N owadays, there are some household appliances that we definitely cannot live without. Among the most important of them is the refrigerator, which is without a doubt extremely useful. Side by side models are the most popular ones these days, due to several reasons. They have an interior very well organized, and they are also quite spacious. These models are not big but not small either, and they are highly recommended for medium-sized families. If you want to find out more about side by side models, then take a look at the following information.

Top 5 Side-by-Side Refrigerators Comparison

1. Kenmore Elite 51823 2. Kenmore Elite 51773 3. GE GSE25HGHWW 4. Kenmore 50043 5. Frigidaire FFSS2615TE
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Product Specifications
Brand Kenmore Kenmore GE Kenmore Frigidaire
Total Capacity (cu.ft.) 21.9 27.7 25.3 25 25.6
Number of Shelves/ Bins 10 9 8 11 7
Interior Light
Energy Consumption 606 kWh/Year 739 kWh/Year 643 kWh/Year 702 kWh/Year 709 kWh/Year
Ice & Water Dispenser
Cooling Technology GeniusCool GeniusCool
Humidity Control
Door Alarm
CoolTight Door N/A
Water Filtration System
Water Filter Change Indicator Light
Additional Features
Suficient Storage space SmartSense Temperature Management Child Lock 2-Style Ice Production Ready-Select LCD Controls
Digital Controls Accela Ice Frost Guard Automatic Defrost Automatic Defrost Energy Saver Plus Technology
CleanFlow Air Filter CleanFlow Air Filter Upfront Electronic Touch Temperature Controls Adjustable Interior Storage
Contoured Door Style Water Filter Advanced Water Filtration Meat/ Deli Drawer
Depth with Handles 34.375″ 35.13″ 34 3/4″ 33.81″ 31 3/4″
Depth without Handles 33″ 29 7/8″ 32 3/4″ 31.63″ N/A
Depth without Door 28.625″ 29″ 28 1/2″ 28″ 28 3/4″
Depth (Total with Door Open) 49.5″ 51.125″ 50″ 42.13″ 49 1/2″
Height to Top of Case 65.625″ 68.88″ 69″ 68.63″ 68 7/8″
Height to Top of Door Hinge 66.75″ 69″ N/A 69.25″ 69 5/8″
Width (Door Open 90° with Handle) 40.625″ 38″ 43 1/2″ N/A N/A
Weight 250 Lbs 307 Lbs 320 Lbs 262 Lbs 300 Lbs
Available Colors Stainless Steel, Black, White Stainless Steel, Black, White White, Slate, Stainless Steel, Black, Black Stainless Stainless Steel Ebony Black, Pearl White
Hidden Hinges
Certifications & Approvals
Certifications & Approvals Energy Star Certified NSF Certified Energy Star Certified ADA Compliant Energy Star Certified, CSA Certified, ADA Cmpliant
Warranty&Customer Service
Warranty 1 Year for Parts and Labor, 5 Years for Sealed System, 10 Years for Linear Compressor 1 Year for Parts and Labor 1 Year for Parts and Labor 1 Year for Parts and Labor 1 Year for Parts and Labor
Customer Service

1. Kenmore Elite 51823

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Imposing through its design and praiseworthy for its capability to keep foods at optimal temperatures in an ideal environment, it is all that a large household could ask for. It boasts a generous 21.9 cubic feet total capacity, so regardless of how much grocery shopping you do, there will be enough space for all the items. What you will surely appreciate is that this refrigeration unit features a charcoal filter which preserves a pleasant smell inside the appliance, a feature that only top-tier products deliver.

In terms of space and storage, there is nothing bad that we can say about it as it is in fact perfect. It comes with gallon-sized adjustable door bins which allow you to store tall bottles without a problem, and a dairy shelf where you can strictly put dairy products to have them within your reach. For optimal performance and temperature and humidity preservation, the refrigeration unit utilizes the GeniusCool technology.

It features spill-proof glass shelves which make it easy to clean up when a bottle of milk or orange spills over. It features a built-in water filter which handles contaminants removal in order to ensure that you will only consume fresh and safe water. Furthermore, you can have ice in your glass at the simple touch of a button, so a convenient operation is definitely awaiting you if you purchase it.

  • Multi Air Flow technology maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels
  • Adjustable door bins allow you to even store gallon-sized bottles inside it
  • Charcoal filters ensures the appliance will be odor-free at all times
  • Dairy shelf allows you to conveniently store dairy products in your reach
  • Asking price is a bit expensive

Smart and more than generous in terms of its capacity, this Kenmore refrigerator is a perfect fit in the kitchen of a serious chef with a large family. It boasts a clean finish and an interesting overall design, and the partitioning of the shelves, bins, and drawers allows complete freedom when it comes to storing your favorite foods inside it.

2. Kenmore Elite 51773

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This refrigeration unit is everything that you could ask for if you have a large family. Smart in its design and intuitive when it comes to preserving the ideal temperature and humidity levels, your food will be kept fresh for a longer time in it. Also, it is worth mentioning the fact that despite its impressive capacity, it does not take up an absurd amount of space in the kitchen. Furthermore, it comes in 3 color variations, allowing you to pick the one which suits your décor best.

The spill-proof glass shelving it features ensures that when messes do occur, you won’t have a hard time cleaning up. It comes with gallon-sized adjustable door bins which allow you to store tall bottles without a problem. Among its most important features is the SmartSense temperature management technology which automatically maintains the optimal temperature and humidity in both compartments.

It features an in-door ice maker which is easy to use and dispenses crushed or cubic ice instantly. Also, the dispenser is conveniently placed to free up more room for food product storage, optimizing the space provided by it. Additionally, the water filter it features removes up to 99.9% of contaminants, thus ensuring you will drink clean, pure water.

  • Features a humidity-controlled crisper
  • Air filtration ensures it will always smell fresh and clean
  • Allows you to choose between crushed and cubed ice
  • Features automatic frost-free defrost system
  • Lacks a water filter change indicator

Convenient to use and very spacious in terms of food storage, it is indeed one of the best side-by-side models on the market at the moment. As you have probably already concluded yourself after reading the review, it is capable of keeping your food fresh for a longer time than other models, so it is worth every cent.


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Delivering the best performance in its price range, this affordable product does not disappoint as it is filled with numerous features and utilizes the latest technologies in terms of cooling. It is designed to perfectly compliment any kitchen décor and it comes in plenty of colors, allowing you to choose what suits your tastes best. In terms of storage, it is ideal as it has a generous capacity of up to 25.3 cubic feet. It is designed for convenience in use, proof being the door gaskets which can be easily removed.

In order to save energy when you are away, it allows you to switch to the Vacation mode. Another mention-worthy feature is the Child Lock which does not allow the small ones to access the settings when you are not around or paying attention. It filters the water it dispenses in order to ensure you will not drink impurity-filled water which might harm your health. Additionally, it comes with a water filter replacement indicator light that announces you when maintenance work is due.

The refrigerator section features 4 door bins and 4 shelves, while the freezer compartment features 3 shelves and 4 bins. Furthermore, it provides you with two slide-out storage baskets where you can conveniently place food items. In addition, you can adjust the humidity levels in the drawers as you want, thus ensuring all food products will be kept in the best possible environment for them to stay fresh for a longer time.

  • Great price to quality ratio
  • Integrated shelf support system
  • Condenser never requires to be cleaned
  • When you are away for a long time, you can set it on Vacation mode
  • Lacks a water filter change indicator

Produced by one of the most renowned appliances manufacturers out there, the GE GSE25HGHWW can be described best this way – bang for your buck. Feature-filled and accompanied by the most innovative technologies, its performance will surely never let you down. Best of all, it comes in numerous color variations, allowing you to find the right one for your existing kitchen décor.

4. Kenmore 50043

While other models cost over $1000, this cheaper, more affordable product manages to maintain a top-notch quality without asking a huge investment for it. In addition to affordability, there are plenty of other perks you enjoy with it. Evidently, its biggest advantage is presented by the generous 25 cubic feet interior capacity which allows you to place plenty of food items for everyone in the household to enjoy. The freezer is quite spacious as well, providing 9.11 cubic feet of storage. The gallon door bins and easy to clean adjustable shelves provide convenient storage space for drinks and other items.

There is a humidity-controlled clear crisper that gives you multiple organization options, while the dairy shelf is perfect for storing – evidently! – dairy products. It features a dual pad ice and water dispenser that lets you put fresh water or ice cubes directly in your glass in the most convenient manner possible. The height to the ice dispenser is 6.5 inches, while the height to the water spout is 7.5 inches. Fret not regarding contaminants as it even features a built-in filter that tackles the elimination of any impurities in the water before dispensing it or turning it into ice.

It boasts a rather slim design which makes it a preferred choice in crowded, small kitchens. As it features interior LED lighting, you won’t have to turn on the light at night to roam around in it looking for some snacks to binge on. When it comes to warranty, worry not as it is covered against defects in material or workmanship for 1 year since the moment of purchase.

  • Generous 25 cubic feet of interior space
  • Features an in-door dual pad ice and water dispenser
  • Built-in water filter for water purification
  • Interior LEDs help guide you find the food items you are looking for with ease

Reasonably priced as opposed to most refrigerators and allowing you to store up to 25 cubic feet of food in it, it comes as no wonder that this Kenmore entry ranks so high in our top.

5. Frigidaire FFSS2615TE

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Although it ranks fifth in our top, the FFSS2615TE is a model we strongly recommend you take into consideration as it comes at a great price and delivers an amazing performance. Built to last and keep food fresh for longer than ever, it makes for the perfect option for large households. The reason why we are so convinced you will appreciate it is because it has a great 25.5 storage capacity, and it allows you to customize the storage space as you see fit, it over 100 different ways to be precise.

In terms of energy consumption, it is hard to beat this product as it comes with the Energy Saver Plus technology which automatically changes the settings to approach an energy-saving mode when the door is not opened for over 24 hours. Furthermore, it does not consume a lot of electricity, to begin with, so you do not have to worry about spending too much when the bills come after installing it.

Another highlight worth mentioning is the fact that it filters the water before dispensing it in order to keep you safe and healthy. Also, it features a filter change alert which takes the guesswork out of this maintenance task. Overall, it is an appliance that we are convinced will serve you well for years on end, so make sure you check it out more thoroughly in the comparison matrix above to convince yourself how impressive it actually is.

  • Side-mounted ice maker saves space for storing food items
  • You can choose whether you want crushed or cube ice
  • 2-paddle dispenser design allows a convenient use
  • Adjustable door bins allow you to fit in large-sized bottles
  • Does not allow you to control humidity levels

We have this Frigidaire appliance which comes at a reasonable price and delivers a spacious interior which allows a large family to easily deposit all food items. Best of all, it allows you to organize and customize the interior storage as you like, so you can juggle with it according to the food products you have bought at that moment to optimize storage.

6. Samsung RS25H5000BC

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For a fridge to boast the Energy Star certification, it really has to stand out. Fortunately, this is exactly the case with this Samsung entry, a model which has earned the title of energy efficient appliance as it boasts an yearly power usage of only 625 kWh. Thus, the rather expensive upfront price is not only explicable, but easier to handle once you realize the perks which come with using it.

As it boasts a generous 24.5 cubic feet total capacity, 15.7 cubic feet of which belong to the refrigerator side, while 8.8 cubic feet to the freezer side, you are sure to fit inside it as much food as you and your family can eat. The freezer side features a compact icemaker, a drawer, 4 door bins, and 4 wire shelves. When it comes to the refrigerator side, know that it features 4 spill-proof shelves, a snack drawer, a dairy bin, 2 clear crispers, and 4 door bins.

Obviously, it features an external filtered water and ice dispenser. As it uses filtration, the water used is 100% guaranteed to be free of impurities that would have otherwise harmed your health. It features a useful LED light which makes it easy for you to scout the fridge at night without opening the lights in the kitchen. It features 6 total temperature sensors which ensure a precise operation. Furthermore, this household appliance is backed with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 5-year warranty for the sealed system.

  • Generous 24.5 cubic feet total capacity
  • In the freezer, there are 4 wire shelves, 4 door bins, and 1 drawer to allow you to organize your food as you like
  • LED light illuminates interior to allow you to see what’s inside without opening the light in the room/li>
  • Complies with Energy Star guidelines – uses only 695 kWh per year
  • Not the cheapest option on the market

Although it isn’t the cheapest acquisition you could make, it compensates for the upfront price through its capacity, design, and the low power consumption it boasts. Thus, there is a lot to gain if you choose it in the detriment of other products which come at cheaper prices.

7. Whirlpool WRS588FIHV

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This extra-large model features in-door ice storage department to give you an extra full shelf in the freezer. Thus, if you’re someone with a large family, this model is also suitable for you. Furthermore, this item has been designed to give you convenient access to filtered water with the exterior ice and water dispensor with everydrop filtration system. In case you want to use it at night, you will easily find the water and ice dispenser as it has a built-in LED night-light

You will be able to store more items on each shelf with wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves. As well as, you can also store fruits and vegetables in their ideal environment with humidity-controlled crispers. The greatest thing about it is that you can easily move the adjustable gallon door bins anywhere in the door for increased loading flexibility when you need it. The fresh flow air filter is 15 times more effective than baking soda at reducing common food odors.

  • Designed with a seamless look with hidden door hinges
  • It automatically adjusts the humidity-levels
  • Features wall-to-wall framless glass shelves
  • Large 28 cu. ft. capacity
  • Not the cheapest option on the market

The reason why we recommend this product is because it has been made from stainless steel which means that it will last for many years to come. The finish will be able to resist fingerprints and smudges so you don’t have to clean it constantly.

What You Should Know About These Appliances

A refrigerator is without a doubt essential in any kitchen, in order to keep the food and the drinks fresh at all times. Even if there are many types of models available on the market today, many people opt for side by side units. They actually split your fridge right down the middle, in order to offer you fresh foods on the right and frozen foods on the left. Furthermore, they also provide an equal real estate for both sections. On the other hand, some of them can actually allocate an extra couple of inches for the fridge. These appliances come in a wide variety of models and they tend to showcase a lot more innovative features than their horizontally minded counterparts. Some of these features are great for those who want to save some space, especially when it comes to the shelving inside the doors.

They also require much less clearance to open the doors, making them ideal for those who own a very narrow kitchen. Due to the vertical split, many people want to go with the widest model that will fit into their kitchen, and their budget as well. With the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other, these units usually come equipped with temperature-controlled bins and through-the-door ice&water dispensers. With widths typically between 31 and 36 inches, these appliances claim roughly 30 cubic feet capacity. Their narrow doors are without a doubt a plus for those who own a small kitchen. However, they do not open wide enough for storing a pizza box, for example. The tall and narrow compartments make items stuck at the back, which means that are quite hard to find. Overall, they are not as energy efficient nor or space efficient as other models, but they are quite good from other points of view.

Why Side-By-Side Models Are Better

  • It is absolutely great for kitchens with narrow walkways

    wide-open doors of these appliances do not usually block the walkway. Therefore, if you have a similar kitchen design, then it is highly recommended to purchase a side by side unit.

  • You will have an easy access to the freezer section

    Due to the fact that the freezer is located separately, you will absolutely love the fact that you will have an easy access to the freezer section. This detail is very important if you really want to find with ease and quickly the desired item. All your foods will definitely be very well organized.

  • It is perfect for medium families

    If you do not have a very big family and if you do not only live with your partner, then this type of appliance is absolutely perfect for you. It is not very large, but not small either. It has enough space to store food for 3 or even 4 members.

  • Elegant design

    If you want a unit with an elegant appearance that will fit your modern kitchen, then you should go for a side by side model. These units have a very elegant finish that will certainly complement any kitchen.

Making a Quality Pick

If you want to make sure you are going to choose one of the best models, then you must take into consideration some important details. There are some essential aspects that will certainly make the difference between a high-quality appliance and a poor quality one. Therefore, in order to know exactly what you should look for, take a look at the following information.

  • Certifications&Approvals are very important

    It is very important that the appliance you are going to buy has the necessary certifications and approvals that will allow you to use it safely and efficiently as well. Therefore, look for a unit that is CSA Certified, Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified), ADA Compliant, and Energy Star Rated as well. If it has all these certifications, it is without a doubt a high-quality product that will meet all your needs.

  • Consider the temperature/humidity controls

    Most of these models feature electronic temperature controls which enable excellent temperature precision. These are definitely very easy to operate using a LED display. If the model is quite advanced, it will actually allow you to set different temperatures within certain areas of the fridge. For example, some appliances provide a ‘chill’ compartment which is absolutely perfect for keeping meat and other perishables fresher for a longer period of time. Some units also provide a ‘drinks chill’ option that will help you quickly bring the wine, the champagne or any other drink you want down to an ideal serving temperature.

    Furthermore, some side by side units come equipped with a ‘turbo freeze’ option to quickly freeze food that you have recently added it to the freezer. Keep in mind that the humidity levels can affect the freshness of vegetables and fruits, and this is why it is very important that you opt for a fridge supplies a crisper bin in order to prevent your veggies from drying out. The more advanced appliances will allow you to exactly control the humidity levels to best suit whatever it is you are actually storing, which is an absolutely great advantage.

  • Go for an appliance with adjustable glass shelves

    Adjustable glass shelves provide flexible storage options and they are also very are easy to clean. The glass is sturdier than plastic, and it also helps in retaining the cold air. You should look for shelving with spill proofing. Some brands can actually prevent spills of up to 1 liter from dripping to the shelves below.

  • Make sure the unit has a water&ice dispenser

    A high-quality appliance will definitely come equipped with a water&ice dispenser in front of the fridge door. This is without a doubt very convenient, but it can increase the price of the appliance and take up storage space. Take into account the fact that the water dispensers must be plumbed in by a licensed tradesman. Another option is to purchase a unit with a twisting ice cube tray, which is usually located above an ice storage box.

Brands Worth Buying From

Choosing the appliance can be quite difficult for many people. There are many models available on the market today, each of them with different features. It is quite complicated to choose the manufacturer as well if you are not very well informed about this aspect. Therefore, in order to ease your choice, we have made a short list of the best brands that you can find on the market nowadays.

  • Frigidaire

    Frigidaire products are built to last and meet all your needs. They are CSA Certified, Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified), ADA Compliant, and they usually have a 1-year limited warranty. Furthermore, Frigidaire appliances come with innovative features such as flush single paddle dispenser, contour door, air filter, quiet operation, adjustable front rollers, humidity-controlled drawers, and more.

  • Whirlpool

    Another reliable brand is Whirlpool. This manufacturer has a large range of models on the market these days, and all of them are Energy Star Certified. This actually means that they meet strict energy efficiency specifications set by the government. They do not only meet Energy Star requirements, they actually exceed them. Built to meet all your needs, Whirlpool appliances are without a doubt highly recommended by many users.

  • Samsung

    Are you planning to buy a refrigerator? If so, you should go for a Samsung model. This brand is a well-known one these days, and furthermore, it is one that builds appliances that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Samsung units come with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, 5 years for parts and labor on sealed refrigeration system only, and 10-year parts and 5-year labor on Digital Inverter Compressor (compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, connecting tubing).

Rating Process – How It All Went Down

After we have reviewed some products in this category, we have decided that there are some important details that anyone who is interested in buying an appliance like this, should definitely take into consideration, in order to make a good choice. Therefore, if you want to buy a high-quality unit, then have a look at the following aspects that stood behind our ratings.

  • Innovative features

    The features that a kitchen appliance like this has is extremely important. Therefore, what you need to do is to look for a unit that has, first of all, a filtration system. This filtration system will actually remove the impurities from the drinking water before it is dispensed so that you and the entire family can protect your family. The Multi-Air Flow Cooling System is another excellent feature that the unit you are going to buy should have. This means that the air actually flows from multiple outlets at every shelf level for fast and even cooling. The product that has these 2 important features and much more is the LG LSXS26366S. It is one of the models that we liked the most from this point of view, and it is a unit that will definitely keep your food fresh for a very long period of time. Furthermore, it will do that in an energy efficient way.

  • Certifications

    The certifications that a product like this has is another important aspect that matters very much to us. Therefore, we looked for a unit that is very safe to use, and that it is also environmentally friendly, and we found the Frigidaire FGHC2331PF. It is CSA Certified, ADA Compliant, and Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified).

  • Design

    When you buy such an appliance, you certainly want a unit that will perfectly fit your modern kitchen, and not only. Therefore, you must go for a wonderful design, with straight lines and an elegant finish. The appliance that we like very much from this point of views is the SAMSUNG RH22H9010SR. It has a stainless steel finish that will beautifully complement any kitchen.

  • Warranty

    This detail was very important to us when we made the reviews, and what we liked the most is the Samsung RH22H9010SR, because it comes with one of the best warranties on the market: 5-year parts&labor on sealed refrigeration system only, 1-year parts&labor for the refrigerator, and 10-year parts and 5-Year labor on digital inverter compressor (compressor, connecting tubing, condenser, drier, evaporator).

Frequently Asked Questions

?Why is there water leaking from the water dispenser?
This happens after you have dispensed water from it, this is because of the water pressure. It may also mean that there is too much condensation and change in temperature.

?The doors to my refrigerater are not align, what do I do?
This happens because the bottom hinges are not align. You can fix this by simply adjusting some screws at the bottom of the refrigerator.

?How can I safely clean inside?
You must ensure that the machine is turned off and unplugged before you do anything. For fast and efficient results mix in water with baking soda and you will notice a fast removal of food debris.

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