Portable Evaporative Cooler

Harnessing water evaporation in order to decrease temperature and provide a cooling effect is what mobile evaporative coolers provide you with. Ideal for hot and dry environments through the nature of their operation as they not only cool the air inside the space you place them in, but raise humidity at the same time as well, these appliances are perfect for at-home or office use. Less expensive than traditional air conditioners, more energy efficient, and boasting a portable design that enhances their versatility in use, evaporative cooling appliances are a must-have for the warm season.

Top 5 Portable Evaporative Coolers Comparison

Photo Cooler Air Flow Area Coverage Water Tank Fan Speeds Maximum Sound Level Power Consumption Warranty Price

Best Overall
1. Honeywell CO60PM 1540 CFM 850 square feet 15.9 gallons 3 65 dB 220 watts 1 year Check Price

Our Choice
2. Honeywell CL30XC 525 CFM 320 square feet 7.9 gallons 3 64 dB 252 watts 1 year Check Price
3. Hessaire MC37A 2200 CFM 750 square feet 10.3 gallons 3 59 dB 250 watts 1 year Check Price
4. Luma Comfort EC110S 500 CFM 250 square feet 1.76 gallons 3 66 dB 110 watts 1 year Check Price
5. SPT SF-608R 600 CFM 100 square feet 2.65 gallons 3 N/A 60 watts 1 year Check Price

The Coolers Evaluation

Honeywell CO60PM

An Eco-friendly, low-cost option to keep your home cool even in the hottest summer day, this no-compressor system is ideal for use if you live in a hot and dry area. Using the natural process of water evaporation and a fan, it provides you with a comfortable, cool breeze that will make it bearable to sit inside regardless how hot the weather is in that particular day.

More Than a Cooler

What’s interesting about the CO60PM and makes it all the more desirable is the fact that it provides more than just cooling of indoor air when the weather is unbearably hot. As a matter of fact, it fulfills the role of 3 different appliances – the cooler, the fan, and the humidifier. Thus, it not only makes the indoor environment more pleasant to be in, but it helps enhance air quality at the same time as well.

Unbeatable Energy Efficiency

Seeing how a modern household is full of electronics and appliances that draw electricity to run, thus raising costs on the power bill, energy efficiency is a point of interest when making any acquisition. Luckily, this Honeywell appliance presents you with an energy efficient manner to keep your home cool as it only consumes 220 watts to operate. Its non-compressor design is what helps give it this high efficiency, while the wide fan blades it features ensure fast air circulation to lower the temperature as fast as possible.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • Can be used for indoor, as well as outdoor cooling due to the UV and weather resistant build it boasts.
  • Powerful 1540 cubic feet per minute air flow ensures the a fast cooling of the air.
  • Optimum cooling performance is granted by the honeycomb-style cooling media it utilizes.
  • Features a top-loading ice compartment that gives you the chance to opt for extra cooling when the weather gets too hot.
  • Promotes unattended operation for your convenience as it features a copper continuous water supply connection.
Incomparable Portability Due to Smart Design

As expected seeing how it is a portable model, the appliance features caster wheels which endorse easy mobility from room to room. Designed to ease your life, it measures only 18.35 inches in length, 27.56 inches in width, 40.04 inches in height, and weighs 41 pounds. Thus, as you add to the portability enhancing wheels the compact design, you have a great appliance for home or office use.

  • Utilizes the effective 3-side Honeycomb cooling media
  • Power cord measures 6 feet in length
  • Strong casters allow an easy moving of the cooling appliance
  • Combines three different appliances in one – cooler, fan, and humidifier
  • You can opt for continuous water supply
  • Does not come with a remote control

The optimum cooling provided by the honeycomb style media alongside its generous area coverage and high air flow rating make it the most desirable appliance to have at home when the weather gets too hot. Seeing how it also serves as a humidifier, it helps enhance air quality at the same time, thus creating a healthier and more pleasant living environment for you.

Honeywell CL30XC

Another Honeywell entry that has impressed not only us, but a lot of customers interested in mobile evaporative coolers, the CL30XC helps reduce temperature indoors through water evaporation, a technique which helps enhance air humidity as well. Thus, if the air in your area tends to be dry, under the 60% level, you will actually fix two separate issues at the same time.

Cooling Speed and Efficiency

As warm air is drawn into it, the cooler filters it through the wet honeycomb media it features. This causes for the heat to be absorbed, naturally cooling and humidifying the air. As this process is over, the powerful fan tends to push the air out, efficiently cooling the surrounding area. No compressor is required for the process, which means that an environmentally-friendly and energy efficient option to keep cool is provided.

Operational Efficiency

As it presents a natural method to cool the air, the CL30XC is one of the most inexpensive to operate options to go for. It boasts a low power consumption of only 252 watts, so no matter how long you operate it, the costs on your electric bills won’t rise all that much. Additionally, it comes with the timer function which grants you the possibility to decide the length of its operation – you can set it from 0.5 to 8 hours.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • Features a top-loading ice compartment which makes the cooling process go even faster.
  • The four sturdy caster wheels enable you to move it around as you please easily.
  • Provides you with the possibility to adjust humidity control as you see fit in order to maintain a healthy living environment.
  • Comes with side handles that make it even easier to move it from one room to another.
  • Oscillating louvers ensure an even distribution of the cool air inside the room where the appliance is located.
Ease of Use

Some people have trouble operating complicated appliances because of the confusing controls. This is not an issue to worry about in this particular case as it features a user-friendly LED control panel with touch controls. Besides the intuitive operation provided, the LED lighting of the panel ensures you will be able to check up on the settings from a distance, which is quite convenient as you won’t have to make trips to it to see what fan speed is selected, for example.

  • Honeycomb cooling media ensures optimum cooling
  • Low water alarm lets you know when the tank needs refilling
  • User-friendly LED control panel for an intuitive operation
  • Included remote control promotes a more convenient operation
  • Features an 0.5 to 8-hour automatic shut-off timer control for energy saving purposes
  • On the highest fan speed setting, it can get quite loud

A customer-favorite products for all the right reasons, this Honeywell appliance stands so high in our top as it has impressed us too with its performance. Not only does it ensure a proper living environment when the weather gets absurdly hot, but it tends to improving humidity levels and make your home safer to be in as well.

Hessaire MC37A

Summer is sure to become your new favorite season with the MC37A by your side, the effective water evaporation technique it employs cooling down the space you place it in to make hot weather days more bearable. Sure, it might cost a pretty penny, but balancing all the features it provides, its portable design, and intuitive operation, it would be a shame to overlook it because of a few extra bucks on the price tag.

Dual Water Tank Fill Options

Convenience is a key aspect to take into consideration with any appliance, and as luck has it, the Hessaire excels in this important department as it provides you with dual water tank fill options – an automatic option, and a manual one. Obviously, the manual option requires you to refill the 10.3-gallon tank when it empties. On the other hand, the other option aforementioned eliminates all hassle involved as a continuous operation is granted by the float valve that you can connect to a garden hose.

Reduced Power Consumption

When it comes to energy efficiency, it surpasses expectations as it not only consumes little power to operate to begin with, drawing only 250 watts, but because it comes with the timer feature that helps reduce running costs. You can set the appliance to automatically shut off after 0.5, 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours of operation, thus ensuring it won’t consume more power than needed to preserve a cool environment.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • Xel50 cooling pad it features boasts a long lifespan during which it provides maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Louvers automatically oscillate from left to right to ensure an even cooling of the space this appliance is placed in.
  • Low water indicator keeps you aware of how much time is left until refilling is required in case you opt for the manual fill mode.
  • When it is engaged and you have selected a certain span for its operation, the timer button gets lit.
  • High velocity axial fan blade design ensures maximum efficiency.
Design – Build and Mobility

As portability is your top interest with it, you should know that the MC37A delivers it with the help of the sturdy caster wheels it features. When it comes to design, we must praise its rather compact build as it measures a mere 24 inches in depth, 16 inches in width, and 38 inches in height. It weighs 39 pounds, which ensures that no excruciating effort is needed to transport it from one room to another.

  • Features a 3-sided pad intake area which ensures maximum cooling
  • Safety automatic shut-off feature prevents overheating
  • Features the Air Swing Delivery System that ensures maximum coverage
  • Power cord measures 7 feet in length
  • Can be directly connected to a hose for a constant water supply
  • Quite an expensive acquisition

Purchasing this cooling appliance might require a bit of a financial effort as opposed to other options on the market, but seeing how it delivers a high 2200 CFM air flow and is designed to provide an environmentally-friendly and efficient manner to lower temperature during hot days, it’s safe to say that you won’t regret making this acquisition.

Luma Comfort EC110S

Due to the powerful 500 cubic feet per minute air flow rating it boasts, it is sure to get the job done in no time, making you feel comfortable even in the most torrid, unpleasant summer day. Designed for use in spaces of up to 250 square feet and boasting a low asking price, it is the most budget-friendly option you could go for at the moment.

Employed Cooling Technology

Not only is there no compressor involved in the cooling process this appliance employs, but it actually uses the highly energy efficient cyclonic technology to deliver optimal results with minimal costs involved. As you press the Swing button on the remote or control panel, the fan head starts to oscillate counterclockwise in order to direct the air it has cooled into a cyclone, providing a more focused effect to reduce temperature in the surrounding area.

Climate Control

Enjoying the possibility to lower the temperature indoors as much as you like is one of the main reasons why you would take interest into a cooler. From this point of view, you will be happy to learn that the EC110S allows full customization due to the 3 fan speeds it puts at your disposal. Thus, you will always be able to create the perfect ambiance in the space you sit in.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • To cool the air in the surrounding area, it uses the energy efficient cyclonic technology.
  • You are announced when the tank needs to be refilled by the low water level indicator it features.
  • Capable of lowering the temperature indoors by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Casters ensure you will have an easy time moving it from room to room when needed.
  • Plastic housing ensures it can be used indoors, just as well as outdoors.
Design and Portability

In terms of design, this tower-style model is your best option. It measures 12.75 inches in length, 11.25 inches in width, and 34.5 inches in height, so regardless how crowded the room you intend to place it in is, it won’t be a problem as you will be able to fit it there. When it comes to portability, considering that it weighs only 16.2 pounds and it features casters that make moving it absurdly easy, it’s safe to say that it will be a cinch for you to cool all the rooms in your home with it.

  • Timer feature allows you to select the exact operational span in order to save energy
  • Remote control provides a convenient manner to change settings
  • Compact design – measures 12.75 inches in length, 11.25 inches in width, and 34.5 inches in height
  • Washable filter reduces maintenance costs
  • Intuitive use grated by the digital display
  • Water tank is small in size, meaning that it requires often refilling

In terms of energy efficiency, it’s hard to top this economical product that consumes only 110 watts to run. But it isn’t the low power consumption alone that drew us to it, but rather its exceptional air flow delivery and convenient, space-saving design.


Using the simple yet efficient process of endothermic reaction, the SF-608R makes for a nifty solution to cool down when the temperature rises uncontrollably. It might be limited when it comes to the area coverage it provides, but seeing how this is a feature-rich product that comes at a cheap price, you cannot expect it to excel from all points of view.

Endothermic Reaction Explained

The SPT is so effective at its job due to the technology it employs, more precisely the endothermic reaction. What happens is that the hot air indoors is passed through a water-saturated wick which absorbs it consuming all the heat and reducing the temperature of the air before dispersing it back into the room.

Antibacterial Water Tank

Your health is most definitely one of your top priorities, and the SPT puts an accent on keeping you safe from this perspective as it features an antibacterial water tank. The sterile environment in which the water sits ensures it will be free of germs, thus, what is released back into the room being clean air that is 100% free of harmful contaminants.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • Oscillating louvers disperse the air evenly to the surrounding area in order to properly cool it.
  • Perfect for climates where humidity levels are below 40% as it increases moisture in the air.
  • When you install the included caster kit, it becomes a lot easier to move it from room to room.
  • Casters can be locked in order to ensure that the appliance won’t change its position when you knock into it.
  • Measures 25.2 inches in height, 15.4 inches in width, 11.8 inches in depth, and weighs 16.5 pounds.
Top Ice Box Role

One of the features that drew our attention the most was the top ice box as it has the role of further enhancing its cooling efficiency and speed. Just add ice inside this compartment and let the appliance run normally on your preferred speed setting, and you will witness a noticeable difference as extra cooling will be provided on the spot.

  • Programmable timer can be set from 0.5 to 7.5 hours to save on operational costs
  • Top ice box allows you to place ice inside it for extra cooling
  • Remote control is included for a more convenient operation of the appliance
  • Features a washable dust filter that helps minimize maintenance costs
  • Water level indicator keeps you updated with the current status of the tank to ease maintenance work
  • Lack of automatic overheat protection
  • Small area coverage makes it less efficient than the other entries in our top

Boasting an uncomplicated operation, a high efficiency in terms of air cooling, and a low asking price, the SF-608R makes for a great companion during torrid summer days. There are few complaints we have regarding its quality, reason why we strongly recommend you take a bigger interest into this product as it is indeed worth your hard-earned money.

Cooler Sizing Explained

By simply combining the naturally occurring process of evaporation with an air-moving system, evaporative models manage to lower temperatures in their surrounding area in an effective yet energy-efficient manner. As the hot air is drawn, cooled, and then outputted into the room, a negative difference of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit can be felt in the environment. However, the efficiency depends on you making a correct pick when it comes to its size. For the household device to be able to adequately cool the space you intend to place it in, it must have the right CFM rating. This measurement indicates how many cubic feet per minute of air it will be able to blow into your home. To figure out the right CFM rating, and thus the proper size for it to have, you must calculate it using a simple formula where you take the cubic feet of the room or area you want to use it in, divide the number by two, after which you divide the resulting number by 2 once again.

Temperature Drop Chart

In the chart below, we will show you what is the estimated temperature of the cooled air outputted by it given a certain combination of ambient temperature and relative humidity when the cooling pads are saturated in a proportion of 80%. It’s important for you to check it out as the cooling efficiency of the household device greatly relies on these two factors, after proper sizing environmental conditions weighing most in establishing what product you actually need.

Ambient Temperature °F Relative Humidity %
10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
50°F 38 39 41 42 44 45 46 48 49
60°F 45 47 49 51 52 54 56 57 58
70°F 52 54 56 59 61 63 65 67 68
80°F 59 62 64 67 70 72 74 76 78
90°F 65 69 72 75 78 80 83 86 88
100°F 76 80 83 87 90 93 95 98
110°F 83 88 92 95 99 102 105 108
120°F 95 100 104 108 111 114 118
130°F 103 108 112 117 120 124 127

Frequently Asked Questions

?How does it work?
The machine works by releasing fine cool mist into the air in order to lower the temperature and make the environment more pleasant to be in. It pulls in the dry hot air in the room and passes it through a moist cooling pad, propelling it with a high-powered fan that helps lower the air’s temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the model at hand and the speed you have selected.

?Will it increase dampness levels indoors?
As it evaporates water into the air in order to lower the temperature, some people live under the impression that it makes the room feel damp. This is completely false as dry air actually circulates through it, absorbing the moisture in the pad before releasing it. Therefore, the contents inside your room won’t get wet, and you won’t feel any dampness in the air either.

?Is there any maintenance work required?
You will be required to regularly clean the water reservoir and water pan, so expect some maintenance work your way. If you don’t cater to these tasks on time, the water inside will become a breeding ground for microorganisms and germs, thus the cooling process becoming a threat to your health as you inhale dangerous impurities.


Although the performance provided by the evaporative cooler greatly depends on certain circumstantial aspects, like room size and relative humidity, by testing these household devices under normal operational conditions, we were able to figure out how to properly rank them. As the list of reasons why it is a must-have for people who live in hot and dry areas is absurdly long, we will only remind you of the two most important aspects which make it a desirable purchase – the low energy consumption and the fact that it helps raise indoor humidity. If your main interest is for it to cover as wide of an area as possible, the Honeywell CO60PM provides an 850 square foot area coverage that is sure to do the trick. On the other hand, if energy efficiency and low operational costs are your main interest points, then the SPT SF-608R is the one you will likely prefer as it draws only 60 watts to run. however, if you plan on using it in the office, study, or bedroom, for example, and you are more interested in it to be quiet than anything else, the Hessaire MC37A will steal your heart with its 59 decibels output when set on the highest fan setting.

Model Main Highlight Our Rating
Honeywell CO60PM 3-side honeycomb cooling media
Honeywell CL30XC Adjustabl humidity control
Hessaire MC37A 8-hour automatic shut-off timer
Luma Comfort EC110S Air swing delivery system
SPT SF-608R Cyclonic cooling technology

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