Undercounter ice makers are also known as built-in ice makers and they are ideal for entertaining. You can include these appliances in your furniture, just like a trash bin or dishwasher. They are very practical especially that they store the ice as the freezer would not have the needed space. More than this, they are very convenient if you need a substantial amount of ice often for cooking or just for fun with your guests.

Top 6 Undercounter Ice Machines Compared

Photo Product Name Dimensions Weight Capacity Voltage Material Color Price
Best Overall
1. ULINE UBI95B00A 17” x 13.94” x 25.06” 61.6 pounds 23 lbs 120 V Stainless Steel Black Check Price
Whynter MIM-14231SS Image 2. Whynter MIM-14231SS 16” x 14” x 24.5” 52 pounds 23 lbs 120 V Stainless Steel Silver Check Price
Sunpentown IM-150US Image
Our Choice
3. Sunpentown IM-150US 18” x 15” x 25” 71 pounds 12 lbs 115 V Stainless Steel Black / Silver Check Price
SMETA Built-in Ice Maker Image 4. SMETA Built-in Ice Maker 15.2” x 17.7” x 25.1” 50.7 pounds 12 lbs 115 V Stainless Steel Black / Silver Check Price
EdgeStar IB120SS Image 5. EdgeStar IB120SS 18.5” x 15” x 25.2” 54 pounds 12 lbs 115 V Stainless Steel Black / Silver Check Price
Scotsman CU50GA-1A Image 6. Scotsman CU50GA-1A 14.9” x 22” x 34.4” 100 pounds 26 lbs 115 V Stainless Steel Silver


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Our top recommendation shows an innovative appliance that uses less than 3 gallons of water to produce up to 23 lbs of ice per day. It has a daily storage capacity of 12 lbs and the daily ice production rate is approximately four times larger than the normal freezer. This model does not require any drainage and its door cadency is reversible. It uses minimal electricity and necessitates just ¼” diameter water line connection. It can be built-in but also freestanding and accepts a 0.25” custom insert panel. The On/Off switch is handily located on the grille for easy accesibility. Furthermore, its durability and reliability are other features worth to be mentioned.

Some Other Details

  • Amps: 15 Amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Condensing Unit Type: Air
  • Usage: Residential
  • Types of cubes: Crescent
  • Special Features: Portable
  • Suitable for every décor
  • Field reversible doors
  • Durable material
  • Portable
  • Customer service could be better
This one totally worths the investment due to the fact that it has a great capacity and that it operates in a quiet mode. Now you can have all the ice needed fastly and efficiently.

2. Whynter MIM-14231SS

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Our second choice is specially created for boats, yachts, and RVs and it might be the ideal device so to provide you with ice whenever you need to. Made of full stainless steel construction this solid and stable appliance produces an incredible 23 lbs amount of crescent ice and is capable to hold up to 12 lbs of ice. Among its most important features we can mention its high-efficiency CFC-free compressor and built-in installation. You can easily use and situate it due to the one-button operation. More to say, it keeps the ice frozen, no drain installation is required and it only requires ¼”water line connection. With reference to its design, the 14” width makes it perfect for in-cabinet installation without any extra clearance required for the sides. The front-venting system permits you to install the device under a counter for a seamless appearance. All the materials that it is made of are UV and corrosion-resistantso they will provide exceptional durability over time. The product also comes with a waterline connection hose.

  • Secured reversible door
  • Easy installation
  • One-button operation
  • No drain installation required
  • Some say it is too noisy
This appliance is so popular due to easy usage, and one-button operation but also due to its CFC-free compressor and high-quality materials that are made to last for a long time.

3. Sunpentown IM-150US

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This indoor appliance is another one to take into consideration if thinking about investing in an ice maker device. The unit provides up to 12 lbs of crescent ice cubes per day. Its compact size makes it easy to fit under most counters and the front-venting feature allows a built-in application. Among the most significant aspects that it features there are worth to mention also the reversible door, and the auto shut-off feature for when the ice bin is full. More to say, there is no drain required and the defrost has to be done manually. The product comes with an ice scoop and 25” water line connection. Moreover, it is UL listed, but the installation has to be done properly by a licensed plumber.

  • Made of durable material
  • Compact design
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • UL listed
  • Some say that it is too small
This product is a popular pick due to its performance and solid construction that makes it last for a long time and offer you high-efficiency. Get your guests entertained with the ice provided by this fast appliance.

4. SMETA Built-in Ice Maker

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This high-efficiency ice maker with freezer produces 12 pounds of ice per day and stores up to 6 pounds of ice. It has a built-in installation but it can also be freestanding thanks to the front-venting system that ensures optimal heat dissolution. This model features an auto shut-off feature in order to prevent overfilling. The unit also operates as a freezer so it is good for only keeping the ice frozen. Its durable and solid stainless steel construction makes it long-lasting over years. It works at 115 volts and 115 watts, has automatic defrost, and reversible door hinges that can, by choice, be set to open to the left or right depending on the space demands. The device has an easy installation because it comes with a water connection hose. The package includes an ice bucket and ice scoop. Moreover, the product is backed by 1-year warranty.

  • Reversible door hinges
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic defrost
  • 1-year warranty
  • Some say that it provides too tiny ice cubes
If you are searching for an ice provider this might be a great device to take into consideration. Its great capacity and automatic defrost are two of its main advantages that you should look at.

5. EdgeStar IB120SS

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If you are interested in purchasing a built-in ice maker, EdgeStar-IB120SS is one of the best picks due to the fact that it makes 12 pounds of ice per day and stores up to 6 pounds of ice. Its stainless steel modern and reversible door will look great no matter the room and will fit any décor. The front-venting lets you easily install it under the counter with no clearance space required for sides. This model also includes a freezer so it can store the ice how long you need to. Another main perk is that you don’t have to install a drain line, so it will become easier to install because you don’t have to place it next to a drain. The appliance comes, too, with auto shut-off feature in order to prevent overfilling. Other items included in the package are the ¼” water line connection and the ice scoop.

  • ADA height compliant
  • Attractive design
  • Inexpensive installation
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Some say that it is too slow
This product is so popular because it has a 2-in-1 design. It is both an ice maker and a freezer. It has an affordable price, it is convenient and ADA height compliant, features that make it a great investment.

6. Scotsman CU50GA-1A

This appliance is the perfect choice for your restaurant, break room, cafe, or bar. This model is able to crank a great amount of 65 pounds of ice per day, and also to store up to 26 pounds of ice daily. The machine produces unique gourmet ice, clear and slow melting. Also, it can assure you that the ice will not dilute the aroma of the beverages. What’s great about this product is that it has a water-quality sensor which extends the time between cleanings and also a control panel that warns you regarding the water condition. You can use it both indoor and outdoor locations because it is ideal for any bar application. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in drain pump in order to decrease the installation costs. The product is backed by a 1-year warranty for the components and 5-year warranty for the motor.

  • Self-contained air-cooled condenser
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Approved for outdoor use
  • 5-year warranty for the motor
  • Customer service could be better
This product sells so well because it can be installed both indoor and outdoor locations. Moreover, the fact that it offers great amounts of clear and odorless ice makes it even more popular.

Buying Guide

Undercounter ice makers are designed to be placed seamlessly into the kitchen without taking up floor space. They are made to be integrated into the cabinetry, just like a dishwasher or a cooking device. They are not suitable only for kitchens, but for other locations such as offices, schools, churches, depending on where the ice amount is needed. No matter their location, if you consider purchasing this type of appliance, there are a few things to be taken into consideration. This guide will offer you an ampler vision on what they are dealing with and will provide you with some relevant information about the above-mentioned units.

  • Placing – The reason to choose an under counter model instead of a portable one is to be able to place it an area where it fits pleasantly and attractively. So before making an investment, you have to know exactly where you place it. After checking this first stage make sure that it is the right size and that you get the appropriate type of product. This is for indoor use, but when talking about the outside environment you need to make sure that you purchase a model specifically designed for outdoor use. The outdoor machines have to be more resistant and better at keeping the ice cold no matter the temperatures
  • Production Amount – The production rate is the fundamental information in assuring that you purchase a model suitable for your needs. If the product makes ice in a slower manner that you would have wanted, you will have to add bags of ice or buy an additional ice maker. Manufacturers should offer information concerning the production rate of the model they sell. This amount is based on the quantity of ice that a unit can make in 24 hours. If the device is properly installed and ventilated it will obviously work at its highest but if not the rate tends to diminish
  • Installation – Installing such type of device is not very difficult but it is surely not easy. If you install it by yourself there is the risk of trouble, so this is why it is recommended to let an experimented plumber to do this task. Even though the gadgets come with step-by-step setting up instructions you have to think about all the aspects of the process
  • Energy Efficiency – This type of machines require a great amount of energy so if you are concerning about the environment or you just want to save some money you should look for and opt for an Energy Star product. You can also assure that energy is not lost by picking a device with a production rate and capacity that will totally suit your needs instead of purchasing one that consumes more energy than you will use. This way it will cost you more also concerning the maintenance and usage
  • Design – Their appearance and style are also important in order to fit the décor. They usually come in a few different colors and finishes. Most of them are black, white or stainless steel but there are those models with doors made to imitate the wood design. There are also some that come in bright colors. But this is a personal choice, depending on the colors you love or that you would want to match the other furniture elements

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