Tire Inflator with Gauge

Keeping your tires inflated is very important, but for this, you need the right tool. The correct tire pressure will save you more gas and will offer you increased safety on the road. This job can be easily done with the help of a tire inflator Since there are many models to choose from, we have gathered in this article the most reliable ones you can go with. Read their reviews and pick the one you like best to perform regular tire maintenance and extend the life of your motor vehicle’s tires. However, you have to keep in mind that these models need to be hooked up to a compressor in order to inflate the tires.

Top 7 Tire Inflators with Gauges Comparison

Photo Product Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs.) Type Pressure Range (PSI) Price

Best Overall
1. Joes Racing 32485 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.6 1.4 Analog 0-60 Check Price

Our Choice
2. Astro 3081 11.6 x 5.6 x 4.3 2.5 Analog 0-174 Check Price
3. Milton S-506 4.3 x 14.6 x 0.9 1.4 Analog 10-160 Check Price
4. TireTek TXL-Pro 11.4 x 5.5 x 3.2 1.6 Analog 0-170 Check Price
5. AstroAI Digital 7.87 x 3.15 x 1.38 0.5 Digital 0-250 Check Price
6. JACO FlowPro Digital 8 x 4.2 x 3.2 1.37 Digital 0-200 Check Price
7. EPAuto AT-001-2 10.2 x 4.7 x 1.5 0.9 Analog 0-120 Check Price

Tire Inflators with Gauges Reviews

Joes Racing 32485

With more than 28 years of experience in the racing industry, Joes Racing is a trustworthy brand. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality tire inflator with gauge that is made in the USA, then the 32485 model is a nice option to consider. It is analog, so it doesn’t use batteries.


This is not the most compact model you can get but it will fit perfectly in your toolbox. The pressure range goes from 0 to 60 PSI. The gauge works very well and is very accurate.

  • 2.5-inch gauge diameter: the generous size of the gauge allows you to easily see the readings.
  • Glow-in-the-dark material: the gauge face comes in a green color that illuminates in the dark, so you can see the pressure indication scale even in extremely low light conditions.
  • Flexible hose: the hose is made of a sturdy yet flexible material and has a swivel that let’s you get it in the correct position very easily.
  • Quick fill valve: the valve was specially designed to inflate your tires very fast.
  • Air pressure release button: in case the pressure is too high, you can let some air out by simply pushing the bleed off button located on the side.


This model comes with multiple accessories, so it is very practical. At the same time, the manufacturer warrants it against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • 2 types of chucks: comes with a chrome angle chuck installed, but you will also receive a ball chuck for tight spots.
  • 2 quick connect fittings: to hook it to a wide range of compressor hoses.
  • Accurate and fast
  • Easy to use
  • You can use it at night
  • Features a compactible pump
  • Versatile

Among the things we like best about Joes Racing 32485 is its accuracy and ease of use. The model is lightweight, renders fast results, and can be used at night. In case you over-inflated the tires, there’s nothing to worry about as you also have the possibility to deflate them with the help of the bleeder valve. The included 2 size fittings are also a great addition, as well as the compactible pump.

Astro 3081

Astro 3081 does much more than just inflating tires. It can also deflate and measure the pressure, so you can always monitor the tire’s pressure and optimize it accordingly. Furthermore, this aluminum die-casting unit is covered with rubber sleeve to increase its durability, so once you buy it you will be able to use it for many years. Furthermore, the model features two position in both inflate and deflate level, being at the same time very easy to use and safe. As about the dial gauge, this is large enough to read the measurements, featuring a 0-174 PSI scale. Additionally, the model has a 21-inch hose and works fast enough every time you need to inflate of deflate your tires. All in all, this inflator does a pretty good job, being a reliable companion on the road, helping you at the same time to extend the life of your car’s tires.

  • Features a 3-1/8-inch diameter pressure gauge
  • Durable construction
  • Very accurate
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Easy to use and read the measurements
  • Doesn’t work with bicycles

Astro 3081 is really a great option to consider. This model is very resistant so it stands the test of time, being a long-term investment for every car owner. The large gauge allows you to read the measurements with ease and you can also deflate the tires if necessary. As a minor drawback, this model is not compatible with bicycles.

Milton S-506

Next tool that worth your attention is the Milton S-506. This model does a really great job when it comes to inflating your motor vehicle’s tires. Featuring a dual head design and a heavy duty construction that allows you to use it even on extreme weather conditions, this model is definitely one of the best you can find at this moment. The gauge is large enough to read the measurements, having a maximum pressure range of 160 PSI in 2-pound increments. Additionally, the inflator features a 15-inch hose which is flexible and easy to handle, as well as a full swivel chuck. Moreover, the valve cartridges and the gauge are replaceable, so when the time comes, you can easily change them with some new ones. Last but not least, this model is made by a respectable brand, so you can be sure you won’t be disappointed by its efficiency.

  • Features magnifying lens for a better viewing
  • Comes with replaceable cartridge valves
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Quick results
  • Trustful brand
  • You need to operate it with both hands

Milton S-506 is another model we like as it comes with many innovative and helpful features. You can use it every time necessary, being able to work on harsh weather conditions without any problems. Additionally, it features a large gauge and a full swivel chuck. For making sure you will enjoy the tool for many years, you can change the cartridge valves whenever needed.

TireTek TXL-Pro

With the help of the TireTek TXL-Pro tire pressure inflator you can rest assured because your tires will always be monitored so you can drive safely and avoid any unpleasant incidents. Featuring a flexible hose and a seal for the valve, this model has proven its efficiency for many customers. At the same time, the tool comes with an air bleeder valve that allows you to easily deflate the tire and optimize it according to the specifications. Besides the fact that this inflator provides quick results, it’s also features steel and brass in construction that makes it last for many years. Furthermore, the easy to read 170 PSI pressure gauge is well-secured by a rubber case, adding more resistance to the tool. Additionally, the model works great not only with your car, but also with the bicycle, motorcycle, truck, ATV, and so on.

  • Accurate and large display
  • Calibrated according to the ANSI standards
  • Features a secure lock-on chuck construction
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Some customers claimed the fact that the air leaks

TireTek TXL-Pro is a versatile tool, so you can use it for measuring the tire pressure of numerous vehicles, including truck or bicycle. Besides this, this model is also accurate and easy to use, being calibrated in appliance with the ANSI standards. If necessary, you can use the tool to deflate the tires. Therefore, with the help of this model, you can be sure your tires will always be properly inflated for a safe drive.

AstroAI Digital

This is a digital tire inflator that features a range between 0 and 250 PSI. It provides accurate readings as it is professionally calibrated to show you the exact pressure. Therefore, the accuracy is ±1%. It comes with a nice LED-backlit display that shows the results in 0.1 increments. The measurements are displayed in PSI, KPA, bar, or Kg/cm². Besides cars, it also works with motorcycles and bikes, trucks, or SUVs. The product is made of heavy-duty steel and brass for a long lifespan. Additionally, the hose is made of rubber and is insulated, so is highly durable. As a result, you can use it in all weather conditions. Another great thing about this model is that it features an air bleeder valve for decreasing pressure faster. It works with 2AAA batteries which are included and it features a 20-second automatic shut-off. The product is warranted for a period of 3 years and includes many accessories.

  • Multiple measurement units to choose from: PSI, KPA, bar, and kgf/cm2
  • Large LCD display with a blue background
  • Shuts off automatically after 20 seconds
  • Features a built-in air bleeder valve
  • For extra safety, once you release the hand grip of the gauge, the tire inflating stops
  • When filling the tire, it may let a little air our

The digital display is easier to use in comparison to an analog one. It features a nice design and provides accurate readings. The multiple features make it easier to use while the long warranty is a proof that it will last for many years. What we don’t like is the fact that it may let a little air out when filling the tire. Other than that, no major flaws.

JACO FlowPro Digital

In comparison to an analog tire inflator, a digital one is easier to use and this model makes no exception. Although digital models are considered less accurate, it is not the case with this one as the accuracy is ±1% of full scale. The device is made of quality and solid materials that are meant to extend its lifetime – features an 18-inch long stainless steel braided hose. The thumb trigger and the bleeder valve makes it very easy to use as you just have to push the trigger to inflate an under inflated tire and the release valve to let air out of an ove inflated tire. Another thing that you will surely like is that the air compressor comes ready to use as it includes the air chuck and the quick-connect fitting. The digital gauge features a large and vivid LCD display with a resolution of 0.5 psi and a range from 0 to 200 PSI. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to select the measurement mode – PSI, KPA, Bar, or Kgf/cm2.

  • If not used for 2 minutes, the display turns off automatically to save battery life
  • Features an improved lock-on air chuck
  • Features an industrial type D fitting
  • The included accessories have 1/4″ NPT connectors
  • Includes a thread seal tape roll and 2AAA batteries
  • The design is rather bulky

Excellent option if you’re looking for a digital device. It is accurate, easy to use, and very solid. You can use it even in extreme low light conditions as it features a blue backlight display. The price is pocket-friendly and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

EPAuto AT-001-2

Another great tire inflator you can confidently go with is the EPAuto AT-001-2. This model is highly efficient and accurate and was specially designed to help you easily inflate your motor’s vehicle tires with ease. The great advantage of this tool is the fact that you can buy all in one tool: inflation gun, chuck, gauge and hose. The gauge is large enough for clear readings and the pressure ranges from 0 to 120 PSI. Additionally, it displays the results in bar, kgf and kpa. Moreover, the model features a 2-inch dial with rubber sleeve, while the industrial type D plug is included. Besides the fact that this particular inflator is a real helper every time you want to check the pressure in your tires, it’s also affordable, being a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper, yet efficient alternative.

  • Features 4 measurements for pressure: psi, bar, kgf and kpa
  • Quick connect plug
  • Accurate and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible hose
  • You have to press firmly for a good seal otherwise the air leaks

EPAuto AT-001-2 was specially made to help you maintain the proper pressure in your tires with minimum effort. With a large and clear gauge to read the measurements and a versatile display, this tool is a must have if you want to drive safely. However, when using it, you need to use more force and press strongly, otherwise the air will leak.

How to Measure Tire Pressure?

The process of measuring the tire pressure is not complicated at all and it should be done every month if you want to make sure the pressure doesn’t drop below the optimal PSI. By constantly checking the pressure on tires, you will be able to increase the performance of the car and rest assured when you’re driving. In the following lines, we will give you some tips on how to check tire pressure fast and with minimum effort on your part.

  • Measure the Pressure When the Tires Are Cold

    For an accurate reading, it’s best to perform this action when the tires are cold because otherwise, the results will not be conclusive. Usually, the tires get cold enough to check their pressure after at least three hours of parking or if you’ve been driving for maximum a mile at moderate speed.

  • In order to be able to adjust the pressure, you have to know the air pressure level recommended by the manufacturer. In general, you can find this information in the user manual or in the placard label placed in the vehicle. There’s a possibility that the front tires require a different pressure level from the rear ones, so make sure you pay attention to this detail.

  • Start Checking the Pressure with a Pressure Gauge

    Start with a tire at your choice and remove the valve cap. Carefully place the pressure gauge on the valve stem and push it down until you can’t hear the hissing sound. If the gauge is placed correctly, then you will be able to read the results. Usually, the measurement units are provided in psi and bar, but you can also find models that provide kgf or kpa readings.

  • Adjust the Air If Necessary

    After you get the readings, you may have three possibilities. You may need to add air to the tire if the pressure level is lower than recommended, to let it out if the tire is overinflated, or to let it as it is if the level is according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For inflating the tire you will need an air compressor. In case the front and rear tires require a different pressure level, it’s best to start with either the front tires or the rear ones, to make sure you don’t get confused.

  • Don’t Forget about the Spare Tire

    Many people simply forget to measure the pressure on the spare tire, but you should not neglect this aspect. You never know when you may need it so it’s best to always keep it prepared for any unexpected situation. So, after you check the air pressure on all four tires, make sure you perform the same procedure on the spare tire.

  • Consider the Climatic Conditions

    You may not know this, but your tires require different pressure levels in winter and summer. Therefore, when the weather is colder, you should add more air, while when it gets warmer you need to remove a certain amount of air. Usually, every time the temperatures drop or raise approximately ten degrees, you should inflate or deflate with one pound the tires’ pressure.

Consequences of Improper Tire Pressure

An improper tire pressure can lead to all sorts of unpleasant consequences, so it’s best to avoid them by simply measuring the pressure regularly. To make you aware of the negative effects of under or over inflated tires, we have gathered here below some information on this aspect. Remember that tire pressure is an important part of tire maintenance, so you shouldn’t neglect it if you want to feel safe on the road.

Consequences of Under Inflation

  • Severe Cracking

    When the tire is under inflated there is highly possible to have severe cracks in the tires. This means that both you and the car’s passengers will be exposed to all sorts of dangerous situations. At the same time, you may get to the situation of buying new tires to avoid an accident.

  • Blow-Out

    The blow-outs happen for many reasons, but one of the most common ones is under inflation. Since the tire needs air to support the weight of the vehicle, an improper pressure will automatically make the tire’s internal pieces flex too much. From this to a blow-out is only one step, so you have to be careful and avoid this situation.

  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency

    Another effect of under inflated tires is reduced fuel efficiency which translates into more money paid for gas. You may not notice this, but in time your budget will suffer and you’ll end up paying more money on wasted gas. And this will happen while exposing yourself to all various car accidents.

  • Premature Tire Wear

    Premature tire wear can easily lead to failures and accidents that could be easily prevented if you would check the pressure every month. Besides this, an accelerated tire wear requires money spent on tire replacement, which can be a burden for your budget.


Consequences of Over Inflation

  • Too Much Stiffness

    One of the main causes of over inflation is excessive stiffness which means less shock absorption. This means that you will feel all sorts of vibration in the vehicle, making the ride quite uncomfortable for you and the passengers. The fact that the tires are more rigid, they won’t be able to attenuate the road impacts, which automatically leads to an unpleasant ride.

  • Rigid Steering Wheel

    Over inflation can make the steering wheel more rigid, so you’ll find yourself in the situation of having difficulties in maneuvering it. So, besides the fact that it will be harder for you to react when there’s a possible danger, you’ll have to put more effort in turning the wheel, becoming more extenuate after driving.

  • Loss Traction

    Another consequence of over inflation is the loss of traction, especially during winter. When the tires have less traction on the road, you can easily lose control and expose yourself to all sorts of accidents that can put your life in danger.

5 Reasons to Get an Inflator

After you’ve seen exactly what can happen when the tires are improperly inflated, let’s find out which are the main advantages of investing in an inflator with gauges. Having one will definitely help you measure tire pressure regularly so you can keep the optimal pressure level and feel safe while you’re driving.

  • Increased Safety

    Everyone wants to feel safe on the road, so why not being more concerned about the routine maintenance of your car? Simply measuring the tire pressure with a specialized tool and maintaining the air pressure level recommended by the manufacturer will increase your safety and will help you avoid any future accidents that may be caused by an inadequate tire pressure.

  • Extend Tire Life

    Investing in a high-quality tool that allows you to check the pressure when the time comes, will not only keep you safe, but it will also extend the life of your tires. As we’ve already mentioned before, one of the main consequences of under inflation is faster tire wear, so an accurate inflator is exactly what you need. According to the specialists, under inflation can reduce the tire’s tread life by up to 25%.

  • Safe and Easy to Use

    A tire inflator is both easy and safe to use, being a popular choice for all those who don’t want to go to specialized auto services to check the air pressure from their tires. The fact that you don’t need to have mechanical skills to use an inflator, simply means that you can buy one and just follow the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer. Also, most models are totally safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

  • Provides Quick Results

    When you want to inflate a tire, an advanced inflator will help you get the job done very fast. This also means that you will be able to save more time and reach your destination much faster. Additionally, the fact that it provides quick results, makes it a great choice when you have problems on the road and you don’t have too much time to inflate the tires. Besides the fact that a tire inflator is fast, it’s also very efficient.

  • Affordable

    Another great benefit this tool comes with is that even the most expensive models are affordable. Therefore, you can opt for the best options without worrying about the fact that you’ll spend a fortune on an inflator. Of course, safety comes first, and you have to buy a reliable model, but being able to save money and enjoy superior performance is definitely a great advantage.

Tips to Choose a Reliable Inflator

Although there are many models to choose from, there are certain differences between them, so picking the right one for your tires can be rather demanding. For making this process easier for you, we will help you with some tips that will guide you in buying a product that will provide you many years of satisfying performance.

  • Check The Maximum PSI

    In general, the maximum cold pressure needed for a car tire is 35 PSI, so it’s absolutely necessary that you buy an inflator that can handle this amount of PSI. However, if you want to inflate a bike tire or other types of tires, you should know that you will need a tool that can handle higher PSI levels. So, before choosing a certain model, make sure you know the air pressure level required by your car and see if it’s appropriate for your needs.

  • Make Sure It’s Made to Last

    There are many products on the market that are cheaply made and this translates into poor quality. However, to make sure you buy a high-quality tool, you have to pay attention to some details. The first aspect to consider is the materials used to manufacture the inflator, so look only for those models that are made to provide you long-lasting performance. Then, take into consideration its accuracy because a tool that doesn’t offer you a correct information is rather useless. To find out more about the quality of a product, you can also read the customer’s reviews and see what is their opinion regarding its performance.

  • Look for an Easy to Use Inflator

    A tire inflator shouldn’t be that complicated, so try to avoid those products that require a sophisticated procedure in order to use them. In most cases, the inflators are easy to use and you just have to place the gauge on the steam and read the pressure level in order to take the necessary measures. Also, a reliable model will provide fast results, which is a great advantage, especially when you’re on the road and you’re under pressure of time.

  • Consider the Price

    In general, you have to pay more money to make sure you buy a reliable and performant product. In what concerns the tire inflators, you should know that there are some models that do a pretty good job without having to pay a fortune. While it’s true that the cheapest products don’t last too long and they let you down when you need them most, buying the most expensive item is not always a solution. For this reason, we have reviewed those inflators that are both efficient and affordable, so you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed about your investment.

Top Brands

No matter what product you want to buy, knowing that it’s made by a respectable brand is definitely an advantage for choosing it. A renowned brand is an insurance that your money is well spent , so we thought it would be very helpful to present you the best tire inflators brands you can currently find on the market. All of them have gained the trust of the customers worldwide, so we truly believe that you’ll be satisfied with their quality, regardless of your choice.

  • Joes Racing

    Ever since 1989, Joes Racing brand has been producing a great variety of products for the racing industry and not only. The main purpose of the company is to manufacture only innovative and performant products that help their customers achieve the best results when they race or when they simply want the best for their car. At the same time, the company offers excellent customer and service support for their clients , so any questions or problems you might have, a specialized person will help you every time.

  • Astro

    All the products sold under Astro brand, are very popular among customers worldwide due to the fact that they are both performant and easy to use. With a long history behind, the company has grown a lot and is now among the most trusted ones when it comes to buying reliable tools for your car . At this moment, the company is focused on producing only the best products that meet their clients’ needs, offering great support and assistance.

  • Milton

    With more than 70 experience, Milton brand is now among the most famous ones in the high-quality pneumatic accessories and fittings. The brand is the first choice of many customers around the world, so you confidently go with this name if you want to be sure about your investment. The company is famous for inventing various products like window inflator gage or safety blowguns.

  • TireTek

    TireTek brand is another great option if you want to invest in high-quality products that are made to last. According to the manufacturer, all the TireTek mechanical gauges comply with the ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy standard . Also, the products are made to last and provide you many years of satisfying performance. Additionally, the company offers excellent support to the clients to make sure they are satisfied with their purchase.

Now that you are aware of the possible effects of improper tire pressure, the right thing to do is to check the pressure regularly. With your own inflator, you can forget about the hassle of going to a local auto service and perform this job by yourself. Our recommendation is Joes Racing 32485. This model is highly accurate and easy to handle. You can even use it at night if necessary. It may be a little more expensive but at least you can rest assured that it won’t let you down when you need it the most. Next on our list is Astro 3081. This model is a little bit heavier but it features an impressive pressure range and it comes with a large pressure gauge. However, keep in mind that you can’t use this inflator for bikes. The other models do a pretty good job and are more affordable, especially, Milton S-506 that comes with many positive reviews. But this model doesn’t work to deflate the tires as the first 2 inflators do.

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