Outdoor Storage Sheds

When there’s no more storage place for your outdoor tools and equipment, it’s obvious that you need to add extra storage. These days, most people opt for an outdoor shed as it can keep all the outdoor items within reach. It also protects them from elements and extends their durability. The available sheds vary in terms of material, size, shape, etc. For meeting your needs, we have gathered sheds with different storage capacity, so you can get exactly what you need – although some extra free space is not such a bad idea.

Top 5 Outdoor Storage Sheds Comparison


1. Lifetime 6405 2. Suncast BMS7400 3. Keter Store-It-Out MAX  4. Suncast BMS4900D 5. Rubbermaid FG5L1000SDONX
Lifetime 6405 Image Suncast BMS7400 Image Keter Store-It-Out MAX Image Suncast BMS4900D Image Rubbermaid FG5L1000SDONX Image


Exterior (WxDxH) 7′ 8″ x 9′ 8″ x 8′ 7′ 4.5″ x 3′ 11.75″ x 8′ 6.5 57″ x 32″ x 49″ 4′ 9.5″ x 6′ 7.75″ x 4′ 4″ 77″ x 55″ x 28″
Interior (WxDxH) 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ x 5′ 10″ – 7′ 10″ 6′ 8.5″ x 3′ 6.75″ x 8′ 4″ 51.97″ x 29.92″ x 43.31″ 4′ 2.25″ x 5′ 11.75″ x 4′ 1″ 52″ x 24″x 72″
Door Opening (WxH) 4′ 8″ x 6′ 4″ 60″ x 72″ 46.8″ x 43″ 46.25″ x 46.25″ 48″ x 71.5″
Weight (lbs.) 477 240 56 112 110
Color Putty/Brown Vanilla with Slate Accents Beige/Brown Beige/Brown Beige/Cream


Capacity&Storage Type
Capacity (cu.ft.) 491 171 42 98 53
Type House Style House Style Horizontal Horizontal Vertical
Construction Material
Material Powder-Coated Steel and High-Density Polyethylene Resin Plastic Polypropylene Resin Plastic & steel reinforcement Resin Plastic Plastic
Type Reinforced&Slip-Resistant Reinforced Reinforced Reinforced Impact-Resistant
Door&Locking System
Single/Double Door Double Double Double Double Double
Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles Latch 2 Handles 1 Handle
Storage Convenience
Shelving Support
Included Shelves/Peg Strips 5 Shelves and 2 Peg Strips
Windows 1 2
Vents 2 2
Assembly Required
Estimated Time 6h 2h 25min 1.5h 1h
Level Ground/Foundation Required Wood/Concrete Foundation Wood/Concrete Foundation Level Ground Level Ground Level Ground


Internal Latching Mechanism Internal Latching Mechanism Bin Opening Kit Sliding Lid Leak and Dent Resistant
Reinforced Roof Panels Reinforced Roof Panels Hydraulic Pistons 3-Door Locking System
Shatterproof Window Sloped Threshold
Step-On Lock


Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty
User Manual
Customer Support
Online Support

Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviews

1. Lifetime 6405

This shed is the most spacious one and you should consider it if you want to keep well-organized all your tools and equipment. It is also the most expensive option but this is because it offers a generous storage capacity. With multiple features and a nice design, this little “house” is perfect for any homeowner.


Made by using only the best materials, the shed is very solid and durable. Finding a place for it may be a little bit difficult as it is quite large, so it may not be the best option for small backyards. The panels feature a dual wall design and they are made of high-density polyethylene. The floor is also made of HDPE which is resistant to stains and oils. Also, the roof is reinforced with powder-coated steel.

  • Snap together assembly: it is made of multiple panels that snap together very easily. The manufacturer recommends to be assembled by 2 people and the estimated time for the job is 6 hours. Also, it has to be built on a wood or concrete foundation to increase its stability.
  • UV protection and wind resistance: in order to prevent weather damage, the shed is UV protected and it can withstand winds of up to 65 mph .

Organization Benefits

With a total capacity of 491 cubic feet, the shed is very spacious. Unlike the other models, this one includes several shelves and peg strips but you can also buy some extra more to suit your storage needs.

  • 5 shelves included: comes with 2 radius corner shelves (9.5 inches), 2 rear shelves (30 x 10 inches) and 1 rear shelf (90 x 9 inches).
  • 2 peg strips with metal hooks: the peg strips measure 16 inches.


The added features make the shed very convenient to use. It features an internal latching mechanism and double doors that can be locked to increase security. The doors have 2 solid handles and they open wide, allowing you to store large equipment with ease. It also features 2 screened vents and 4 skylights.

  • Large window: features one shatterproof window that opens half-way to increase ventilation. It is 16.5 inches wide and 16.5 inches tall.

2. Suncast BMS7400

Our second model is another great option to consider if you’re in a search for a spacious yet compact shed. The design will complement your house and garden decor as it is one of the most stylish options you can currently find. Offering innovative storage solutions, the Suncast brand doesn’t disappoint. This model allows you to store multiple large and long tools – has a capacity of 171 cu. ft. – and it is made of quality materials – resin plastic and metal reinforcement. It is very sturdy and highly resistant to all weather conditions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any shelves or hooks but you can buy them separately and install them on the built-in support.

  • Wood grain texture: the panels feature a double wall construction and they have a nice wood grain texture.
  • Functional vents: has one ventilated top in the front and one in the back and both of them come with a mesh material.
  • Reinforced floor and roof: the floor can handle heavy tools and the roof is strengthened with steel.

3. Keter Store-It-Out MAX

This shed made by Keter has a capacity of 42 cu. ft., so it is suitable for smaller yards. It was specially designed to hold 2 trash bins with a capacity of 240 liters. It features a wood-like texture and the materials – polypropylene resin plastic and steel reinforcement – are highly resistant to all weather conditions. The assembly won’t last more than 25 minutes, so you can do it by yourself. Also, it only needs a level ground. It doesn’t come with organizational accessories but you can buy them separately as there’s a built-in shelving support. A really nice feature is the sloped threshold for your wheel tools.

  • Easy opening top lid: features hydraulic pistons that make it much easier to open.
  • 2 locking options: the main door features a latch that can be secured with a padlock – not included. There’s also a foot bolt.

4. Suncast BMS4900D

Another compact shed that is suitable to protect your outdoor tools and other items is this model made by Suncast. It has a storage capacity of 98 cu. ft. and comes with some nice features. The shed is made of sturdy resin plastic and it has an attractive wood grain texture. It features an all-weather construction and it is UV protected, so there’s no need to worry about any possible damages. The assembly process may take up to 1.5 hours and it doesn’t require a foundation, just a level ground. If you want, you can add shelves but you have to buy them separately.

  • Sliding lid: opens half-way in the front, promoting a walk-in access.
  • Convenient locking system: for extra safety, you can lock the doors and the lid with a lock – not included.

5. Rubbermaid FG5L1000SDONX

In comparison to the previous 2 sheds that feature a horizontal design, this one has a vertical design. This makes it ideal for long tools like shovels, leaf rakes, and so on. It has a capacity of 53 cu. ft. and it is made of double plastic walls that make it very sturdy. The main advantage of this shed is that it fits into tight places, being a nice option if you don’t have too much space available yet you want to keep your garden tools organized. You also have the possibility to add shelves and racks. The assembly process takes about an hour and you only need a level ground and minimal tools.

  • Resistant to rust and rot: the manufacturing materials require minimum maintenance as they are highly resistant to the weather conditions and they won’t rust or rot.
  • Lockable door: the double doors can be locked to keep your tools safe – the lock is not included.

After finding out more about some of the most reliable garden sheds available, it’s time to draw a conclusion. The common features of the models selected by us are the fact that they are made of durable plastic and they are highly resistant to the weather conditions. Also, they come with sturdy floors that can handle heavy weights. However, they also have particularities that may influence your final decision.

  • Lifetime 6405:
    generous size, comes with shelves and pig strips, long warranty.
    expensive, difficult to assemble, requires a foundation.
  • Suncast BMS7400:
    pretty generous size, compact, relatively easy to assembly, long warranty.
    doesn’t come with storing accessories, needs a foundation.
  • Keter Store-It-Out MAX :
    compact size, budget-friendly, quick assembly, includes a bin opening kit.
    short warranty, lacks storing accessories, pretty small.
  • Suncast BMS4900D:
    long warranty, compact design, innovative sliding lid.
    pretty hard to assembly, expensive, comes without shelves.
  • Rubbermaid FG5L1000SDONX:
    affordable, vertical design that saves space, pretty easy to assemble.
    short warranty, no shelves included, small storage capacity.

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