Cleaning the floors is a chore for most people but you have no idea how this perspective can change when you have the right vacuum. A heavy and bulky machine is very difficult to move around and can make you feel tired after cleaning only one room. Anyway, this may not be such a big problem if you live in a studio apartment but for larger apartments or houses you definitely need a vacuum that is easy to handle. In most cases, the weight is directly linked to the maneuverability of the vacuum. Besides this, a lightweight machine is a really nice option for people with mobility problems or the elderly.

We started our search for the best lightweight vacuums by also considering their performance. As you may guess, light cleaners can lack the quality of materials and the cleaning efficiency but we made sure they are well-made and effective. Even the last 2 models that are very lightweight and cheap are a decent option for small houses with just a few carpets.

Top 5 Lightweight Vacuums Comparison


1. Dyson V8 Absolute 2. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302 3. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner SH20030 4. Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 NES210 5. Bissell Featherweight Stick
Dyson V8 Absolute Image Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302 Image Hoover Vacuum Cleaner SH20030 Image Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 NES210 Image Bissell Featherweight Stick Image


Length (in.) 49 46 25 44 44.2
Depth (in.) 9.8 10.5 11 6 8.3
Width (in.) 8.8 9.8 8 10 9.5
Weight (lbs.) 5.75 7.6 7.3 3.97 2.6
Color Sprayed Nickel/Yellow Gray/Orange Gray/Black Black/Yellow Blue
Style Stick Stick Stick Stick Stick


Corded/Cordless Cordless Corded Corded Corded Corded
Run Time 40 min.
Charge Time 5 h
Cord Length (ft.) 30 20 18 15
Cord Management
Main Brush Motorized Cleaner Head Motorized Brushroll Motorized Brushroll Floor Nozzle Floor Nozzle
Cleaning Path (in.) 8.8 10 11 9.8 9.5
Swivel Head
Dust Bin
Capacity (fl. oz.) 17.92 15.64 N/A N/A 25.6


Handheld Vacuum Convertible
Washable Filter

Included Accessories

Motorhead Hard Floor Hero Crevice Tool Crevice Tool
Soft Roller Cleaner Head Home and Car Detail Kit
Mini Soft Dusting Brush Dusting Brush
Crevice Tool Crevice Tool
Mini Motorhead Upholstery Tool
Combination Tool Wall Mount Storage Hook
Docking Station Accessory Bag


Quick-Release Trigger Fingertip Controls Cyclonic Technology Rubber Coated Wheels Large Dust Cup
2 Modes 2 Storage Methods Multi-Floor Cleaning Crevice Attachement Holder
Wall-Mountable WindTunnel Technology
Fade-Free Suction Edge Cleaning Bristles


Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty
User Manual
Customer Support
Online Support

Lightweight Vacuums Reviews

1. Dyson V8 Absolute

This innovative cordless vacuum is not only lightweight and easy to maneuver, it is also highly efficient in picking up dust and debris. Made by Dyson, a renowned brand in the vacuum cleaners industry, the unit is indeed a nice option to consider. It comes with multiple accessories and some nice features that are meant to improve its performance and increase its convenience.


Due to the fact that it is a stick, the vacuum is very lightweight – it weighs only 5.75 pounds. It is 49 inches long and very compact, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach places without hassle. The stick comes in a beautiful yellow color but you can also opt for a sprayed nickel model. It comes with multiple attachments that make it very versatile – you can use it to clean both carpets and hard floors, as well as the upholstery or the car.

  • Slide switch: it is conveniently located near the handle and it allows you to switch from standard to max mode.
  • Docking station: it is wall mountable and secures and charges the vacuum. It also keeps it within reach. Additionally, it features clips that allow you to store 2 attachments.

Cleaning Performance

The machine is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery that in comparison to the V6 can last up to 40 minutes until it needs to be recharged. Anyway, the runtime varies depending on the accessory you use and the power mode. If you’re using any motorized head and you switch to the Max mode, the battery will only deliver approximately 7 minutes of suction. The direct-drive motorhead is ideal for cleaning carpets and removing hair while the soft roller cleaner is suitable for hard floors and can pick up dust and debris of all sizes.

  • Strong suction: in the Max mode, the unit has a suction power of 115 AW. This is possible due to the digital motor V8 that rotates at approximately 107,000 RPM.
  • Cyclone system: features a 2 tier system with 15 cyclones that help increase the airflow to capture the dust.
  • HEPA filtration: features a whole-machine HEPA filtration that traps allergens and dust and keeps the air clean. You don’t have to replace the filter as it only needs to be washed regularly.

User Convenience

A really nice thing about this models is that it works on batteries, so you can basically clean the entire house without changing wall sockets. Also, the machine converts into a handheld vacuum that allows you to clean the stairs, the couch, or even the car.

  • Dirt ejector: emptying the dustbin is very easy and hygienic. You just need to release the lever on the top and the dirt will instantly come out.
  • Release trigger: it is placed on the handle and it helps save battery life.

2. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302

This model made by Shark is powerful and user-friendly. At 7.6 pounds, it is the “heaviest” model in our list, but it is much lighter than most available vacuums. Unlike the previous model, this one is corded. However, the 30 feet power cord is long enough to move it around without hassle. It comes with 2 different heads to efficiently clean both the hard floors and the carpets. Additionally, it includes multiple other attachments and it can be transformed into a handheld vacuum. This makes it very handy.

  • Controls at your fingertips: they are conveniently place to change from bare floor to high pile carpets setting within seconds.
  • Versatile storage solutions: you can either store it on the included wall mount or fix the handheld vacuum on the storage hook located at the bottom of the wand.
  • Easy to empty dustbin: just like the V8, it features a latch that opens the dust cup.

3. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner SH20030

Another great option to consider is this vacuum manufactured by Hoover. It has many nice features that are meant to improve its performance on any type of surface, being able to automatically pass from carpets to hard floors. The brushroll and the edge cleaning bristles help it remove the dust and debris from the entire house, especially those hard-to-reach areas. It comes with a pretty long cord – 20 inches, so you can clean your house without hassle. The machine weighs 7.3 pounds and it is only 25 inches long. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any accessories but it includes washable foam filters that capture debris. Also, it can’t be converted into a handheld vacuum.

  • Cyclonic technology: helps it deliver the same power suction regardless the surface.
  • Recline handle and slim base: the vacuum can easily reach under low-profile furniture.

4. Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 NES210

For a much affordable option, we recommend you the Blaze 3-in-1 by Eureka. It weighs only 3.97 pounds, being among the most lightweight vacuums you can currently find. It does a good job cleaning the floors and carpets and it is able to maintain the same power suction until you finish cleaning the entire house. The cord is 18 feet long and it features a cord wrap for a neat storage. For more convenience, it can be converted into a hand and stair vacuum. In order to protect your floors, it is equipped with rubber coated wheels. One of the major drawbacks of this vacuum is that it comes with a short warranty – only 1 year.

  • Capture nozzle: the brush is 9.8 inches wide and it can pick up small and large debris, as well as pet hair.
  • Built-in attachment holder : it comes with a crevice tool that can be conveniently stored in the holder.

5. Bissell Featherweight Stick

Just like its name suggests it, this vacuum is light as a feather. It is pretty hard to find a model that weighs less than 2.6 pounds. Although it is the best option when it comes to weight, this model won’t impress you with its performance. Considering the fact that it is cheap, the vacuum does a good job overall but it may have difficulties to pick up stubborn dirt, especially on carpets. Therefore, we recommend it for small houses without carpets or pets. The cord is not very long – only 20 feet and – and it includes a crevice tool. For more convenience, it can be converted into a hand vacuum. Just like the previous model, it is warranted for a period of 1 year.

  • 25.6 oz dust bin: the bin is large enough to collect a generous amount of debris. Also, it is easy to empty.

All the selected vacuums are made by reliable brands and they are the great options if you’re looking for a lightweight unit. They differ in terms of price and quality, so finding a model that suits your needs and budget shouldn’t be that difficult. To help you make up your mind, we will highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of each vacuum.

  • Dyson V8 Absolute:
    cord-free, strong suction power, comes with many accessories.
    short battery life, narrow cleaning path, expensive.
  • Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302:
    long warranty, includes many accessories, long power cord.
    small dust bin, heavier than the other models.
  • Hoover Vacuum Cleaner SH20030:
    wide cleaning path, compact design.
    doesn’t convert to a handheld vacuum, has no accessories.
  • Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 NES210:
    very lightweight, cheap
    short warranty, rather short power cord, not very powerful.
  • Bissell Featherweight Stick:
    very lightweight, large dust bin, cheap.
    short warranty, short power cord, doesn’t work well on carpets.

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