Plasma Cutter

Whether it is a new project you are embarking on or you need a cutting tool for occasional work, a plasma cutter may be the best solution for you. This type of machine is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial use. It is a versatile and reliable tool that comes in handy to help you finish your project. With all those advanced models on the market, it is a bit complicated to choose the right one for you. However, knowing your needs helps you find the right plasma cutting machine. For our top 5, we have highlighted the best performing machines on the market. Take a look at this comparison table and choose the best model for your specific needs and budget.

Top 5 Plasma Cutters Comparison

1. Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i 2. Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 X 3. 2017 PowerPlasma 50S 4. Ramsond CUT 50DX 5. Lotos LTP5000D
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Manufacturer Hobart Hypertherm Everlast Ramsond Lotos Technology
Model 500566 88079 PowerPlasma50S CUT 50DX F6-LLBG-D35Z
Dimensions (HxWxD) 11¼ x 8¼ x 14¼ inches 12 x 6.6 x 14 inches 21 x 15 x 14 inches 14.2 x 6 x 9 inches 15 x 6 x 12 inches
Weight 31.4lbs 21.4 lbs 42 pounds 19 pounds 26 pounds
Accessories 12-ft. (3.7 m) XT40R hand-held torch, 12-ft. (3.7 m) work cable with clamp, extra consumables, easy-to-connect, built-in gas/air filter and regulator for. Hard carry case, eye shields, gloves, shoulder strap, standard consumables and fine cut consumables. 15 ft Italian designed and patented iPT 60 torch, consumable starter kit, water trap, air pressure gauge work clamp. 5 of each type of consumables plasma torch, ground clamp and cable, air regulator, air hose, and air hose connections.


Input voltage 208-240 V, 60 Hz 120-240 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz Dual Voltage 120-240 V 1-PH Dual Voltage 110-120 V, 50-60 Hz Dual Voltage 110-120 V, 50-60 Hz
Input current 208-240 VAC, 50A (8 kW) 120-240 V, 1-PH, 25-18.8 A (3.8 kW) 120V: 20A/88V-25A/90V
240V: 20A/88V-50A/100V
240V:20A/88V-50A/100V 220V: 50/50Hz
110V: 50/60 Hz
Output current 40 A 15-30 A 25-50 A 50 A 10-50 A
Rated output voltage 140 VDC 125 VDC N/A N/A N/A
Duty cycle 104°F (40°C) 50%, 40A 35%, 240 V
20%, 120 V
120V: 60%, 25A/90V
240V: 60%, 50A/100V
60%, 240 V 60%, 50A
Open circuit voltage (OCV) 400 V 256 V 200 V N/A N/A
Plasma gas 136 l/min (4.8 cfm) 113.3 l/min (4 cfm) 5.0 cfm N/A 3.6 cfm
Flow rate/ Pressure 90-120 psi 80 psi 72-75 psi 150 psi 60-70 psi
Power cable length 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m
Power supply type Inverter – IGBT Inverter – IGBT Inverter – IGBT Inverter – IGBT Inverter – IGBT
Gas supply Compressed air Compressed air Compressed air Compressed air Compressed air
Max. cut thickness 7/8” 5/8” ½” ¼” ½”


Auto-Refire Technology Duramax LT touch design OK-to-cut indicator German Cooler System MOSFET transistor
New-High Performance Ergonomic torch Auto-Voltage Technology Pilot art tip saver PAPST Advanced German Cooling System
Post-flow Air Cooling Adjustable Post Flow Non-touch Pilot ARC
Wind Tunnel Technology
Pilot arc technology
Thermal Overloaded Protection


Warranty 5-year on stabilizers, transformers, generators, 3-year on electronics (drive systems,rectifiers), 1-year on guns (accessories, MIG and plasma torches) 3-year warranty on power supplies, 1-year warranty on torches 5-year 1-year on parts and labor 1-year on parts and labor
Customer Support
Online Manual

Plasma Cutter Reviews

1.Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i

The Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i is a great value for money. It an incredible tool comes with an ergonomic design, 40 amp and a powerful inverter. It boasts more features than the previous model. The 500566 Airforce 40i requires 240V/50A input power and compressed air delivery of 4.8 scfm with a pressure range of 90-120 psi. The maximum cutting of mild steel of this device is 7/8 inches at 50% duty cycle. The 40i features an Auto-Refire technology that allows users to cut perforated metals, including painted and coated surfaces. More than that it is equipped with a post-flow air cooling feature that cools the torch and tip after cutting. The Wind Tunnel technology prevents abrasive dust and dirt from damaging the components which the Fan-On-Demand feature makes it run only when needed reducing dust pulled into the device. The most interesting part of this machine is that it utilizes compressed air and an electrical arc to cut any type of conductive metal, including steel and aluminum.

  • It comes with a powerful 40 amp motor
  • Thanks to its Auto-Refire technology, it is able to cut metals
  • It comes with a post-flow air cooling feature that cools the torch after cutting
  • Simple to operate

This model has so many features that it is quite difficult to find something better than that. It uses an Auto-Refire technology thanks to which you will be able to cut perforated metals as well as Wind Tunel technology that prevents dust from damaging your device components. Additionally, It is equipped with a post-flow air cooling feature specially designed to keep the torch in good condition. Although it is more expensive than its competitors, you should consider it as it is the best on the market, these days.

2.Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP

If you are looking to purchase a quality model have a look at the Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP model. It provides some unique benefits that are hard to find with other models of cutters. Since it is small in size, the Powermax 30 is very portable and can be easily moved from a place to another. It has a powerful motor and it is able to cut various types of metals including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. It can be used on 120-240 V current and it can easily cut up to 5.8 inches. It works on compressed air and comes with a plethora of impressive features, including Auto-Voltage technology and safe only feature. Additionally, it is equipped with a Duramax LT torch which is extremely comfortable to use and heat resistant. As compared to other similar units, this model comes with many accessories, such as cutting gloves, carrying case and shaded glasses. Overall, this is a good option, especially for those people who need a cutter for smaller jobs.

  • Auto-Voltage technology
  • It comes with a Duramax LT torc
  • It comes with a wide range of useful accessories
  • Portable and easy to carry around

Take a look at this model and you won’t be disappointed. It is a portable lightweight device very easy to move and carry around. It uses an advanced technology, the Auto-Voltage technology and it comes equipped with a lot of interesting functions and settings. Thanks to its Duramax LT torch, it is simple to operate and comfortable to use. Also, it is more affordable than the above model, which is a big plus if you are on a limited budget.

3.PowerPlasma 50S

The PowerPlasma 50S is a great choice for someone who is looking for a heavy duty plasma that is able to cut up to 1 inch thick. After testing this model, we can truly say that it is definitely one of the best performing inventer cutters available in the current market. Its small size and ergonomic design turn this unit into a portable device that can easily be carried from a place to another. The 50S cutter comes with an Italian designed iPT 60 torch that delivers improved consumable life. It can be used on a dual voltage 120-240V current and works on compressed air. More than that, it is equipped with a plethora of impressive features. There is an OK-to-cut feature which announces your when air pressure is sufficient to make a cut. If this is too low, it stops output or automatically disconnects. All in all, the PowerPlasma 50S is a great machine that delivers incredible results in a variety of cutting tasks. It is able to cut stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel and many other conductive materials.

  • Heavy-duty machine
  • It is equipped with an Italian iPT 60 torch
  • It has an OK-to-cut feature
  • It delivers incredible results in a variety of cutting tasks
This is our favorite model. It stands out because it comes with an Italian designed iPT 60 torch and an OK-to-cut option that will let you know when air pressure is sufficient to make a cut. Its incredible results make us choose it from a wide range of other models.

4.Ramsond CUT 50DX

The Ramsond CUT 50DX is one of the best products on the market, today. It works on a dual voltage (110-220 V) and features dual frequency (50-60 Hz) convenience. With 50 amps of power, this powerful machine cuts clean and with uniformity almost any type of material. As compared to previous models, it comes with an efficient German cooler system and a high-quality inverter technology developed through several generations of models. After testing this machine, we can truly say that it is able to cut various conductive materials, including stainless steel, aluminum copper and brass. More than that, it is capable to do this with minimal heat input and less distortion. If you are thinking about purchasing this machine, you should also know that it comes with a digital amp display and an integrated pressure gauge which is located on the front panel. Additionally, it uses V-MOSFETs high-frequency inverter technology which helps it deliver more precise and concentrated current to the cutting surface. Overall, the Ramsond CUT 50DX is an efficient and easy to use plasma torch.

  • Poweful 50 amps motor
  • It is equipped with a quality German cooler system
  • It uses V-MOSFETs high-frequency inverter technology for incredible precision
  • Reasonable price
  • It doesn’t have a built-in compressor

With a plethora of impressive features and an incredible technology, we are proud to include this model on our list. As mentioned above, it comes with a cooler system and a high-frequency inverter technology that helps it deliver excellent precision. Although it lacks certain features, such as a compressor, it is still worthy of your money.

5.Lotos LTP5000D

The 5th position is occuppied by one of the most surprising machines we have reviewed: the Lotos LTP5000D. In spite of its lightweight feature, this unit is one of the most powerful yet easy to operate models. With 50 amps of power, this unit can be set up for both 110 V or 220 V. The dual voltage of this product allows it to run directly on 110 V 50/60 Hz or on 220 V 50/60 Hz power. The maximum rated cut thickness of this unit is ½” while the maximum severance thickness is ¾”. As compared to other similar units, this product comes with a lot of impressive yet accessible functions. It features a non-touch pilot ARC which cuts through rough surfaces without touching the tip to the metal. Furthermore, thanks to its MOSFET transistor, the machine is able to produce a uniform output to enable cutting of thin metal. Unlike other machines, the LTP5000D plasma comes with multiple accessories, including a plasma torch, ground clamp and cable, air regulator, air hose, and air hose connections.

  • It is equipped with a non-touch pilot ARC
  • It features a MOSFET transistor
  • It comes with a plasma torch
  • It is simple to use and quite affordable
  • Several customers complain that its ground clamp is too short for certain projects

The Lotos LTP5000D is one of the most affordable cutters available in the current market. It is equipped with a non-touch pilot ARC and thanks to its existing transistor, it is capable of producing a uniform output to enable cutting of thin metal. In addition to this, it comes with various accessories.

6. PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Cutter

The PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged cutter is one of the most popular models on the market. It is a great tool to have in your shed, especially if you work on a construction project. It is ideal for fine cuts and it is extremely accurate. It is that kind of machine that will always provide the most precise results. This PRIMEWELD model was built to last. It is made from only the highest quality materials. It is made to resist and be used in industrial environments. However, it can also be used in home projects. With a 50A dual voltage 110/220VAC and an optimized design, this portable tool provides high power output for both thick and thin metal. The manufacturer offers for its product a 3-year warranty.

  • It cuts faster with less distortion
  • Optimized design with state-of-the-art MOSFET transistors
  • User-friendly carrying handle
  • Simple to maneuver

Looking for a simple to use plasma cutter? Just take a look at this model. It is very easy to install, maneuver and it provides accurate cuts. It comes with a carrying handle that enables easy cuts. It doesn’t require special maintenance and it is very easy to clean.

7. SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Cutter Machine

We spent more than 30 hours testing plasma torches on multiple materials including steel, aluminum, copper and brass and the one by SUPER DEAL was our favorite. It is a powerful tool that due to its advanced PRO technology can cut through any conductive metal. In terms of durability, it surprises us. It comes with a strong construction made of heavy-duty iron that allows you to use the machine for a long time. Furthermore, it features a digital LCD display with an easy to read front panel air-pressure gauge. Although it is one of the most powerful machines out there and it has a high cutting speed, it has a quiet operation. Compared to the traditional cutting machines, this one makes accurate and precise cuts. Aside from being effective, it is also safe. It comes with wire and mask that prevent injuries while using the machine. Plus, it features a built-in over-heat protection, under-voltage protection as well as overheat protection. This cutting system can be used for a plethora of applications including automotive, site work, construction or maintenance services.

  • PRO technology
  • Digital LCD display
  • Accurate cuts
  • Safe operation

Whether you are a professional or not, with this cutting machine you can finish your projects. It is a powerful machines that allows you to do precise and accurate cuts. It can cut through any conductive metals and it is suitable for a lot of works. Overall, it is an option worth taking into consideration.

Things to Know about Plasma Cutting Machines

A plasma torch is an efficient tool that has a unique process of working. As compared to other cutting machines, these tools work on a high voltage electrical arc and compressed gas for cutting various different conductive materials. These types of machines come in different shapes and sizes. They range from large to small and they can be used to complete different cutting tasks. These days, with all these technological advances, these cutters can be controlled by computers. They use a software that controls the operation. That’s why they have also known as CNC cutting machines. Whether you are a professional or a beginner who is using for the first time a plasma torch, you already know that this hugely popular tool has several important uses.

  • For designs

    Using this type of cutting machine, you can easily create designs on different metals. You can make drawn-out patterns and create metallic templates. Many artists use this versatile machine to create clean patterns.

  • For cutting metal

    If you are working in construction and you need a machine that can ease your work and cut metal block on site, this machine is exactly what you are looking for. Once you will use it, you will stop carrying all those metal blocks back to the industries.

  • For cutting pipes

    As it was mentioned above, this is one of the most popular machines among workers and contractors alike. It is able to cut different metals and pipes. More than that, it cuts pipes smooth. It leaves smooth ends. Therefore, cutting your pipes with the plasma torch would be a breeze. Because of this reason, most of the plumbers have a portable cutting machine.

What’s Behind Our Ratings

Over the last few years, the plasma cutting technology has advanced a lot. While they come in all sizes and shapes, from large and bulky machines for industrial use to small, portable and easy to use cutters, we will be focusing on those models that are most suited to your needs. As it has been mentioned above, there are so many models in the current market, that it’s quite difficult to take a decision. However, before you go shopping for a plasma torch, there are a few important features you should consider.

  • Power

    If you are thinking about purchasing it, you must know how much power you need. The fastest method to answer this question is to know what type of metal you want to cut and hot this will be. The power output is one of the most important things you need to take into consideration when making such an investment. While some machines work on 120V 15A outlets, others will need at least 20A. Therefore, before choosing a model. Make sure you already know what type of power is in your home. If you need the cutter to cut materials that are ¼” thick, then a 25A machine is exactly what you need. On the other hand, if you are working with materials that are ½” thick, then you will need at least a machine with 40A. And if you are regularly working with metals that are 1” thick, then a machine with at least 80A will certainly be a good choice.

  • Duty cycle

    Do you know what a duty cycle really is and what it does? The duty cycle of a machine is the amount of time in the hour the unit can operate. It is determined by the amperage of the machine. Duty cycle is extremely important if you are using the machine for longer periods of time. If you are the unit the machine for less than 30 minutes, then the duty cycle is less important.

  • Safety features

    If you are looking to purchase a plasma torch, make sure you choose a model that has safety features. They are specially designed to protect you from an accident. Some machines are equipped with safety sensors while others have a nozzle. Make sure you opt for a unit that has a nozzle because the art will not start until it is placed. Also, make sure it has a pre-flow sequence function. It alerts you before the starting of the arc.

Your Guide to Buying a Quality Cutting Machine

It is a very useful tool for cutting various conductive metals. It is a cutting machine that has an inert gas blown out of a nozzle at high speeds. However, there are so many models on the market, so it’s quite difficult to choose the right models for your needs. The initial thought most of you may have when it comes to purchasing these machines is where to start. Therefore, keep on reading the following lines which may help you select the best-fitted machine for you.

  • Electrical outlets

    This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when purchasing it. Since they are designed either for the 110 V outlets or 220 V outlets, it’s important to choose that fits your needs. Each cutting machine requires a great deal of power to work effectively which means that the electrical outlet must support the minimum number of amps that the plasma requires. Also, it’s recommended to have a circuit that is dedicated to the plasma only. Additional tools plugged into the same circuit will draw additional power.

  • Portability

    If your plasma is to stay in one place, then this feature is not important for you. You don’t need a small and easy to carry machine because it will not be moved too often. However, if you need a model that can be moved to the metal that is to be cut, then you will need a portable tool that can be carried by a handle. You can choose a tool that doesn’t use a high-frequency starting circuit. The higher the voltage, the more problems you will have with computer systems due to electrical interference. With this in mind, we recommend you to choose a machine that has a lower voltage pilot arc.

  • Accessories

    As it was outlined above, there are so many models on the market, today, that it is extremely complicated to choose the right machine. Make sure it is equipped with useful accessories that will help you cut metals and other large materials much easier. In order to help you find the right tool, we have gathered some of the most popular accessories that will go along with the machine.

  • Electrodes– The electrical spark that turns gas into plasma generates electrodes.
  • Plasma torch – It controls the machine to do the cutting. It is located at the end of the cutter.
  • Air dryer/regulator – It helps ensure that no moisture builds up.
  • Hose – The hose is a connection between the plasma and the torch. Most models come with a hose already. It may not be long enough, but you can get a longer hose.
  • Safety feature– protective gear – If you want to purchase cutting machine, it’s recommended to choose one with a protective gear feature.

Why Choose a Cutting Machine

If you want to purchase a cutting or welding machine for various cutting operations of your home, this may be the most efficient solution for you. Here, you will find some of the most important benefits of using a cutting machine.

  • The cutting machines come in various sizes and shapes. The current market is filled with hundreds of interesting machines. From large to small-sized models, you can find everything out there. Therefore, with so many options, it is no wonder why people prefer to use this type of machine for cutting operations.
  • It provides precision and accuracy. People like to use this cutting machine, because it helps them give almost any shape and size to a metal.
  • As compared to other metal cutters, this machine uses less power. It is integrated with CNC machines which mean that it is more powerful and efficient than other similar tools.
  • It is a versatile tool that can be used for cutting various different materials, including metals and pipes. Moreover, it can be used for artistic projects to give artistic shapes.

Top Brands on the Market

  • Hobart

    Hobart is a well-known brand that develops some really nice products. It is known for designing incredible machines with easy to operate systems and functions. Typically, it is not as expensive as other brands, but it is still considered a brand that produces great machines. Also, the company is known for its friendly customer support which is happy to provide detailed information and answer all of the customer’s questions. Being that the market is brimming with quality and durable Hobart products, finding parts and consumables is extremely easy. One of the best Hobart product is a powerful plasma cutting system for all conductive metals. It provides performance, quality and helps you save money in the long run due to its great reliability.

  • Hypertherm

    The Hypertherm company is headquartered in Hanover, USA. It has more than 1300 associates worldwide and their products are sold in more than 60 countries. Their main objective has been to deliver the best cutting plasma models with the best features, technologies and accessories. Hypertherm has dedicated all its resources to develop incredible products like plasma torch, lasers, waterjets, CAD/CAM software and consumables. Every year, the company tries to improve performance and quality. The Powermax30 XP is one of the most quality cutting systems on the market. Its two-in-one design and its capability of cutting any kind of metal make it a product that definitely worth the money you pay for it.

  • Everlast Power Products

    Based in San Francisco, California, the Everlast Power Products company worked hard to release the first generation of series IGBT platform inverter welders and plasma cutters. As compared to other important brands and companies, Everlast takes into consideration the user’s point of view first. They have a friendly customer service department that will gladly answer all their customer’s questions. More than that, they produce affordable yet reliable and quality products. One of their most efficient products available on the market is the PowerPlasma 50S cutter. With a dual voltage (120-240 V) for maximum portability and a new upgraded IPT-60 torch, this incredible unit can easily end up with our top 5 models.

Buying this tool is not as easy as you might think. With so many models available in the current market, finding a quality plasma torch it could be a back-breaking task. There are so many types and models out there, so in order to choose the right tool for your needs, you need to take into consideration several things. While some models use an Auto-Refire technology, others come with a V-MOSFETs high-frequency inverter technology. Some units are equipped with an iPT 60 torch, while others come with a Duramax LT torch. All these details help you gain clarity over the entire decision. If you are well informed, you can find exactly what you need.

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