Retro Bluetooth Speaker

We are living an era of technology and we want to purchase everything that is new and innovative. There are a lot of gadgets that can help us enjoy our hobbies and one of them is the Bluetooth speaker. These speakers come in different shapes and sizes from small, portable, to large models. Despite their type, appearance and other features they have the same mission. This way you can control the music you are listening anywhere inside the area of the speakers. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular gadgets and their characteristics.

Top 5 Retro Bluetooth Speakers Compared

1. Marshall 04091627 2. Lofree EP203-N 3. LuguLake R9 4. Rerii RW-01 5. TEWELL T-1
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General Info
Manufacturer Marshall Lofree LuguLake Rerii TEWELL
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.6” x 11.2” x 9.3” 7.1” x 2.8” x 4.2” 13.6” x 5.6” x 10.6” 5.3” x 2.4” x 3.1” 10.2” x 5.9” x 5.9”
Weight 12.39 pounds 1.2 pounds 10.93 pounds 1 pound 4.63 pounds
Color Black Turquoise Blue Brown Brown Black

Audio Specifications

Output Power 2 x 20W + 1 x 40W 20W 25W 8W 24W
Maximum Sound Level 100 dB 80dB N/A 60dB N/A
Frequency Range 45Hz- 22.000Hz +-3dB 60Hz-20,000Hz N/A 530 – 1700KHz N/A
Mains Frequency 50 – 60 Hz 50 – 60 Hz 50 – 60 Hz 50 – 60 Hz 50 – 60 Hz
Stereo/Mono Stereo Stereo Stereo Stereo Stereo
FM Mode
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth v4.2 Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth v4.2
Wired Connectivity 3.5 mm Input + RCA Input 3.5 mm Input 3.5 mm Input 3.5 mm Input 3.5 mm Input


Music Playtime 6 hours 6 hours 6 hours 15 hours 6 hours
Battery Plugged In 2000 mAh 4000 mAh 2200 mAh Plugged In


Compact and Powerful
Easy to Use
Other Features
Classic Marshall design details Status indicator light 10-in-1 multi-function Crafted by natural walnut wood Powerful sound with boosted bass
It comes with two standby modes Power indicator light True Wireless Stereo Clear and crisp sound Gold toggle switch
Power saving FM screen and channel switch Bronze-colored metal details Compact for carrying Compact design


Product Warranty 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year 18-Month
User Manual
Costumer Support
Telephone Support 01908 375411 1-626-244-8606
E-mail [email protected] marshallheadphones .com [email protected] [email protected]
Online Chat Support

1. Marshall 04091627

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Connectivity and Performance

Our first recommendation is represented by a Marshall product that uses the 4.0 Bluetooth technology together with aptX technology. It can easily be connected to the smartphone, tablet, computer or other devices without needing any wires. On the other hand, it comes with a 3.5 mm input and double ended cable if you need to wire it up. The RCA input lets you go analogue and connect to those devices that you have not used for a long time. For instance, helped by the RCA input you can connect it to the CD Player. As regards the audio performance, this model has an output power of 2 x 20W + 1 x 40W, and a frequency range of 45Hz- 22.000Hz +-3dB. By the same token, you can enjoy your favorite music for up to six hours.


Having to do with this aspect, this model features the classic Marshall design details. It has a retro, vintage appearance with gold metal details that can match your décor in a pleasant way. Its classic design brings you back in the golden days of music and its analogue handles let you control your favorite music. Besides, the Stanmore model comes with two standby modes: power saver and standard, so that you can diminish the environmental impact when the gadget is not used. If you are searching for this type of vintage product, just go for it and you will not regret!

  • High-quality sound
  • Raw power
  • Great design
  • 1-Year warranty included
  • Lack of FM Mode

This is a popular choice of the users due to its great sound quality, audio efficiency and performance and also its vintage and great-looking design that brings you back in time. You will immediately fall in love with this compact gadget that plays your preferred music anytime, anywhere.

2. Lofree EP203-N

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This one is another retro model that will certainly be a great choice, too. This little device combines modern technology with vintage design offering you a unique musical experience. It can easily be connected with your smartphone, tablet, or other smart equipment in just a mere of seconds due to the 4.2 Bluetooth technology. Now you can enjoy up to six hours of your favorite music with just a single charge due to the 2000 mAh built-in battery that provides high-efficiency. Don’t be tricked by its tiny dimensions, it has an exceptionally loud volume. Furthermore, the two 10-watt amplifiers audio output will sound louder and richer without distorsion. More to mention, it includes the FM function and it is equipped with a physical rotating dial for channel scanning. Its design makes it perfect for every setting so you can practically take it with you at parties, beach games, meetings, events. Enjoy the best moments with this retro gadget and if not satisfied with it you can benefit from 1-year money back warranty and lifetime customer service.

  • High-quality rich sound
  • Compact and portable
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • 1-Year warranty included
  • Battery life might be too low

What makes this product so popular is its pleasant and colorful design but also its high-quality loud and rich sound so that you can play and enjoy your favorite songs.

3. LuguLake R9

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Our third choice represents a vintage-looking gadget that you will absolutely love. We are talking about a 10-in-1 multi-function product that offers us also the FM function. With 5.25” woofer and 1.34” tweeter, this model provides clear and rich sound and great audio frequency. The bass radiator delivers rich bass for an ideal combination of highs, mids, and lows. Now you can play your favorite songs for up to six hours due to the large capacity 4000 mAh battery. An important characteristic of this device is the True Wireless Stereo technology, this means you are able to wirelessly pair to a second speaker. Audio can be played in sync on both devices with improved stereo sound. Let’s not forget that the gadget can be also plugged in helped by the 3.5 mm input. Moreover, it supports U disk and card reader. This model also features a LCD display so you can easily set the source mode, volume, and radio channel. Furthermore, the wireless remote control will help you practically and quickly maneuver the device when having an important event, such as a meeting. The gadget has 6 FM and 6 AM functions and a rubber antenna that gives a great reception. The product is backed by 1-year warranty and 24 hours service.

  • Bass reflex system
  • LCD display
  • Lightweight design
  • 1-Year warranty included
  • Some have complained about the FM mode

This product sells so well because it is ideal for listening to your music anywhere, anytime. Besides, it can also be a great gift for your friends or family. Get back in time with this mix of modernism and vintage design.

4. Rerii RW-01

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Our fourth pick is a natural wood crafted gadget with an eco-friendly design that brings you a higher sound quality and a perfect listening experience. Its unique retro design makes it suitable for every corner around your house because it can match the décor easily. Concerning the connectivity, the device features the 4.0 Bluetooth technology and comes with a USB cable and auxiliary cable if you do not want to connect it wirelessly. Now you can really enjoy a high-quality sound with an intense and clear volume. As regards the bass sound it is a mix between tight and strong and blends in a great manner with all the types of music. It can easily be maneuvered because the power controls are wisely placed in the front of the speaker together with the battery level LED indicator. Furthermore, its lightweight design and tiny dimensions make it easy to carry it with you everywhere you go. It supports both AM and FM and it has an extremely long playtime of approximately 15 hours.

  • Hand made of walnut wood
  • Extra long playtime
  • Fast pairing
  • Compact and portable
  • Some say it is too small

This is a saleable item due to the fast connectivity and great quality of sound but also the handcrafted wood design that you will totally love. You can use it for yourself but it can also be a great present for your beloved ones.


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This speaker is a compact and powerful retro gadget that offers an innovative musical experience. This device offers impressive bass and exceptional built quality. It delivers strong and effective sound with boosted bass helped by the 24W audio drivers. It can be used both wireless and wired. You can simply connect it to a smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth or you can plug it in with the 3.5 mm cable. The double-ended stereo cable connects your computer, projector or other non-bluetooth devices to the speaker. More than this, with the gold dial switch and handle on the panel you can adjust the volume depending on the room you are in. it has a compact and lightweight design so it can be carried everywhere you need to. But at the same time, it has the perfect size for desks, bookshelves, and tables. Moreover, the product is backed by 18-month warranty if it does not satisfy your needs.

  • Premium sound quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use
  • 18-Month warranty included
  • Some claim it is not loud enough

What makes this product so popular is the powerful bass and well-balanced audio that offers articulate and pronounced sounds. Also, its simple way to use makes it more convenient and effective.

6. Bongo Bamboo 001

This is another great choice to take into consideration if you are a music lover and you also enjoy the retro style. Bongo Bamboo comes to your attention with an amazing product that has combines the classic design with the modern sound. Made in Brooklyn, it is handmade of amazing bamboo wood so it is durable, but lightweight at the same time. It is great because you can take it everywhere you go due to its tiny design that can fit even in a purse. Concerning its audio performance, it provides a clear and strong sound without distortions. Even though it is a small device it has powered drivers and dual passive subwoofers. The listening experience is better enriched by the bamboo than plastic material. The wireless connection is a great idea, you can easily pair it via Bluetooth 4.0 with iOs devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers. It has a 33 feet wireless range and the battery lasts up to 15 hours so you can enjoy your favorite playlist almost all day long.

  • Ultra portable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Made out of natural bamboo wood
  • Retro vintage speaker fabric
  • Some have had trouble with the Bluetooth pairing
This is a saleable product due to the fact that combines the retro style with the modern one. It has great efficiency but also a great design because of the bamboo manufacture.

BT Speakers Buying Guide

If you are searching for a product that can suit all your musical needs you are in the right place. Forget about mobile phones and tablets because they do not deliver the perfect sound quality when playing music. Embrace the new technology and choose a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth speakers are the best idea for everyone who loves listening to music at the highest sound quality. They are innovative, efficient, and also you can easily take them with you everywhere you need to. But, in order to take the best decision take a look at some of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing this type of gadget.

  • Sound Quality – This is certainly the most important feature to consider when purchasing this product. The reason why opt for this type of device is that we want to listen to music much better than we usually do with the mobile phone or tablet. There are four essential parameters that help us know that the speaker will sound good. These are the output power, the frequency range, sound system, and impedance. The output power refers to the watts emitted by the gadget which is closely related to the sound pressure measured in decibels. The frequency range refers to the sounds capable of being perceived, for instance, the human ear can perceive approximately 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The sound system has to contain a number of channels. Most of the devices have a 2.0 or 2.1 system. And finally, the impedance represents the resistance in ohms that is related to power. In few words, the lower the impedance, the better the sound quality
  • Connectivity – Nowadays, most of the speakers use the latest versions of Bluetooth (4.0 or 5.0). If the device you are trying to connect it with has an older version it is possible that you might encounter pairing trouble. Make sure that the devices you want to connect the speaker with are compatible with the Bluetooth versions so you can use it properly. But there are also brands that offer USB or micro USB connection so to avoid this type of problems
  • Simple Controls– As we all know this is the age of hurry, everything we do we do it quickly and rapidly. Therefore, the easier are our devices to maneuver, the better. Nobody will stay a long time to read all the instructions and learn how to use it. The operation has to be simple and easy, just to turn it on, pair and use it. So, when buying this type of device look for a power button, play and pause button, volume control, and Bluetooth pairing button. All these will make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere
  • Battery – Another relevant factor to consider is the battery power. We want to enjoy the music all day long especially at parties or similar events. There are many models on the market, some of them offer 10 hours of music with only a single charge but usually, most of the devices allow up to 6 hours of music. Charging time is also important due to the fact that some models have the fast charging feature but others do not. So if you want to use a whole day, look for a gadget the fast charging feature included
  • Portability – If you travel a lot or you just prefer to take your gadget with you everywhere you go, it is better to look for a lightweight and compact one. Many brands offer a various field of light and compact speakers that can easily fit your luggage. This way, you can take them everywhere you need to without worrying that they do not fit in your valise
  • Suitability – The last but not least, let’s talk about its suitability, a significant aspect to consider, too. When you decide to buy it you have to know what you really wish for. Do you need it for outdoor events, parties, or just for placing it in your room and relaxing on a musical ambiance? There are various models for every purpose this is why it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. If you will use it for the outdoor events opt for a model with a greater output power, this one must not have less than 85 decibels so that it can provide a good sound quality. On the other hand, if you buy it for indoor use, you can opt for the rest of the models that might have less than 85 decibels

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