Steam Press

We all know that for most of the people ironing is a headache. Hopefully, nowadays there are a lot of inventions that help people do their work. Forget about the traditional ironing and brace the new technology, the steam press. Now, ironing will become easier and, moreover, faster. Helped by this product, you will reduce time and also you will take less effort. Forget about the wrinkles on your clothes, this new technology will help you ease your work and it will bring you great outcomes.

Top 5 Steam Presses Comparison

1. Speedypress ESP77T 2. Steamfast SP-660 3. Sienna Elite SSP-2202 4. Pyle PSTMP95 5. Singer ESP-2
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Speedypress Steamfast Sienna Appliances Pyle Singer
Dimensions (L x H x W) 37.2” x 24.5” x 10.2” 24” x 22” x 10” 26.9” x 21.8” x 10.1” 10.2” x 27” x 22.2” 25.8” x 21.2” x 8.2”
Weight 36.8 pounds 23.1pounds 36.4 pounds 36 pounds 22 pounds
Color White White White White White


Pressing Surface 35” x 12.5” 22″ x 8.7″ 25” x 10” 22” x 10” N/A
Water Tank Capacity 10 oz 10 oz 15.2 oz 10 oz 10 oz
Volt Power 220 V 120 V 120 V 120 V 110 V
Watt Power 1.904 W 1300 W 1350 W 1350 W 1600 W
Non-stick Pressing Plate
Water Only
Digital Display
Auto-Shut-Off Safety Feature
Steam Settings

Accessories Included

Measuring Cup
Spray Bottle
Pressing Cushion


Ease of Use
Other Features
Fast heat up time 2 steam burst buttons Temperature selection 7 times the size of a regular iron Die-cast aluminum base
24 times larger than a regular iron Press lock feature Non-stick padded board cover Easy-to-use one-hand operation Reduces 50% of the ironing time
Automatic or manual steam function Heats up in only 3 minutes Easy cleaning Anti-Shine ironing surface Easy to store


Product Warranty 1-Year 1-Year 1-Year
User Manual
Costumer Support
Telephone Support 732-800-0181 (800) 711-6617 888-574-3662 888-318-7953 1-800-474-6437
E-mail consumerservice info support talktoUS

Product Evaluation

Speedypress ESP77T

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Innovation and Convenience

Our first recommendation is a performant product that might be truly helpful when ironing your clothes. It has an extra large size measuring 37.2” x 24.5” x 10.2” and it weighs 36.8 pounds. It will offer you great outcomes and it will ease your job immediately due to its most significant convenience features such as its 35” x 12.5” pressing surface and 10 oz water tank capacity. It has a voltage power of 220 V, it has a fast heating time and a non-stick pressing surface so you do not have to worry about damaging your clothes. Furthermore, its digital display will help you set the needed temperature and also the fabric. It is suitable for all types of fabrics such as nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. It comes with auto-shut-off safety feature and it can also be portable, you can take it anywhere you need.

Design and Versatility

Design and versatility are other features to take into consideration when purchasing this type of item. Most of these products are made to be practical and easy to use. Our top recommendation is one of the best choices for ironing your clothes. Made to ease your life it has a great design and it is also portable in order to carry it everywhere you need to go. So you can easily transport it in the vehicle when going on a holiday. Things will get easier by using it, you do not have to waste time with traveling irons that will not do their job at all. The product includes the measuring cup, spray bottle and pressing cushion.

  • Fast heat up time
  • 24 times larger than a regular iron
  • Automatic or manual steam function
  • Non-stick Teflon coated plate
  • It might be a little heavyweight

This product is saleable do to its performance and features and also versatility. You can now iron all your clothes without having to spend a lot of time. This might be the best choice for you regarding that it can reduce ironing time up to 60%.

Steamfast SP-660

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This one is another of our recommendations due to all its specifications that can help you get rid of the traditional ironing system. This item measures 24” x 22” x 10” and weighs 23.1 pounds so it is lightweight and easy to carry. Its pressing surface measures 22″ x 8.7″ and the water tank capacity can go up to 10 oz. Its most important features are its fast heat up time, it only 3 minutes it is ready to be used; the non-stick pressing plate; the 5 fabric settings such as nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. It has 2 steam burst buttons and lock-feature so you do not have to worry if you forget it turned on because it will shut off automatically. It comes equipped with the measuring cup, spray bottle, and pressing cushion. Also, it is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • 2 steam burst buttons
  • Press lock feature
  • Heats up in only 3 minutes
  • 100% chemical-free
  • Lack of digital display

This item is a saleable one do to its peculiarities that help you having the perfect clothes. Forget about wrinkles that the conventional iron would put on your clothing. Ease your daily tasks by using this new product.

Sienna Elite SSP-2202

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This is another product to be taken into consideration. This ironing item measures 26.9” x 21.8” x 10.1”
and weighs 36.4 pounds. On the other side, the pressing plate measures 25” x 10” so your clothes will fit perfectly because there is enough room. It has a 120 V voltage power and its water tank has a 15.2 oz capacity. Moreover, among these significant peculiarities, there are other aspects to be taken into consideration. Let’s not forget about the non-stick pressing plate, the digital display which will help you select or choose the right temperature, and the auto-shut-off safety feature. Also, this item is portable, you can take it everywhere you need to in order to take care of your clothes. It is suitable for nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. The package includes three accessories such as the measuring cup, spray bottle, and the pressing cushion.

  • Temperature selection
  • Non-stick padded board cover
  • Easy cleaning
  • Professional results
  • Some customers claim that it sometimes overheats

This product is saleable due to all its performant features and due to its ease of use. Temperature, convenience, and accessories are some of the most relevant features that can make you purchase this item.

Pyle PSTMP95

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Say goodbye to wrinkles with this innovative product that comes with a lot of traits which will totally be very helpful. The ironing press measures 10.2” x 27” x 22.2” and weighs 36 pounds. On the other side, its pressing surface measures 22” x 10” enough for fitting all your clothing. With 120 V and 10 oz water tank capacity this one will be the best choice for ironing. Wrinkles will not exist from now on and your clothes will look better and will have a great aspect. It is a versatile and flexible product, you can take it everywhere you go because it is portable. Also, it is suitable for all types of fabrics such as nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. It comes with three accessories: the measuring cup, spray bottle, and the pressing cushion. Moreover, a 1-year warranty is included.

  • 7 times the size of a regular iron
  • Easy-to-use one-hand operation
  • Anti-Shine ironing surface
  • Multiple dry-heat & steam settings
  • Some say that the product overheats

This product is saleable due to its convenience, easy usage, and all the performant features that an innovative item should have. Due to its large surface, your clothes will be perfectly ironed without wrinkles or lines.

Singer ESP-2

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This is another of our recommended products designed to take care of your clothing items. This one measures 25.8” x 21.2” x 8.2” and weighs only 22 pounds so we can notice that it is very lightweight. It has a 110 V voltage power and its water tank can be filled up to 10 oz. Among its essential traits, it has an extra large non-stick pressing surface, digital display, and auto-shut-off feature with an audible alarm for safety. It is suitable for all types of fabrics, so you can certainly use it on nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. You can take it everywhere you need due to its portability and, moreover, it comes with a measuring cup, spray bottle, and pressing cushion. The product is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • Reduces 50% of the ironing time
  • It is easy to store
  • Professional results in half the time
  • Some people claim that it develops rust spots

The high-efficiency of this product makes it saleable. Its peculiarities will make you forget about the traditional ironing system and will make you go for an innovative technology.

Sienna SST-0010

This steamer is another of our recommendations because of its peculiarities and efficiency. Now you can do laundry while sitting. It has a comfort-feature that can help you do your work easily and also, fastly. This steamer does not require to put it on a table or counter, you can sit on the chair and just press the clothes. You will have excellent results in just a few moments because it is not time-consuming. It is made of durable steel construction so you do not have to worry that it will not provide performance at high-standards. The item comes with a shelf for the already steamed clothes, which is a handy feature. Moreover, it is designed with a safety strap to secure the press to the stand. The steamer works universally due to the fact that fits all Sienna presses.

  • Slip-resistant plastic foot caps
  • Storage rack
  • Velcro strap
  • Works universally
  • Some say that it is too short

This is a popular product due to its performance and versatility. As mentioned before it can work universally so you can use it without the stand. An important feature is its foldable design, after you finish using it you can fold it for easy storage.

Steamfast SF-680

This Steamfast appliance is part of the deluxe series so it will offer customers a great performance and efficiency. It removes wrinkles away and leaves your clothes a flawless aspect. It has a variety of temperature settings depending on each material. You just have to select the fabric and it will do its job efficiently and fastly. Its 25” x 10.5” pressing plate will amaze you, you can even steam larger items such as tablecloths. The 10-ounce tank will fill immediately and you will be able to use it after the tank heats up, namely, in just 3 minutes. You can use it for five different types of materials and it comes with two steam burst buttons that offer a powerful burst of steam. What’s more, the device has a press lock feature for safety but also for helping you carry or transport it. The package includes also a measuring cup, spray bottle, and a pressing pad. Steamfast SF-680 is backed by a 1-year warranty in case you are not satisfied with it.

  • Large steaming surface
  • Multiple fabric settings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1-Year warranty included
  • Customer service could be better

This press is a popular choice because of its quick heat up time and the large surface. Customers opt for this one also due to the easy maneuverability and versatility. It is designed with 5 digital fabric settings so you can efficiently use it.

Steamer or Conventional Iron?

Doing the laundry was always a true issue for most of us, especially for women. Concerning ironing, there are two appliances that can ease our job: the conventional iron and the pressing machine. But which one of these can bring more advantages? This is a very frequently asked question because people are in doubt if purchasing the conventional iron or a pressing machine. Here we come to your attention with some information that might be helpful before buying the needed item.

  • Costs – In point of costs, you must set yourself a budget you want to spend on this appliance. Surely, an iron is less expensive than a steamer, but it might not be as practical and efficient as a pressing machine. While conventional irons are cheaper, the effort it takes to iron the clothes makes steamers worth investing in.
  • Efficiency – When it comes to efficiency, it is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. We are looking for a performant device that suits all our needs and that offers high performance. Concerning that, steamers are our recommendation due to their large surfaces and peculiarities. For instance, steamers do not take a lot of time and energy when pressing and they can be suitable for many types of fabrics such as nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. On the other side, the standard irons might not suit all these types of fabrics and they can damage them.
  • Maneuverability – Regarding maneuverability, we can say that the conventional irons are winning. A classic iron can get into corners of a cloth that you might not reach when using a steamer. There are a lot of people who are very careful with the small details so using an iron will help them notice them better. Also, conventional irons are easier to store due to the fact that they are smaller. On the other side, you will not be able to iron a lot of clothes without having to replace the water and also it is possible to find wrinkles on your clothes, a thing which is not very agreeable after all your work.

Steamers Buying Guide

We all know that laundry is an activity that implies a lot of time. Now with these products, we can make it less time-consuming. But it is important to choose the most suitable steamer in order to perform at its best standards. Before purchasing this type of product you must take into consideration some important aspects. Below you find a list with some of the most significant features to be aware when looking for it.

  • Protection – Safety is the most important feature to take into consideration before purchasing a steamer. A lot of accidents take place when using these products. It is relevant to make the difference between the best one and the most inappropriate equipment. In order to select the proper one always check to see if it includes some safety features. Among these safety traits, there is the automatic shut-off feature to turn off the equipment once it remained idle. This automatic shut-off can prevent a lot of incidents such as overheating. Additionally, pay attention to the handle to see if it locks in order to provide stability.
  • Surface Dimension – When we discuss about the surface we refer the part that you place your clothing item to press it. It is important to pay attention to this aspect in order to look for a bigger area so you can do your job faster. Take into consideration the overall size of the product, too. It is recommended to choose one with an ironing area long of 22” but 10” wide. This will help you when handling it.
  • Temperature Setting – Most of the presses have a digital display which is not a negative feature at all but make sure that there are all the fabrics settings. Check if these temperature settings are suitable for various types of fabrics. For instance, silk does not need as much heating as wool needs. This display will help you choose the suitable setting in order to protect your clothes of damage.
  • Timer Setting – You might ask what is the purpose of a timer. The timer is very important in order to control the time consumed to press your clothing items. Most of the steamers are equipped with this feature that will make a sound as the time set by you has finished. But there are also pressing machines that do not include this feature but they shut off automatically if the machine stays closed for more than 10 seconds.

Safety Tips

Before considering purchasing the machine you have to make sure that there are some safety tips to follow. It is important to know everything about the product you want to buy. Steamers can be dangerous if not used properly. Here we come with some essential tips you have to be aware of when owning the item.

  • Don’t leave your machine neglected when it is turned on and plugged in
  • Don’t use it if its parts are not working properly
  • Don’t place another type of objects instead of clothing items
  • After using it, let it cool for about 30 minutes-1 hour before storing it
  • Don’t hold it close to your face because it might cause burns
  • Before using it make sure that you fill it with water
  • It is recommended to use it with distilled water instead of tap water

Frequently Asked Questions

?What pressing machine should I opt for?
The most suitable pressing machine is the one that allows you to set its temperature. This way you can choose too much, or too little depending on the clothes you are pressing.

?How do I clean the machine?
First of all, you must turn it off and then let it cool. After it is cooled, use a clean cloth and wipe the surface. If the stains do not remove, mix water and baking soda, and then wipe it again.
?Where do I place it to use it?
It depends on the model. Some of the pressing machines are designed to be used on a table or counter but others need a strong and durable stand to offer them support.

Purchasing this type of product will ease your work day by day, this is why we have recommended you a various range with the best steamers. They will offer you many facilities such as safety, velocity, and certainly perfect clothes. Steamers are also easy to maintain so you do not have to worry regarding this aspect. They have a large surface so you can easily place your clothing items without worrying about the space issue. There are also some fabrics that require dry pressing, you will obtain this easily with the “no steam” setting. Just try them and you will notice great outcomes.

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