These kits can be the factor that can save your life in any emergency situations. You need the tools inside of the kits in order to survive. There is no other way. Whatever model you choose is up to you because each kit has different tools. You will find that some even have First Aid products. Nonetheless, all of them come in cases that are waterproof and shockproof so they will not let you down even if you don’t take care of it. In addition to this, we highly recommend this product as something to have in your home because you never know when the next natural dissaster will happen. They are small and light so they will not take up too much of the space in your house.

Top 6 Survival Kits Comparison

Photo Survival Kits Price
 Xuanlan Emergency kit Image

1. Xuanlan Emergency Kit

  • 14-in-1
  • Dimensions are 4.1” x 1.8” x 6.3”
  • Entire kit weighs 0.98 lbs
  • Waterproof carry case
  • Whistle makes a noise of 120db
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Everlit Emergency Survival Kit Image

2. Everlit Emergency Survival Kit

  • 40-in-1
  • Dimensions are 7” x 4.5” x 4”
  • Entire kit weighs 0.95 ounces
  • First aid kit included
  • Whistle makes a noise of 120db
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Aootek First Aid Kit and Survival Kit Image

3. Aootek First Aid Kit and Survival Kit

  • 188 pieces
  • Dimensions are 5.5” x 3.5” x 1.6”
  • Entire kit weighs 1 lbs
  • First aid kit included
  • Whistle makes a noise of 120db
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TRSCIND Gear Kits Image

4. TRSCIND Gear Kits

  • 13-in-1
  • Dimensions are 6.6” x 4.3” x 1.9”
  • Entire kit weighs 1.11 lbs
  • Material is waterproof and shockproof
  • Whistle makes a noise of 120db
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EMDMAK Outdoor Emergency Gear Image

5. EMDMAK Outdoor Emergency Gear

  • 6-in-1
  • Dimensions are 5” x 3.5” x 1.6”
  • Entire kit weighs 0.39 lbs
  • Material is waterproof
  • Whistle makes a noise of 120db
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Everlit Emergency Survival Kit Image

6. Everlit IFAK Molle System

  • 250-in-1
  • Dimensions are 6.5” x 4” x 8”
  • Entire kit weighs 1.9 pounds
  • First aid kit included
  • Whistle makes a noise of 120db

Survival Kits of 2018

Xuanlan Emergency kit


This model is in our top picks for many reasons. The first being the fact that this product has been recently updated so instantly it’s one of the best on the market. Nothing is missing from this kit. You will be able to use everything in any extreme adventures. The package includes an emergency blanket, a fire starter, military and folding knife, flashlight, swiss card and a tactical pen. You will be able to use that pen in case you have to break glass or pierce a tough material.


As well as, you can also use it for normal writing. The military grade knife is constructed from a black steel blade and it has an aluminum handle. It’s nearly impossible for it to catch rust or damage as time passes on. You will also receive a bracelet that is 5-in-1. This is because it has a compass, fire starter, emergency knife and a whistle. The aluminum alloy whistle can reach a sound of 120db. Loud enough that you can be heard from miles away or scare any animals around you.

  • The bezel rotates 360 degrees
  • Key-ring is designed with LED light
  • Compact enough to be fit in a backpack
  • Thermal blanket can retain 90% of body heat
  • Some products run on batteries

The reason why this model is so popular is because it’s very practical and useful. In addition to this, people enjoy the fact that they can rely on it in case of an emergency. All of the tools inside have been designed to help you and give you a helping hand when you’re in need.

Everlit Emergency Survival Kit

The reason why this model is different than the rest is because it was designed by U.S military veterans. Thus, arguably they will definitely know what you need in case of emergency. Within the kit you will receive a knife, a flashlight that can reach up to 3 modes, a flint and a 2-tune whistle. The reason why the whistle has been created with 2 tunes is because it will put you in a much more favorable position when you want to be found. In addition to this, you will also receive a compass that can be used even at night time because it’s luminous. This is great news because in order to survive an emergency, you need to be protected from wounds getting infected.

  • Kit comes with multi-functional pliers
  • Designed with a phone holster
  • Paracord length is 10.5 ft
  • Thermal blanket is gold for better reflection
  • Some say the multi-tool should be longer

If you’re looking for a practical model, you should know that this comes at no extra price, with a First Aid kit that includes a bandage, wound dressing, cotton tip, first-aid tape and thermal blanket.

Aootek First Aid Kit and Survival Kit

This 188 pieces model will definitely be your helping hand when you’re in need. In the kit you will receive pliers, wire cutters, saw blade, can/bottle opener, screwdriver and a large knife. In addition to this, you will also receive key buckle. The people that have already bought this product have suggested that you should purchase this item in case of unexpected major emergencies such as natural disasters and survival situations. At no extra price, you will also receive a First Aid kit which includes surgical tape, tweezers, sting relief, safety pins and alcohol prep pad. Additionally, you will also receive a compass, a bright LED flashlight, a fire starter and a tool card. The great thing about it is that it’s made out of stainless steel so it will not catch rust any time soon.

  • Made from corrosion resistant materials
  • Equipment for fishing is included
  • Designed with extra room to add anything you wish
  • The case is flexible so you can add it to your backpack
  • Some people say that the knife requires sharpening

This is one of the bestseller because overall this is a great product to have in the house because you can never be sure when the next natural disaster will happen.


This upgraded model is inevitable one of the best in this niche. Every single item in the kit has been upgraded in order to provide you with the most suitable equipment. The 13-in-1 kit contains a compass, a military-grade knife, wire saw, emergency blanket and tactical pen. In addition to this, you will also receive a flint stone, scraper, flashlight, and whistle. These are extremely useful when you find yourself in need of help. The carry case is waterproof and it only weighs around 1 pound. This makes it even lighter than your mobile phone. Additionally, the case has been described as very small and practical which means that you will be able to fit it in your backpack with no hustle. Furthermore, you will also find that the case is shockproof so it’s very unlikely that it will get damaged even if you are not careful with it.

  • Double tube on the whistle make it high-pitch
  • Knife blade is made out of corrosion resistant materials
  • Carry case is shockproof and waterproof
  • Use the tactical pen for normal writing
  • Some people say that the knife needs to be sharpened

This model is a popular choice because the whistle is made from aluminum alloy and it can reach a sound level of 120db, this makes it very loud. As well as, the blanket will be able to retain about 90% of your body’s heat.

EMDMAK Outdoor Emergency Gear

This practical and durable model will definitely come in handy when you are in an emergency. The 6-in-1 case comes with a stainless steel multi-functional pliers, tool card that is also made out of heavy-duty metal, wire saw, whistle and emergency blanket. The whistle also has a key ring at one end. In addition to this, the people that have already purchased this item have highlighted that the blades from the wire saw are very sharp so you don’t have to waste time to sharpen it. Additionally, the fire starter is very easy to use and it can be done within one simple move. Therefore, you can definitely rely on this model to meet your needs. Whether the pieces are made from steel or plastic, you will find that they will last for many years to come.

  • A multi-tool card is included
  • The pliers are designed with a LED flashlight
  • The compass is very accurate and easy to read
  • Fire starter allows you to spark flames even under water
  • Some people say that the knife needs to be sharpened

This is another product we recommend because a great thing about this model is that the batteries that are required for the flashlight are included in the package at no extra price.

Everlit IFAK Molle System

This 250 piece kit is the model which you can rely on, to help you in emergency situations. It has been designed by military veterans and ex-Army Sergeants. It has been FDA approved which means that all of the tools inside will last for many years to come. In addition to this, it’s big enough to suit the whole family in emergency situations. The pouch is weather-resistant and it’s very unlikely for moisture to get inside. It’s nearly impossible for the tools such as knives, tweezers, and metals to catch rust. The actual bag is made from 600D nylon threads so it will last in any harsh conditions. The bag only weighs 1.9lbs so you can take it with you wherever you go.

  • The flashlight has 3-modes
  • Multi-function paracord bracelet
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Designed with molle compatible straps
  • Some say that the compass is not accurate

This is another popular choice because the company provides excellent customer service support team that will always be available to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

How To Stay Alive

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight in order to stay alive, we have come up with some tips to help you. It doesn’t really matter if you have the best gear from these kits if you don’t know how to use them. Therefore, we have come up with a guideline that you should always remember whenever you are in an emergency situation.

  • Research – It’s best to avoid the places that you know nothing about. Thus, if you go hiking or camping, you should go to the areas that have been tested before. This is because you need to be informed about the weather, flora, and fauna. If you do find yourself in a place that is only surrounded by wilderness, you should blow your whistle in order to make yourself known. In addition to this, you should also allow yourself some rest to put your thoughts in order. If you are hungry, use the military-grade knife to hunt something.
  • Tell people where you are going – It’s best that you tell people where you are going. Do not try to be the hero in these situations because you can end up dead. In case you find yourself that your mobile phone isn’t working, use the compass to guide you towards the place you want to go. If you want to travel during the night, use the flashlight to guide. Please be aware that some function through batteries so you want to be careful about how much you want to use it.
  • Find running water – Water that stays put is no good because it can be toxic and full of bacteria. Do not drink it straight away because it may contain remains from animals or even dead animals. Instead, use the fire starter to start a fire, and boil the water. You can drink it hot or let it cool. A good idea in this situation is to save some for later into a container.
  • Rest – Many people in these situations end up dead because of exhaustion. You need to put yourself first if you want to survive. Save yourself by thinking positively and use the tools that you will find in the survival kit. The most important thing here is that you use your common sense. Eat, drink and rest and you will be able to get yourself out of any emergency situations.

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