure on its structure or even damage it.


It measures 79 inches in length, 39 inches in width, and 50 inches in height, so one thing you won’t have to worry about is the amount of space it takes up in the room you intended to place it in. Assembly won’t be difficult at all as it is explained step by step in the instructions manual and all the needed tools are included in the package. However, you can expect to spend up to 2 hours on this procedure as there are many parts you need to put together. The mainframe is made with heavy-duty steel and it measures 2 inches by 3 inches, ensuring stability and durability to protect your investment. An appealing design element worth mentioning is the fact that it features industrial grade linear bearings that never wear out or flatten. Thus, a consistent performance is enjoyed with this fitness equipment as time passes, regardless of how intensely you use it.

  • Plate is made with steel and it boasts a ¼-inch thickness.
  • Pads are double stitched and made with high density foam and heavy duty upholstery to ensure they will remain in a perfect shape for a long time, and to provide comfort.
  • The squat, shoulder, and leg pads are permanently attach in order to enhance the longevity of the workout equipment.
  • Starting weight it provides is 75 pounds.
Mention Worthy Features
  • Full adjustability is provided with the position of the diamond skid plate as you can pick between 5 different angles for it.
  • To save space, you can load the weights underneath the carriage when you are not using the equipment.
  • Features a 3-inch calf block that is removable and works in conjunction with the shoulder pads to enhance versatility in use.
  • You and your entire family can comfortably use it to exercise due to the fact that it features oversized shoulder pads that are fully adjustable to cater to particular needs.

There are two separate types of warranties provided for it, one for commercial purposes, and one for residential purposes. The one you are most likely interested in, the residential agreement to be more precise, ensures a lifetime backing of the frame and parts. Thus, no matter when or what happens to it, the company will fix the existing issues free of charge. However, when it comes to the commercial warranty provided for it, you get to enjoy 10 years for the frame and 2 years for the parts.

  • Inclined profile makes it easy for you to perform your daily workout on it
  • Provides lumbar support to ensure a pain-free workout experience
  • Can handle a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty

  • 380-pound weight makes it quite a heavy piece of equipment

Compact although quite heavy, with the F660, you will have bulky quads, nice legs, and a firm gluteus in no time. As it can accommodate a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds, and it provides you with freedom of adjusting the position of the foot plate as you like, it’s easy to see why it made it all the way to the #1 spot in our top and why we recommend it.

2. Body-Solid GLPH1100 with Gauge Diamond Plate Platforms

Support and comfort are of an utter importance when you work out, and the GLPH1100 is a machine which you can confidently rely on to provide the needed adjustability in order to ensure a safe workout session. It allows you to adjust the angle of the back support as you find it most comfortable so that no discomfort will be felt as you lower the weighs towards your body. Another great safety feature it boasts resides in the bars that you can grab onto when working out.

It makes it quick and easy for you to switch between exercises as the footplate can be folded out or away, depending on what exercise you intend to perform at that moment. Just like our top pick, it endorses a wide load, being capable of accommodating up to 1000 pounds, all while ensuring a risk-free exercise session for the user. It features well-built side rails that hold the weight onto place until you are ready to exercise, so there is no need to put the weights aside when you are done.

It boasts a smaller footprint when compared to most similar machines, being ideal for those who don’t have a lot of room to spare. If you won’t take our word for it when we say that it boasts a high-quality construction, then the lifetime warranty is sure to convince you, being evidence that the manufacturing company is willing to back its creation at any moment.

  • It provides you with 3 safety lockout positions to stop whenever you need during the exercise
  • Contoured shape of the back and shoulder pads make the workout session a lot more comfortable
  • Features safety levers that you can hold onto while pushing the weight
  • Lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturing company
  • Expensive price can make it incompatible with the budget of some customers

Even though it is a bit more expensive than most machines on the market, the GLPH1100 is worth every cent as it ensures not only an efficient workout that is sure to shape and sculpt your body as you like, but because it provides you with a comfortable experience that is atypical of workout equipment in general.

3. Powertec Fitness P-LP16

As it measures a mere 62” by 42” by 81.5”, the P-LP16 is your ideal solution if you are looking for a piece of equipment that provides a hearty leg workout session, all without occupying too much space. It features a 2” by 3” steel mainframe that ensures durability, thus guaranteeing it is a long-lasting investment.

It boasts a 1000-pound maximum load capacity which ensures that you will be able to use in the long term, even as you develop more muscle mass and become stronger. The revolutionary carriage system this machine incorporates ensures an even distribution of the weight so that an equal amount of pressure is put on both legs. It features a high tensile foot plate that guarantees stability and smoothness, thus ensuring a natural motion when you are pushing the weight.

It features 4 weight horns with PVC scratch guards that ensure scratching won’t occur, upkeeping the look of the fitness machine. The 2-inch high-density foam it features ensures you will sit comfortably throughout the entire workout session, thus making the entire experience more pleasurable. When it comes to warranty, know that the machine is covered for a lifetime when it comes to the frame, for 2 years on pars, and 1 year for the pads and grips.

  • Quad track roller system it features ensures a smooth glide and even distribution of the weight
  • Powder coated finish ensures a scratch-resistant construction
  • 2-inch high-density foam ensures you will sit comfortably when working out
  • Can handle a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Can be used to perform leg presses and calf raises
  • Short warranty for the parts – 2 years, and for the pads and grips – 1 year

A 1000-pound capacity equipment we recommend as it is made with durability in mind and it provides a comfortable surface to sit on when you perform leg presses in order to nicely shape your legs and increase strength in the lower part of your body, the P-LP16 is a piece of equipment which is just perfect for at-home use.

4. Body-Solid Pro SLP500G2

Durability, adjustability, and the perfect workout for gorgeous legs are due if you go for the SLP500G2. Even better, this acquisition is easy on your wallet, so there are only benefits to reap with it. But what makes it so appealing aren’t these traits necessarily as the advanced design it boasts which ensures no spinal compression when you are in full range of motion is what actually takes the cake, making it one of the safest to use products out there.

It might deliver a maximum load capacity of up to 210 pounds, but this is more than enough for any muscle building workout routine you have in mind. The durable construction of the machine which consists of 2-side welded 2-inch by 4-inch high tensile strength steel ensures it is a lifetime companion at home or at the gym. Coincidentally, the manufacturing company provides a lifetime warranty on this product as well, which is sufficient evidence of how great it is in terms of durability.

The pads contain high-density foam which ensures a comfortable experience when working out so that your exercise sessions will be long and free of any discomfort. A smooth movement of the plate is ensured by the chrome plated solid steel guide rods and selector rod. In addition, it even comes with an instructional placard which shows you the correct manner in which to proceed when you do your exercises.

  • Ergonomic design of the foot plate ensures a convenient experience when working out
  • Plate can be adjusted in one of two positions as you like
  • Uses the quad track roller system to ensure an even distribution of the weight
  • Comes with an instructional placard which shows you how to properly perform the exercises
  • Manufacturing company covers it with a lifetime warranty
  • Heaviest equipment in our top – weighs a whopping 555 pounds

An horizontal model that you will fall in love with using and that provides quite a challenging workout, the SLP500G2 is one of our top recommendations to health and fitness fanatics who want to enjoy a hearty workout in the comfort of their own homes.

5. Powerline PVLP156X

Designed to ensure that you won’t feel strain even during the most intense of workouts, the PVLP156X is one of the smartest acquisitions to make for your home workout room. In addition to being user-friendly, it boasts a compact design that guarantees it will fit perfectly regardless how crowded the room is. It provides rock solid stability and support due to the fact that it is made with have-gauge steel frames and boasts a 4-side welded construction.

The 400-pound maximum load capacity it boasts is more than enough to get you through your toughest routines even when your feet strength improves and you build an impressive muscle mass in the lower part of your body. It features a diamond plates steel deck which ensures safety when working out as there is no chance of slipping.

To make the workout session safe and convenient regardle4ss of your fitness level and resistance you try out, it provides you with 3 safety lockout positions. In order to make the session comfortable and to ensure you won’t feel any pain when you get off the seat, it features thick back padding. In terms of warranty, know that the machine is covered for 10 years for the frame, and 1 year for the parts. It is less than what the previous selections have accustomed us with, but considering the low asking price of this machine, we can safely say it’s worth the investment.

  • Comes at a great price which makes it one of the more affordable selections on the market
  • Vertical machine which occupies little space in the room you decide to place it in
  • Diamond steel foot plate ensures that your feet won’t slip during the exercise routine
  • 4-side welded construction guarantees that it is a long-lasting piece of equipment
  • Provides you with 2 lockout positions to enhance safety in use
  • Does not features safety levers to hold onto

You might want to have sculpted legs, but to get there, you have to spend money on expensive equipment. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case, the Powerline being proof that you can enjoy a quality workout session for your lower body area at home without spending too much money.

Pros and Cons

The leg press has seen its fair share of praise, as well as criticism. These mixed opinions come as a result of the resistance machine being quite dangerous when used improperly. However, this is not to say that other exercise equipment are spared of negative commentaries as there are upsides and downsides to all items found in gyms, in general. Thus, it is expected for it to have some flaws mingling among all of the awesome benefits it provides.


If you have a desk job and a chaotic life overall, which keeps you from walking, running, or being active overall, it is most likely that you feel your leg muscles weak. Well, that’s because they are, as not doing enough effort with them regularly implies that the muscles become a shadow of they used to be. With the press, this issue will be fixed as you will focus on building strength into your feet.

Do you have a tough time controlling your knees when you bend or straighten them? Then it means that you have muscle imbalance in your feet, issue to which you can easily and rapidly tend to by working out this specific area of your body with the press. You should also do stretching exercises on a daily basis if you have this problem to prevent future health issues from appearing.

A lot of men and women dream of having massive quads, an objective that is impracticable without exercising on the leg press as this is one of the most efficient exercise machines for the leg muscles. Start training with weights that feel comfortable for you, and work your way up until you feel like you cannot push any further for fast results.


It’s easy to get tricked by how much you can actually handle, ending up hurting your knees or back as a result of over-soliciting these areas of the body. To prevent this from happening, you should take it gradually and have patience with your body. Results take time when it comes to increasing strength and muscle mass, and this is a rule you should never forget.

If you do not take care to follow instructions properly when using it, you risk hyper-extending the knees and bending them backwards. What you should do is only push your feet up to a point, not insisting on stretching them out completely.

As your back remains in a fixed position throughout the entirety of the workout session on the machine, you don’t get a good range of movement. Thus, this area of the body is not really tended to, which means that you might not develop as harmoniously as you wanted to. It is best for you to combine using it with other workout equipment, preferably a home gym.

Leg Press Variations Explained

A common misconception regarding the leg press is that it is a limited piece of equipment which only focuses on one or two muscle groups in the lower body. The truth is that it can be a lot more entertaining than you think if you know what routines to take up. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few variations you could try out, exercise routines that present a different resistance for the involved muscle groups than normally.

  • Escalating Exercise – If your physical condition allows it, this is the exercise you should take up to maximize results and increase leg muscle mass fast. You start with a 25-pound increment and work your way up to a total resistance of 240 pounds. Exceeding this limit or pushing yourself more than you feel you can handle will result in dire consequences on your bones and muscle tissue, so stop at any point you feel too big of a discomfort. Do 16 reps consisting of a micro-stop every fourth rep, when your partner adds another increment – one higher in weight – before you take off. A single set suffices per workout session as this can be quite a stressful exercise, even for those who have a great fitness level.
  • 3-Second Descents – Place your legs in the position you find best for using your maximum force. Do some slow-pace repetitions where you add more and more weight until you reach the resistance point which is your maximum limit at the moment. When you reach this point, do eight repetitions using 3-second descents so that all of the muscles in your legs, alongside the gluteal area, feel the “burn”. By performing this particular variation, you work on your time under tension, building more resistance which will help you gain more stamina during all of your exercise routines.
  • Drop Sets – When done properly, drop sets can be rewarding for those who want to work on their muscle mass. What you should do is select an amount of resistance that causes you after 8 to 12 reps to witness muscle failure – not the absolute type, though, as you wouldn’t want to risk an injury from being overzealous. As you reach that “stop” point you are accustomed to, decrease the resistance weight by approximately 15% and continue with another 8 repetitions. Again, decrease the amount of opposing weight by 15% and continue to work out until there is no more weight left.
  • Quad Sweep Sets – First, you have to make sure that you are positioning yourself properly for this exercise. What you must do is assume a wide stance, turning your toes out, and allowing your knees to lower outside of your body. If it has stops, it would be ideal for you to set them relatively high so that you may rest before blasting the platform up in an explosive manner. Start with the lowest weight possible, do 20 reps, and work your way up in terms of weight resistance after each 20-rep set. When the added resistance feels a bit too high, start taking 2-second breaks to eliminate tension.
Are There Risks Involved with Leg Press Workouts?

Yes, there are complications that can appear as a result of improper use. Generally, the injuries which appear are related to one of two factors – improper posture, or using bigger weights than you are supposed to for your specific fitness level. Regardless of the type of machine you are working out with, whether it is horizontal, vertical, or inclined, be aware of the position you sit in and how much you push yourself to avoid sitting on the bench as a result of a nasty injury.

There are two common types of injuries fitness fanatics can be confronted with when using the machine – lower back injuries, and knee injuries. The lower back usually becomes a target area for injury when you use an incorrect position on the seat, or when you overload the plate with weight and have to arch your back to complete each repetition. The knee is targeted when you fully lock out as there is a huge amount of stress put on the joints of the knees instead of the quads, and when you put your knees together to press on the platform.

Buying an At-Home Machine

Reaching a satisfactory fitness level is what most gym goers aim for. However, there are others who tend the exercise facility for health reasons or who have other motivations like losing weight. Regardless of the reasoning behind the reason why you have taken up working out, one thing is for sure – it would be a lot more convenient to exercise at home instead of going all the way to the gym. If your legs and gluteal area are the parts of your body you want to target, the hefty workout session provided by the leg press suffices to help you reach any goals you have set up. Luckily, this is an exercise equipment that can just as easily be used at home, sparing you of the time and energy consuming trip to the local gym.

  • Make Sure It Fits In the Designated Space

    Setting up a workout area at home requires you to “sacrifice” space in a certain room, space which will be specifically designated for the equipment you intend to use. As opposed to other gym equipment, the leg press is more compact, but this doesn’t mean that you should skip on measuring the available space and checking for the model you are interested in to suit this criteria. The size of the press is specified in the spec sheet, all you have to do being to compare the noted dimension with the size of the space you have available.

  • Decide Before Browsing What the Best Type for You Is

    There are three types of machines you will encounter in your search, horizontal, inclined, and vertical. Making a choice depends on your personal preference, prior experience, and comfort in positioning. Each type obviously has its own up and downsides, being necessary for you to be properly informed before you come to a conclusion to not later regret the choice you made.

  • Horizontal: Depending on the machine’s design, the weights used during the workout session can be positioned underneath the press, in front of it, or behind you. When working out, a direct drive movement is required as the mechanism is parallel to the ground, which makes the exercise a lot easier as opposed to inclined or vertical machines.
  • Inclined/45-degree: The inclined or 45-degree machine features a weighted system that is controlled by a sled mechanism, and seat that can be inclined to a specified angle of your choice. As you work out with the machine, your knees should be at a 90-degree angle to the body, pushing the weight while seating in an angle. Beware that the inclined machine is one of the more dangerous gym equipment you will be working with as improper posture leads to knee or spine damage.
  • Vertical: In terms of space efficiency, vertical machines are the best as they have a small footprint. Furthermore, they are specifically designed to maintain proper support for the hips and back. However, there is quite a major downside to them as you will be sitting in a gravity-defying position, which means that improper positioning leads to great consequences for the health of your spine.
  • Check Out the Maximum Load It Can Handle

    The bigger the better with this stat, obviously, as you are likely to advance in strength as time passes, meaning that you will feel the need to add more and more weight when you exercise your leg and gluteal muscles. Evidently, machines that handle higher load capacities come at bigger prices as well, so you should expect to see a noticeable difference between leg presses from this point of view.

  • Pressing Motion Smoothness Provided by the System

    The pivot or carriage part of the machine has to provide a smooth movement for you to safely pull off leg exercises with the press. Even weight distribution and a linear pressing motion are, thus, mandatory to take into account. Ideally, the machine should feature linear ball bearings as they can handle high load capacities while preventing friction and maintaining a natural movement when your feet are up against the platform.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Safety Levers

    Providing you with a support point, an object to hold onto when you are pushing against a heavyweight to be able to continue maintaining a proper posture throughout the entire workout session, the safety bar or safety levers are a must-have for the leg press. Generally, this feature is present in all horizontal and inclined machines. However, due to the design of the vertical leg press, it is likely for you to not encounter this feature with the machine as there already exists a surface for you to hold onto when exercising.

  • Look for Comfort Elements that Make Workouts More Pleasurable

    A padded surface to sit on, an ergonomic design of the seat, and cushioning are some of the comfort elements we are referring to. Without these features, the leg press would rapidly become an exercise equipment that you wouldn’t want to get close to as you would feel discomfort and even pain in certain regions of your body. Thus, this is a design aspect which should not be neglected as comfort when exercising means that you are more likely to get through with the exercise routine and follow the lifestyle you dream of.

  • Take Warranty Length Into Consideration

    Evidently, warranty length matters when it comes to workout equipment as you will most likely use it intensely and on a regular basis, which means that, depending on the quality of its construction, it might one day fail – a certain part might become defective, for example. Ideally, the leg press should be covered by a lifetime warranty for the frame at least, as this is the part which has higher chances of receiving damage as time passes.

Are you a health and fitness conscious person? Then you are the ideal candidate for an at-home leg press as the equipment, as you most likely understood by this point, provides you with a hearty leg and gluteus workout session. Building strong lower body muscles, raising your stamina, and thus improving your overall health are only a few of the positive results you will witness after using the press. Some machines, like the Bodycraft F660 that we consider to be your best selection possible, are even designed to endorse multiple types of exercises. Thus, you needn’t look at the leg press as a boring piece of workout equipment as variety can be had with it.

The compact design of the machines doesn’t hurt either, the Powerline PVLP156X measuring a mere 46” by 48” by 54” to 61”, for example, meaning that it does not occupy a hefty amount of space indoors. For at home fitness level boosting and health upkeep, the leg press is the go-to solution for sure, its design and the workout it provides favoring a healthier overall lifestyle.

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