Are you a popcorn fan but you are tired of preparing it in the old fashion way? If so, maybe it’s time to try a popper that works even faster than a microwave. And it’s much healthier! A popcorn maker is a simple, yet very helpful kitchen appliance that helps you make your favorite snack within minutes. If you like, you can also add salt, butter, or whatever flavor you want. It may sound too good to be true, but now you can make popcorn at home for your family and friends every time you want. You just have to pick a well-made popper and get some popcorn kernels. Nothing complicated, right?
            Currently, there are many models to choose from, so we thought it would be much easier to find the best ones for you. The selection process was a little bit demanding but fun at the same time as we got to know more about how these amazing poppers work. Here is what we’ve found.

Top 5 Popcorn Makers Comparison

1. Cuisinart CPM-100 2. 6073 Great Northern Popcorn Little Bambino Popper 3. West Bend 82505 4. Presto 04863 5. Hamilton Beach 73400


Height (in.) 12.83 18.75 10 13.12 12.5
Width (in.) 5.51 11 13 5.81 5.25
Depth (in.) 7.87 9.75 10 9.25 9.53
Weight (lbs.) 2.92 10 3.4 2.27 3.4
Color Red Red Red Red Red
Housing Material Stainless Steel Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic


Wattage (W) 1500 330 850 1475 1200
Voltage (V) 110 110 120 120 120
Popping Details
Popper Type Hot Air Oil Oil Hot Air Hot Air
Amount of Popcorn Produced/Batch Up to 15 Cups Up to 16 Cups Up to 27 Cups Up to 18 Cups Up to 18 Cups
Kernels Capacity (oz.) 4 2.5 6 4 4
Popping Time (min.) 3 5 4 2.5 4
On/Off Switch
Dishwasher Safe Parts Yes Yes Yes

Features&Acessories Included

Cord Storage Warming Light Heat-Resistant Handles and Base Butter Warming Tray Butter Warming Tray
Butter Warming Tray Stainless Steel Kettle with Stirring System Built-In Butter Well Cord Storage
BPA Free Pull-Out Popcorn Tray Double Purpose Cover
Cord Storage
BPA free
Accessories Included
Popping Chute Removable Popcorn Tray Cover/Lid Popping Chute Popping Chute
Measuring Cup Measuring Spoon Measuring Spoon Measuring Cup Measuring Cup
Measuring Cup Measuring Cup


Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty 90-Day Warranty on Machine 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty in Canada
30-Day Warranty on Kettle 1-Year Limited Warranty in USA
User Manual
Customer Support

Best 2018 Popcorn Makers Reviews

1. Cuisinart CPM-100

Cuisinart CPM-100 is a powerful popcorn maker that uses hot air. This means you can enjoy healthy popcorn every time you want. The stainless steel housing is durable and the stylish design make this popper perfect for any kitchen decor. Besides the unit and the popping chute, you will also receive a measuring cup which can also be used as a butter melting cup.

The operation of this appliance is easy, you just have to follow the instructions and turn it on. Popcorn will be chute directly into your favorite bowl. And this is not all as the removable parts are dishwasher safe for more convenience and the cord can be easily stored to avoid any incidents.



Long warranty You should use a tall bowl as the popcorn kernels tend to fly out
Various colors to choose from
Made of durable and safe materials
The body doesn’t get too hot


Cuisinart CPM-100 is a well-made popper and we truly like the fact that it’s easy to operate. In comparison to the other models it comes with a generous 3-year warranty for ease of mind and you have the possibility to choose between different colors. The appliance is affordable and it’s made by Cuisinart, a respecatble brand in the kichen appliances industry.

2. 6073 Great Northern Popcorn Little Bambino Popper

Our next model is made by Great Northern Popcorn and it does a pretty good job when it comes to delivering tasty popcorn. The popper works with oil, so it comes with a kettle made of stainless steel and a stirring system. The advantage is that you can use it with different types of oils to flavor your popcorn.

Operating the unit is not complicated at all, you just have to be careful and never use it when there’s no oil in the kettle. A great feature we like is the warming light for keeping popcorn warm after it’s done. The Little Bambino Popper also has a convenient pull-out popcorn tray that can be washed in the automatic dishwasher.



Sturdy and durable Not as lightweight as the other models
Various colors to choose from Short warranty
You can also opt for the black version Requires some assembly
ETL listed
Innovative design


Starting with the retro design and ending with the warming light, this popper is definitely among the best ones you can find. Except for some minor drawbacks that don’t affect the unit’s operation, the customers are satisfied with its performance, so we strongly recommend it for making fast and tasty popcorn at home.

3. West Bend 82505

There are many things we like about West Bend 82505, including the generous amount of popcorn it can produce, up to 27 cups. Additionally, the unit features a plastic cover that you can use as a serving bowl if you turn the popper upside. The cover is dishwasher safe for more convenience. You can even make butter flavored popcorn with the help of the built-in butter well.

In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, both the handles and the base are resistant to heat, so you can easily handle the unit when popcorn is ready. Last but not least, the cord storage allows a tangle-free operation.



Nonstick coated plate for easy cleaning Hard to clean the space between body and cooking pan
Unique storage system: the base simply nests inside the cover The plastic cover is rather thin
Sleeper side wall
Works with many oils


All in all, West Bend 82505 is an efficient and durable popper that won’t disappoint you. It’s easy to use and it can deliver a large bowl of popcorn in several minutes. It doesn’t occupy too much space in your kitchen cabinet and is BPA free, so it’s totally safe for you and your family. Nevertheless, there could be made some improvements, but overall we like its performance.

4. Presto 04863

Presto 04863 is one of the most popular popcorn popper and here is why. First of all, it is easy to use and lightweight, so you can handle it without any inconvenience. Secondly, it’s powerful and it uses hot air, making it a greater choice for those who don’t want to use any oil. Thirdly, it’s less expensive in comparison to the other models, so you can enjoy delicious popcorn without paying a fortune.

For more convenience, the measuring cup doubles as a butter warming tray and the cord storage allows a tangle-free operation.



Lightweight Doesn’t have an on-off switch
Affordable Not dishwasher safe parts
Fast popping time Rather noisy
Available in two colors


Presto 04863 is a reliable popcorn maker that works great. We like the fact it is stable, easy to use, and resistant, which makes it a wise long-term investment. What’s disappointing about the unit is the absence of an on/off button, as well as the noisy operation. But, there are more advantages this popper come with, so we definitely recommend it.

5. Hamilton Beach 73400

With the help of Hamilton Beach 73400 you can forget about the microwave and enjoy a healthier popcorn every time you want. The unit is powerful enough to deliver a great amount of popcorn within minutes, so this is the kitchen appliance you need if you love popcorn.

At the same time, the popper features a simple operation and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Not to mention the fact that it’s made to last and provides the same performance for many years. It chutes popcorn right into your bowl, while the measuring cup can be used as a butter melter if you want to add more flavor.



Budget-friendly Doesn’t have an on-off switch
Compact design Not dishwasher safe parts
Durable housing The power cord is rather short
Long warranty for customers in Canada


We believe that Hamilton Beach 73400 is great popper that won’t disappoint you. Even though it lacks some important features, including an on/off button and a cord storage, the unit is very popular among customers. Why is that? Well, simply because it is cheaper than other models, but well made at the same time. And the most important, it delivers tasty popcorn.

How We Rated the Poppers

As you can see, our comparison chart offers you information related to the design, features, or warranty of the products. While all these details are necessary to find out more about each model, only some of them are truly important when it comes to making a distinction between them. Based on the most important specifications, we ranked the products and selected the best of the best.

  • Popper Type

  • There are more types of poppers but we’ve only selected those which use either hot air or oil to make popcorn. The difference between these two popping methods is that the hot air technology prepares popcorn without adding any oil. Therefore, the hot air units make healthier popcorn, as there is no fat in your snack. Additionally, the popcorn is extra crispy but it’s rather difficult to add flavors after the kernels are popped. On the other hand, the models which use oil are more generous in allowing you to add various flavorings. Since these units use oil, the popcorn has more calories and this may be a drawback for some people. If you’re not concerned about your weight, there’s no other inconvenience in choosing them. Three of our models use hot air technology, namely Cuisinart CPM-100, Presto 04863, and Hamilton Beach 73400. The others two, 6073 Little Bambino Popper and West Bend 82505 use oil to cook your popcorn.

  • Amount of Popcorn Produced/Batch

  • The amount of popped kernels is measured in cups per batch. This information helped us get a better picture of how much popcorn the unit can produce when adding the maximum amount of kernels. The unit which produces the greatest amount of popcorn is West Bend 82505, cooking up to 27 cups. This makes it a better choice for a large family. The amount of popcorn produced by the other models varies between 15 and 18 cups.

  • Popping Time (min.)

  • All poppers selected by use work pretty fast, being able to deliver popcorn in under 5 minutes. The fastest one is Presto 04863 with a popping time of only 2.5 minutes, followed by Cuisinart CPM-100 with 3 minutes. Being able to make popcorn fast is definitely an advantage, so if you want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time watching your favorite TV show, these are the quickest units to consider.

  • On/Off Switch

  • Not having an on/off switch is not the end of the world, but isn’t it more convenient? Well, it definitely is. Sometimes little things matter and such is the case with our popcorn makers. A switch control is more convenient to turn the unit on and off and it’s much safer for the unit. Otherwise, you will have to plug and unplug the unit in order to start it or turn it off. The units which don’t feature an on/off switch are Presto 04863 and Hamilton Beach 73400.

  • Warranty

  • When the product you buy comes with a warranty, is simply offers you peace of mind in case its defective. So, the longer the warranty, the better. From our list, the popper with the longest warranty is Hamilton Beach 73400, 5 years warranty in Canada in 1-year warranty in the USA. The second is Cuisinart CPM-100, being covered by a period of 3 years. West Bend 82505 and Presto 04863 have a 1-year warranty, while 6073 Little Bambino Popper comes with the shortest warranty, only 90 days on the machine and 30 days on the kettle.

Advantages of Having Your Own Popper

If you like popcorn that much, why not taking advantage of the benefits it comes with? There are many reasons to invest in a popper, one of the most important ones being the fact that, in comparison to the microwave, it cooks healthier popcorn. Besides this, a popcorn maker is affordable, cost-effective, and makes popcorn super fast and easy.

  • Healthy Snack

  • We all want delicious, yet healthy snack. Fortunately, popcorn contains fiber and antioxidants, which makes it a great ally against diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. However, the preparation method is very important and you should definitely avoid cooking popcorn in the microwave. A popper is much healthier, especially if it uses hot air.

  • Cost-Effective

  • In comparison to microwave bags, using a popcorn maker will help you save more money. Why is that? Well, by doing some simple math, you will discover that regularly buying microwave bugs will cost you more than using a popcorn maker. Of course, the result of this calculation depends on several things like whether you use oil or not, whether you add flavors or not, and so on. However, no matter how you like your popcorn, cooking it with the help of a popper will definitely cost you less money.

  • Fast Popping Time

  • You may think that nothing beats the microwave when it comes to popping time. You may be surprised to find out that some popcorn makers can deliver your popcorn in 3 minutes or less. Quite impressive, right?

  • Durable and Inexpensive

  • Make sure you choose carefully your future popper as you will use it for many years. The advantage of a top-quality popper is that it’s made to last and to provide long-lasting performance without requiring any particular maintenance. At the same time, buying a reliable unit, won’t cost you too much money, as most models made by well-known brands are rather inexpensive.

All the poppers selected by us come with many positive reviews from the customers who bought them. After analyzing them, we came to the conclusion that Cuisinart CPM-100 is the best of them all because it’s well-made, efficient, and quite fast. However, if you want to invest in a model that comes with a retro design and some pretty interesting features, you can go with 6073 Little Bambino Popper. The last two popcorn makers from our comparison chart are more affordable but they lack some features. Now that you know both the good and the bad of the best poppers available, so you can make an educated decision without spending too much time doing your research.

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