When playing outdoor sports like airsoft or paintball, the equipment is highly important in order to enjoy a safe game. The mask is among the essential protective gear that keeps the player safe from injuries in the head area or the eyes, which is why it’s mandatory to be worn during the entire game. The best masks are solid enough to resist to impact but should also be soft to the contour of the head and comfortable to breathe with. With these details in mind, we have selected the top models that can be worn while playing paintball.

Top 6 Paintball Masks Comparison

Photo Products Price
 Empire Extreme Rage X-Ray V2.1 Image
Best Overall

1. Empire Extreme Rage X-Ray V2.1

  • Full head design
  • Made of shock-resistant plastic
  • Louvered side vents
  • Anti-fog thermal lens
  • Adjustable strap
  • Includes visor
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VILONG Airsoft Mask Image

2. VILONG Airsoft

  • Full face design
  • Made of shock-resistant plastic
  • Double filter fan
  • Thermal lens
  • Adjustable strap
  • No visor
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 Invert Helix Image

3. Invert Helix

  • Full face design
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Louvered vents
  • Dual pane anti-fog thermal lens
  • Adjustable strap with silicon non-slip pad
  • Includes visor
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Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Image
Our Choice

4. Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens

  • Full face design
  • Made of solid plastic
  • Louvered vents
  • Anti-Fog clear single lens
  • Adjustable size strap
  • Visor included
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Base with Built-In Visor Image

5. Base with Built-In Visor

  • Full face design
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Canted venting
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Robust molded visor
Dopromal Airsoft paintball Goggles with Tactical Mask Image

6. Dopromal Airsoft paintball Goggles with Tactical Mask

  • Two-piece full face design
  • Made of solid plastic
  • Ventilation system and breathable foam
  • UV protected lens
  • Wide adjustable size strap
  • No visor included
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Masks for Paintball Reviews

Empire Extreme Rage X-Ray V2.1


A mask that provides complete head protection is the best accessory for a paintball player, which is why we ranked this one as the best-rated model. The Rage X-Ray is actually a helmet made of a strong plastic that protects the head from injuries. It covers both the back and front area, offering increased cushioning and safety in use. The goggles are very large, with a 260-degree visibility that makes them perfect for a variety of activities.

Smart Features

The lenses are anti-fog and thermal so that it can be used during any season, regardless the temperature. For sun protection, it features a visor. Multiple users can fit the paintball helmet due to the adjustable strap positioned underneath the plastic back plate. The louvered vents are located ar tge front to allow a proper air ventilation. It will also remove hot air from the inside so it prevents excessive sweating. This means that you do not have to worry that your performance will be affected by the design of the helmet.

  • Full head coverage
  • Great fitting
  • Multiple air vents for breathing
  • Large goggles
  • Anti-fog lens

This is the best seller because the faceplate includes louvred vents that draw the air from the inside to prevent fogging of the lens when you breathe. There are vents on the sides and on the front to ensure perfect breathability.

VILONG Airsoft

Another great model that can be worn during airsoft and paintball games is this one with a very interesting design. Similar to a gas mask, the Vilong boasts a full face design that protects the entire face of the wearer. The lenses are also very durable, being able to resist a 5-joules impact. Although the plastic is very strong, it feels comfortable to wear thanks to the head cushioning pad and the ergonomic shape. It can be easily adjusted due to the wide 6-strap that allows you to mold it into the shape of your face. The lower vents that include a double filter and fans enable the air to circulate inside it, thus reducing breathing vapors.

  • Durable construction
  • Double filter fans for increased breathability
  • Comfortable to put on and accommodate
  • High-quality lens

This product sells so well because it’s made out of a shock resistant plastic that has been engineered to last to impact, it is highly durable and guarantees you will not experience a shot in the face. This means that if you are a beginner you can go ahead and invest your money into this reliable model.

Invert Helix

Although more compact, it is also a full-face model that provides protection for the entire face. It’s made of a high-grade plastic that can resist shocks and impacts so that you will be protected against incidents while playing paintball. Since breathing inside it will cause fogging, it is equipped with three vents that allow the air to circulate and prevent vapours. The interior is well padded with a foam that guarantees it will not disturb you while playing and will also let the air circulate. You will also enjoy the convenience of a visor that is very useful in sunny days when strong sunlight could get in your eyes and obstruct your visibility. The Invert will sit perfectly in any face thanks to the wide adjustable strap with a silicone pad that prevents it from slipping.

  • Full face protection
  • Triple air vents
  • Durable materials
  • Visor for sun protection

This is another best seller because the goggles are made of a clear dual-pane lens that is resistant to changes in temperature so they will remain clear on any type of weather. Due to the wide size of the goggles, you will enjoy a 270-degrees viewing angle.

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens

Another great product from Empire is the X-Ray Single Lens, a simpler model yet equally qualitative. Unlike the first one that was a full head mask, this one protects the face only but it boasts a wide design with a generous protection surface. The entire faceplate is made of a very strong plastic designed to resist shots and hits. The goggles include high-quality anti-fog lenses that remain clear in any weather conditions. Moreover, the three air vents ensure the air will circulate inside it and will prevent vapors every time you breathe. To complete the practical design, it also includes a handy visor that keeps the sun away from your eyes and can even provide some protection during a rain.

  • Highly durable construction
  • Multiple vents to prevent fogging
  • Useful sun visor
  • Clear lens

This is product is popular among buyers because it perfectly follows the contour of your face and it’s very easy to fit due to the wide sides and the adjustable strap that makes it appropriate for several sizes.

Base with Built-In Visor

Built to not only provide protection when you are playing paintball, but to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the game session as well, the Base is one of our favorite picks, especially when it comes to pricing. It is made of hard plastic, so durability is granted, and the soft goggle foam it features ensures eye protection when you are wearing it. The woven chin strap it comes with can be adjusted to suit your jaw line perfectly. It features a built-in visor that boasts robust molded design, helping to reduce glare in all conditions. Due to the fact that the lens boasts a wide angle and they do not fog, you will have full clarity and visibility on the field. In addition, as it features canted venting, you need not worry about having trouble breathing or finding wearing it to be unbearable.

  • Wide angle lens eliminates distortion
  • Soft goggle foam protects your eyes
  • Contoured profile for comfort
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Does not provide UV protection

It might not offer UV protection like some of our other picks do, yet this is still an investment worth making as it provides a distortion-free look on the field while helping keep your eyes and face protected from potential shots.

Dopromal Airsoft paintball Goggles with Tactical Mask

Our fifth choice is this pair of goggles with a detachable chin plate that can be worn together or separate while playing CS games. The plastic used in manufacturing it is very solid so you can be certain that you will not feel the impact of a hit. Your eyes will also be protected by the strong goggles padded with a thick foam that makes them both safe and comfortable. Due to the wide adjustable strap at the back, it will sit tightly on your face. The side ventilation system is strengthened by the breathable foam that draws the warm air from inside it to prevent fogging when you breathe. To give you a more interesting look, the lenses are available in brown, silver, and transparent so you can pick your favorite design.

  • High-quality plastic
  • Two-piece design
  • Easily adjustable to any head size

You can confidently go ahead and purchase this product because the two pieces combined form a full-face mask that protects your eyes, cheeks, and chin. You can also wear the goggles separately if you only need eye protection for other activities like skiing or cycling.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing

If you are going to spend some money, make sure that you spend it on something meaningful that will bring you a lot of comfort and benefits. You should know that there are numerous companies who promise that their products are one of the best but this isn’t always the case. Some may be good for a while but as time passes, you will notice a change in its efficiency. Thus, there are some factors which you should consider before you purchase this product.

  • Ear protection – Whatever model you choose, you will notice that it will bring you enough protection around the eyes. However, have you taken into consideration how much can it protect your ears? We highly recommend a model that fully cover your ears because if you get hit by a ball around that area, it can cause serious damages that are irreversible. In addition to this, make sure that the area around them is fully padded because it will absorb the shock from the ball hitting your head. Do not worry as it won’t affect your comfort. In fact, it will be more comfortable and safer.
  • Airflow – If you want the best for your money, you must ensure that the helmet has a ventilation system which allows the air to travel through it. This will not only allow you to breathe properly, you will also be able to communicate better with your team. In addition to this, you will notice that you will not sweat as much because the air will not be trapped inside of the model. This means that your skin will be kept cool even though you put in a lot of effort.
  • Material – If you want to have your helmet for a long time, we highly recommend a model that is made out of durable plastic and high-grade rubber. This is because it will stay strong against the test of time. This means that you will be able to have it for many years to come. As well as, a helmet that is made out of high-quality materials will be able to absorb the shock from the constant shots you will be receiving.
  • Eye-protection – We do not refer to the goggles. We actually suggest that you ensure that the goggles will offer you UV protection. This is because inevitably you will spend a long time in the sun so you must ensure that your eyes are fully protected from all angles. It’s general knowledge the fact that you can seriously damage your eyes if you constantly expose them to the sun.

Paintball might be a fun sport to take up with friends in your spare time, but it is quite a rough game where you have to protect your skin and face to not get dirty or even hurt yourself. This is where the mask steps in to save the day as it provides you with protection against close shots which would have otherwise hurt you, and it keeps your skin clean and free of paint. By now, you probably already got that the Empire Extreme Rage X-Ray V2.1 is the best option you could go for. It is made with shock-resistant plastic, meaning that it will perfectly withstand any impact, while the full head design guarantees you won’t receive a blow to your face or back of your head. Best of all, it features a visor that makes it easy for you to spot your enemies in the game and attack them with your paintball gun to win. The Invert Helix is another option worth taking into consideration as this mask is made with durable plastic that ensures you won’t hurt your face when playing, and it provides comfort while wearing it due to the adjustable strap it features that comes with a convenient and safe silicon non-slip pad.

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