Portable Garage

Building a garage is quite a costly expense, one that you don’t necessarily have to put into application as there is another great solution to keep your vehicle safe from bad weather and harsh elements – a portable car shelter. A lot less expensive and more convenient as you can take it with you when you move from one home to another, for example, it is ideal as a temporary solution or a permanent one alike. Indeed, it does not provide the same sturdiness and security that an actual construction like the garage does, but balancing the pros of making this acquisition, it’s safe to say that, as a car owner, you will be more than satisfied with it.

Top 5 Portable Garages Comparison

Photo Garage Overall Size Interior Size Door Size Other Size Options Frame Material Cover Fabric Price

Best Overall
1. ShelterLogic Garage-In-A-Box 12.3’ x 19.9’ x 8.5’ 12.1’ x 19.7’ x 8.4’ 15’ x 6.6’ 12’ x 16’ Steel Polyethylene 7.5-ounce Check Price
2. Outsunny US84C-0030131 19.6’ x 12’ x 9’ 19.3’ x 11.8’ x 9’ 9.3’ x 6.3’ No Iron Polyethylene Check Price

Our Choice
3. Abba Patio APGP1220PEW 20’ x 12’ x 9.1’ N/A 9.1’ x 6.7’ No Powder-coated steel White polyethylene Check Price
4. ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box 70443 12.3’ x 12’ x 8.5’ 12.1’ x 11.8’ x 8.4’ 8.5’ x 6.6’ 6’ x 6’; 6’ x 10’; 6’ x 12’; 8’ x 8’; 10’ x 10’ High grade steel 7.5-ounce PSM triple layer woven polyethylene Check Price
5. ShelterLogic Peak Style AutoShelter 62680 9.8’ x 19.8’ x 8.2’ 9.6’ x 19.6’ x 8.1’ 6.5’ x 6.3’ No Powder-coated steel Triple-layer polyethylene Check Price

Car Shelter Evaluations

ShelterLogic Garage-In-A-Box

Not everyone has the money or space for an actual garage, and this is where the portable option comes in. With the ShelterLogic, you won’t only get a convenient place to park the car when you come from work, but you will have an actual shelter for it when the bad weather comes and you want to protect your means of transport from the elements. It is the most stable entry you will stumble upon, so there’s no need to worry it might ever tilt over on your car if the wind blows violently, what gives it this enhanced stability and durability being the 6 ribs it features that have 4-foot spacing between them.


Its interior dimensions are 12.1 feet by 19.7 feet by 8.4 feet, while the exterior dimensions are 12.3 feet by 19.9 feet by 8.5 feet. As the door measures 15 feet by 6.6 feet, you won’t have trouble parking your car inside it, even if you have an SUV. The fabric that the cover is made with is 7.5-ounce polyethylene that ensures UV protection and a long-lasting durability when confronted with harsh elements like hail and rain. The steel frame ensures stability is not an issue to worry about, as long as you properly set it up, wind not being able to knock it over.

Advanced Vehicle Protection

The paint of the car can be easily ruined when it is exposed to harmful elements like UV rays, hail, snow, and rain. However, the ShelterLogic helps prevent the paint from scratching or deteriorating as the cover it features is 100% waterproof, thus ensuring water won’t be able to enter into contact with the vehicle. It is UV resistant as well, an aspect that we have previously mentioned, meaning that UV rays cannot penetrate it and reach the paint. Additionally, due to its durable construction material, even heavy falling hail won’t be able to rip through it and damage the vehicle, so the car will receive complete protection.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • Ratchet-Tite tensioning system ensures a good connection of the cover with the frame.
  • ShelterLock stabilizers ensure a stable and durable shelter for the vehicle.
  • Powder coat finish of the frame keeps it rust and corrosion-free.

The manufacturing company backs it for a period of 1 year for the fabric and the framework, replacing or repairing it without charging you while this agreement is active. Just make sure that you don’t void the warranty by tampering with its structure, misusing it, abusing it, or altering it, as you won’t get to enjoy this perk anymore.

  • Cover withstands the elements as it is treated with fade blockers, anti-fungal agents, and anti-aging agents against the harmful UV rays
  • Features the Easy Slide Cross Rail system which locks the cover perfectly
  • Perfect for parking ATV’s, small cars, lawnmowers, trailers, and snowmobiles

Made with materials of the best quality which ensure stability and adequate protection of your vehicle against the elements, this shelter is your ideal pick if you want a portable parking solution. There are two size options you can choose between to suit your specific needs, and the latest innovations have went into its manufacturing, two aspect that make it irresistible.

Outsunny US84C-0030131

A rugged shelter from which your vehicle will greatly benefit as it will provide shelter against the harmful UV rays as well as bad weather, this is one of our top recommendations. As it is designed to provide cover for large vehicles, including SUVs, you can basically place anything you want in it without worrying that it might not fit. It comes with an anchor kit which ensures added stability if you use it so that harsh winds won’t tip the shelter over your car. In this kit are included 2 black guide ropes and 24 ground strokes to stake into the ground. It features a zippered front opening that allows you to easily access the interior of the shelter. It features a powder coated steel frame that ensures durability as time passes and enough strength to keep the structure in place. As the material of the cover is waterproof, you need not worry that water might get inside and ruin the appearance of your vehicle. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest to install vehicle shelters out there, the comprehensive instructions provided satisfying all customers who have already purchased it.

  • Features side panel drainage holes which ensure stability when it’s raining heavily
  • Zippered entrances on the back and front sides of the carport are easy to open/close
  • UV-resistant cloth ensures the protection of your car against heat and cold
  • Comes with an anchor kit that ensures extra stability
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Comes at a rather expensive price

Although there is a financial effort involved with purchasing this particular shelter carport, we are convinced of the fact that you won’t regret making the investment as it boasts an unmatchable sturdiness, being almost as reliable as an actual structural garage in terms of protection provided for the vehicle.

Abba Patio APGP1220PEW

We start off by mentioning the negative side of this shelter, more precisely the fact that it isn’t as stable as the other entries we reviewed previously. However, this doesn’t necessarily take away from its quality as it indeed provides proper stability even when the wind is particularly harsh. You can place it wherever you want, so you have full freedom when it comes to placement. As it is made with white polyethylene that is waterproof, your car is provided with protection against rain when the weather gets bad. Furthermore, the UV-resistant profile of the cover material ensures that the sun’s rays won’t affect the finish of the vehicle. It comes with heavy-duty bungee cords which ensure that the trap cover will be tightly secured to the frame. Due to the fact that it is fully collapsible, it presents you with the advantage of easy storage and transportation. It features two zippered doors that are detachable and can be removed when you want air to enter the construction. In addition, it features 8 legs that come with food pads which, once installed, add stability and ensure easier access when you want to secure anchor points.

  • Features heavy-duty bungee cords which ensure a tight securing of the trap cover to the frame
  • Can be placed on any type of surface
  • Features 8 legs which keep it in place when the wind blows
  • Comes with a complete accessory kit which ensures proper stability
  • Ideal for your truck, car, boat, motorcycle, or tent
  • No bolts are used to put it together, which makes it less stable than other options

Although there are other more expensive entries which provide a higher stability, this isn’t to say that the protection of your vehicle isn’t due with this car shelter. As a matter of fact, the complete accessory kit it comes with and its own features, like the legs and the bungee cords, ensure that wind or general bad weather won’t knock it over your car.

ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box 70443

Despite the small footprint of this shelter, it actually provides great space when it comes to vehicle storage. As expected from a quality carport, it features a waterproof cover material which ensures that rain won’t access it, thus not ruining the aesthetics of your freshly cleaned car. There are a total of 6 size options you can choose between, so you are sure to find the right one to suit your specific needs. It features a high-profile white interior which delivers enhanced illumination. The cover of the shelter is treated with fade blockers and anti-fungal agents, providing protection against UV rays and the elements. The 1-3/8-inch steel frame that it features is powder coated, which means that it resists rusting. It features the ShelterLock stabilizers that ensure maximum stability, guaranteeing that the canopy won’t tip over regardless how hard the wind blows. Continuous cover tightening is provided by the easy slide cross rail system it features, ensuring that you won’t have to lift a finger to keep everything in place. Furthermore, the manufacturing company backs it with a 1-year warranty against defects, which shows how much trust is put into the quality of this product.

  • Six different size options are put at your disposal to choose between
  • UV treated interior and exterior ensure the cover will withstand the elements
  • ShelterLock stabilizers ensure great stability of the vehicle shelter
  • White interior provides illumination
  • Continuous cover tightening is ensured by the Easy Slide Cross Rail system
  • Some customers have had trouble setting it up

Chances are that if you don’t pay attention to the instructions, you will have a bit of a hard time setting it up. However, seeing how this is the only flaw it has, it’s safe to say that this is an investment worth making if you want a cheap and convenient garage to park your car in.

ShelterLogic Peak Style AutoShelter 62680

Another pick which comes from ShelterLogic, it can be yours for a great price. As it is one of the more affordable selections on the market, you might be tempted to think that it lacks quality. However, this is not the case, the spacious garage ensuring that you will enjoy a proper place where to park the car when you arrive home. It features the easy slide cross rail system that ensures a continuous tightening of the cover. Speaking of the cover, know that it is waterproof, so rain won’t fall on your vehicle for sure. Furthermore, the cover is UV-treated, so no harm will be done to the paint by powerful UV rays. It comes with a tensioning system that ensures a great, tight connection between the shelter frame and cover. It features stabilizers that provide stability even in the harshest weather. The steel frame of the shelter is powder-coated, thus resisting rusting, chipping, and corrosion so that it won’t suffer any damage as the years pass. In addition, the company which manufacturing this portable car parking solution provides a 1-year warranty against defects for it.

  • Provides shelter for cars, trailers, garden equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, tractors, and any other types of vehicles
  • 100% waterproof design ensures water won’t affect the finish of your car
  • UV treated so that it keeps your vehicle safe from extreme weather
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • Best price to quality ratio
  • Some customers have complained about the durability of the material

If you are looking for a budget-smart solution, this is your go-to option as it comes at an affordable price, all without sacrificing quality. Providing protection against the damaging effect of UV rays, and preventing rain from falling on your car when you park it in this shelter, it is a must-have for any vehicle owner who isn’t willing to spend all that cash on building a garage.

Reasons to Use a Car Port

Building a garage is a costly affair and one that requires you to lose a lot of free space on your property. Not to say that there is a lot of paperwork involved with this action, which means that a lot of time gets wasted, time that you could save by simply placing a portable garage in the yard or wherever you want on your property, and park the car in it. Learn more about the perks provided and the reasons why this is a necessity rather than a luxury in the following.

  • If your vehicle is out in the open, tree branches, hail, or other objects can fall on it, damaging the finish. With the shelter, protection is ensured from this point of view as the items will fall on the cover rather than on your vehicle.
  • Rainfall, wind, and snow are unfavorable weather conditions for your vehicle, presenting a peril for its external surfaces. Dirt and acid could be left on the finish by these weather conditions, favoring the appearance of rust.
  • Protection against UV rays is another main reason why it is a must-have as, when the sun shines strong, the UVs attack the car’s paint.
  • If you park the car inside the portable shelter and you lock the zippers of its doors, it is less likely for thieves to snoop inside and see what you have deposited in it. As the vehicle isn’t displayed in the middle of the road, chances for someone trying to break into it are reduced.
  • As you won’t leave the car out in the sun, the cooler will have an easier time providing that chilly atmosphere when you do turn it on. This means that you won’t sweat as much during your commute when summer comes, and that the AC system won’t be overexerted either.
  • Even the vehicle’s engine will benefit from the shelter as, for this component to have a long lifespan and work properly, it needs to be kept away from extreme temperatures. Obviously, when parked inside the portable vehicle garage, it receives enough protection against extreme cold or heat.


Keeping your car safe is one of your main worries as a vehicle owner as you not only think about the financial aspect of having to repaint it in case it gets deteriorated by sun or hail, but because you have most likely grown attached to it by now, caring for it as if it were a member of your family. However, protection cannot be granted without shelter, and this is why we recommend the portable option as regardless how much money you have or how much free space you have in your yard, it provides optimal protection against the elements when the car is parked.

The ShelterLogic Garage-In-A-Box was an easy pick for our top spot as it provides a hefty interior size which makes it perfect not only for your vehicle, but for an ATV, a lawnmower, or even a trailer. It provides stability and durability so that you never have to worry about its integrity after installing it, while the UV protection it provides ensures your car’s paint won’t be damaged by the harmful rays emitted by the sun. Another worthy option is the Outsunny US84C-0030131 that is easy to set up and features drainage holes on the sides so that when it rains heavily, its structure won’t be affected and the risk of it collapsing on your car won’t exist. However, this isn’t to say that all our other options aren’t worthy of your attention as they are all stable, durable, and provide the needed protection to keep your car looking as good as new for years on end.

Model What We Liked the Most Our Rating
ShelterLogic Garage-In-A-Box Withstands all natural elements
Outsunny US84C-0030131 Spacious interior
Abba Patio APGP1220PEW 8 legs keep it in place even during heavy wind
ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box 70443 Interior and exterior are UV treated
ShelterLogic Peak Style AutoShelter 62680 Waterproof design keep rain at bay

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