Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Fish might be fun and basically care-free pets as you do not have to take them out or waste too time on this, but they still require your attention when it comes to caring for them and the environment that they swim in for them to lead as long of a life as possible. Self-cleaning fish tanks promise to get all the hassle out of caring for fish by providing a permanently clean swimming environment. Find out more about these products and what the top choices at the moment are from this article.

Top 5 Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks Comparison

1. biOrb 45775 Classic 2. EcoQube C UV Sterilizer 3. biOrb Flow 30 4. Back to the Roots Water Garden 5. Marineland ML90609 Portrait
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General Information

Brand biOrb EcoQube biOrb Back to the Roots MarineLand
Size (L x W x H) 24″ x 24″ x 24.8″ 12″ x 12″ x 12″ 11.8″ x 8.2″ x 12.4″ 8.3″ x 12.1″ x 12.3″ 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 16.8″
Weight 2 Lbs 10 Lbs 4.5 Lbs 5 Lbs 12 Lbs
Tank Material Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Glass
Shape Globe Cube Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle


Volume 28 Gallons 1.5 Gallons 8 Gallons 3 Gallons 5 Gallons
Maximum Continuous Power 13W 7W 13W 15W 7W
Feed Hole Location Top Top Top Top Top
Filtration Type 5-Stage Filtration Aquaponics Filtration 5-Stage Filtration Aquaponics Filtration 3-Stage Filtration
LED Lighting
Submersible Pump


Airstone LED Remote Control Airstone Organic Seeds Bio-Foam
2-Pound Ceramic Media Plant Medium 2-Pound Ceramic Media Growstones Adjustable Flow Filter Pump
Beneficial Bacteria Liquid AC Adapter Beneficial Bacteria Liquid Gravel Rite-Size Z Cartridge
Transformer Sand Transformer Water Pump
Water Conditioner Mountain Stone Water Conditioner Water Treatments
Plant Seeds Fish Food
Glass Cover
UV Sterilizer


Product Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year 90-Day Money Back Guarantee 2 Years
Customer Support
User Manual

How We Rated the Fish Tanks

Wondering why we ranked the self-cleaning fish tanks the way we did? Then read this section of the article to find out what are the rating elements that made us decide the top should look the way it does. By learning what influenced us, you will be more aware of what you should look for when you go shopping as well.

  • Design and Construction

  • When choosing the best self-cleaning aquariums, the first two elements that we took into consideration were the design and construction of the tanks. We put an accent on the design aspect to ensure that we were delivering amazing-looking aquariums as these items can make or break the décor of a room. When it came to their construction, we wanted to make sure that the durability and resistance to scratches that the tanks boasted were high, so it is clear why acrylic is the material that we gave the highest rating to.

  • Volume Capacity

  • Although the capacity of the tanks was not the definitive element to separate the products, it did weigh a lot when we ranked them. From this point of view, the product that received the most points was the biOrb 45775 Classic as it offers an impressive volume capacity of 28 gallons, which is a lot more than what its competitors have to offer.

  • Filtration Type

  • As you can see, there appear water garden fish tanks as well as gravity-based models in our top. Undoubtedly, both types of systems deliver excellent results when it comes to aquarium cleanliness, so it is difficult to establish what type of product should receive more points and why. Still, there was an aspect that convinced us to give a higher rating to the two models that are produced by biOrb, this aspect being the fact that both aquariums use an impressive 5-stage filtration that is hard to beat.

  • LED Lighting

  • Except for the Back to the Roots model, all of the aquariums that appear in our top feature LED lighting. This feature serves two roles, more precisely creating a better habitat for the fish and sprucing up the ambiance of the room that the fish tank is placed in. As we were aware of the properties delivered by the lighting system, we couldn’t skip on it when the time came to rate and rank the aquariums.

  • Warranty Length

  • The length of the warranty is the best indicator of the amount of trust that the manufacturer puts into the product that it sells to customers. As we are aware of this aspect, we gave higher ratings to the biOrb 45775 Classic and the Marineland ML90609 Portrait as both aquariums are backed up by their manufacturers for an impressive 2-year period of time.

What You Should Know About the Self-Cleaning Aquariums

Let’s just face it, no one likes to waste time cleaning after their pets. This is one of the main reasons why some people prefer fish over pets like dogs and cats, pets that are a lot harder to care for. What makes fish an even greater addition to a modern household is the fact that they are quite relaxing to look at, and along with the aquariums that they live in, they can boost the ambiance in the house.

Self-cleaning fish tanks are a relatively new appearance on the market, these aquariums bringing an ideal fix to the issue of wasting time on maintenance tasks. Sure, from time to time even these tanks might require some cleaning, but it is so rare that it does not even count. The design of most self-cleaning aquariums is plant-based, but others rely on more traditional filtration provided by filter cartridges or other types of waste eliminating and water cleaning methods.

Not only do these fish tanks present a more convenient method to care for your pet fish, but they ensure a healthy and safe habitat for the small aquatic creatures as well. Therefore, you should not look at it as an investment made to simply convenience yourself and gain more free time but more as an investment made to create superior living conditions for the fish. Best of all, the price for the aquarium is not too high, regardless of the budget that you have at your disposal being able to easily find the perfect one for you.

Why Use a Self-Cleaning Aquarium?

Some self-cleaning fish tanks come at more expensive prices, requiring you to spend a few hundreds of dollars on purchasing them, while others can cost as little as $10. Regardless of the available budget, the system that the fish tank uses, or its design, what is a certainty is the fact that this is an investment worth making. In the following, we will tell you what are the 3 main benefits of purchasing a self-cleaning aquarium, explaining in detail what you will have to gain by making this addition to your home.

  • #1 – Less maintenance work: Free time has become quite a luxury these days due to our busy schedules. Also, modern people feel more and more stressed and overwhelmed as their jobs and their lives at home require them to be constantly active. Instead of letting your lifestyle overwhelm you completely, make your life easier by investing in a fish tank that cleans itself. Maintenance work is required with this type of aquarium, but it is required 2-3 times per year. Thus, you will not have to waste 30-60 minute cleaning the fish tank every week or even more often but rather spend the extra time that you gain relaxing.
  • #2 – Healthier environment for the fish: If you have opted for fish as pets, it is clear that you like these small aquatic creatures a lot. This means that you want to do as much as you can to ensure that they lead long lives and that they do not fall prey to diseases. Unfortunately, fish can be quite sensitive, the environment that they swim in impacting their health in a dramatic manner. In case you are the forgetful type of person, a major issue appears, more precisely the fact that you might skip on the routine cleaning that needs to be done on the aquarium and the water in it. With a self-cleaning model, this will not be an issue anymore as the swimming environment will be kept clean and waste-free for a long time. Also, in case you go for a water garden fish tank, there is the added benefit that the water will be provided with more oxygen than normal, enhancing the living conditions of your beloved pets.
  • #3 – More appealing design: A dirty fish tank can easily ruin the ambiance of the room. But not everyone has the time to clean the aquarium 2-3 times per week, so a messy looking tank is quite inevitable for some. This is where self-cleaning models shine once again. The waste and toxins left behind by the fish are taken care of, meaning that the tank will never appear dirty, nor the water inside it. Thus, the aquarium will always serve as an ambiance booster not only a storage space for your aquatic pets.

How to Find the Perfect Fish Tank for You

Before you head to the pet store or you start to search online for the perfect self-cleaning fish tank, you must do some hefty homework to make sure that you will look for the right things and make a good investment. In this section of the article, we will show you what you must take into consideration to find the perfect aquarium for your needs and preferences, so continue to read if you are interested.

  • Make Sure It Offers a Satisfying Volume

  • Have you decided how many fish you want to put into the aquarium? Make sure that you figure this aspect out before you start searching for the fish tank in order to ensure that you won’t be later disappointed by your purchase. If you only want to have 1-2 small fish, you can easily go with an aquarium that has a 3-5 gallon volume capacity. In case you want a more spacious tank that can handle fitting more fish, then you should look for one that offers an over 15-gallon volume.

  • Check the Aquarium’s Dimensions

  • Another important aspect that you must decide before you hit the store or the online environment is the size that you want the tank to have. To more easily make the decision, think about where you want to place it. If you want to put it on your desk or on the nightstand, surfaces with limited free space, make sure that the fish tank you choose is compact. What you should do it so take some measurements or at least note down an approximate dimension that you think will be perfect for the aquarium before starting your search.

  • Look for a Quality Construction

  • We cannot stress how important it is for the aquarium to be made with quality, durable materials. Unfortunately, glass is not the best choice to go with as it not only breaks easily but it scratches easily as well. The best type of construction to go with when it comes to fish tanks is definitely acrylic as it is far superior in durability and scratch resistance.

  • Choose the Right System for Your Needs

  • Do you prefer a water garden system model or a gravity-based tank? This is another aspect that you have to think about before you start your search. Both types of self-cleaning aquarium systems deliver the same end result – a clean, hassle-free environment for your pet fish to swim in. the main difference between them is that the water garden type provides the added benefit of being able to grow a plant at the same time. Thus, think about it carefully and reach a decision based on what you see as being the best fit for your preferences.

  • Don’t Overlook LED Lighting

  • The aquarium can become a true ambiance booster only with the addition of LED lighting. The LEDs make it possible to see the fish easily even at night and they add a modern touch to the aquarium. Some higher end fish tanks even feature lighting systems that mimic the natural light cycle so that the pet fish can feel as if they were in a pond outside. Therefore, this feature can serve as far more than just a simple décor booster.

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