Best Paper Shredders

Whether it is for business or safely organizing your workspace and getting rid of unimportant documents, today’s paper shredders can cut anything from though thick stacks of paper to CDs, DVDs, and credit cards with ease. The market is flooded with so many different models and brands of shredders, that choosing the right device for your needs could be a back-breaking task. The most advanced models are equipped with a wide range of features specially designed to make it as easy as possible to dispose of your personal documents.

After a lot of research into the pros and cons of various models found in the current market, we find exactly what you need. In the matrix below, you will find 5 of the best shredders available for sale. Also, some of the factors that you should consider while making a purchase are discussed below.

Top 5 Best Paper Shredders Comparison

1. Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 2. Royal 1840MX 3. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet 4. Bonsaii EverShred C169-B 5. Swingline ProStyle+

General Information

Brand Fellowes Royal AmazonBasics Bonsaii Swingline
Item model 125Ci 1840MX AU1240MA C169-B ProStyle + 1757391
Dimensions 11.44 x 22.88 x 28.75 in 11.5 x 15.2 x 25.5 in 17 x 13.4 x 24.3 in 19.88 x 12.91 x 9.53 in 16 x 9 x 17 in
Weight 63 lbs. 38 lbs. 25.8 lbs. 16.53 lbs. 12.3 lbs.
Color Black/ Dark Silver Black Black Black/ Dark Silver Black/ Dark Silver
Usage Heavy Use Heavy Use Medium Use Medium Use Medium Use

Technical Specifications

Sheet Capacity 20 sheets 18 sheets 12 sheets 14 sheets 14 sheets
Shred Width 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ 5/32″ x 1 1/8″ 5/32” x 15/32” 1/5” x 1 14/25” 5/32″ x 1 1/2″
Cut Type Cross-Cut Cross-Cut Micro-Cut Cross-Cut Super Cross-Cut
DIN Level-Paper P-4 P-4 P-4 P-3 P-4
Continuous Run Time 45 min. 40 min. 8 min. 30 min 20 min
Cool-Down Time 45 min. N/A 45 min. 10 min. N/A
Average Shred Speed 4.8 mpm 5 sec. 6 ft/min. 1.8 mpm 10 mpm
Bin Capacity 14 gallon 8 ½ gallon 6.7 gallon 4.5 gallon 5 gallon
Bin Type Pull-Out Bin Pull-Out Bin Pull-Out Bin Pull-Out Bin Pull-Out Bin
Number of Shreds per Page 397 pieces N/A 2235 pieces 3500 pieces more than 400 pieces
Noise Level 70 dB 59 dB 65 dB 58 dB 70 dB
It can shred Plastic Credit Cards, Staples, Paper Clips, CDs/DVDs and Junk Mail CDs, DVDs, and Credit Cards DVD, CD, Credit Card Slot DVD, CD, Credit Card Slot DVD, CD, Credit Card Slot


Anti-Jam Technology Auto Start/Stop and Reverse function Thermal Protection Automatic Anti-Jam System Illuminated Cool-Down Indicator
SafeSense Technology Jam-Free Roller Strip-Cut Shredders Patented Cooling Technology
SilentShred Castors Cross-Cut Shredders
Energy Savings System Micro-Cut Shredders


Warranty 2-year Machine, 20-year Cutter 5-year Cutter Blade and Motor 1-year 1-year 2-year
Customer Support
Online Manual

Top Rated 2018 Paper Shredders Reviews

1.Fellowes Powershred 125Ci

If you are on the hunt for a quality paper shredder, then the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci is exactly what you are looking for. Shredding up to 20 sheets at a time into 5/32 x 1-1/2 inches cross-cut particles, the 125Ci paper shredder is ideal for commercial use in offices. As compared to other similar devices, the 125Ci has a full list of useful features. It uses a SafeSense technology which will automatically stop the shredder when touch, keeping your finger safe. Additionally, it features an Energy Saving System. This means that it is programmed to switch to standby mode after a long period of inactivity, in order to reduce energy consumption. Other features include silent shred options and an extended runtime which shreds for up to 45 minutes. It is also equipped with castors for easy mobility. It is also worth mentioning that it is 100% Jam Proof. This means that if you are trying to shred too much paper, it uses a visual indicator to prevent paper jams. Overall, the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci is a paper shredder that will surely meet your expectations.



Energy-efficient Big price
Ultra-quiet performance
It provides continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding
Ideal for 1-5 users


The fact that it has castors for easy mobility and a cable tidy at the rear is a major perk. Not to mention that it is capable of shredding staples, credit cards, paperclips, CDs and DVDs. Plus, it is equipped with a separate waste basket which allows for recycling. However, like many other products, it also has a few drawbacks. For example, as compared to the Bonsaii EverShred C169-B which has a 10 minutes cool-down time, this model comes with 45 minutes cool-down time. Plus, it is a bit expensive as compared to other similar devices.

2. Royal 1840MX

The Royal 1840MX is one of the best paper shredders we reviewed. With a 40-minute continuous run time and 45 minutes cool-down time, this 12-sheet cross-cut shredder is without a doubt one of the most efficient models on the market. The fact that it is able to destroy 18 sheets into small particles (5/32 x 1 1/8 inches) is a major perk. Also, it is worth mentioning that it is equipped with an 8.5-gallon pull-out bin. The bin has a small window that allows you to see when it needs emptying. Other features also include an auto stop/start button and a reverse function. Plus, there is also a jam-free roller which has the purpose to reduce paper jams. For easy mobility, the machine comes with castors, which means that you do not have to carry its heavy bin all the way down the hallway.



Since it can handle 18 sheets of paper at once, it is very fast and efficient Not safe for kids
It runs for as long as 40 minutes before it requires a cooldown You have to install the castors yourself
Extremely quiet
Highly portable


This beast is by far one of the most efficient shredders available in the current market. It is not only a great product that comes with a quiet operation system, but it is also equipped with a large bin which is extremely helpful in cases when you have a huge load of trash. Although it comes with a higher price, it is a good option worth taking into consideration. Also, it should be noted that the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for the motor and cutter blade. As compared to the AmazonBasics 12-Sheet that only has a 1-year warranty, a 5-year warranty could be considered a big plus.

3. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet

It should come as no surprise that we selected the AmazonBasics 12-Sheet as the best product on the market. This micro-cut shredder with a huge capacity of 12 sheets is the best value option we reviewed. It comes with a compact design and a small size, measuring 17 by 13.4 by 24.3 inches. At 25.8 lbs. it is lightweight enough to be moved from a place to another. This is a big plus, considering that it lacks the wheels present on most shredders. Additionally, it comes with a 6.7-gallon pull-out bin and a thermal protection with auto shut-off. It is able to shred for up to 8 minutes before needing 45 minutes of downtime. Like most shredders, it is able to destroy credit cards, DVDs and CDs one at a time. All in all, the AmazonBasics 12-Sheet is an option that will surely meet all your requirements.



Very efficient shredding The manufacturer offers only a 1-year warranty
Great value for money
It comes with a big bin, so you don’t have to empty it very often
It starts and ends shredding automatically


After reviewing more than 15 paper shredders, this is by far one of the most efficient and affordable models available on the market. It is a high performing, fast and extremely quiet device that comes at a reasonable price. Although it is not one of the most stylish models out there, this 12-sheet cross-cuts shredder still is an interesting piece of office equipment that every office needs. It works at a speed of up to 13 ft. per minute and it is designed for just 8 minutes of continuous shredding followed by a 45-minute cooldown period.

4. Bonsaii EverShred C169-B 14-Sheet

The Bonsaii EverShred C169-B is another great cut-cross shredder that provides impressive results. Like many other similar units, this 14 sheets shredder comes with a convenient 4.5 gallons pull-out bin for easy emptying. It is able to work for more than 30 minutes without stopping, destroying more than 3500 pieces at a time. It is also worth mentioning that it needs 10 minutes to cool down. It uses a cooling technology, that’s why it needs only 10 minutes to cool down. Also, it is very important to know that the speed of this unit reaches 5.9 feet per minute and it can work even with lega0sized paper and documents. What we like most about this shredder is that it comes with an automatic anti-jam system which protects the machine from overloading. Additionally, if you are looking for a quiet shredder, take a look at this model, because it is exactly what you need. It is equipped with a motor that does not produce as much noise as other similar units. Overall, it is a device that will surely satisfy your needs.



It offers relatively fast shredding speeds The manufacturer offers only a 1-year warranty
Reasonable price
Easy to use
It takes only 10 minutes to cool down


As mentioned above, the Bonsaii EverShred C169-B is a good shredder that performs better than other similar units. It comes with several features, including an automatic anti-jam system that prevents the jam happening. If you are thinking about using a machine that can shred more than 14 sheets of paper, than this is not what you are looking for. Take a look at the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci which can shred up to 20 sheets or at the Royal 1840MX which can shred up to 18 sheets. Like most of the other models available on the market, keep in mind that it comes at a relatively low cost.

5. Swingline Paper Shredder ProStyle+

The Swingline ProStyle+ is definitely a shredder that should never miss from any office. This super cross-cut shredder is a stylish device, specially made for light-duty use. As compared to other similar shredders, it comes with a tiny pull-out bin. However, it still can hold more paper than you might expect. The fact that it has a small size is a major perk, because it can easily be moved from a place to another. The ProStyle+ comes with a modest duty cycle, designed for 20 minutes of continuous shredding. However, it also has a few drawbacks. For example, it is much louder than you might think. More than that, it can only shred 14 sheets at a time, which is not exactly what you may need if you need a heavy-duty machine. In what regards the warranty of this device, it is very important to know that it comes with a 1-year warranty for machine and cutter



Inexpensive Only for light-duty use
Wicked-fast shredding No jam protection
Compact design means great security Noisy


Our fifth option is a super cross-cut shredder for personal use in an office. The Swingline ProStyle+ is more efficient than many other shredders on the market. This tiny, cute and fast machine was built for light-duty use. It is an affordable device and an excellent fit for your office. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is extremely loud, so if you prefer a quiet device, this is definitely what you are looking for.

Types of Shredders

As outlined above, there are so many models and brands of shredders available for sale, that it could be quite difficult to find exactly what you need. The most important thing you need to know about shredders is that not all models produce the same cut. It is very important to know that they are categorized into three types, such as strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut. The cross-cut and micro-cut shredder is ideal to dispose of personal documents. It is the security level DIN P-3 or DIN P-4. However, in order to understand more about these tools and their security level, take a look below.

  • Strip-cut shredder

  • This is the basic type of shredder
  • It is not used for confidential documents
  • It shreds paper only vertically in long strips which are quite readable
  • It has a low level of security DIN P-1, DIN P-2
  • It shreds approximately 39 strips per document
  • Cross-cut shredder

  • Specially made for personal documents
  • It cuts paper diagonally in hard to read strips
  • It has a medium level of security DIN P-3, DIN P-4
  • It cuts approximately 400 strips per document
  • Micro-cut shredder

  • The most advanced model
  • Specially made for highly personal documents
  • It shreds paper diagonally in tiny, unreadable strips
  • It shreds approximately 3700 strips per document
  • It has a high level of security DIN P-5 or higher
  • Security Levels

  • DIN P-1, DIN P-2, DIN P-3 – normal security level – for internal documents
  • DIN P-3, DIN P-4, DIN P-5 – high security level – for private documents
  • DIN P-4, DIN P-5, DIN P-6, DIN P-7 – very high security level – for very confidential and private documents

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