There is a reason why pedal cars are so well-received by kids. They are fun, exciting, and challenging. Kids find them the perfect gift as they get to drive a car just as their parents do. On the other hand, parents opt for pedal cars because they are a great method to get their kids exercise and burn energy. Also, when riding, the kids improve their coordination. If you’re a parent or a grandparent and you’re looking for a well-made pedal car, then you’re in the right place. We have searched for the best models and picked those which met the following criteria: durable construction, cool design, and nice features. Read the reviews and find out what to look for to find the appropriate model for your kid.

Top Pedal Cars Comparison

1. InStep Police 2. Morgan Cycle Retro Style 3. Hauck Lightning Go-Kart 4. Costzon Go-Kart 5. Best Choice Products Ride On Bi-Plane
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Length (in.) 37 35 38.2 39.4 31
Width (in.) 12 20 20.9 23.2 19.5
Height (in.) 17 19 20.05 24.4 15
Weight (lbs.) 36 37 25.4 23.6 10.5
Color Black&White Red Green&Black Black Red&Ivory


Age Range&Capacity
Recommended Age Range 3+ 3-5 4-7 3-8 1-3
Number of Seats 1 1 1 1 1
Weight Capacity (lbs.) 70 N/A 70 66 40
Frame Steel Steel Steel Metal Steel
Number of Wheels 4 4 4 4 3
Tires Rubber Rubber Rubber EVA Rubber Rubber


Adjustable Pedal
Adjustable Seat
Easy-to-Control Steering Wheel
Assembly Required


Lead-Free Paint 9 1/2-Inch Steel Wheels 3-Point Steering Wheels with Antislip Strip 6-Inch Steel Wheels
Chrome Hub Caps Non-Slip Pedals Race-Styled Pedals High Backrest Front/Back Plane Wings
Authentic Detailing Safe Powder Coat Paint High Backrest Hand Brake Rotating Propeller
Sealed Ball Bearing Drive Hand Brake Gear Lever Vintage Bi-Plane Design


Warranty N/A 30-Day Warranty 1-Year Warranty N/A 60-Day Warranty
User Manual
Customer Support
Online Support

The Pedal Cars Evaluation

1. InStep Police

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Your kid will love this car as it comes with an old-fashioned police design. It is large enough to accommodate children over 3 years and it can handle up to 70 pounds.

The sturdy steel frame makes it highly resistant to wear while the rubber tires deliver a smooth ride every time. The included chrome hub cups look pretty nice and enhance the overall design of the car.

For added convenience, the pedal can be adjusted according to your kid’s preferences. The functional steering wheel allows an easy control of the car. The car needs to be assembled but you won’t encounter any difficulties in performing this operation.

The paint is thick thus it will last for many years. The good news is that the paint is lead-free, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety.

  • Nice retro design
  • Easy to put together
  • The pedal drive can be adjusted for a comfortable ride
  • The tires are very solid
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Some customers complained about the strong smell of the paint and tires
  • Rather heavy

Great option if you’re looking for a classy pedal car. It comes with some pretty nice features and is very durable, so your kid will be able to enjoy it for many years. The manufacturer paid great attention to quality, including the paint job, the pedals, and the tires. The only major drawback is the strong smell of the paint and tires but it will disappear after a few days.

2. Morgan Cycle Retro Style

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Another car with a retro design. It looks pretty amazing and it comes in a beautiful red color. Both boys and girls can ride it but girls may be more impressed with the red color.

You can opt for this model if you have a kid between 3 and 5 years old. The entire body is made of steel, so you won’t have to replace the car pretty soon.

It features rubber tires on 9 ½-inch wheels for an easy paddling and a comfortable ride. You can adjust the pedal placement according to your kid’s age. Among the things that we like best are the non-slip pedals and the sealed ball bearing drive.

Additionally, the coat paint is non-toxic, so your kid will be totally safe from this point of view. For peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty.

  • Solid rubber wheel treads
  • Beautiful and realistic design
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to adjust pedals
  • Safe powder coating
  • Rather heavy considering the fact that it was designed for young children
  • Not very easy to assemble

With a lovely design and a solid construction, this car will be your kid’s new favorite toy. The steering wheel is very easy to steer and the pedal can be adjusted to fit your child’s size. However, it is rather heavy and it seems that assembling it requires some effort. At the same time, this car is pretty expensive.

3. Hauck Lightning Go-Kart

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This kart is a very popular option among kids. It is great for racing and is much versatile in what concerns the age range. It can be used by kids between 4 and 7 years old and it can handle maximum 70 pounds.

It comes in a beautiful green and black color combination and is made of steel. What is great about this model is that it features an adjustable ergonomic seat, so it can be used by kids with different heights.

The rubber wheels are very sturdy and provide a smooth ride. The steering wheel is very responsive and easy to control. The backrest is high and comfortable, allowing your kid to ride the car for as long as they want without feeling uncomfortable.

For more convenience, this model features a hand brake that grips the back tires. In comparison to the other cars selected by us, this one comes with the longest warranty, that is 1-year.

  • Can accommodate kids up to 7 years
  • Sporty design for fun races
  • Features a hand brake to better control the speed
  • Long 1-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly
  • The age range is not quite correctly specified as most 7 years old kids barely fit in the kart

Good quality at an affordable price. It comes with a generous warranty that offers peace of mind. The rubber tires are solid yet very quiet. It is easy to assemble and ride, and quite comfortable as well. This model is great if you have kids older than 4 but keep in mind that for kids over 6 it may be a little too small.

4. Costzon Go-Kart

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Here is another kart worth considering if you don’t want to spend a fortune. It is suitable for children between 3 and 8 years old, being the most versatile model in our list. The kart features a simple black design.

It is larger than the previous model yet lighter, so your kid can handle it with ease. The maximum weight it can handle is 66 pounds.

The EVA rubber wheels are specially designed to work on various types of terrains, from hard surfaces to rough terrain. Also, the wheels feature antislip strips for increases stability.

Your kid can ride the kart both forward and backwards with the help of the gear lever and you can stop it by pulling back the hand brake. The seat is very comfortable as it features a high backrest and it can be adjusted to fit various heights.

  • Lightweight design
  • Non-toxic material
  • Adjustable seat to fit your child’s size
  • Wheels feature antislip strips
  • Features a gear lever for moving forward and backword
  • According to some customers the chain jumps off pretty easily

Nice option if you want a pedal kart that can accommodate kids up to 8 years old. It is less expensive than many high-end models but it does a great job and is very easy to ride. You can change the seat’s position and it comes with features like handbrake and gear lever. Nevertheless, there were reported some problems with the chain.

5. Best Choice Products Ride On Bi-Plane

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This cart is suitable for kids aged from 1 to 3 years old. It looks very nice, featuring a bi-plane design that kids simply adore. It comes with front and back wings and a rotating propeller so your kids will feel like they are flying.

It only weighs 10.5 pounds and it can handle a maximum weight of 40 pounds.

Due to the fact it has a steel body, the car is very solid and durable. The 3 wheels are also made of steel and they have a diameter of 6 inches and a thickness of 0.75 inches.

The steering wheel is easy to control and is 6.5-inch long and 6.5-inch wide. The seat is made of plastic and it measures 7.5-inch in length and 6-inch in width. This car comes with a 60-day warranty.

  • Cute bi-plane design
  • Lightweight yet very sturdy construction
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for kids under 3
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • Rather difficult to assemble as the provided instructions are unclear
  • You can’t adjust the pedal or the seat

This car is ideal for younger kids. We like the fact that is easy to use and is made of high-quality materials. The price of the car is pocket-friendly, being great as a gift. The only major drawbacks are the poor instructions and the fact that you can’t adjust the seat or the pedal.

6. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

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This car was specially designed for all kids who love Batman. Parents need to know that the kart doesn’t only look great but it is also very safe for the kids. We particularly like the fact that it features a handbrake that allows the child to prevent accidents by instantly reducing the speed.

Another great safety feature is the bucket seat with a high back that provides great support during the ride. Also, the pedals feature an 8-ball design to improve the grip and it is equipped with rubber wheels to provide a smooth ride on the hard surfaces.

The kid will find it very easy to use as it features a 3-point steering that makes the wheel more responsive and it can even go in reverse. The Batmobile is suitable for kids between 4 and 8 years and it can handle riders with a weight of maximum 120 pounds.

The seat is adjustable, so it can be used by the kid for a longer period of time. In terms of size, the kart measures 44 x 21 x 22 inches and it weighs 22 pounds. The frame is made of steel tube which makes it very durable and stable.

  • Handy sprocket for forward and reverse directions
  • Highly-responsive hand break
  • Comes equipped with a 3-point steering to control it easier
  • The seat can be adjusted once the kid grows – features 3 different positions
  • Great design and attention to details
  • The front is made of plastic and it comes off very easy

The Batmobile is ideal for boys and it comes at an affordable price. The manufacturer paid special attention to details in order to increase the safety of the kids and to make the ride more enjoyable.

7. John Deere Plastic Pedal Tractor

If your kid loves tractors, then what better option than this pedal car that looks exactly like a real John Deere tractor?

Your kid will simply love this little green tractor as it doesn’t only look nice but it is also very easy to pedal. The toy is John Deer licensed, so you can be sure it is a long-term investment. Although it is completely made of plastic, the material is quality and durable.

The tractor is suitable for kids age 3 years and up as the seat is adjustable. According to the manufacturer, it can be used by kids up to maximum 80 pounds. The steering is fully operational which makes it very easy to rotate. Therefore, your kid can give the tractor the desired direction without any difficulty, allowing him/her to better concentrate on the road.

The assembly is the hardest part as it comes in many pieces. Even though it includes the instructions, they are not very easy to follow, so you will need time to make it completely functional.

  • Since it is made of plastic, the tractor is very lightweight
  • It doesn’t only work on concrete but also on grass
  • Features a functional steering wheel which makes it easy to drive
  • The seat is comfortable and it can be adjusted
  • The detailing is faithful to the original John Deer tractors
  • The chain is pretty fragile and it is difficult to get it tight
  • Take a while to assemble it
  • If left outside in the sunlight, the stickers will eventually peel away

The tractor looks very nice and is it very easy to pedal, even by toddlers. The construction is sturdy, thus durable. It has some minor drawbacks but overall it is a nice option to consider.

A Guideline for Choosing the Right Model

The pedal cars selected by us are suitable for kids from 1 to 8 years old. They differ in terms of age range or design but all of them are good quality. We will tell you more about the most important things you need to consider when buying a car for your kid while referring to the products selected by us. This will help you make an educated choice.
  • Design – Is It That Important?

    Yes, we believe that when it comes to pedal cars, the design plays an important role. These products are made for kids, so the overall appearance has to impress them. If they like the design, they will surely love to ride the car. For example, InStep Police features a nice retro police design that boys will surely like. Morgan Cycle Retro Style is a stylish pedal car that really looks like a classic car. At the same time, the car made by Best Choice Products is a great choice if your kid is a plane enthusiast. The other 2 models have a sporty design and they are perfect for children who love to race.

  • Age Range – A Highly Significant Aspect

    We selected the cars with relatively different age range. In this way, you won’t have any difficulty in picking a car that is suitable for your kid. In case your child is under 3, you can opt for Best Choice Products Ride On Bi-Plane. For children older than 3 years, you can go with InStep Police or Morgan Cycle Retro Style. However, these models are not recommended for kids older than 5 years. If your child is over 4 years, then you can choose one of the 2 karts made by Hauck and Costzon.

  • Frame – For a Long-Lasting Performance

    The construction of a pedal car plays an important role for both the safety of your child and the durability of the product. Most models are made of steel, so they feature a very solid body that will most certainly stand the test of time. Costzon Go-Kart is the only model made of metal. In general, steel is stronger than any metal but at the same time, it will rust faster. No matter what option you choose, you can be sure that the cars selected by us are strongly made and very enduring.

  • Tires – For a Smooth Ride

    The material and quality of the tires tells you more about how the ride will be. All models feature rubber tires that deliver a silent driving. Even if your kid rides the car on hard surfaces. Additionally, the rubbers are very solid, yet soft enough to provide a smooth ride every time.

  • Convenience – For Added Functionality

    As a customer, you want to invest in a user-friendly product that can be handled without any difficulty. The more practical the car is, the more convenient for you and your kid. Among the things you need to consider is the possibility to adjust the pedal or seat. As long as one of these is adjustable, your kid will be able to use the car for more years. As your child grows, you will be able to regulate the placement of the pedal or the seat according to their height. InStep Police and Morgan Cycle Retro Style feature an adjustable pedal, while Hauck Lightning Go-Kart and Costzon Go-Kart include an adjustable seat. Unfortunately, Best Choice Products Ride On Bi-Plane doesn’t offer you this possibility. Another important aspect os the steering wheel. Therefore, all the cars selected by us are easy to control by the children as they feature a responsive steering wheel. Most of the cars available on the market arrive unassembled. For assembling the car, you need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. According to the customers, the most difficult car to assemble is Morgan Cycle Retro Style and Best Choice Products Ride On Bi-Plane.

  • Features – Characteristics That Really Matter

    When buying a pedal car is recommended to find out more about the features it comes with. Some of them can make a big difference in performance and functionality, so it’s always wise to opt for a model that comes with helpful features. Among the features that caught our attention are the non-toxic paint and the quality of the seat. As you probably know, lead paint can be really dangerous for adults and kids alike, so a small detail like this should be in fact among your priorities. Additionally, we consider that a comfortable seat is a feature that really matters, so you may also pay attention to this aspect.

  • Warranty – An Extra Benefit

    In case the product you buy has manufacturing defects and it will not perform as it should, the included warranty will help you repair it without extra costs. Therefore, is best to make sure that the car you intend to purchase includes a warranty. Unfortunately, we have no information if InStep Police or Costzon Go-Kart comes with a warranty but you may find more details by contacting the manufacturer. Hauck Lightning Go-Kart is the best option from this point of view as it is covered by a period or 1 year.

After reading the reviews of the pedal cars and finding out the most important details about them, it’s time to get into the action and pick one. All of them come with a different design and age range. Finding one appropriate for your kid will be easier than you think. Our top choice is one of the most popular options, being suitable for kids over 3 years old. It features an authentic detailing and the paint doesn’t contain lead. Another great option to consider even though it will cost you more money is Morgan Cycle Retro Style. This one is more suitable for girls and it comes with a 30-day warranty. We also like Hauck Lightning Go-Kart. This one is ideal for kids that love racing, being at the same time budget-friendly. This car is covered by a generous warranty. For kids under 3, you may confidently choose Best Choice Products Ride On Bi-Plane.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How Safe Are These Cars?
In order to avoid any possible incidents, manufacturers added all sorts of safety features. They include steel or metal frame, adjustable pedals, non-toxic paint, solid rubbers, and others. Of course, no one can guarantee that accidents won’t happen. Therefore, in order to reduce the chances to get injured, is recommended to supervise your kid while using the pedal car.
?Can a Child Over the Weight Limit Use the Car?
Some parents allow their kids to use the pedal car even if they are over the weight limit. You should avoid doing this because even if the kid fits, the car’s performance may be seriously affected. In this situation, wheels wear down faster and it’s more likely to bend the axle. At the same time, your kid may sit uncomfortably in the chair.
?How to Extend the Life of the Car Paint?
In order to extend the life of the car paint you need to protect it from the sun and rain. Therefore, when the car is not used, it’s best to store it in the garage.

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