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Skateboarding is fun and exciting and for good reason. The tricks you make get your adrenaline pumping and help you create memorable experiences. But for improving your skills you need a high standard skate deck…and trucks. They are an essential accessory that can make a huge difference in this sport. Like any other sports accessory, trucks may break and have to be replaced. But you can also replace them for many other reasons as they directly influence how the board rides.

We are here to help you choose a new set of trucks without hassle. All the models selected are made by trusted brands and each one is suitable for a different deck size. And for making things even easier, we gathered all the details you need to make the best choice. It’s time to give your skateboard a new look…and improve its performance.

Top 5 Skateboard Trucks Comparison

Photo Product Axles (in.) Hanger (mm) Height (mm) Recommended Deck Size (in.) Color Price

Best Overall
1. INDEPENDENT Raw Stage 11 7.75 129 55 7.4 – 8 Silver Check Price

Our Choice
2. Thunder Polished Team 8 137 49.78 7.9-8.2 Silver Check Price
3. Havoc 5.0 7.75 129 N/A 7.5-8.25 Multiple colors Check Price
4. Venture Polished Low 8 133 48.3 7.75-8.25 Silver Check Price
5. Bear Grizzly 852 8 133 48.3 7.75-8.25 Multiple colors Check Price

Skateboard Trucks Reviews


Made by one of the most reliable brands in the skateboarding industry, these trucks are made to last. They are manufactured with high-quality materials and innovation is the best word to describe these trucks. They feature a low design and you can only buy a set of 2 trucks.


What differentiates these trucks from standard ones is the fact that they weigh less. They come in a nice silver color and all the materials used in manufacturing the trucks are meant to improve their efficiency and to reduce the wear and tear. They feature a garde 8 kingpin.

  • Durable aluminum hanger: both the hanger and the baseplate are made of aluminum which is solid and lightweight.
  • Chromoly steel axels: this alloy steel is more expensive than other alloys and it is generally used for adding more strength.

Technical Specifications

The axles and hanger width is 7.75 inches and 129 mm, respectively. Therefore, the trucks are suitable for skateboards with a deck width ranging from 7.4 to 8 inches.

  • Low profile: with a height of 55 mm these trucks offer great stability to flip tricks.
  • Provide great stability and smooth turning
  • Strong materials for a long-lasting performance
  • Promote better grinds
  • The bushings are rather hard

Overall, these trucks are perfect if you want to invest in a good brand. They are available at an affordable price and are made in the USA.

Thunder Polished Team

Another reliable brand you can totally trust is Thunder. There are many professional skateboarders that use trucks made by this brand, so this is the best proof that they are made with quality in mind. Unlike other trucks, these ones come with a life guarantee. They feature a low to medium height design – 49.78mm. The axles are made of titanium, so they are very solid and durable. Other features you may like are the hallow kingpin and the polished base and hanger.

  • Quick turn response: all trucks made by this brand are known for offering a quick turn response that provides a better control.
  • Promote impressive turns and grinds
  • Lightweight design
  • They are polished very nicely
  • You need to adjust them as they come pretty lose

Strong construction with great attention to details. They are suitable for all those who want a top-quality set of trucks.

Havoc 5.0

Next in our top are these trucks made by Havoc. The brand makes a wide range of skates that are suitable for both beginner and advanced skaters. You can consider these ones if you have a standard skateboard with a deck width between 7.5 and 8.25 mm. They are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight and very solid. A nice thing about them is that you have plenty of colors to choose from – to make your skateboard more stylish.

  • Cast polyurethane bushings: for long-lasting durability.
  • Less expensive than the other models yet very well-made
  • Great for beginners
  • Wide variery of colors
  • For some people, the bushings are pretty stiff

Good quality at an affordable price. The major drawback is the design of bushing which needs some improvements but the material is highly durable.

Venture Polished Low

Another set of trucks that we strongly recommend is this one made by Venture. With a lightweight design and multiple features, the trucks are ideal for increased stability. They come equipped with dropped down kingpins that are made of steel and medium bushings. The 8 inches axle make them perfect for most decks. Furthermore, they have a 133 mm hanger and are 48.3 mm tall.

  • Aluminum hanger and baseplate: lightweight yet very resistant to wear and tear.
  • Lightweight design without affecting stability
  • The nuts come in a nice gold color
  • The Venture logo appears on each of the baseplate
  • They don’t turn very well

The set looks very nice with the logo imprint. These trucks are a nice option for grinding but they don’t turn that well. Also, they are available at an affordable price.

Bear Grizzly 852

The Grizzly brand is one of the most reliable ones you can go because all the trucks sold under this name are known for their high quality. This set of trucks is suitable for all-around longboarding. The axles are 9.75 inches wide and the hanger is 181 mm. The set also comes with reverse kingpins and features an aluminum casting construction. In order to make them more lightweight, any extra material from the baseplate has been removed.

  • Versatile baseplate: at 52-degree the baseplate is suitable for all-around longboarding and at 40-degree it is great for increasing stability at high speed. Also, the baseplate is suitable for both new and old school drill patterns.
  • Easy to maneuver and lightweight
  • They are pretty silent
  • The hanger can be easily flipped over
  • The bushings are rather soft

A really nice option for long boards. They are ideal for sliding and are pretty smooth. The Bear logo is imprinted on the trucks and you can choose from many color options.

All the trucks selected have one thing in common: distinction. They differentiate from the other available trucks by quality, durability, and design. If the brand is really important to you, we recommend you to go with either Independent Raw Stage 11 or Thunder Polished Team. They fit standard decks but they have different heights. For longboards, you can go with Bear Grizzly 852. These trucks won’t disappoint as they have many features that you won’t find on other models.

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