Small Wind Turbine

A small wind turbine is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a renewable energy technology. Unlike the large wind turbines, the small ones are specially designed for residential or agricultural purposes, but they can also be used for small industrial or commercial applications. Besides the fact that they are easy to install and require little maintenance, these systems can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, let’s take a look at the top-rated models you can currently find on the market and pick the one that is more suitable for your needs.

Top 6 Small Wind Turbines Comparison

Photo Product Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs.) No. of Blades Rated Power (W) Rotor Diameter (ft.) Cut-In Wind Speed (mph) Warranty Price

Best Overall
1. Automaxx Windmill DA-600 13.6 x 12.3 x 31.5 26 3 600 4.3 4.5 1 year Check Price

Our Choice
2. Sunforce 44444 27 x 44 x 44 14.5 3 400 3.67 7 1 year Check Price
3. Windmill DB-400 13.6 x 12.3 x 31.5 16.5 3 400 4 6.7 1 year Check Price
4. Missouri Freedom 62.5 x 62.5 38.4 5 1600 N/A 6 3 years Check Price
5. Maxwolf P300W N/A 13.8 6 300 N/A 8.95 N/A Check Price
6. Vevor 400Watt 26.1 x 11.5 x 8.1 17.8 3 400 4 5.6 N/A Check Price

The Wind Turbines Reviews

Automaxx Windmill DA-600

This particular wind turbine was specially designed to provide clean energy without hassle. With a rated power of 600 W and a rated speed of 31 MPH, the Windmill 600W is the option to go with if you want a reliable system. It comes with 3 blades and a rotor diameter of 4.3 ft. Due to the fact that it comes with the set-up instructions, you will be able to perform the installation quite easily. Additionally, a great advantage of the wind turbine is that it requires low maintenance and it’s made to last. Featuring a polypropylene and glass fiber construction and a high weather tolerant protection spray, we can cay that the system is well protected against harsh weather conditions. Also, the model is quite lightweight and it comes with 1-year manufactures warranty.

  • UV protection coating
  • Works with solar panels
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Integrated automatic and manual braking system
  • Lightweight

Windmill DA-600 is easy to install, so you can perform the installation without any extra help. The system is compatible with solar panels, thus allowing you to generate electricity during the entire year. At the same time, this model is lightweight, is made of great materials and it features a UV protection, so once you buy it you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Sunforce 44444

The Sunforce 44444 is a high-quality wind turbine that that is both lightweight and quiet. Weighting only 14.5 pounds, the model can be easily installed by the customer. With 3 carbon fiber composite blades and a cast aluminum body, this system is very durable for many years to come. This is also due to the fact that it’s entirely weatherproof, so it’s well protected against rain and other elements. In what concerns the power, it features a maximum power of up to 400 W in appropriate conditions. At the same time, it features a patented high wind over speed technology for a clean charge and a fully integrated regulator that shuts down the batteries once they are charged. Additionally, the system can also be used for marine applications and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Features a fully integrated regulator
  • The blades are made of carbon fiber composite
  • Patented high wind over speed technology
  • Quiet
  • Weatherproof
  • Not manufactured in USA

After considering all the characteristics and reviews of Sunforce 44444, we came to the conclusion that this system is one of the best you can find. The overall construction is highly resistant to harsh weather, so we consider it a long-term investment. With a silent operation and some pretty innovative features, this turbine is exactly what you need to cut electricity costs and protect the environment.

Windmill DB-400

The next wind turbine is a great option to go with being made of high-quality materials that deliver a long-lasting performance. The polypropylene and glass fiber material, as well as the UV coating, makes the system resistant to salt water corrosion and extreme weather conditions. With 3 blades and a rated power of 400 W, as well as a cut-in wind speed of 6.7 MPG, this wind turbine generates energy to your home without having to do anything in particular. Furthermore, the rotor diameter is of 4 ft. and it features an integrated automatic braking system which means that it will automatically switch off when the batteries are fully charged. Another thing worth mentioning about the Windmill DB-400 is that it only weighs 16.8 pounds. Also, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty.

  • Weather resistant
  • Integrated automatic and manual braking system
  • Great for both land and marine
  • Works with solar panels
  • Lighweight

Windmill DB-400 is another great system that will help you generate clean electricity without spending a fortune. The turbine is easy to use and install and requires little maintenance, so there’s no hassle from this point of view. What is really great is that the system is compatible with solar panels and it can be used not only on land, but also for marine applications.

Missouri Freedom

The Missouri Freedom is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to invest in a wind turbine that delivers a great amount of clean energy. With a rated power of up to 1600 W in ideal conditions, this model will help you power your home appliances with ease. The 5 blades are made of a nylon carbon fiber composite, while the polished aluminum case protects the system from rain or other elements. Furthermore, it features a cut-in speed of 6 MPH and a 29-inch tail fin for superior tracking. Additionally, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it has 14 magnet rotor inside and a heavy duty hub spacer. In comparison to the other models, this wind turbine weighs 38.4 pounds, so it’s a little heavier, but it also come with a more generous warranty for peace of mind, that is 3 years.

  • Features a polished aluminum case
  • Nylon carbon fiber composite blades
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features a Freedom Permanent Magnet generator
  • There aren’t any rings that need replacement

If you’re looking for an efficient wind turbine, we recommend you Missouri Freedom. The system is manufactured from superior materials thus extending its lifetime and performance, allowing you to enjoy it for many years. This wind turbine has 5 blades and is a little bit heavier in comparison to the other models but it comes with the longest warranty, namely 3 years.

Maxwolf P300W

The next small wind turbine to go with is the Maxwolf P300W. Featuring 6 high-quality blades and a durable construction that is corrosion resistant to sea and salt water, this system is definitely a durable investment. Even though the rated power is smaller, namely 300 W, it still can produce a considerable amount of energy, being great for houses that don’t require too much energy to power the appliances. The rated speed of 900 r/m and the cut-in wind speed of 8.95 is more than enough if you want a wind generator that is both performant and easy to maintain. Among the most important features we have to mention are the built-in automatic and manual breaking system that offers it protection in case there a high wind speed. All in all, this is a great wind generator that is worth the money.

  • Can work on low temperatures of maximum -45°C
  • Made of corrosion resistance materials
  • Features an automatic and manual breaking system
  • Features an automatic and manual breaking system
  • Not very powerful

Maxwolf P300W is less powerful in comparison to the previous models, so it’s more appropriate for smaller houses. In case there’s too much wind, the system features an automatic and manual breaking system and it can efficiently work even when the temperatures drop to -45°C. The system features 6 blades and fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy it.

Vevor 400Watt

Designed for both land and marine purposes, this turbine is a really nice option to take into consideration. The blades are made of carbon fiber composite which means they are very solid and durable. It requires a start-up wind speed of 5.6 MPH and a rated wind speed of 23.48 MPH. When it comes to the rated speed, it reaches approximately 800 RPM. The tower has a diameter smaller than 3.2 inches and its weight ranges from 15 and 33 inches. Among the features that we like best is the built-in automatic braking system that is meant to keep it safe from instant and high wind speed. Furthermore, it works at a temperature between -35 and +75 degrees Celsius. The installation is not very complicated and it comes with all the necessary accessories. Another great aspects is that it requires little maintenance.

  • Emits low vibration
  • Can be used with solar panels
  • Includes a controller
  • Carbon fiber composite blades
  • The wind controller is not a high-quality one
  • Some customers complained about the fact that the instructions were not provided

All in all, this model is worth considering if you want a good turbine without paying too much money. It easy to use and install, and you will like the fact that it requires little maintenance.

           Learning more about small wind turbines is a must if you want to invest in this type of system. For this reason, we have gathered more information on this subject that will help you better understand how the wind generators work, which are the advantages of using them, as well as how to choose the best model on the market. Besides this, we will tell you more about the top rated brands in this industry that are worth considering if you want to make a long-term investment. The wind energy is a sustainable alternative to producing renewable energy, so taking advantage of it will surely help you lower the electricity bills while contributing to a healthier environment.

Interesting Known and Unknwon Facts About These Systems

In simple terms, wind turbines are devices that use the wind to make electricity. They usually include blades, but you can also find bladeless models. They fall into two types, horizontal or vertical axis generators. The horizontal axis turbines are more common and their blades are facing into the wind. The vertical axis turbines come with the main rotor shaft in a vertical way.

In what concerns the size, there are two types of wind turbines, that is large and small. The first type can generate more power and it’s particularly used for supplying renewable energy at a larger scale. On the other hand, the small type is appropriate for homes, telecom towers, or even small institutions as schools, hospitals, and so on.

Wind energy has many advantages, including the fact that it’s free and it doesn’t cause any environmental damage. For this reason, these devices have become more and more popular and the interest for them has significantly increased. In consequence, the price of small wind turbines is now affordable, so it’s not a very expensive investment.

The wind turbines are recommended for those who live in a windy place because otherwise, they may not produce enough energy. So, in order to make sure you can benefit from the advantages of this type of device, you should check out if the area you live in is a good wind resource location.

Considering the fact that the latest models available are made from stronger and more resistant materials in comparison to the older ones, it simply means that they are more efficient when it comes to providing green energy. Since this type of renewable energy represents the future is only natural that manufacturers pay more attention to the production process.

In general, these systems can produce more energy in the winter when there’s more wind, being a perfect alternative to the solar panels that usually aren’t that performant during the winter months.

5 Benefits of Wind Energy

You may not know this but wind it basically a form of solar energy, which means that it’s a never-ending source of energy. Besides this, there are many other benefits of wind energy, so taking advantage of this fuel source is definitely worth considering if you care about the world we live in.

  • 1. Sustainable Energy Source

    Just like the sun, the wind is a renewable source of energy, so you can basically use it on and on without being afraid that it will come to an end. Moreover, the wind is free and using it in this way won’t affect the world we live in, on the contrary, it will help us live in a healthier environment.

  • 2. Great for the Environment

    The wind energy is considered a clean fuel source because it doesn’t pollute the air we breathe. In comparison to the power stations that use fossil fuels and produce harmful emissions, the wind turbines are green power production technologies. If more and more people would use this type of energy or any other clean type of energy, we would be able to significantly reduce the horrible effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 3. Productive Relative to the Cost

    Another advantage of wind energy is the fact that it’s currently among the most cost-efficient renewable energy technologies. This means that you only have to make an initial investment in the wind turbine and pay an additional cost for the maintenance. However, this is considered a profitable investment because the system can generate enough power for your house for many years. So, in time, it basically will pay for itself.

  • 4. Space-Efficient

    While it’s true that the small wind generators are rather tall, they don’t occupy too much space on the land. Considering the fact that they can provide electricity for the entire house or even for more houses, a wind turbine is definitely space-efficient. This is a great advantage as you will still be able to use the land for agricultural purposes or whatever else you want.

  • 5. Excellent for Remote Areas

    The wind energy is truly helpful in case you live in a remote area and you are not connected to the electric power. Even though these cases are rare, it’s still great to know that you can have electrical power in every corner of the world. Of course, you are restricted by the wind, so not all the areas are suitable for installing this type of system, but if there’s enough wind, you can definitely opt for this renewable energy source.

Why Investing in a Home Wind Turbine?

Next, we will outline the main reasons to invest in a small wind turbine. As we’ve already mentioned, this type of wind turbine is great for residential use, so in case you are not yet convinced if buying one is a great idea, look at what we’ve found.

  • Easy Installation

    To begin with, this type of system is pretty easy to install, so you can perform this job it with or without professional help. You just have to carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer and make sure you have everything you need in order to get started.

  • Silent Operation

    In comparison to the large wind turbines, their counterpart is less noisy, so you shouldn’t worry too much about this aspect. It’s true that they make a certain sound, but this is not considered a noise pollution for your ears. Therefore, in case you are afraid that installing one can disturb your neighbors, then you can rest assured because they’ll barely hear it.

  • Affordable Investment

    These systems aren’t that expensive, so if you consider that the area you live in is windy enough to allow you collect energy, then a wind turbine is probably a smart investment. However, before you make the final decision, you should do a research and find out more about these devices, so you can be sure you do the right thing.

  • Advanced Technology

    A wind turbine is made using modern technology, so it’s highly performant when it comes to generating electricity. At the same time, when compared to the older models, they feature an attractive design, being less bulky and repulsive.

  • Lowers the Electricity Bills

    Another reason to invest in such a system is that it can help you lower your electricity costs. While it’s true that the initial costs are a little higher, you will eventually notice a significant change in your electricity bills. Usually, a small wind generator can lower the electricity costs up to 90%, which is definitely a great plus. So, even though you will get to pay more money when you purchase and install the system, you will eventually get to use less electricity and pay less money.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Power outages can happen anytime and sometimes they can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, with a wind turbine for residential use, you will no longer have to deal with this kind of situation because you will basically have a backup. This means that every time there’s an electrical outage, you will still have a power supply from your personal wind generator. Quite impressive, no?

Short Buying Guide

In case you want to invest in a high-quality wind generator, then you have to know some tips that will help you decide much easier. Therefore, in order to make things simpler for you, we will guide you in choosing a durable and performant model that will certainly meet your needs. So, here are the most important things you have to consider when buying a wind turbine for residential use.

  • Start by Estimating Your Wind Speed

    Before actually looking for a wind generator, you have to estimate the wind resource in the area you live in. A wrong estimation can be a costly mistake and you surely don’t want that to happen. In general, on the coast or in rural unpopulated lands, houses have more wind, case in which such a system is definitely a good investment. On the other side, urban houses don’t have as much wind, so you may want to reconsider your intentions. Apart from checking the wind maps, you can also use an anemometer in order to collect accurate data on the wind speed.

  • Consider the Construction of the System

    Just like any other product, a small wind generator should feature a solid construction that makes it capable of providing the same performance for many years. For this, you have to find out more about the materials used in the manufacturing process, the brand, as well as others people opinion on the durability. A solid construction is definitely a proof that your purchase will last more than other options available.

  • Decide Upon the Number of Blades

    As you’ve already seen, there are wind generators with two, three, five or more blades. So, you may ask yourself what is the difference between them and which one is more efficient. Well, there are many different opinions on this topic and although it’s believed that more blades represent more power, this is not necessarily true. In general, the number of blades influences the relationship between the rotational speed of the rotor and the force produced by the rotor. At the same time, the number of blades dictates the maximum power generated by the speed of the rotor.

  • Pay Attention to the Rated Power and the Cut-In Speed

    Other factors you should consider are the rated power and the cut-in speed. The rated power represents the limit of the small wind generator at the rated wind speed. It doesn’t tell you about the energy production, but only the capability of the electrical generator. As about the cut-in speed, this signifies the speed at which the system begins to rotate and deliver electricity.

Small Wind Generators Top Brands

A product made by a top brand is definitely a good option to go with if you want to invest in a high-quality system. After a thorough research, we’ve managed to find out more about the best small wind generators brands that are well-known for producing durable and efficient systems. You might have heard about names like Windmill, Sunforce, or Missouri that make advanced wind generators to produce electricity in a green way. If not, learn more about them in the lines below.

  • Windmill

    The Windmill brand is very popular as there are many systems sold under this name. This allows you to choose the right wind generator for your needs with ease, being able to collect the necessary amount of wind in order to generate electricity for your home or business. From less powerful models for houses with small appliances to more forceful ones that can easily generate electricity for business or small institutions, this brand is definitely a trustful one.

  • Missouri

    This is another respectable brand that’s worth considering if you want to make sure your money is well spent. It offers a wide range of products that are meant to use the renewable energy to generate electricity for your home, and not only. With a great passion for their work and the desire to always make innovative systems, the Missouri brand is one of the best options you currently have on the market, especially if you look for a small wind generator that is easy to install and use. Besides this, the company also produces solar products, power inverters, and others.

  • Sunforce

    The next brand is one of the most popular ones in this industry, and the company has an experience of over 10 years. Under the Sunforce name you can also buy solar panels, charge controllers and inverters, as well as lawn and garden products. All of them are made of reliable materials and are meant to provide years of satisfying performance, so this brand is a great option to consider if you want to make a long-term investment.

  • Maxwolf

    The Maxwolf brand is definitely one of the top brands that manufacture renewable energy products for a safer planet. With performance and efficiency in mind, the company produces only modern systems that can easily generate electrical power for all those who really want to make a change for the world we live in. Focusing on constantly developing modern products for their customers and using only the latest technology in this field, the company is surely a great option to produce green energy.

Our first choice is also our first recommendation. Windmill DA-600 is a 3-blade system with a cut-wind of 4.5 MPH. It features a UV protection and a manual and automatic braking system. For more convenience, it can be also used with solar panels. The polypropylene and glass fiber construction makes it highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. Our second choice, Sunforce 44444, is worth considering as it features an innovative over speed technology. The 3 carbon fiber composite blades, as well as the cast body aluminum construction, making it very solid and adequate for marine applications. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a system with more blades, you can opt for Missouri Freedom that has 5 blades or Maxwolf P300W with 6 blades. Both of them come with some pretty innovative features and are less expensive.

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