Short Haircuts for Men

M en’s short haircuts and hairstyles are among the most ordinary assortments as they are less demanding to deal with, style, and require little to no maintenance. For the bustling present day man, it is the ideal choice as the right short hairdo doesn’t only complement your whole look impeccably, giving you a sharp and clean image, but because it caters to the chaotic world we live in where time is really of the essence.

When you start perusing the ideal haircut, instead of guiding yourself on what are the latest trends, you should pick in view of what fits you better from what fashion has to offer. The guiding parameter that will help you make the right choice is the shape of your face, and for each of the best short haircuts out there, there are dos and don’ts in correlation with the way your face is structured.

What is your face shape?


  • In regards to structure, it features a vast face length, that is followed in size by the cheekbones, the forehead width, lastly the jawline.
  • The cheekbones are sharp and they create a wide spread. The overall rakish bone structure gives the diamond shape a fairly refined look that, with the right styling and grooming, can make you pop.
  • As the deeply defined yet narrow bone structure gives off a strong look, favoring scissor cuts is the best approach for you, along these lines keeping away from an excessively geometric look.
  • Celebrities with a diamond face shape: Ricky Martin, Johnny Depp



  • What defines this rather sweet looking shape are sloping sides that begin at the forehead and meet at the chin, cheekbones and chin that decrease in an exceedingly gradient form, a large forehead, a focal positioning of the eyes, and a small structure for the mouth and chin as opposed to the rest of the face.
  • Your goal is to redistribute the proportions given by the wide and rounded forehead that’s set against the tiny chin to harmonize your look.
  • Celebrities with a heart face shape: Justin Timberlake, David Spade



  • This form is outlined by a large length of the face and a similarity in length for the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead.
  • It’s preferable to go for classic scissor cuts and avoid extremes as these won’t benefit your look at all.
  • Celebrities with an oblong face shape: Adam Levine, Ben Affleck



  • This form bit by bit reduces in size from the forehead to the sloping jawline, the proportions remaining even throughout.
  • As opposed to the diamond shape, the oval form is much more gentle, its features being visible without looking angular.
  • Celebrities with an oval face shape: George Clooney, Jude Law



  • The face length and cheekbone width are alike with this face form, whereas the chin is rounded without there being any angles or onerous lines.
  • As this shape often more than not lacks in features, you should opt for sharp textures and layers to create definition.
  • Celebrities with a round face shape: Kanye West, Jack Black



  • This form is outlined by a broad and robust chin, straight cheeks, and equal length and width proportions for the jawline.
  • These features are quite sharp and masculine, the best hairdos to intensify being neat and tight ones.
  • Celebrities with a square face shape: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt



  • Generally, the cheekbones are straight and they taper from the jaw, while the jawline is prominent, thus being wider than the cheekbones.
  • The forehead is quite narrow, which suggests that you will benefit from the volume on the sides and at the top.
  • Celebrities with a triangle face shape: Ryan Gosling


As the name suggests, you have got to clip the hair to get this haircut. Its origins go way back, stemming from World War II when it was used to control lice infestations. After the war ended, this haircut grew in popularity throughout the years, being one of the preferred short styles to this day. It goes particularly fashionable with an equal length beard that’s properly taken care of or stubble, framing the face perfectly.
Celebrities who rock this hairdo: Channing Tatum, Wentworth Miller, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, Idris Elba.

Will it match my face shape?
Ideal Acceptable Incompatible
Diamond shape – It helps reveal the sharp and pronounced features of this face shape while softening them as well. If you have “Dumbo”-style ears, though, avoid this haircut as you won’t be able to hide them anymore.
Oblong shape – It helps reduce the lengthy shape of their have, giving off a bulkier appearance of the features.
Square shape – You will look just like a military action hero from the movies as the haircut will highlight your jawline.
Heart shape – Be careful for the cut to not reveal more of your forehead than you would like it to as you will be left with a baby face appearance.
Oval shape – The cut will most likely soften your features, so what you should do is add a light coat of stubble to improve this aspect.
Triangle shape – It will being out your jawline, but probably affect the proportions of your forehead, so you opt for a longer buzz cut and a heavier stubble if you can.
Round shape – The lack of texture in this cut will make your face way too angular, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Crew cut

Similar to the buzz cut, it has a military background that makes it the preferable choice for men who already have prominent, soldier-like features. The short back and sides and the variable length top suit most men, and it is a hairdo that is best to rock during summertime when you don’t want to sweat because of your hair. A quintessential element of the crew cut is the fade, and you have to be careful how the barber does it as the fade at the top has to remain high, the one in the middle has to be medium, while at the base of the head it should be low, creating an interesting pattern.
Styling and upkeep: To style this cut, you can either opt for a natural and malleable look that is obtained with the help of wax, or you could go for a rock hard look with the help of styling gels.
Celebrities who rock this hairdo: Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zayn Malik, Robert Pattinson, Matt Damon.

Will it match my face shape?
Ideal Acceptable Incompatible
Oval shape – You can experiment with this cut, trying out different lengths and fades at the sides as it complements the balanced proportions of your face.
Round shape – It helps narrow your face, making your features look more angular as long as you keep the volume on the top part.
Square shape – Highly adapted to this haircut, your face shape will go perfectly with it due to your already military-like features.
Diamond shape – You can go for it if you scissor cut the hair around the lobes so that you won’t over expose your ears.
Heart shape – Keep the fades slight and low to avoid a widening of your forehead’s aspect.
Triangle shape – Opt for mid-to-low fades with volume in order to balance the appearance of your jawline.
Oblong shape – If you go for the buzz cut, you will elongate your face even further, which is definitely something you want to avoid.


The undercut features dramatically shorter lengths on the sides as opposed to the top. It should be refreshed once every two weeks for it to not grow out wildly, and it requires daily styling, which makes it one of the more pretentious hairdos for short hair. However, the effort is definitely worth it as those who can take the 5 minutes needed to slick the long back top of the haircut in order to obtain a mysterious look are sure to draw the attention of the ladies when they walk down the streets. Best of all, the style on top can be chosen at your free will, having the possibility to pair it with a faux hawk, a pompadour, even with a comb-over.
Celebrities who rock this hairdo: David Beckham, Adam Levine, Cristiano Ronaldo, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron.

Will it match my face shape?
Ideal Acceptable Incompatible
Oval shape – This cut won’t round your face, and it will highlight your features, so it is one of the options that best suit you.
Round shape – The tight sides of the cut help elongate your face, providing a more angular finish that will give you a more masculine vibe.
Square shape – Your already strong features combined with the overall appearance of the undercut go hand in hand, so you can’t go wrong with it.
Oblong shape – As long as you keep the height at the top minimal, you can rock this hairdo as it won’t elongate your face too much.
Triangle shape – Keep the disconnect low in order to offset the jawline, and you can sport this hairdo without a problem.
Diamond – You shouldn’t cut your hair this way because your features will be over-sharpened, and the cheekbones will look too pronounced.
Heart shape – It will accentuate the small size of your chin while accentuating the wide forehead, so you should stay clear from it.

Caesar cut

Named after the renowned emperor of Rome, this cut is timeless as it looks good on those who can rock it, and it requires no maintenance. For those who show early signs of a receding hairline, it is perfect for concealing them. Generally, it is the same length all over and the top part is brushed forward, the length varying from 0.5 inches to a little over 3 inches. As it is a very specific cut, there are only a few varieties that cater to different face shapes, so you have to beware of the fact that it might not suit you no matter how hard you try if the geometry of your face is not compatible with it.
Celebrities who rock this hairdo: Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds, Elijah Wood, Justin Timberlake, Alden Ehrenreich.

Will it match my face shape?
Ideal Acceptable Incompatible
Diamond shape – It helps offset the width of your cheeks, while the bangs across the forehead fill out its narrowness to make you look perfect.
Oval shape – This is the ideal hairdo for oval shapes as it does not undermine the face’s proportions at all.
Square shape – You will look more masculine than ever with it as your angular features will be more pronounced.
Triangle shape – Due to this haircut, your jawline proportions will become balanced, thus giving you a more harmonious look.
Oblong shape – As long as you avoid tightening the sides too much and adding more volume than needed on top, you can confidently go for this look. Heart shape – It is not recommended to ever try it out as it will enlarge your forehead even more.
Round shape – Due to the style of this cut, your face will look even rounder, so you have to avoid it.

Hair care tips you should follow

No matter style you opt for, what you should remember is that your hair won’t look good no matter how hard you try if you don’t take proper care of it. Split ends aren’t an issue for men as women battle with this problem more, but there are things that you should do on a daily basis to keep your capillary treasure looking stunning and healthily.

  • Prevent damage caused by heat and styling by using a hair conditioner. Just make sure that the one you choose lacks sulfates, parabens, and chemical components to not do more harm than good.
  • If you have coarse or dry hair, avoid over-washing it. You should only wash once or twice per week and always apply conditioner at the end. Otherwise, you will dry it out even more and thus ruin its texture completely.
  • When possible, allow your hair to dry out naturally. In situations where this isn’t an option, you should at least turn the hair dryer to the lowest heat setting, or even opt for the cool mode if it features one.
  • Don’t rub your hair to dry it quicker. As you do this, you risk breaking the hair strands, and you thin them out as well. Instead, you should gently pat your hair to dry out so that you won’t put too much stress on it.
  • It should be an obvious piece of advice that you should avoid using styling products that contain strong chemicals as they cause your hair to become dry. In addition to affecting your hair, the chemical components will harm your scalp as well, all the more reason to avoid them.

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