Robot Vacuums

Among all types of vacuums available, none beats the efficiency and comfort in use of the robot vacuum. The compact size and the self-sufficiency make it a great cleaning aid for any housekeeper looking to ease her job. These smartly-designed devices are perfect for cleaning floors of all kinds and can significantly minimize the hassle of using bulky and space-consuming vacuums. In case you are interested in getting one for at home, it’s best to know which are the ones that are worth your attention.

Top 5 Robot Vacuums Comparison

1. Samsung POWERbot R9250 2. iRobot Roomba 980 3. Neato Botvac D80 4. Shark ION ROBOT 720 5. ILIFE A4s
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Design Information

Weight (lbs.) 10.5 8.7 9 5.5 4.9
Diameter (in.) 14.8 13.8 13.2 12.6 12.2
Height (in.) 5.3 3.6 3.9 2.6 3
Shape Rounded-edge Square Round D-Shape Round Round
Color Black and White Brown and Black Black Black and Gray Black and Gray
LCD Display
Low Profile Design

Cleaning Efficiency

Brushes Combo Brush Tangle-free Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush Combo & Blade Brushes Dual Spinning Side Brushes Tangle-free Roller Brush and 2 Side Brushes
Dirt Sensors
Dust Bin Capacity (liters) 0.7 N/A 0.7 N/A 0.45
Battery Life (hours) 1.7 2 2 1 2.2
Filter Type Washable HEPA Two HEPA Washable N/A
Scheduled Cleaning
Multi-Room Cleaning
Spot Cleaning

Surface Performance

Carpet 10 10 10 10 10
Bare Floor 10 10 10 10 9
Laminate 10 9 9 10 9
Tile 10 10 9 10 10
Wood 10 10 9 10 9
Upholstery 10 10 9 10 10

Technology Details

Navigation System Visionary Mapping Plus iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization Laser Smart Navigation Smart Sensor Navigation Intelligent Anti-collision System Sensor
Cleaning Tech CycloneForce Technology AeroForce Cleaning System SpinFlow Power Clean N/A 3-step Cleaning System
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Boundary Markers


Resume after Recharge
Obstacle Sensors
Low Battery Indicator
Full Bag Indicator
Carpet Elevation
Other Features EasyPass Wheels Voice-activated Control CornerClever Technology
iRobot HOME App Neato App


Charging Station
Remote Control
Filter Cleaning Tool


Product Warranty 5-year limited, 10-year on motor 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Customer Care
User Manual

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

1. Samsung POWERbot R9250

On a market crowded with them, the Samsung POWERbot manages to stand out with some impressive features. Most importantly, it can be connected to a Wi-Fi network so it will provide remote control from a distance. It is self-sufficient thanks to an advanced navigation system that allows it to travel around your house and even ditch obstacles in its path.

The cleaning process goes smoothly so that you won’t even know it’s turned on. It’s very silent and it uses a powerful combo brush that lifts the dirt from the ground, making it easier for the motor to suck it in. The suction power is provided by the CycloneForce technology that ensures a high-performance in removing large debris from the floor. The dust canister is very large so you won’t have to constantly empty it every time it gets full.

As for convenience, you will get plenty of it from the intelligent features like self-programming, self-charging when the battery runs out, low battery and full bag indicators, and the large wheels that help the vacuum go from bare floor to carpet with ease. Its battery last over an hour and a half, enough for you to have the entire house clean. The only thing we have to argue about is the bulky design that doesn’t allow the POWERbot to go under short pieces of furniture.



Intelligent navigation sensors The tall design limits its reach under short furniture
Can easily go over obstacles due to the large wheels
Increased suction power for capturing large debris
Self-sufficient and easy to control


The many smart features it comes with make this vacuum a great choice for those looking for high-end products. It’s a latest generation vacuum based on innovative technologies designed to make cleaning less hassle and much faster. You can simply turn it on or program it to start at a certain time and it will take care of cleaning your house without bothering you. All in all, it’s an excellent choice if you want a top-notch device for floor cleaning.

2. iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot is one of the most popular manufacturers in the field, with many models that combine functionality and convenience for great cleaning results. The Roomba 980 is one of the products they take pride in due to the multiple benefits it offers. It’s very easy to use particularly due to the internet connectivity and the integrated app that provide remote access to its setup.

The vacuum is incredibly small and compact so it can easily reach tight areas and corners. It uses two types of brushes that rotate at a high speed to ensure all the dust and debris are lifted off the surface of the floor. The AeroForce cleaning system it relies on provides enough suction power to leave the floors and carpets clean and shiny. The 2-hours battery life is impressive for a robotic vacuum this small.

Even if you have a large house, it can easily handle all the rooms and it even goes from one room to another as it finishes vacuuming. It recharges on its own and it can detect and avoid obstacles so it won’t get tangled in wires or carpets. A great feature is the voice control that certainly differentiates it from all the other competitors.



Very slim design for cleaning tight places It doesn’t do spot cleaning
Easy to control with the integrated app
Boasts voice-activated control
Recharges and resumes the cleaning cycle


From the design to the operating system, the iRobot 980 is designed to provide hands-off operation so you can even use it when you are not at home thanks to the programmable timer feature. It is very powerful so you won’t have to worry about it leaving any debris behind. The navigation system guides it around the house so it will certainly go over every spot. It’s one of the best models that caught our attention and we found it very effective and hassle-free.

3. Neato Botvac D80

Neato is another reputable brand that designs some of the best robotic vacuums and the D80 is one of their most wanted products. The interesting D-shape sets it apart from other vacuums and helps it reach corners without any problems. It easily navigates around the room and avoids obstacles while sucking all the dirt it founds in its way.

The brushes rotate at a high velocity to agitate the dirt, making it easier for the SpinFlow Power Clean to absorb even large debris. It also relies on two filters that retain dirt particles so they won’t go back into the air. It works very well on any type of floor although its best performance is on carpet and bare floor.

You won’t have to worry about a thing when using this cleaner because it practically does all the work on itself. It navigates on its own, it can be programmed to start the cleaning cycle at any hour, and when it runs out of juice, it rushes to the charging station before continuing with its cleaning path. It has enough power on a complete recharge to last for 2 hours of cleaning.



Ingenious design for reaching tight corners No light indicators to alert you
Two filters to retain more impurities Doesn’t clean a certain spot
Integrated app for remote control
Can also be used as a mop


Any time you want to get floor cleaning off your mind, you can trust the Neato Botvac D80 to deal with the dirt on your floors and carpets. It’s compact and lightweight yet strong enough to go over thick carpets without getting stuck. It comes with an integrated app and a programmable timer that make it much easier to control. Although it lacks spot cleaning and it doesn’t come with dirt sensor to tell it when it’s done vacuuming, it will certainly bring an improvement in your cleaning routine.

4. Shark ION ROBOT 720

This is one of the smallest models, with a low height that lets it get in short places like under the bed or a nightstand. This means that it will provide a complete house cleaning without needing you to go over a surface again. It’s also helped by the dual spinning side brushes that ensure it will collect all the dirt it finds in its path.

The cleaning path is determined by the navigation system that guides it along a room and helps it stay away from obstacles that could tangle it. It creates a route and sticks to it until it finishes cleaning, while also going to another room on its own. However, we couldn’t overlook the short battery life that only offers it power for one hour.

Shark is designed to clean only, without a mopping function. It also doesn’t provide spot cleaning and unfortunately, it can’t be connected to the internet. However, it does a great job in basic cleaning thanks to the scheduled cleaning, the recharge and resume feature or the carpet elevation that takes it from one surface to another.



Slim design for easy access in tight places Limited battery life
The filter is washable so you won’t have to invest in new filters to soon No network connectivity
Offers great results on any type of floor
Uses dual spinning brushes that lift all the debris


Being both efficient and affordable, the Shark ION robotic cleaner is a great choice if you are not willing to spend too much money. It does an excellent job in cleaning all types of floors and even though it doesn’t boast modern features like an internet connection or dirt sensors, it is one of the most appreciated products.

5. ILIFE A4s

Customers are fond of this robotic vacuum mainly because it’s very easy to use. It boasts a compact design so it’s very easy for it to reach narrow areas and it comes with 3 brushes that extend its array of coverage. With a generous battery life that exceeds 2 hours, it’s the perfect embodiment of convenience.

It uses sensors to detect obstacles and to create a cleaning path that will cover the entire room so you can be sure that it has done a great job cleaning floors and carpets. Moreover, it offers spot cleaning so it can insist on a certain spot until it leaves it sparkling clean. It works best on carpets because it tends to slip over shiny surfaces like laminate or wood.

You can’t connect it to a network so it doesn’t come with an app or smartphone control. Still, it’s packed with numerous features like self-charging, carpet elevation, and a 3-step cleaning system that guarantees the best results.



Extended battery life Can’t connect to an internet network
The three brushes manage to collect most of the dirt Not very good on slippery floors
Intuitive and very easy to control
Complex cleaning system


This device can successfully replace your old vacuum and it will show you a more comfortable way of keeping your floors clean. It is lightweight and compact so it can easily go underneath the furniture and, what’s best, is that it captures large amounts of dirt. It does lack some of the features found in its competitors but its price range is lower so it’s understandable that it doesn’t offer as many control choices. As a final thought, it’s an affordable choice that is worth looking at.

Why Robotic Vacuums?

Most people are used to their old vacuums and they are very pleased with how they work. Still, it’s always good to embrace change and allows modern advancements into your life. They are the next step in cleaning floors and they should be more appreciated because of the great convenience they provide. The list of benefits brought by these innovative devices is long and includes some life-changing aspects.

  • They are easier to use

  • Although robotic devices might seem, troublemakers, the truth is they are easier to operate thanks to the self-sufficiency that minimizes your interference. Features like scheduled cleaning and obstacle sensors guarantee the vacuum will not bump into things even if you leave it unsupervised. It will clean for itself and when it’s done, it can either go to the next room or return to its charging dock until the next use.

  • No more hassle with bulky vacuums

  • Space can be quite a problem if you have a small house that needs to fit all the appliances you need. As such, replacing bulky items with more compact ones is a wise thing to do. They come in the shape of a disk that is only inches tall and approximately 20 inches in diameter so it can rest under a bed when not in use. No more cords are involved and all the components are hidden inside the compact shell.

  • People with limited mobility find them very useful

  • If you have back problems, have suffered an injury, or you can’t move for one reason or another, this vacuum will help you keep your house clean with minimum effort. It’s lightweight so lifting it will not be a problem and the fact that it navigates on its own means you won’t have to bend and walk while pulling it around, like a regular vacuum.

  • The high-end technologies ensure superior cleaning

  • Such an advanced item could only enjoy the highest end technologies that offer the best results in cleaning all types of floors. Most models are packed with innovative cleaning systems meant to leave the floors sparkling clean no matter how dirty they were. Plus, some of them can also work as mops so the cleanliness will be doubled.

Features to Keep your Eyes Open For

Given the multitude of features these vacuums include, no wonder it’s hard for the regular buyer to set a boundary between the ones that are really worth having and those that simply increase the product’s price without bringing too many advantages. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to review the features worth looking for.

  • Programmable cleaning

  • You will want to be able to set your vacuum to clean on its own so it’s recommended to go for a model that can be scheduled to start cleaning at a certain time. A timer is useful if you want to come home to a sparkling clean floor or if you intend to perform other activities while the robot vacuums your house.

  • Multiple room cleaning

  • Once it has finished cleaning a room, the robot should be able to get to the next one without any intervention from you. The virtual walls help you restrict the access to certain areas of the house while also leading the vacuum to the next room that needs to be cleaned.

  • Automatic charging

  • When the battery is close to running out, the gadget should immediately head it to the charging station so it will shortly be ready to get back to work. More importantly, it should do so without needing your help.

  • Carpet-floor passing

  • The biggest concern related to these independent cleaners is that they won’t be able to go from bare floor to carpet and they will get stuck on the borderline. Therefore, you should be looking for one that can easily elevate when passing from a lower surface to a higher one. Large and rubber wheels increase the ability to transit from one area to another.

  • Obstacle avoiding

  • Items on the floor like toys, cables, or socks that you missed on lifting up could also cause tangling during vacuuming. In this case, the sensors that detect any sort of object in the vacuum’s path are mandatory if you want to enjoy worry-free cleaning.

  • Internet connectivity

  • Most of the latest generation models are compatible with Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to control the vacuum using your smartphone. More advanced ones even include an integrated app that sends you notifications of its status and possible problems in the cleaning process.

  • Additional features

  • This being said, you should know that there are also other features that aren’t necessarily vital but could increase the final results. We are talking about spot cleaning that focuses on cleaning a certain area, mopping that will complete the cleaning process, or indicator lights that let you know when it’s time to empty the dustbin.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does it pick up hairs?
Yes, all of the models that we have mentioned are highly efficient and you can trust it to suck up pet and human hairs.

?Will it fit underneath furniture?
They most likely will not because they are not designed to do so. However, this can depend how high off the ground your furniture is placed.

?How long does it take to finish cleaning?
This solely depends on how big your room is. An averaged sized room will be spotless in about 45 minutes.

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