Kate Redmond

January 30, 2019

Vertical Window Air Conditioner

With the differences in temperature that tend to be more and more dramatic, every house needs an AC unit. Useful in both cold and warm weather, these devices are ideal if you want to quickly make the temperature in your house comfortable while keeping the bacteria and unwanted allergens away.
January 30, 2019

Water Boiler and Warmer

If you are tired of waiting for the water to boil every time you want a cup of coffee or tea, then upgrade your kitchen devices with a water boiler and warmer. Efficient, safe and easy to use, you will never have to wait again to enjoy your favorite tea blend or coffee mix.
January 29, 2019

Resistance Band

Diversify your training routine while keeping your body in top shape with the help of a resistance band. Flexible and versatile, easier than weights but offering a powerful and long-lasting exercising routine, you can easily vary the range of your training moves and workout routine.
January 29, 2019

Lawn Roller

Be the proud owner of a perfectly stylized lawn with the minimum effort. There will be no more heaves and bumps made by moles or frost, nor will you have to deal with 'bald' grass spots. Easy to use, versatile and adaptable, a lawn roller will definitely make your gardening activity a pleasurable one.
January 28, 2019

Toddler Pillow

Help your child grow up healthy by providing him with the best care at the right time. From the baby's crib to a normal-sized bed, your little angel needs a helping hand to adjust. A toddler pillow is the best first step in this direction, as it improves both the child's sleep quality and the overall sleeping experience for both parents and child.
January 26, 2019

Motorcycle Tow Hitch

Versatile, coming with different capacities to aid you in keeping your motorcycle with you, a motorcycle tow hitch will make sure you won't have to leave your bike back home when you travel. See the world in style without worrying about the safety of your bike.
January 24, 2019

Electronic Dog Door

Give your pet the freedom of going out in the backyard whenever it chooses without you having to interrupt your activities. Easily installed and setted, electronic dog doors will ensure your and your pet's comfort while making sure there is no intruder that can come into your house.
January 22, 2019

Commercial Juicer

Staying healthy while eating healthy foods has become an increasingly popular activity recently. One of the best ways to keep a healthy diet is by incorporating into your daily meal a nutritious, fresh and full of vitamins shake or juice made from fruits or vegetables. So, according to what type of juices you like best, there are several options of gadgets that can help achieve that healthy diet.
January 21, 2019

Propane Torch

A great alternative to any chemicals used in gardens to keep the weeds in check, chemicals which, if used, have several negative effects to the environment and yourself; torches are a more nature-friendly, nature-oriented way of keeping any excess of grass from ever coming back to your garden.
January 20, 2019

Olympic Weight Set

Get to new training heights by diversifying your usual workout routine. Don't let your body become accustomed to only one type of exercise, be creative, be unique and test your limits. With the right equipment, nothing is impossible, especially if it is for your health's benefit.
January 19, 2019

Commercial Ice Maker

A cold and refreshing drink works wonders in the hot, torrid summer days. So, what better way to savor your drink if not by using different ice cubes to make your drinks reflect your funny, sophisticated or unique personality. Thus, with the help of an ice maker machine, all your worries will be swept away, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite drink or beverage.
January 18, 2019

Water Bottle Humidifier

Nothing is more problematic and, at the same time, more annoying than dry air and its effects. Especially during traveling, you need a way to keep the air in your hotel room moisten and healthy, clean of bacteria and fresh. Portable, easy to use, and compact, they come in different shapes and sizes, thus, making it ideal to take it with you, a portable humidifier is a must-have item for everyone.
January 17, 2019

FM Antenna

There are several ways to keep yourself informed and one of those methods is to listening to the radio. But besides the gadget itself, you need a way to receive the radio waves of different news, music, sports and radio talk channels. Thus, in order to get the best results out of your device, it is best to use an antenna.
January 15, 2019

Human Hair Wig

If you want to achieve a personalized look based on your hairstyle, a human hair wig could be just what you need to play with your aesthetics. No matter if you want your hair long one day and short the other, you can easily achieve it with the help of a wig.
January 14, 2019

Kitten Food

A healthy kitty is a happy kitty, therefore it is very important to feed your kitten only the best food available as it grows up. The first year of its life is extremely important, so be sure to pick only the best for your kitten, so it can have a balanced, nutritious and healthy growth.
January 13, 2019

Corded Stick Vacuum

Level up your house cleaning skills by adding a new household device in your arsenal, an easy to handle, use and store corded stick vacuum. With the ability to reach several tricky spots, while using the full suction power of a stable energy source, these items are a way to make your household chores a lot easier.
January 13, 2019

Bunk Bed Mattress

Sleeping is essential to everyone, but not all can rest properly. Good night sleep is closely related to your bedding and to your mattress, and how it adapts to your needs. While a good mattress will make you feel refreshed, full of energy, and ready to start a new workday, a bad one might, very well, affect not only your day but also your overall health.
January 9, 2019

Anti-fungal Shampoo

Give your hair the care it needs, while maintaining your scalp clean, refreshed and fungus free. Hair and head skin problems are quite common to many people, regardless of age, thus you don't have to be ashamed or hide your problems. With the right shampoo, your hair will be back, more nourished and refreshed than ever.
January 8, 2019

Adjustable Weight Bench

Support your body while mixing, innovating and diversifying your training workout. Different sets of exercises have different requirements as they affect your body in different ways. Thus, to stay in shape, while never straining your body, it is best to use a weight bench.