Best Oil Diffusers

            Do you want to make your home always smell good? A fresh smell creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, so your home will turn into your favorite place in the whole world. Your guests will feel more comfortable and they will always associate your house with a place where they can chill out and enjoy good company.

            Eliminating bad odors is not always that simple and many people use different methods to scent their house. While there are many alternatives to choose from, some of them are quite harmful to your health, so it’s best to avoid them. From this point of view, oil diffusers are much safer and convenient. They are small devices that diffuse aromatherapy oils at home, office, or wherever you want, without too much hassle. We will introduce you bellow the best models that use ultrasonic technology, so take a look at them and pick the one you like best for your home.

Top 5 Oil Diffusers Comparison

1. VicTsing Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier 2. Urpower Dark Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser 3. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Love in a Mist 4. Coosa Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 5. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
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General Information

Brand VicTsing Urpower Smiley Daisy Coosa InnoGear
Dimensions (in.) 6.6 x 5.7  6.6 x 3.12 3.78 x 5.79 4.72 x 7.87 3.9 x 5.7
Weight (oz.) 14.4 14.5 13.79 34 11


Tank Water & Working Time
Tank Water Capacity (ml) 300 200 100 100 100
Working Time Up to 10 Hours Up to 3 or 5.5 Hours Up to 5 Hours Up to 4 hours Up to 3 or 6 Hours
Time Settings 1 Hour 1 Hour 30 Minutes
3 Hours 3 Hours 1 Hour
6 Hours 6 Hours 2 Hours
Steady on Steady on 3 Hours
Auto Shut-Off Function
Mist Rate (ml/h) 30 35-70 20 25 17-34
Misting Modes Low Mist Intermittent Mist Intermittent Mist
High Mist Continuous Mist Continuous Mist
Number of Lights 7 7 7 7 7
Color Modes Steady On Color Steady On Color Steady On Color Steady On Color Steady On Color
Changing Color Changing Color Changing Color Changing Color Changing Color
Lights Off Lights Off Lights Off Lights Off Lights Off
Brightness Options Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Color Light Brown Dark Sappire Blue Multicolor White
Control Types Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons
Materials PP/ABS/PC Upper Parts PP Aluminum Alloy, Porcelain, and PP Cover Material: Glass Upper PP Hard Plastic
Base Material: PP + ABS
Ultrasonic Technology
Ultrasonic Rate 2.4MHZ 2.4MHZ 2.4MHZ 3MHZ 2.4MHZ
Accessories Included
Measuring Cup


Warranty 12-Month Warranty N/A 180-Day Replacement Warranty for the Diffuser Base 6-Month Worry-Free Guarantee 12-Month Warranty
Money-Back Guarantee 45-Day Money-Back 45-Day Money-Back 45-Day Money-Back
User Manual
Customer Support

1. VicTsing Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

            From our point of view, the VicTsing Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is the best device to go with as it has a tank water capacity of 300 ml. The unit is ideal for both small and average rooms and it has approximately 10 hours of continuous output, so won’t have to constantly fill it with water for having a fresh smelling home. Plus, it comes with an automatic shut off feature for more safety.

            Among the best features worth mentioning are the time settings that allow you to choose the desired period of time between the mist output. Additionally, the unit features 7 lights that create a relaxing atmosphere, having the possibility to freeze a color you want or to run through all colors. Also, you have to possibility to choose the desired brightness.

            The unit is made of durable, BPA-free materials, featuring an attractive design that looks great in any house or office. In case you want another color, you can choose a black, brown, light brown, or reddish brown device.



You can also use the unit as a dehumidifier When the unit is on, there is always a small light that may be rather disturbing
Easy to use and maintain
Durable construction


Due to the generous tank water capacity, this model can provide fragrance for approximately 10 hours. It features multiple time settings and 2 color modes. In case you don’t like the light brown color, you can opt for a black, brown, or reddish brown design. Also, we consider a great advantage the generous 12-month warranty.

2. Urpower Dark Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser

           Our favourite diffuser is the Urpower Dark Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser and here is why. This unit was specially made to cover small to medium rooms without any inconvenience. The 200 ml tank water allows up to 5.5 hours of continuous mist, while the auto shut-off function lets you know every time there’s no water left in the tank.

            When it comes to features, the device is very innovative. It comes with 4 time settings, 2 misting modes, 3 color modes, and 2 brightness options. The more features, the better as this mean you can set the device according to your preferences.

            In what comes the design, the natural appearance makes it perfect for any house. In case you don’t like the dark model too much, you can opt for a light color one. Both of them come with the same features and characteristics. As about the construction, the device is made to last for many years.



The control are easy to use The laminate cover is rather thin
Compact design
When lights are off, it creates a soothing night light
Can be used as a dehumidifier


You can place this diffuser anywhere in the house, as it will immediately freshen the air. The 200 ml tank water is large enough to provide mist for up to 5.5 hours. You can choose from multiple time settings but you also have the possibility to opt between a low or high mist. Also, you can opt for a single color or changing colors. However, the laminate cover is quite thin, so it may easily get damaged.

3. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Love in a Mist

            Another great option to consider is the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. In comparison to the first two diffusers, this one has a smaller water tank, maximum 100 ml. It can work up to 5 hours but it has a lower mist output, that is 20 ml/h. The auto shut-off function is a great addition as it helps prevent any unpleasant incidents that may occur when the water in the tank has finished. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any time settings.

           For a more user-friendly experience, you can choose between a continuous or intermittent mist (30 seconds on and 30 seconds off). Furthermore, you will surely enjoy the 7 LED lights which are very soothing. You can either choose a certain color or you can set the unit to automatically change them after a preset time. For more convenience, you can also choose the brightness level.

            The design of this device is a little bit different as it comes with a beautiful flower pattern. Besides the Sappire Blue, you can also choose a Ruby Red model. According to the specifications provided by the manufacturer, the unit is made of aluminum alloy, porcelain, and PP.



Compact design that allows you to place it anywhere you want The scent is not too strong
Unique pattern
Easy to refill and clean
Comes with a 67-inch cord


This diffuser features a 100 ml water tank, so we recommend it for small rooms. It has a beautiful design but is more fragile as is made of porcelain. You can choose from 2 misting modes and 2 color modes for a relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately, you can’t set it to work for a certain time and the scent doesn’t resist for too long.

4. Coosa Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

            Next in our list is the Coosa Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. The unit is ideal for smaller rooms, such as the office or the bedroom. The 100 ml tank water allows a working time of approximately 4 hours, while the automatic shut-off feature is definitely a great addition. Using it is quite simple, you just have to add your favorite essential oil and let the great scent invade your home.

            Some of the most convenient features this model come with include the 4 time settings and the 2 color modes. The 7 beautiful lights create a relaxing atmosphere, helping you release the stress at the end of the day. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the light intensity.

            This particular model features an interesting glass marble pattern that you will surely love. You can choose from 5 different patterns for a perfect match with your home decor. The base is made of PP and ABS, while the cover is made of glass.



Beautiful design Rather heavy
Quiet operation
Durable cosntruction
Easy to use


Unlike the other models, this one is a little bit larger and heavier. It is made of multicolored glass, which gives it a stylish appearance. The 4 time settings allow you to customize the working time and you can set the lights to a particular color or to changing colors. However, there are no brightness options to choose from.

5. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

            The InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for any small room, being very efficient and easy to use. Just add 100 ml of water in the water tank together with your favorite essential oil and enjoy the nice smell. In intermittent mist mode, the unit can work up to 6 hours. Additionally, for more peace of mine, the unit shuts off automatically, when there’s no water in the tank.

            In terms of mist, you can choose between intermittent or continuous mist, according to your preferences. In what concerns the lights, you can either freeze one of the 7 colors, or you can run through all colors. Also, you can choose between bright and dim light to create the perfect atmosphere.

            The unit has a simple, yet attractive design, being available in one color only, that is white. The upper is made of PP hard plastic to extend its durability and there are different buttons to set the time and the lights.



Compact design The lid may get stuck if not properly placed
Quiet operation
Great customer service


Opt for this model if you want a compact and lightweight diffuser. Although there are no time settings to choose from, you can select from to misting modes and 2 color modes. This model is available only in white color, featuring a simple design that matches any modern home decor. Additionally, the unit is backed by a 12-month warranty.

How Were the Products Rated

            The main purpose of our comparison chart is to help you better differentiate the products in terms of performance, features, materials, and so on. For this, we searched all the relevant information about each of the 5 oil diffusers. While they may have some common characteristics, there are also things that differentiate them. Here are the most important characteristics explained.

  • Tank Water Capacity

  •            As you can probably guess, the larger capacity, the less frequently you will have to add water in the tank. This also means you will have more time to enjoy the scent in your room until the unit remains with no water. There are many units that can hold 100 ml, but we also chose some models that are more convenient from this point of view. Therefore, the VicTsing Aroma and the Urpower Dark Wood Grain come with a tank capacity of 300, respectively 200 ml. Of course, there are models that can hold more water but this automatically means a larger and heavier unit. A diffuser with a larger tank can diffuse water for more time, but this doesn’t necessarily make it appropriate for larger rooms.

  • Working Time

  •            The working time or operating time refers to the period of time the unit can work without having to add more water. The operating time differs from model to model, so you can find units that work for 3 or 4 hours and units that work for 9 or 10 hours. If you take a look at our comparison chart, you will see that the VicTsing Aroma features the longest working time, that is 10 hours. This makes it very convenient as you won’t have to add water too often. The other models can operate up to maximum 5 or 6 hours, depending on the mist output.

  • Auto Shut-Off Function

  •             All our models come with the auto shut-off function and for good reason. This feature prevents the unit from burning out when there’s no water left in the tank. Even if you let the device on during the night and the water runs out, you can be sure you will be safe, so there’s nothing to worry about. Safety is very important for many manufacturers and most of them consider this feature necessary for a risk-free operation.

  • Mist Rate

  •             The mist rate represents the quantity of water the unit delivers during an hour. The quantity is measured in milliliters per hour and the more mist output the unit releases, the more scented the room will be. In general, a unit which delivers more mist is recommended for larger rooms, such as the Urpower Dark Wood Grain. In high mist mode, this unit has a mist output of 70 ml/h. The model with the lowest mist is the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, being suitable for small rooms. Some units allow you to select the quantity of mist you want to be released or to set the unit to release the mist at certain intervals of time (e.g. once per hour, once per two hours, etc.).

  • Lights

  •            Most of the available diffusers come with built-in lights. The lights can be used as entertainment, to boost your mood, or as night lights. The number of lights differs from one model to another, but all the products selected by us feature the same number, that is 7 lights. For more convenience, you have the possibility to stop the lights at one color or to set them to change automatically. Additionally, you can also opt to run the unit without any lights.

  • Ultrasonic Technology

  •             Each model presented in the table comparison chart uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse the water. In comparison to other available diffusers, they don’t use heat when producing the vapors. When it comes to essential oils, it was discovered that the heat has a negative impact on their composition and properties. So, instead of heat, the ultrasonic models use vibrations that don’t damage the essential oils. The ultrasonic diffusers use electronic frequencies to make these vibrations, being measured in MHZ (megahertz). One MHZ represents one million hertz or one million cycles per second. As you can see, 4 of our selected models use an ultrasonic rate of 2.4 MHZ and only one, the Coosa Aromatherapy uses an ultrasonic rate of 3 MHZ.

Miraculous Benefits of Essential Oils

            An oil diffuser is not used only to provide fragrance and remove bad odors. When you add essential oils it comes with many other benefits for your health. Even though not many people know this, an this unit can eliminate stress or improve sleep quality just by adding oils that have special properties. The therapy that uses essential oils extracted from various plants, flowers, roots, and others is called aromatherapy. The origins of this therapy dates back around 3,000 years ago and it’s believed to have magical effects on our well-being. There are numerous health benefits of aromatherapy but we will only present you some of them. Each oil has certain therapeutic uses and there are many to choose from.

  • Antimicrobial Properties: You can use your oil diffuser to destroy microorganisms as viruses, bacteria or fungi. One of the most effective essential oils for cleaning the indoor air is the cinnamon. It has natural antimicrobial properties that keep you away from all sorts of diseases and allergies.
  • Reduce stress: Stress is very common for many people and it can have negative impacts on your health. It can be caused by different factors, including difficulties at work or school, significant life changes, financial problems, and so on. The best essential oils that will help you better handle the stress are lavender, chamomile, or bergamot.
  • Better Sleep: For those who have trouble getting asleep or suffer from insomnia, specialists recommend lavender and eucalyptus oil. Just by adding a few drops in the unit, your night’s sleep will be greatly improved and you will wake up in the morning full of energy.
  • Pain Relief: If you have headaches or other persistent pains, you can use oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, or ginger. Just a few drops in the diffuser will help you eliminate aches and pains in a natural manner.
  • Stronger Immune System: When you inhale certain oils you can boost your immune system. A strong immune system is crucial in fighting against diseases and infections, so you have to help it become more powerful. In many cases, a chaotic lifestyle can weaken the immune system and increase the chances of getting sick or develop certain diseases.

Trustworthy Brands

            Gaining the trust of the customers takes time. The most important aspect in building a good reputation is to manufacture high-quality products that are both performant and durable. Unfortunately, not all companies succeed in creating a strong brand and there are many reasons why. From inefficient customer service to poor-quality products, some brands simply disappoint you and eventually they lose your trust. But we are not here to talk about these brands, on the contrary, when it comes to ultrasonic oil diffusers, we will present you the most reliable ones.

  • VicTsing

  •             VicTsing Technology Co., Ltd is a relatively new company, as it was founded in 2012. The main purpose of the company is to create innovative products that meet the customer’s needs. VicTsing brand appears on products like home appliances, phone accessories, or audio products. Currently, the company produces various oil diffusers that not only look good, but they are well-made and efficient.

  • Urpower

  •             Urpower brand is pretty popular among customers due to the fact that the products sold under this name are made to last and to deliver great performance. The company is specialized in consumer electronics, pet supplies, health and personal care, but also home and garden products. All Urpower oil diffusers have a simple design and are easy to use which is a great advantage.

  • InnoGear

  • nnoGear is a company that manufactures solar lights, electronic accessories, and aroma diffusers. Even though the InnoGear products are innovative and performant, they are available at an affordable price. There are many oil diffusers to choose from, each of them having a different design and characteristics, just to make sure you pick the one you need.

  • Viva Naturals

  •             Viva Naturals was founded in 2011 and ever since all the people who work in this company have been constantly involved in manufacturing trustful products. This brand is well-known for organic foods, supplements, various oils, and of course, oil diffusers. All the products are rigorously tested and are certified to be organic, just to make sure you enjoy the best quality. At this moment, the company sells 3 different diffusers and all of them are a great choice.

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