Best Magnetic Screen Door

           A magnetic screen door is a very popular choice for people who want to leave the doors open for freshening the indoor air. The utility of this type of product consists in the magnets that automatically close the screen door every time someone walks through. At the same time, the mesh is capable of protecting you from the bugs that may easily enter your house if the door is opened. Therefore, more and more people opt for a reliable screen door that is also easy to install and stay in its place for a long time. Here are the best-in-class models that are worth considering if you want to make sure your money is well spent.

Top 5 Magnetic Screen Doors Comparison

Photo Magnetic Screen Doors Price
 Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

1. Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
  • Door Size: up to 34 x 82 in.
  • Number of magnets: 26
  • Frame: Reinforced Velcro
  • Moneyback guarantee
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 iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

2. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • Door Size: up to 34 x 82 in.
  • Number of magnets: 26
  • Frame: Reinforced Velcro
  • Moneyback guarantee
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 Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

3. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Door Size: up to 38 x 82 in.
  • Number of magnets: 26
  • Frame: Velcro
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
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 DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker

4. Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

  • Weight: 0.6 lb.
  • Door Size: up to 36 x 82 in.
  • Number of magnets: N/A
  • Frame: Velcro
  • 6 months moneyback guarantee
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 Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

5. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Door Size: up to 34 x 82 in.
  • Number of magnets: 26
  • Frame: Velcro
  • 12 months warranty
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Reviews of the Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2018

Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

           This magnetic screen door by Lux Screens is considered one of the best choices by many customers satisfied by its efficiency and ease of use. The fiberglass mesh material makes it very resistant, while the strong 26 magnets leave no gaps for bugs. The magnets are carefully sewn in the reinforced edges. With a full frame Velcro that never falls down, this product is definitely a long-term investment for many years to come. Additionally, the screen door offers high visibility and it can be used without too much hassle by your pets. Every time you pass through the screen door, the magnets seal the mesh behind you, so you can enjoy only fresh air without any bugs.



High-quality materials
Easy to install
Attractive design
Improves airflow
Flame resistant

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

           With the help of this particular model from iGotTech, you can let fresh air in without worrying about uninvited bugs in your home. With a durable construction and a powerful magnetic seal, this screen door is made to last. The 26 magnets are sewn in the reinforced edges, thus making sure they will never fall down. Moreover, the entire frame comes with reinforced Velcro, so once you finish the installation, it will remain in the same position. At the same time, the screen door is very pet-friendly and the mesh is made of quality material. Last, but not least, the sunlight passes quite easily through the mesh.



Fast and easy installation
Strong construction
Stylish design
Powerful magnets
Tight seal

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

           The next screen door is an excellent choice if you want a reliable product that fits many door sizes. The heavy-duty mesh keeps the bugs away, while letting fresh air in so you can enjoy the cool breeze inside. Additionally, the seams are stacked with 26 strong magnets which are sewn in the reinforced edges, shutting automatically when you pass through. You can also retract the screen door and store it conveniently when you don’t longer use it. Also, the model comes with premium metal black thumbtacks and the necessary hardware for installing it. Moreover, if you have pets, you should know that the screen door is very convenient, so they won’t encounter any problems in using it.



Pet-friendly Some people complaint about the fact that the weather affects it in time.
Heavy duty mesh
Made to last
Opens and closes with ease
Very efficient in keeping bugs out

Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

           Another great option to go with is this magnetic screen door by Easy Screen Doors. What differentiates this model from many other cheap screen doors are the durable mesh and the improved airflow that keeps you home fresh during the entire summer. The magnets are powerful enough to quickly create a tight seal every time you pass through and the Velcro screen attaches very easily on the door frame. You can also reinforce it with the help of the included push pins. Additionally, the product is easy to install, without needing the help of any tool and does an excellent job in blocking mosquitoes and bugs out.



Easy to use by pets and toddlers Some customers say that the screen falls down rather easily, so it’s best to reinforce it
Durable construction
Simple, yet stylish design
Strong magnets
Quick entrance

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

           The Apalus Magnetic Screen Door is definitely worth considering if you want to open the doors and enjoy the cool breeze. It features 26 magnets that provide a gap-free seal every time you walk through the screen door and a heavy duty mesh that successfully blocks any bugs. Additionally, the high-quality polyester mesh is very resistant, so you can use the screen door for many years. The Velcro frame is also a nice addition as it keeps the screen well tight on the door, allowing you to move freely in and out without falling down. You can also use the extra push pins if you want to make sure it stays in its place.



Resistant against wind Some customers complained about the fact that it doesn’t come with enough Velcro
No hassle installation
Strong mesh
Great magnetic seal
Allows to get a lot of fresh air inside

The magnetic screen doors are an excellent choice if you want to let the breeze in your house by leaving the door wide open. They can be installed on frame doors, like exterior front and back doors, but they can also be used as a patio mesh door.

They are made from various types of mesh fabrics that are more or less durable, depending on the quality of the products. Additionally, the screen doors contain magnets that help them close automatically after you walk through. The magnets are in most cases sewn right into the seam, so they won’t come loose.

Most models feature a Velcro system for installing them much easier. Therefore, the entire edges of the screen door are sewn in Velcro for creating a tight seal. The other half of Velcro has to be applied on the door frame. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this particular system, but most manufacturers opt for it because is less complicated to install.

They are made in various sizes to fit most doors openings, usually up to 38 x 82 inches, or even more. However, in order to be sure you make the right choice, it’s best to measure the door first and then to check the manufacturer’s specifications on this aspect. In this way, you won’t find yourself in the situation of returning the product.

There are many products on the market to choose from, so the selection process is rather difficult for some people. This is mainly due to the fact that most of them are very similar, using basically use the same system. What differentiates them is their quality, ease of use, durability, design, and so on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Screen Doors

            Now that you know more about how these screen doors work, let’s find out more about the main advantages and disadvantages of owning one. In case you still have doubts whether to buy one or not, take a closer look and see what is the common opinion of those who have a screen door at home. After all, you need to get an overall view and learn more about both the benefits and the drawbacks of these products.


  • Allows Fresh Air In
  • A screen mesh comes with the advantage of letting the fresh air inside, so you can breathe clean air whenever you want. Usually, a house or an apartment needs to be ventilated in order to improve indoor air quality and to remove bad odors. There are many health benefits of fresh air, so if you want to bring it in your home, a magnetic screen door will certainly help you do this while offering you the privacy you need.

  • Efficient Alternative to Keeping Bugs Out
  • When the door is opened, bugs, insects, and other pests can easily enter the house because there’s no protection against them. Besides the fact that the pests can carry all sorts of germs and diseases, they are also rather difficult to get rid of, so it’s best to avoid this from happening in the first place. Luckily, a magnetic screen door is very efficient in keeping bugs out, being a great alternative to all sorts of expensive pest control solutions. So, once you install it, you will also be able to protect your home from all sorts of unwanted insects.

  • Convenient to Maintain
  • When it comes to maintenance, many people want products that are easy to clean and don’t require too much effort on their part. At the same time, we all know that keeping things clean helps extend their life, so you can enjoy their efficiency for many years. Such is the case with the screen doors. They have to be cleaned from now and then because they eventually get dirty. The great news is that most of them are very convenient from this point of view, especially those which feature a Velcro system. This system allows you to easily remove the screen for washing it every time you want. At the same time, it’s very simple to put it back, so there’s really nothing complicated in this operation.

  • Hands-Free Entrance
  • One of the greatest advantages of theses screens is that they offer you an easy pass through even if you have your hands occupied with various things. Unlike framed doors that require you to use your hands in order to open them, these types of doors allow you a hands-free entrance every time you want. Also, the magnetic stripe ensures an automatic close after you walk through, so you don’t have to do anything in particular for opening or closing the door. All these make the doors very easy to use by children and pets, being a great choice for the entire family.

  • Affordable
  • If money is one of your concerns, then you can rest assured because even the top-rated models are available at affordable prices. So, instead of wasting money on cheap screen doors that only last for several months, it’s wiser to buy a quality model that delivers great efficiency for more years. This will also help you save more money on a long-term because you won’t be forced to constantly buy other screens.


  • Velcro System May Come Loose
  • Even though the Velcro system allows you an easy installation and removing, it comes with one drawback. Unfortunately, it may come loose at a certain time. This translates into gaps through which bugs and insects can come through or frequent screen falls. The resistance of the Velcro highly depends on its quality, so looking for a reliable model is the best thing you can to prevent this from happening.

  • Cheap Models Can Tear Easily
  • This is not available for all models, but if you don’t choose the screen door carefully, you may have the unpleasant surprise of enjoying it for only several months. Why is this? The main reason is that not all products are made of quality materials that stand the test of time. Some of them can easily tear after some time even though they are properly handled and well taken care of. At the same time, they may be affected by the UV rays, rain, and so on.

Buying Tips to Consider

            Looking for the right screen door may be more difficult than you think, especially if you aren’t sure what you need. So, before you begin your search, you have to bear in mind some simple things that will help you better decide upon a certain model. However, be careful because there are many manufacturers who promise quality when in fact their products aren’t that reliable.

  • Make Sure It Fits Your Door

  •             The first thing you have to do is to measure your door and then look for a screen that fits it. A standard residential door measures 80 inches by 36 inches, but your door may have another size. After you properly measure the door, you should look only for those screens that fit your door because otherwise, you won’t be able to install it. Most screen door manufacturers have more sizes available for the same model, so you can read the specifications and choose the size you need.

  • Consider the Quality of Materials

  •             The quality of materials the screen is made of is highly important, so you shouldn’t neglect this aspect. The difference between high-quality materials and cheap ones is the fact that the first ones are made to last while the other ones won’t resist as much as you want. So, try to find out more about the materials used for manufacturing the screen doors. The best options to go with are fiberglass or premium polyester fabric.

  • Opt for Powerful Magnets

  •            Besides the quality of materials, you should also consider the magnetic force if you want the screen to close immediately after you pass through. For this reason, you have to choose a model that features powerful magnets that ensure a quick close every time. A strong magnetic stripe makes the screen more efficient in keeping bugs out because it closes immediately.

  • Don’t Forget about the Design

  •             You surely don’t want to buy an unaesthetic screen door that simply doesn’t compliment your home. Therefore, for making sure you pick a model that you like, you should take a closer look at the design. A stylish pattern will surely have a great impact on your visitors, making you feel very proud of the choice you’ve made. Also, it will give your home a new, fashionable look.

  • Pay Attention to the Warranty

  •             Another important aspect to take into consideration is the warranty provided by the manufacturer. This will offer you peace of mind in case there’s a manufacturing defect and the screen can be used as specified. Some manufacturers offer their customers a 100% money back guarantee in case they aren’t satisfied with the products, while others provide a lifetime replacement guarantee. So, no matter what screen you choose, make sure you pay attention to the warranty it comes with to rest assured in case you encounter any problems.

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