Tennis Ball Machine

Whether you are planning on polishing your skills to play at a competitive level or you simply enjoy playing tennis during your spare time, a machine that throws the balls can really come in handy. Not only does the apparatus basically replace the second player – which is great for those who do not have a person to practice with – but it challenges you by throwing the balls at a higher speed as well. However, do know that ball-throwing machines are not the cheapest purchase out there. Thus, it is mandatory to look into as many products as possible and compare the top-tier machines to each other in order to make a correct purchase. In the following, we will provide you with a comparison matrix of the best tennis ball throwing apparatuses at the moment, so stick with us if you are interested in this subject.

Top 5 Tennis Ball Machines Comparison

1. Spinshot Player 2. Lobster Sports Elite 1 3. Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube 4. Match Mate Rookie 5. Match Mate Quickstart

General Info

Manufacturer Spinshot Lobster Sports Tennis Tutor Match Mate Match Mate
Weight 46.3 Lbs 42 Lbs 24 Lbs 22 Lbs 29 Lbs
Casing Material Powder Coated Metal Polypropylene High Impact Plastic Heavy-Grade Aluminum Heavy Gauge Steel
Height 19.7″ 21″ 15″ 22″ 28″
Length 19.7″ 20″ 12″ 11″ 12.5″
Width 13.8″ 14″ 13″ 11″ 12.5″


Capacity 120 Balls 150 Balls 70 Balls 70 Balls 125 Balls
Ejection Speed 19 – 68 MPH 10 – 80 MPH 10 – 50 MPH 10 – 27 MPH 14 – 30 MPH
Feed Rate 2 – 10 Seconds 2 – 12 Seconds 2 – 10 Seconds 2 – 10 Seconds 2 – 12 Seconds
Spin Adjustable Back and Top Spin Heavy Top and Back Spin N/A Heavy Topspin Heavy Topspin
Court Time 2 – 3 Hours 4 – 8 Hours 1.5 – 2 Hours 5 Hours 5 – 7 Hours
Safe for Children


Oscillator Random Horizontal Optional
Elevation Type Electronic Electronic Manual Manual Manual
Rechargeable Battery
Included Battery Charger
Transport Handles
Remote Control Phone-Based
Other Features
12 Programmable Shot Drills Oversized Wheels Start-Up Time Delay Overcharge Protection Throws Standard Regulation Balls
Adjust Ball Position 60-Degree Lobs Overcharge Protection 10-Second Ball Feed Delay on Start-Up 10-Second Ball Feed Delay on Start-Up
60-Degree Lobs Removable Handle Overcharge Protection
Elevation Indicator


Product Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 3 Years 1 Year 1 Year
User Manual
Customer Support
Telephone Support 800-306-0556 800-210-5992 800-448-8867 800-837-1002 800-837-1002
E-Mail Support spinshot-service support customerservice
Online Chat Support

Tennis Ball Throwing Machine Reviews

1. Spinshot Player

The Spinshot measures 19.7 inches in height, 19.7 inches in length, and 13.8 inches in width, so finding a storage space for it when it is not in use won’t be difficult. Additionally, considering that it weighs only 46.3 pounds, it will be a cinch to move it across the tennis course as you like. Definitely, its biggest highlight is the Phone Remote supported feature which allows you to make setting changes remotely.

Besides this modern, helpful compatibility feature, the apparatus provides you with the possibility to choose between 12 pre-programmed drills which offer versatile shot positions. Therefore, you can constantly challenge yourself and pick your game up, seeing a major improvement in shot quality after only a few practice sessions with it. Furthermore, it is built to allow full customization of the tennis game experience, so it will suit you regardless of your skill level.

With a capacity of retaining up to 120 balls, it ensures continuity when you practice as you do not have to refill it too often. Furthermore, it delivers an ejection speed rate which ranges from 19 to 68 miles per hour, thus allowing you to pick the speed you are comfortable with in relation to your skill level. Delivering a court time of up to 3 hours – which is more than enough for a hearty practice session – and boasting a durable powder coated metal casing construction, it is a choice we strongly recommend you go for.



Powder-coating over the metal construction ensures durability Supports only Android and iOS apps – Windows is not included
2-line drill option makes the game experience even more realistic
Towing wheels allow an easy maneuvering on the court
Allows you to fully customize drills according to your skill level


Although there are more than enough features to praise when it comes to this tennis machine, we must admit that the most spectacular trait of the Spinshot Player remains the fact that it can be remotely controlled over the smartphone. Fairly priced considering its overall quality and providing you with the ideal tennis partner, we strongly recommend you go with this machine if you want to see major improvements in your game.

2. Lobster Sports Elite 1

The Elite 1 measures 21 inches in height, 20 inches in length, and 14 inches in width, and it weighs only 42 pounds, specs which show how convenient it is to maneuver on court and how easy it will be for you to find a storage space for it. As it is battery powered, the lack of an AC power source is not an issue to worry about. Furthermore, it delivers a fantastic continuous run time of up to 8 hours until the batteries need to be recharged, so you will most likely run out of juice before the machine does.

The impressive 150-ball capacity ensures you will most likely finish the practice session before the apparatus runs out of balls. Additionally, it allows a 15-second delay on the feed motor, thus allowing you to position yourself correctly on the court before the first ball is thrown.

Obviously, just like the machine we previously talked about, it delivers random oscillation in order to make the tennis session a bit more challenging and to simulate how a play would go in real-life as close to perfection as possible. Its feeds are remarkably consistent, an aspect praised by all people who have already bought and used it. All in all, there are no real downsides worth talking about, and we do recommend you take it into consideration as it is worth the money.



Ball bin slot allows you to monitor how many balls are left When the battery is fully drained, it takes about 24 hours to fully recharge it
Remarkable consistency in ball feed
Its operation isn’t noisy at all – using it won’t wake neighbors up
No need to worry about rusting due to its plastic outer shell


Fairly priced considering the consistent shot quality it delivers, and allowing you to customize the practice session as you see fit for your training and capabilities, the Elite 1 is a dream to work with. Among its biggest highlights is definitely the 15-second delay it provides to allow you to position yourself on the court as you like, as well as numerous other features.

3. Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube

Perfect for kids as well as adults, the Tennis Cube machine will throw the balls at the precise speed you desire. Do note that it is better suited for beginners and mid-level tennis players, as the 50 MPH top ball speed might seem a bit too low for someone who plays on a more professional level already. It delivers a great variety of shot types, the trajectories ranging from groundstroke to lob, thus allowing you to improve your game faster than you would have ever hoped.

In terms of design, it is one of the most appealing options as it weighs only 24 pounds, and it measures 15 inches in height, 12 inches in length, and 13 inches in width. Furthermore, the high-impact plastic construction of its outer shell ensures that regardless how the weather is, rusting won’t be an issue to worry about.

It delivers 2 hours of court time, not as much as other ball-throwing machines offer, but enough for hobbyists and amateurs. Additionally, it allows full customization of practice sessions, allowing you to choose ball speed, feed rate, spin, and so on.



Perfectly suited for beginning and intermediate players Does not come with a remote control
Industry-leading warranty – backed by the manufacturer for 3 years Does not provide the lengthiest court time when compared to other ball throwing machines – only 2 hours at tops
Overcharge protection ensures the battery will never receive damage during the charging process
Compact design and lightweight profile make it easy to maneuver the machine on the court


Starting with the ingenious and convenient design of the Tennis Cube machine and going all the way to its “polite” 10-second feed rate, this is one of the apparatuses we advise you take a closer look at. It comes at a good price and it provides a perfect training session for beginner and intermediate players, so it most likely makes for the perfect option for you to go with.

4. Match Mate Rookie

The Rookie boasts a quite discrete size, measuring only 22 inches in height, 11 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and weighing a mere 22 pounds. Furthermore, the heavy-grade aluminum construction ensures a long-lasting durability, so your money is safe if spent on it.

Delivering a court time of approximately 5 hours, you will most likely run out of batteries yourself before the machine does. Additionally, considering the fact that it delivers a heavy topspin, it will present you with a challenging play style which will help pick up your skills faster than you hoped. Another aspect worth mentioning is the forgiving 10-second feed rate which allows you to position yourself on the court when waiting for the next ball to shoot out of it.

Alas, it does lack an important feature, more precisely the random oscillation that would have added more realism to the practice session. On the upside, it ensures durability and reliability in the long run due to the overcharge protection it features. Furthermore, it comes at a very affordable price, so you won’t have to spend a considerable amount of money on it either.



Comes at an affordable price Can reach only 27 MPH at tops when it comes to ball speed
One of the lightest tennis ball throwing apparatuses at the moment Does not feature the oscillation function
Heavy topspin helps beginners and intermediate players improve their game faster
Prevents ball wasting due to 10-second feed delay when the practice session starts


If you are looking for a budget-friendly machine to help you practice tennis when you are left without an opponent, the Rookie is your best option, by far. Despite the fact that it does lack the random oscillation feature which would have made the whole experience more challenging and realistic, it still provides everything a beginner or intermediate player could ask for.

5. Match Mate Quickstart

The machine comes at a cheap price that somewhat compensates for the features it lacks. As it can reach a top ball speed of 30 miles per hour, it makes for a great option for beginners and mid-level players. Also, it helps you learn the game properly as it throws standard regulation balls.

In order to allow you to accommodate to your position on the court before the training session begins, the machine provides a 10-second ball feed delay. Another important highlight is the 7-hour top court time provided by the apparatus when the battery is fully charged, ensuring you will run out of juice before it stops working.

To ensure you will enjoy using the machine for years on end, it features overcharge protection which keeps the battery safe and sound at all times. A very convenient element is the fact that it can hold up to 125 balls at a time, so you will not need to refill it with tennis balls too often. Additionally, it provides a heavy topspin which helps improve your game faster than you would have normally expected, especially if you are not the most experienced player out there at the moment.



Allows easy access to the battery – from the machine’s bottom side Does not feature random oscillation
Heavy gauge steel construction ensures durability Lacks transport handles which would have made it easier to change its location on the court
Good option for beginning and intermediate players
Edge protection ensures you won’t get hurt while transporting it


Very affordable and perfectly suited for beginning and intermediate players who aspire to reach a pro level one day, the Quickstart machine is quite an impressive addition to your tennis practice sessions. Even though it does lack some features, its overall build quality and performance make it an option worth taking into consideration.

Regardless of your main motif for investing in a tennis ball machine, what you need to know from the get-go is the fact that the improvement seen in shot quality after using the apparatus is massive, even after only a few practice sessions. Knowing just how big of an impact the machine has on a player’s game, we made it a point to pick only quality apparatuses which actually withstand intense, regular use, products that do not disappoint in the long run. Clearly, our top pick, the Spinshot Player is the machine which impressed us the most through its overall design and performance. Otherwise, it would not have ranked so high, obviously. While there are a plethora of reasons to why it deserves this spot, probably its most important trait which separates it from competitors is the fact that it allows you to choose between various programmable shot drills. Thus, it actually provides versatility unlike any other machine, helping you grow as a tennis player quicker.

This isn’t to say that our other selections are way inferior as they actually come close to this machine quality-wise. For example, the Lobster Sports Elite 1 impresses with the length court time it provides, while the Match Mate Quickstart is unparalleled when it comes to its ball holding capacity. What we hope you take away from this article is that there are more than enough machines which provide excellence in terms of performance while managing to remain quite affordable, and we aspire to have helped you with the info provided here to make a fast and smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Do I have to recharge the battery before storing the machine?
It is indeed best to fully recharge the battery before storing the machine away, even if you have only used it for 5 minutes, for example. Doing this will prevent battery lifespan shortening, thus helping preserve the entire ball throwing system in a top notch shape for many years, no replacements or repairs being needed.

?What is the role of random oscillation?
Random oscillation is a very appealing feature for a tennis ball throwing apparatus as it provides you with a more realistic game/practice experience. When set in this mode, the machine will replicate a real match situation as well as possible by shooting the balls randomly across the court. Thus, your practice session will be more challenging and you will increase your skill level faster.

?How is the spin of the ball created?
Machines which feature counter-rotating wheels deliver balls that spin in the air, making it possible by rotating the wheels at different speeds. If the top wheel is the one which spins faster, a topspin ball will be imparted, while if the bottom one spins at a higher speed, you will be faced with a slice shot.

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