Portable Solar Power Kits

Modern people are aiming for clean and renewable energy as it is not only convenient and cost-effective but because it is Eco-friendly as well. Considering the state of our planet, it is important to try our best and participate in preserving it until it is too late. Portable solar kits have pretty much taken the market by storm as they present the ultimate source of energy.

They are portable, just like the name says, they come in handy for on-the-spot charging when there is an emergency, and they are no hassle to work with. Find out what are our top 5 picks, what makes them so great in the first place, and other interesting facts and notions about solar power from our detailed article.

Top 5 Portable Solar Power Kits Comparison

1. Go Power! GP-PSK-120 2. Go Power! GP-PSK-80 3. ACOPower 105W Foldable 4. Renogy KIT-STCS100D 5. Eco-Worthy AM-L02FM120H-1
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Manufacturer Go Power! Go Power! ACOPOWER Renogy Eco-Worthy
Dimensions 32.5″ x 19.9″ x 2.8″, 32.5″ x 39.8″ x 1.4″ 21.6″ x 19.8″ x 2.8″, 21.6″ x 39.6″ x 1.4″ 50.4″ x 22.1″ x 0.2″, 22.1″ x 17.3″ x 0.8″ 19.9″ x 27.2″ x 2.4″ 31″ x 20″ x 2.8″
Weight 33 Lbs 19.8 Lbs 7.9 Lbs 27.7 Lbs 26.5 Lbs
Solar Panel
Type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
Material Silver Anodized Aluminum Silver Anodized Aluminum Laminated PET Polymer N/A Heavy-Duty Aluminum
Output Power 120W 80W 105W 100W 120W
Rated Current 6.7A 4.4A 6A 5.7A 7.3A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.6V 18V 21.6V 21.6V 21.6V
Short Circuit Current 7.19A 4.79A 6.1A 6.2A 6.7A
Charge Controller
Maximum Wattage Acceptance 160W 160W N/A N/A 270W
Continuous Current Input 10A 10A 10A 30A 15A
Important Details
Charging Temperature 32°F – 113°F 32°F – 104°F N/A -13°F – 131°F -40°F – 176°F
Operating Temperature 68°F – 140°F -40°F – 185°F N/A -40°F – 185°F -4°F – 140°F
Overcharge Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Built-In Charge Controller
Weather Resistant Design
Other Features Multiple Charging Connectivity Options Multiple Charging Connectivity Options Multiple Charging Connectivity Options Temperature Sensor Anti-Reflection Coated Glass
Adjustable Folding Legs Adjustable Folding Legs LCD Readout Lightning Protection
Battery Clamps Battery Clamps Alligator Clips Adjustable Timer
Folds into Carrying Case Pure Sine Wave Inverter Pure Sine Wave Inverter Adjustable Aluminum Stand Adjustable Light Sensor
XLR-Style Solar Plug Adapter XLR-Style Solar Plug Adapter
Anderson-Style Connectors with Dust Protector Caps Anderson-Style Connectors with Dust Protector Caps
Product Warranty 25 Years 25 Years 1 Year 25 Years 25 Years
Customer Support
User Manual

Portable Solar Kits Reviews

1. Go Power! GP-PSK-120

Whether you want to go camping yet still be prepared if your phone runs out of battery, or you know that you are going to be on the road a lot, and you want to be safe and have a power source in any situation where you might need it, this is the system to go for. It is available in 3 sizes, a 40W model, an 80W model, and the 120W model that we are going to talk about in this review. It is a folding solar module that grants versatility in use, providing a convenient charging solution when you are on the go. It features Anderson-style connectors that allow a quick interchange between accessories to suit your specific needs at that moment.


When it is folded, it measures 32.5 inches by 19.9 inches by 2.8 inches, and when it is opened, it measures 32.5 inches by 39.8 inches by 1.4 inches. Its total weight is 33 pounds, so you won’t have any trouble moving it when needed. It is rated at 120 watts power, while the rated current is 6.7A, and the rated voltage is 18V.


This 120-watt panel sets up in a matter of minutes – all you have to do is unfold it, and connect the clamps to the battery. One of its most convenient features is precisely the fact that it can be folded down to a smaller size that makes it easy to transport. It features a built-in PWM solar controller, and it is 100% maintenance-free, which means that you won’t waste any time caring for it.

Included Accessories
  • Carrying case;
  • 10 amp charge controller;
  • SAE solar plug adapter;
  • XLR-style solar plug adapter;
  • Ring terminal connectors;
  • Quick connectors;
  • Battery clamps;
  • 12 feet of UV 12/2 cable.

It is accompanied by a 25-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t pay for repairs or replacements in this period of time. However, this agreement is nullified if the defects that appear are a result of misuse, abuse, an accident, or neglect, so you have to be careful when using it.

  • PMW solar controller prevents battery overcharge
  • Easy transport – it folds into a carrying case
  • Features an XLR-style solar plug adapter
  • Maximized solar exposure due to adjustable folding legs
  • Setup process takes a few minutes

Durable, dependable, and providing you with enough power to charge your laptop or whatever other device you use when you are on the go, this is the perfect travel companion for any modern person who wants an energy efficient and Eco-friendly manner to keep tech belongings charged and ready to use.

2. Go Power! GP-PSK-80

The second entry in our top comes from Go Power! yet again. When it comes to most aspects, especially in the features and accessories department, it is identical to the GP-PSK-120 model that ranked number one. But this does not mean that there are no differences in performance and design between the two models.

Measuring 21.6” by 39.6” by 1.4” when opened, and weighing only 19.8 pounds, it is a versatile system to own as it is highly portable. The output power it boasts is a little under 100W, 80W to be more precise, meaning that it is slower at charging batteries and devices than the 120 model from Go Power! is. Nonetheless, it is an option worth taking into consideration for those who plan on backpacking and taking it with them.

  • Quick connectors allow a convenient setup
  • Folding design ensures convenience and ease when transporting the system
  • Generous operating temperature range – from -40°F to 185°F
  • Overcharge and over discharge protection ensure safety in use
  • Designed to resist exposure to rain or other harsh weather conditions

As it folds to make transport easier and provides with enough power to charge any device you have with you, this system is one of our top recommendations. Furthermore, the fact that it is designed to withstand any type of weather makes it all the more appealing.

3. ACOPOWER 105W Foldable

Another dependable and highly sought-after product is the 105W from ACOPOWER. The monocrystalline photovoltaic panels that it comes with boast high conversion efficiency. This suitcase system is the ideal companion for when you are away from home and you want to be capable of charging electronics. Highly durable and easy to use, it is perfect for those are new to solar power.

It increases efficiency by up to 25% more than other foldable solar panels. Thus, it is one of the top choices that you could go with. Unfortunately, there is a major downside to this product – the short warranty. The manufacturer only backs it up during the first year after purchase, which is a lot less than what other products offer.

  • Laminated textures make it aesthetically appealing and durable
  • Can directly charge car batteries without extra equipment
  • Reliable PWM charging mode technology
  • High conversion efficiency makes it 25% better than competitive products
  • Supportive and professional customer support

A suitcase kit you will like using as it is easy to setup and a cinch to transport, it had to make it in our top. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it comes at a reasonable, affordable price, and is widely regarded as being one of the most efficient power systems on the market right now.

4. Renogy KIT-STCS100D

This entry from Renogy does not only boast an incredibly compact design that makes it versatile and convenient to work with, but it offers a great output of approximately 500 watts per day when sunlight availability is at its strongest point. Thus, it is undoubtedly a reliable option for charging depleted batteries.

One of its major highlights is the built-in 4-stage charging controller that reduces any type of risks that might appear as it protects against overcharging. Even though it is ideal for it to sit in sunlight to receive its power, it performs excellently when there are poor lighting conditions as well. Additionally, the stand that it comes with is made of corrosion resistant aluminum, so there is no point to worrying about durability.

  • Electric shock hazards are prevented due to the low-voltage system
  • Yields sufficient energy in the long run – highly reliable operation
  • Solar charge controller reduces risk of hazard through overcharge protection
  • Expandable design – more panels can be added to the system
  • Compatible with flooded, sealed, or gel batteries

With the capability to output as much as 500 watts per day, it comes as no wonder that the Renogy ranked so high. It even performs well under poor lighting conditions, and it is reasonably priced when compared to most entries in this niche, so there are basically no real downsides to making this purchase.

5. Eco-Worthy AM-L02FM120H-1

This ready-to-use system is the ultimate choice to go with if you are looking for a portable charging solution. For business persons and those who travel often, it is a must-have as it allows a convenient, quick, and easy charging method for their car batteries, laptops, and all types of electronics.

The materials that it is made with and the overall design make it resistant to humidity and corrosion. Additionally, the manufacturing company backs it with a 25-year warranty that ensures you won’t be making an investment that will fail you too soon. This warranty combined with the product’s reasonable price makes it a worthwhile purchase for sure.

  • Waterproof IP22 design – high durability
  • Self consumption rate of only 2mA/4mA
  • 3-stage charging algorithm enhances its efficiency
  • Lightning and reverse battery pole connection protection
  • Battery clips allow an easy connection to the battery

Backed by a 25-year warranty and able to effortlessly charge any device you own, the Eco-Worthy is one of the best options you could go for. Additionally, it comes at a cheap price, and it is waterproof rated IP22, so there is no need to think about safety aspects when the rain starts to fall.

6. AllPowers AP-SP18V100W

What makes this solar panel quite unique is the fact that it boasts a bendable design, being curvable to 30 degrees, in addition to its light weight and compact size this trait making it the perfect portable energy solution. Furthermore, the fact that it can arch makes it a perfect choice for placement on irregular surfaces that are more pretentious.

As it is water resistant, you need not worry about bad weather affecting it in any way. It boasts a 50 PSF resistance to air and a 113 PSF resistance to snow. The optimal power of the panel is 100 watts, and it is applicable for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, trailers, and other means of transportation. It weighs only 4.7 pounds, and it measures 41 inches by 21 inches by 0.09 inches. In addition, the manufacturing company backs it with an 18-month warranty against defects.

  • Designed to be weather resistant – snow and wind don’t affect it
  • Can arch to 30 degrees, thus allowing you to place it on irregular surfaces
  • Packs a hefty 100 watts of power
  • Best-selling product on the market
  • Cheap price makes it one of the more affordable entries at the moment

Even though it is compact and lightweight, this panel is a real force to be reckoned with as it packs an impressive 100 watts of power. There are a plethora of reasons to why it is the best-selling product in its market, traits and specs which make us recommend it to anyone interested in having an Eco-friendly power source at their disposal at all times.

6. HQST 100W Polycrystalline Suitcase

As it can be folded into a suitcase for more convenient transportation, it comes as no surprise that this HQST entry has reached our roster. It measures 20 inches by 27.3 inches by 3.1 inches when folded, so it won’t take up much space either. When unfolded, it measures 40 inches by 27.3 inches by 1.5 inches. Furthermore, considering that it isn’t heavy at all, weighing only 21.75 pounds, you will have an even easier time setting it up.

It can operate in temperatures ranging from -25 to 55 degrees Celsius, so you can rely on it in most weather conditions. The panels are waterproof, which means that even a light summer rain session won’t affect it. The controller it comes with features a 10-foot wire. It features 36 cells per panel and it automatically accounts for temperature compensation to ensure accuracy in charging.

  • Features 36 cells per panel
  • Automatically accounts for temperature compensation so that it charges your batteries more accurately
  • Weighs only 21.75 pounds, which makes it easy for you to carry it
  • The wiring of the controller measures 10 feet
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Some customers have complained about the weak legs it features

Convenient to carry as it folds into a lightweight suitcase that is compact, the HQST provides you with an Eco-friendly way to charge devices when you are on the go.

What Solar Power Systems Bring New to the Table

With tech advancements in a continual upward spiral as people modernize and feel the need to simplify their lives, the popularity of mobile systems was easy to foresee. Unlike regular solar power systems that do not come with the added benefit of being by your side when you are on the go and in need to charge your laptop or car battery, portable systems offer this superior convenience in use.

These systems differ from each other though, and the spec you must pay attention to when making the purchase is wattage. A low-wattage system like the Renogy Pheonix is designed for use in situations where you need to maintain battery power for electronics like your smartphone or laptop. On the other hand, a high-wattage system like the Go Power! GP-PSK-120, for instance, is intended for emergency situations. Thus, not only will they charge the battery of your phone or laptop, but you can use them for recharging the car battery as well.

Basically, with these kits you are not limited when it comes to using it, and you can use it for its recharging capabilities regardless of your location. When you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and the car battery runs out of juice, it delivers the easy and fast fix to your situation so that you do not have to call professional help to get out of the messy situation.

Testing Trials

Investigating the market and reading spec sheets is not enough to establish a product’s quality. This is the reason why we passed our top picks through first-hand testing. This way, we are ensured of the fact that the information we provide is actually accurate and that we are not accidentally deceiving you. But let’s stop wasting time and move on to see what are the tests we performed and what we found out when they ended.

  • Simultaneous charging of multiple devices: All of the power systems we feature in our top deliver this capability as they all have capacities of over 10 watts. To test their performance when charging multiple devices, we concomitantly charged two external batteries. After performing the test on all power kits, we concluded that there is a slight decrease in efficiency when two devices are plugged in simultaneously. However, this decrease differed greatly between them. The Go Power! GP-PSK-120 and the Eco-Worthy AM-L02FM120H-1 scored better as they both have a 120-watt output power.
  • Cell phone charging: Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons why you plan on buying the system is to charge the battery of your cell phone. After all, it is the one modern device that people these days simply cannot seem to stay away from not even for 5 minutes. Thus, we had to test each solar panel on its capabilities to charge smartphones. What we found is that all of the solar panels can deliver a sufficient charge after only 10 minutes. For a full charge, depending on whether the phone is used throughout the process or not, it takes longer to finish and see 100% next to the battery symbol on the smart device’s screen.
  • Portability: The whole point of the mobile system is that it has to be compact and lightweight to make it easy for you to transport it with your vehicle, store it, and so on. The test performed on all 5 systems delivered the same outcome – they are all mobile and lightweight. Thus, regardless of why you intend on purchasing any of them, you do not have to fear that the portability aspect won’t be as great as promised by the manufacturing company.
  • Interruption recovery: In a lot of areas, a perfect sunny day is elusive. This is why we had to test for charging interruption recovery. Fortunately, all of the panel kits that we rank as being the best do not only deliver a good performance in optimal sunlight conditions, but when it is a bit darker as well. But there is a model that tested better than others when it came to this aspect, more precisely our pick for the number one spot, the Go Power! GP-PSK-120.

Rating Process Explained

Criteria Impact/Importance Best Product
Solar Panel Specs When talking about the specs of the solar panel, we refer to the type of cells which compose it, frame material, output power, open circuit voltage, rated current, and short-circuit current. All of these specifications portray the quality of the solar panel, the most important piece of the system as it is the one through which the process of solar charging is possible, to begin with. Go Power! GP-PSK-120
Charge Controller Specs The two specs that show how qualitative a charge controller is are the maximum wattage acceptance and the continuous current input. Eco-Worthy AN-L02FM120H-1
Charging/Operating Temperature The charging and operating temperature ranges show under what conditions it can be used. Obviously, it is best for the extremities of the range to be as far apart as possible for the system to be versatile and functional under numerous circumstances. Eco-Worthy AM-L02FM120H-1
Overcharge and Over Discharge Protection These two features are of an ultimate importance in any kit as they keep the systems as well as the batteries or devices that the systems are charging safely. Go Power! GP-PSK-120, Go Power! GP-PSK-80, ACOPower 105W Foldable, Renogy KIT-STC100D, Eco-Worthy AM-L02GM120H-1
Multiple Device Charging If the system allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices with it, you will reap the benefit of getting more tasks done at once. Go Power! GP-PSK-120, Go Power! GP-PSK-80, ACOPower 105W Foldable

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is there any advantage to monocrystalline panels?
Yes, monocrystalline panels, as opposed to polycrystalline panels, deliver a higher current output rating. Thus, their performance exceeds that of poly models. For this reason, we had to make sure to pick only solar panels with monocrystalline cells.

?What is the importance of the output power rating?
It is important to pay attention to this specification – the solar panel’s wattage – as it shows how quick the system will handle charging batteries and devices.

?Is it possible to take it with me when backpacking?
As long as it does not weight more than 20 pounds, you should face no difficulties or feel any discomfort when carrying it in your backpack. Although these systems are mobile, they are not all easy to carry as they do boast a considerable amount of weight – usually from 5 to 35 pounds.

For on-the-spot charging, those who find themselves on the road often are in need of a mobile charging solution, which most conveniently comes in the form of an easily portable solar power kit. As you are already aware by this point, the Go Power! GP-PSK-120 is the leading solution in terms of mobile Eco charging. It weighs only 33 pounds, so it is not difficult to transport it, it utilizes pulse width modulation charging for maximum efficiency, and the maximum wattage it accepts is 160 watts. Furthermore, it folds into a carrying case, an aspect which further enhances its portability, and it provides you with multiple charging connectivity options.

The Renogy KIT-STCS100D is a more advantageous acquisition as it comes at a cheaper price, all without sacrificing much in terms of performance quality. As with most high-end power systems, it utilizes the pulse width modulation charging system, but what makes it special is the fact that it features a temperature sensor which maximizes its lifespan. Thus, you are sure to enjoy a long-lasting investment if you follow through with the purchase.

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