Best Pregnancy Pillow

This product will provide you with suitable body support for your whole body. Women who suffer from back and joint pain can use this product to ease some of it. It will relieve pressure on the spine and hips and it will allow you to get a good night’s sleep. By using this, you will make your life easier and the pregnancy more bearable. Even after you give birth, you can use this product to support you whilst you’re breastfeeding and holding the baby. Some of these are hypoallergenic and you can use it without worrying about your allergies or sensitive skin.

Top 7 Pregnancy Pillow Comparison

Photo Pregnancy Pillow Price
Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow Image

1. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body 13594

  • Product dimensions: 51” x 33.5” x 8.8”
  • Color available: White
  • Cover material: Organic Cotton
  • Shape: Curved
  • Machine washable: No
  • Best for: Sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome
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 BlowOut Bedding Image

2. BlowOut Bedding RN 142035 Burgundy

  • Product dimensions: 60” x 27” x 7”
  • Color available: Burgundy
  • Cover material: Polyester
  • Fiiling: Polyester
  • Shape: J curved
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Best for: Sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel, and lower back pain
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3. ComfySure COMIN18JU086633

  • Product dimensions: 28.5” x 58” x 5”
  • Color Available: White
  • Cover material: Polyester
  • Filing: Polyester
  • Shape: J curved
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Best for: Pain in the tummy and back, muscle aches
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 PharMeDoc Image

4. PharMeDoc PMD-C-BP-JC

  • Product dimensions: 61.8” x 29.1” x 5.9”
  • Color Available: Gray
  • Cover material: Cotton
  • Filing: Polyfill material
  • Shape: C curved
  • Machine washable: No
  • Best for: To provide support for head, back, belly and hips
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PharMeDoc Image

5. PharMeDoc PMD-U-BP-WH

  • Product dimensions: 59.1” x 33.9” x 7.1”
  • Color Available: White
  • Cover material: Cotton
  • Filing: Polyfill material
  • Shape: U curved
  • Machine washable: No
  • Best for: Full body support
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Hiccapop FBA_B01KG84CLI Image

6. Hiccapop FBA_B01KG84CLI

  • Product dimensions: 13.2” x 15” x 4.5”
  • Color available: Gray
  • Cover material: Plush Velboa
  • Shape: Wedge
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Best for: Nerve pain, reduces swelling and back ache
QueenRose PP-G01 Image

7. QueenRose PP-G01

  • Product dimensions: 55” x 31” x 7.8”
  • Color Available: Blue and Pink
  • Cover material: Cotton
  • Filing: Polyfill material
  • Shape: U curved
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Best for: Full body support

Reviews of the Top Pregnancy Pillow of 2018

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body 13594


A good pillow which is designed for pregnant ladies will definitely take away some pain you feel whilst you’re pregnant. Purchasing such product means that you will get a good night’s sleep and the comfort you desire. This accessory will provide support for your back and tummy simultaneously. You will have the feeling that someone is constantly hugging you. Additionally, it will elevate and align your hips to relieve the strain sensation on your joints. This shape is suitable for those who have problems with their sciatica and gastric reflux.

Cozy and Warm

You will be provided with comfort for your back and belly by simply reversing it. The custom cover is machine washable so you can easily deal with it when you’ve excessively sweat during the night. These are some of its features:

  • It provides full suport for the whole body. Regardless if you’re laying on the side or back
  • You will not have to wake up to re-position it or change sides, just turn and you will get the same good feeling as you did on the other side
  • It follows the natural body curves which means that you will feel snug and warm
  • The cover is washable
  • Suitable for women who experience unbearable pain
  • Can be used after you give birth
  • It also gives a good head support
  • It doesn’t come with replacement covers

This is one of the best sellers because it simply offers so much softness and comfort that you will feel that it takes the pain away. This is one of the most important feature a pillow as such can have because it’s a known fact that women feel extreme pains whilst pregnant. If you decide to buy this model you will notice yourself how soft and mind-blowing this item actually is.

BlowOut Bedding RN 142035 Burgundy

This product is described to be one of the most durable on the market and if you’re not happy with it, the company has Money Back Guarantee which means that you can send the item back and you will get your money back. The cover is washable and super soft. Because of its shape, you will feel comfortable laying on your side in your third trimester. Furthermore, with this product, you can also try to sleep on your back because it will relieve pain from your hips. Additionally, when you hug it you will feel nested and protected. One of the best feeling you can feel before you go to sleep. You can use this product even after you give birth because it’s made to last.

  • 30 day’s Money Back Guarantee
  • The actual pillow is machine washable
  • Your partner can use it as well
  • You can use it even after surgery
  • Some people find it difficult to turn at night

The reason why this is one of the best sellers on the market is because it offers suitable comfort for pregnant ladies. The majority of the reviews this product has received are positive and they highlight how amazing this model is. They actually regret that they haven’t purchased it sooner.

ComfySure COMIN18JU086633

This product is multi-purpose useful as you can use it whilst you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The shape of it will help with pain and discomfort. You can use it if you sleep on the side, back and belly. This is because it offers head support, it’s big enough for you to tuck it in between your legs and it’s soft enough to lay on your belly. It will help to relieve pain from sciatica and joint aches. It can be used whilst you’re sleeping, reading or watching TV. We are pleased to announce that it’s hypoallergenic and thus people with skin sensitivity or allergies can use it without worries. It’s 100% polyester which makes it a breathable product.

  • It has a revolutionary design
  • You can use it if you are recovering from surgery
  • It’s durable
  • You can change sides without getting out of it first
  • Not suitable if you’re traveling

This is a popular product because people enjoy how much they can do it with. The majority of such pillows, do not allow pregnant women to sleep in the position they find most comfortable because they were not designed to do so. However, if you look into purchasing this product you will not regret it because the many great reviews this product has all over the internet describe it to be revolutionary as it allows you to sleep whatever way you want.


The cover is 100% cotton which makes it super soft and easy to maintain. The shape is adjustable and thus you can use it for a variety of things. It comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The C shape which this item has is the suitable balance between comfort and support. The cotton is hypoallergenic and it fights off any allergens. You can rely on it to provide you with a good night sleep. The product is so comfortable that even that the doctors recommend it for the elderly. Your partner can also use it for a good night rest. It’s designed to be used even when you are traveling.

  • It’s comfortable and soft
  • Those with poor posture can use it as well
  • It’s recommended by doctors
  • It’s not heavy and can be used when traveling
  • The material can be ruined if you machine wash it frequently

This is another popular product as the majority of the women who purchase this product they want something that is hypoallergenic. We also recommend that you consider models as this one because you do not want something that will create health problems or trigger allergies. Whatever item you purchase you must ensure that it aids your health or helps to keep you on track.


The U shape of it will provide you support all over your body. If you find the original design uncomfortable, you can detach the extension and make it smaller or leave it in for additional support for your back and belly. You can also remove the extension and place it on one side and this will make sleeping on one side even more comfortable. The product has zero phthalates or any other harmful chemicals. The product is suitable for sleeping, reading or watching TV. It has a side on which you can rest your arms if you’re breastfeeding or simply holding something. If you enjoy big pillows, then this one is the most suitable one for you.

  • Suitable for everyone in the family to use it
  • The shape is unique
  • It’s durable
  • You do not have to flip sides to get the same comfort feeling
  • It’s bulky and will take up the majority of the space

This product sells so well because it allows women to adjust the pillow the way they find comfortable. You should be able to do this with every model you purchase because you are investing money. Because you are able to mould it the way you want, it means that your partner can use it as well or you can use it after you give birth. This means that you will be able to have it for many years to come.

Hiccapop FBA_B01KG84CLI

This wedge pillow is one of the most suitable things you can purchase during your pregnancy. This supreme pillow is designed with memory foam which will ensure that your belly is given enough support. It will also help with back aches as you will be able to relax better than if you use a normal pillow. In addition to this, you will notice that it reduces swelling in your hands, legs and feet. The better you are positioned, the less pain you will feel. This innovative pillow will also help with nerve pain so you will have a comfortable night sleep. The plush velboa cover is soft and it will help you relax even more. You will be pleased to know that the cover is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about germs or bacteria.

  • Designed with an Airflow Ventilation system
  • The material is machine washable
  • It’s small enough to fit in your traveling bag
  • It helps to relieve back tension
  • You will have to flip the pillow to get maximum comfort

The reason why this product sells so well is because at its small price, you get similar benefits as a more expensive model. In addition to this, it also helps with several problems pregnant women experience.

QueenRose PP-G01

This pillow is 100% hypoallergenic pillow. It’s soft and it has a unique polyethylene filling which makes it dense. It doesn’t give off any strange smelling scent. You will find it comfortable sleeping on the side and it will retain fluffiness over the years. The model follows the natural body’s curve so you will feel comfortable sleeping. After you give birth, you will also feel comfortable to use when breastfeeding. You can use it for watching TV, feeding, reading or just to relax. In addition to this, if you are suffering from hip and back pain, sciatica, poor posture or injuries, this pillow will feel like you will be taking the pain away. Additionally, the pillow will cover your whole body so you will find it comfortable to turn in your sleep. You will definitely not wake up whilst doing it.

  • The cover is machine washable
  • Can be used after giving birth
  • It enables multiple sleeping positions
  • It gives full body support
  • It doesn’t retain heat

The reason why this is a popular choice is because even though it’s big, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. As well as, you can use it on the bed, and your partner will still fit comfortable. As well as, it helps with a lot of the pain pregnant women feel.

How You Will Benefit From the Maternity Pillow

One of the most important factors in a pregnancy is sleep quality. A good night’s sleep contributes to yours and your baby’s overall health. By using these pillows you enable yourself to rest in a good position which helps with any aches or pains you may have. There are many more benefits you can get from this product and we are here to tell you the most important ones.

  • Stimulates sleep – When you are pregnant it’s difficult to fall asleep because of worries, stress and pain. A good pillow will ease the discomfort you constantly feel from your pregnancy. Once you take a comfortable position your muscles and brain will relax. Doctors recommend that you do not sleep on your back and belly because it can harm the baby but if you have this product you allow yourself to fall asleep because it provides the right balance between comfort and support.
  • Improves blood circulation and heart rate – Women can feel anxious during pregnancy and so they constantly feel on the edge. This can have a impact on their heart rate and blood circulation and it can be harmful to the baby. Because of the shape of these pillows, you feel nested and hugged whenever you use it. This will lower your heart rate and take away the anxiety. You will be able to remain calm because you massively reduce the risk of applying accidental pressure on your womb.
  • Can be used after pregnancy – Even after natural childbirth, you need the same comfort as you had whilst being pregnant. It takes the body a while to adjust to the body you had before the pregnancy. This is why this product is an investment rather than a spend. Some of them will allow you to use them when you’re breastfeeding by providing you arm support, a headrest for when you’re reading or watching the TV. You will notice that the pains you had whilst being pregnant do not go away as soon as you hoped, this is why it’s important that you still use this item. Furthermore, if you had cesarean you should know that using these is safe. This is because they are easily adjustable and will not press against your wound. Some shapes can be manipulated whatever way you wish.
  • Fights against allergens – The material of most are hypoallergenic which means that you do not have to worry about allergies or skin irritants. You can get a good night sleep without waking up in the morning with a skin rash. It’s important to note that hormonal changes during pregnancy are normal and you will be more prone to contracting allergies or skin irritations. If you use this pillow you will minimize the risk of getting them in your own bed.
  • Eases pain and aches – This product is also designed for those who are not pregnant but still have pains. Your partner or someone older can benefit from this purchase just as much as you. Those who feel back pains, arthritis and joints pain can sleep on this pillow and they will wake up refreshed and pain-free. This product is made to be durable because companies are aware of the many benefits that it brings. Therefore, you can use it for many years to come.

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