Torque Wrench

Everybody owns at home different tools and devices that are useful at some point. In case you are good at building or repairing things, you definitely need this product. You might consider using an effective tool in order to get your job done fast and easy. There are plenty of models with various features and specifications that might matter less or morewhile using. If you are wondering what type of model would be better for you, here are some ideas that might help you decide faster.

Top 9 Torque Wrenches Comparison

Photo Product Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs.) Size Measurement System Torque Range (ft – lbs.) Digital Display Price

Best Overall
1. CDI Torque 2503MFRPH 21.2 x 2.8 x 2.4 4.3 1/2″ drive Inch 30-250 Check Price

Our Choice
2. Tekton 24335 18.5 x 1.9 x 1.4 2.2 1/2″ Inch 10-150 Check Price
3. GearWrench 85077 25.6 x 2.9 x 3.3 3 1/2″ drive Metric 25-250 Check Price
4. ACDelco ARM601-4 1.5 x 1.5 x 17 4 1/2″ drive Inch 4-99 Check Price
5. GearWrench 58066 2.8 x 2.3 x 26.7 4.8 1/2″ Inch 30-250 Check Price
6. Capri Tools 31200 12 x 3 x 3 1.35 1/4″ drive Inch 20-150 Check Price
7. Powerbuilt 944004 2.4 x 3.5 x 22.5 3.5 1/2″ drive Inch 30-150 Check Price
8. TEKTON 24350 26.3 x 2.9 x 2 7.07 3/4″ drive Inch 50-300 Check Price
9. EPAuto Drive Click Torque 15.5 x 2.8 x 2.4 2.5 3/8″ drive Metric 10-80 Check Price

Torque-Style Wrench Reviews

CDI Torque 2503MFRPH

Providing a torque range of 30 to 250 foot pounds, the CDI wrench is our top pick for handymen looking for a reliable and easy to use tool to have by their side. It is calibrated in dual direction, which is definitely its most convenient aspect. Furthermore, it comes at a reasonable price that makes it financially accessible for all those interested.

Features and Convenience

Due to the features which accompany it, this is one of the easiest to use wrenches you will stumble upon, helping you finish your job faster. It’s easy to set as it features the aforementioned calibrated dual direction. Furthermore, as it is dual scale, you can use the measurements that you understand best. The laser marked scale is definitely another useful feature which reduces your efforts when using it. Its ergonomic comfort grip ensures you won’t feel your hands tired or any discomfort during use. Additionally, it comes with quick release buttons that enable good socket removal and retention.

Mention Worthy Details
  • High accuracy in use -> +/- 3% clockwise, and +/- 4% CCW of indicated value.
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 6789 and ASME B107.14-2004 standards.
  • Comes with a Calibration Certificate and an anti-rust package.

If you are the original buyer of this tool, you get to enjoy an amazing 1-year warranty for replacement and recalibration provided by the manufacturing company. Another mention worthy perk is the fact that, if you are not satisfied with the wrench, you will be able to return it and receive a full refund for 90 days from the date you originally bought it. Of course, the warranty and the money back guarantee are valid as long as you do not subject it to abnormal use like neglect, lack of maintenance, or misuse.

  • Dual scale calibrated directions
  • Positive lock with spring loaded pull down lock ring
  • Ergonomic comfort grip
  • Easy to read laser marked single scale
  • No digital display

This model comes with many positive reviews from customers. Unlike other models, it doesn’t require batteries. It comes with multiple features that make it very versatile Furthermore, it’s accurate and comes with a certificate of calibration. The only complaint is that it doesn’t have a digital display.

Tekton 24335

A ½-inch drive model that we are fond of as it provides a great range from 10 to 150 ft-lb and more, all while maintaining a cheap asking price, it is a tool we recommend for use on trucks, cars, and lawn and garden equipment. It is the best-selling product in its niche, which says a lot about its durability and overall quality. It’s calibrated to +/- 4% in order to prevent stressed or poorly secured parts. It is entirely made of steel to ensure long-lasting durability, and for convenience in use, it features a dual-range scale that is easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. Furthermore, it measures in clockwise direction and features a convenient reversible design for the ratchet that allows use in both directions.

  • Pre-calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy
  • Reversible ratchet head design
  • Made entirely of durable steel
  • Measures in clockwise direction
  • None

As this is the best-selling entry in the niche, reliability when it comes to its quality isn’t an issue as it is assured by the countless happy customers who have already bought it. The asking price isn’t bad either, making it quite reasonable as opposed to other lower-quality competitors.

GearWrench 85077

Gear Wrench does a great job being capable of an accurate digitally measurement and has an easy way of setting up and use. It comes with a storage case and instructions for use. The tool can operate in both directions clockwise and counter-clockwise and is able to alert you using specific vibrations and sounds in order to prevent the bolts over torquing. It owns a plastic handle that gives you a comfortable feeling while holding.

  • Digitally tracks torque measurement
  • Multiple alerts when the target torque is reached
  • Comes with storage case
  • Operates in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
  • No batteries included in package

Due to the fact that is digital, the torch is very accurate. Great to consider if you want a tool that can measure angle. Furthermore, it features many alerts and is bi-directional. The included storage case is pretty nice but you’ll have to pay extra money on batteries.

ACDelco ARM601-4

When it comes to this type of item, only well-done jobs can be related to it. Coming with a built-in audible buzzer, you will be alerted when the target torque is reached. Its digital features provide a real ease of use and its anti-slip soft grip has a pleasant feeling when held. Its also has 3 specific settings such as torque, measurement and mode setting and 4 scales of measurement. The ACDelco ARM601-4 is a great tool to have around the house with an easy setup and can operate in both directions.

  • Has 4 measurement scales: Ft-lb, Nm, In-lb, Kg-cm
  • Anti-Slip Soft Grip
  • Built-in audible buzzer
  • Has 3 standard settings: Torque setting, measurement setting, mode setting
  • No backlit display

Well-made and the digital operation makes it very easy to use. It is accurate and before providing the readings it buzzes. The soft grip is a great addition, making it easier to hold. It is bi-directional and very versatile. Nevertheless, the display is rather small and it doesn’t have a backlight.

GearWrench 58066

The 1/2-inch drive alongside its impressive torque range from 30 to 250 pounds make this wrench a must- have for any mechanic and handyman out there. It comes at a rather reasonable price as opposed to its better ranked counterparts, and it’s accurate in clockwise direction with approximately +/-3% from 20 to 100 percent. It weighs a less than 5 pounds, which makes it one of the heavier tools in the niche, but this isn’t a big issue. When it comes to its size, it measures 2.8 inches by 2.3 inches by 26.7 inches, meaning that it will fit easily into your tool box.

  • Doesn’t require any batteries to run – maintenance is basically inexistent
  • Clockwise direction accuracy of +/-3% from 20 to 100 percent
  • Built-in audible buzzer
  • Comes at a more than reasonable price
  • Not the lightest wrench out there

Hassle-free and reasonably priced are two of the best traits to characterize this wrench, a tool that all mechanics should have in their collection. Delivering a torque range from 30 to 250 pounds, and boasting an unparalleled accuracy, it is sure to deliver the expected performance.

Capri Tools 31200

This specific type of wrench comes with good quality manufactured steel components that provide long-term durability and a knurled handle that prevents slipping it during usage. It has engraved dual torque scale markings and reversible capacity meaning it can be used in any direction. The tool comes packed in a case with instructions and Calibration and Warranty Certificate. It is a solid tool which owns a positive locking ring for a quick and smooth torque selection.

  • Engraved dual torque scale markings
  • Knurled non-slip handle
  • Calibrated in both directions
  • Positive locking ring
  • The adjustment gauge is rather small

This tool comes with a certificate of calibration. It is solid, yet compact and lightweight. This makes it easier to handle. Instead of a friction bearing, this model features a ball-bearing bit holder button. Additionally, it has a reversible diamond-pattern grip. For protecting it, the manufacturer also included a nice case. However, it has no digital display and the adjustment gauge is pretty small.

Powerbuilt 944004

The Powerbuilt model is a powerful digital tool that can be easily used by anyone in numerous situations. It is a reliable and capable product when it comes to its power of use and accuracy. It comes with a Certificate of Inspection and a 2-year Warranty Certificate that make it even more attractive. It has a reversible ratchet mechanism that provides speed and convenience and can be used in both directions. It is a durable tool that can be easily used by anyone that wants to obtain an easy and effective done job.

  • Digital torque readout
  • Reversible ratchet mechanism for speed and convenience
  • Two year warranty, excluding calibration
  • Operates in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
  • Short battery life

Great value for the price. With this tool you will get accurate reading. It is made of quality materials that increase its durability. Using it is a breeze especially because it features a calibration stopper. The only complaints are that the included batteries doesn’t last for long. and that it doesn’t come with a protective case.

TEKTON 24350

Tekton is a simple and reliable model that can be used to any vehicle, preventing the stress or breakage of its parts. When the wrench’s preset value has been reached, you will be able to feel and hear a click inside the tool’s handle, meaning that you must stop. The item can be easily read even in low light situations, due to its high-contrast dual-range scale and can provide a consistent performance. In addition, the device can ensure a long-term use, due to its sturdy all-steel construction that will definitely not pose any breaking risks over time.

  • Made from a sturdy material
  • Its reversible ratchet head drives in both directions
  • The wrench makes a click when the preset value is reached
  • It comes with a high-contrast dual-range scale that is easy to read
  • The scale is misaligned

Affordable tool that does a great job. It is easy to use and read, no matter the light conditions. It is very solid, so you will be able to use it for many years. It comes with a storage case to protect. The only major drawback is that the scale is misaligned.

EPAuto Drive Click Torque

This durable ratchet head is made from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy. This means that you will have it for many years to come. In addition to this, it’s nearly impossible for it to bend or scratch regardless how much pressure you apply to it. Furthermore, a storage bag is also included which means that you can safely store it away when not in use. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that it’s also very accurate. It’s pre-calibrated to ± 4%. The scale is high-contrast and also a dual range scale. If you’re a beginner, you should consider this model because it’s very simple to use. For example, when you hear the “click” sound it tells you that the preset torque value is reached. That’s all. In addition to this, it’s very safe to have this model around you because it has been designed with a locknut at the bottom. Thus, it will prevent it from becoming a hazard.

  • Comes with padded arms that protect bikes from hits and scratches
  • Threaded anti-wobble shank preventing bikes from swaying during transportation
  • Has a three-point support system for a totally secured carriage
  • Highly adjustable arms that can easily accommodate to different bike sizes
  • Limited warranty

The reason why this model is so popular is due to the fact that it’s suitable for beginners. This means that you don’t have to waste a long period of time to figure out how it works. Furthermore, the accuracy is very good so you can get the job done fast and efficient.

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