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Traditional-style bathtubs present a dangerous challenge for all of us at one point, more exactly when we grow old. However, not only the elderly have an issue with this means of bathing, but those who suffer from various disabilities as well. The design boasted by the classic tub is simply not friendly for the needs of these people. However, this is where walk-in bathtubs come to save the day, catering to the needs of those who are more predisposed to accidents when they want to take a bath by providing them with a danger-free manner of entering the tub. Learn more about these useful bathroom additions and what the market has best to offer at the moment in the following.

Top 5 Walk In Tubs Comparison

1. Ella OA3052-R Malibu 2. Ella HH3058 Deluxe 3. Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws 4. Ariel EZWT-3052 5. Meditub MTSI3060LWS

General Info

Brand Ella Ella Spa World Corp Ariel Meditub
Dimensions (W x L x H) 29.5″ x 52″ x 43″ 29.5″ x 55″ x 38″ 30″ x 60″ x 22″ 30″ x 52″ x 41″ 30″ x 60″ x 22″
Weight 220 Lbs 150 Lbs 177 Lbs 202 Lbs 175 Lbs
Material Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Enamel Steel Acrylic
Color White White White White White
Finish Gloss Chrome Gloss Gloss Gloss
Fiberglass Reinforcement
Exterior Shape Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular

Technical Specifications

Maximum Water Capacity 90 Gallons 80 Gallons 40 Gallons 75 Gallons 48 Gallons
Number of Jets 13 12 N/A 18 N/A
Bath Therapy Type Jetted-Whirlpool Jetted-Whirlpool Jetted Jetted-Whirlpool Soaking
Soaking Depth 37″ 33.75″ ≈ 18″ 32.3″ ≈ 18″
Seat Width 20.75″ 19.75″ 19″ 23″
Threshold 4″ 7″ N/A N/A 3″
Voltage 120V 120V 110V 110V 120V
Wattage 1600W 1652W 300W 1500W N/A
Location Right Right Left Left Left
Size 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″ 1.5″
Drainage Time +/- 2 Minutes +/- 80 Seconds N/A +/- 2 Minutes N/A
Material Tempered Glass Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass Acrylic Enamel Steel Tempered Glass
Handing Outswing Inswing Inswing Inswing Inswing
Swing Right Hand Right Hand Left Hand Left Hand Left Hand


Hydro Massage Jetting
Air Massage Jetting
Textured Floor
Grab Bar
Heated Seat Optional
Scratch Resistant
Leveling Legs
Removable Door
Additional Features
3-Latch System Removable Neck/Back Rest Removable Front Access Panels Contoured Seat Design Watertight Door System
5-Piece Thermostatic Control Valve Faucet Heated Backrest Water Tight Door Seal Faucet Accessory Deck Area Ergonomic Headrest Pillow
Temperature Regulated Spout Thermostatic Control Faucet Contoured Seat Design Water-Tight Door Faucet Accessory Deck Area
Anti-Scald Technology Toe Kick Access Panel Alcove Style Installation Compatible Roman-Styled Faucet
LED Chromotherapy Dual Drain Technology Cable Operated Overflow and Waste 2HP Heat Pump
LED Lights
Ozone Sterilization


Product Warranty Lifetime for Shell, Frame, Door; 5 Years for Parts Lifetime for Shell, Frame, Door; 5 Years for Parts Lifetime for Door; 1 Year for Electrical; 3 Months for Labor Lifetime for Door; 10 Years for Structural Components; 1 Year for Parts Lifetime for Door Seal; 10 Years for Tub; 1 Year for Plumbing
User Manual
Customer Support
Telephone Support 1-800-480-6850 1-800-480-6850 866-588-8008 888-610-6612 1-866-633-4882
E-Mail Support [email protected] ellasbubbles.com [email protected] ellasbubbles.com [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Online Chat Support

The Walk-In Bathtubs Evaluation

1. Ella OA3052-R Malibu

A common sized tub which provides those who have mobility issues a safe manner to bathe, this is our top recommendation to people who have an average body size. The unique style and beautiful aesthetics makes it perfectly compliment the bathroom décor. What is interesting about it regarding the performance it provides is the fact that it delivers a dual massage option, allowing you to pick between hydro massage jetting and air massage jetting.

It features a total of 13 jets with which it deliver a soothing jetted-whirlpool therapy that will help relieve any muscle pain you feel. It takes approximately 2 minutes for the water in it to drain, so you won’t have to wait around too much to clean it. As with any quality tub which ensures safety for those who use it to bathe, it features a textured floor which guarantees you won’t be in peril of tripping and hurting yourself. While the possibility for enjoying a heated seat is viable with this model, it comes as an optional feature, meaning that you have to pay extra for it.

The seat it comes with measures a hearty 20.45 inches in width, so it will accommodate you perfectly regardless of your body size. For your safety when you get in and out of the tub, you can grab onto the handle bar it comes with. Another aspect worth mentioning is the fact that the manufacturing company offers a lifetime warranty for the shell, door, and frame of the tub, and a 5-year warranty for the other parts.

To ensure a pleasurable experience when you bathe, it uses the anti-scald technology Seat heating requires an additional expense
Puts at your disposal chromotherapy which helps you relieve stress when you feel overwhelmed
Uses a total of 13 jets to deliver a soothing dual massage
Seat has a comfortable 20.75-inch width which accommodates even those who are a bit larger in size
Lifetime warranty provided for the shell, frame, and door of the tub

Easy on the eyes and delivering a soothing dual massage which ensures any muscle pain you feel will go away, this is our top recommendation to those who have difficulties getting into the tub. Not only does it make the whole process of bathing safer and easier, but it tends to relieving you of stress and pain, guaranteeing an excellent experience when you bathe.

2. Ella HH3058 Deluxe

Manufactured by the same company as our number one pick, the HH3058 Deluxe is a bathtub which will pleasantly surprise you through its design. One of the more spacious and generous in capacity models in its market, it features a comfy 19.75-inch wide seat that is heated. Another perk of this tub is the fact that it comes with a seated backrest, thus for those who feel back pain or have sore muscles in the back region of their body being a real heaven-sent as it will help alleviate their suffering.

When you want to relax and spend a bit more time inside the tub, you can do so in the most comfortable manner possible by adding the neck and back rests which you can remove anytime you want with ease. For your safety and to ensure a pleasurable experience when you are bathing, it comes with a thermostatic control faucet which prevents the water temperature from shifting to unsafe levels.

One of the main perks you get to enjoy with it is the fact that, due to the dual drain technology it uses, this bathtub ensures a quick 80-second draining of the water. It uses a total of 12 jets to provide you with hydro massage jetting, as well as air massage jetting. As the surface of the tub is scratch resistant, you are ensured that it will look perfect even after years of daily use. Additionally, the manufacturing company backs it with a lifetime warranty for the door, shell, and frame, and a 5-year warranty for the parts.

Heated backrest for a relaxing, pain-relieving experience when you bathe Price tag is a bit too high
Provides hydro massage jetting, as well as air massage jetting
Comes with a heated seat which makes the experience all the more relaxing and therapeutical
Dual drain technology ensures the water will drain faster than it does with other tubs
Textured floor prevents unwanted incidents from occurring when you bathe

Although it costs a pretty penny, in terms of safety and comfort, it’s hard to find another tub to top this one. With an impressive 80-gallon capacity, and the ability to drain all the water quicker than you could have hoped for due to the dual drain technology it uses, it comes as no surprise that this expensive tub ranks so high in our top.

3. Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws

No longer will you have to depend on others to help you when you are taking a bath if you opt for the Venzi as the small threshold, walk-in design, and grab handle ensure that you will be able to take care of yourself completely on your own from now on. It is a soaking tub which allows you to have a deep, full body experience that you will enjoy each and every day to not only stay clean, but relieve stress and sore muscles as well. It might not come with all the accessories you could have hoped for, but this is not an issue considering that it comes with the essentials you need for bathing.

The acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and supported with a stainless steel frame design of the tub makes it perfectly safe for bathing with aromatic oils and salts. The contoured design of the seat alongside its 19-inch width ensures that you will sit as comfortable as possible in it. A great feature it comes with which ensures your safety is the textured design of the floor that prevents you from slipping on this surface even when it is wet.

It features leveling legs which allow you to install it as you like, and considering the fact that it weighs only 177 pounds, it is one of the tubs which are easier to handle. It provides you only with hydro massage jetting, but the lack of air massage jetting should not come as a big blow when it comes to your opinion on the tub as it provides an excellent bathing experience nonetheless. Furthermore, the manufacturing company backs it with a lifetime warranty for the door, a 1-year warranty for the electrical components, and a 3-month warranty for labor.

Water tight door seal design ensures a safe, mess-free experience when bathing Doesn’t provide with air massage jetting
Textured floor design prevents slipping and other unwanted incidents from occurring when you are taking a bath Rather small capacity – only 40 gallons
19-inch wide seat provides you with a comfortable sitting surface
Low threshold ensures you won’t have trouble getting in and out of the tub
Compatible with the convenient alcove style installation

Not necessarily the most feature-rich walk-in bathtub you will find, but one still worth spending your money on as it does indeed provide you with a safe and comfortable manner of keeping yourself clean, this entry ranks so high as it actually managed to impress us with the few features it brings to the table.

4. Ariel EZWT-3052

As it uses an impressive 18 jets to deliver a soothing hydro and air massage jetting, this jetted-whirlpool therapy bathtub is one of our top recommendations. What makes it all the more appealing is the fact that it comes at a cheap price, price which makes it accessible to a wider range of customers. As expected, it features a textured floor which ensures that you are not in peril of slipping when you enter the tub or get out of it, even if there is water on the surface.

The contoured shape of the seat ensures a pleasant time when you sit down to take a bath, while the presence of the seat itself grants you the possibility to wash certain areas of your body more easily. However, we must mention that the seat is not heated, but considering that this is a feature only a few higher-priced models come with, it is a fair trade to give up on it without remorse. It features a useful faucet accessory deck area which ensures there will be no clutter.

The 32.3-inch soaking depth it provides ensures a full-body immersion when you are bathing, which adds to the enjoyment of the entire experience. It takes only about 2 minutes for the tub to fully drain of water, which is great as there won’t be a lot of time wasted on this task. Per total, it delivers a 75-gallon capacity which makes it the ideal soaking tub. Furthermore, the manufacturing company offers a lifetime warranty for the door, a 10-year warranty for the tub’s structural components, and a 1-year warranty for parts, providing you with a clear understanding of how much it trusts this product.

Features a faucet accessory deck area which comes in handy and delivers a mess-free design Does not come with a heated seat
Provides hydro massage jetting, as well as air massage jetting
Utilizes a total of 18 jets to provide a great jetting-whirlpool therapy
Generous 32.3-inch soaking depth ensures you will completely emerge into the water when bathing for a more thorough lensing, and a more pleasurable experience
Comes at a much more reasonable price than most entries on this market

If you are on a budget, this rather feature-rich bathtub is one of the best choices you could opt for. Sure, it might lack a heated seat, but this is a feature few tubs come with anyway – and those that come with it are way more expensive – and it more than makes up for this flaw with the jetted-whirlpool bath therapy and its overall design anyway.

5. Meditub MTSI3060LWS

We start off this review by praising the great asking price for this walk-in bathtub, price which makes it the most accessible option yet. Not only is it cheap, but it does not sacrifice quality at all, its watertight door system which prevents the water from spilling being proof of its excellent design. Speaking of design, know that it measures 30 inches by 60 inches by 22 inches, so there is surely enough room for it in the bathroom without any major changes needing to be made.

It comes with a comfy ergonomic headrest pillow which you can use to sit in a pain-relieving position when you bathe, soaking in the hot water to release yourself of all the tension you feel in your muscles. Another useful feature it comes with is the faucet accessory deck area which helps de-clutter its aspect. Of course, the acrylic construction ensures that it has a scratch resistant design, so it will look as good as new even after the years pass.

The textures profile of the floor ensures you are not in danger of slipping, even when the surface is wet. It boasts a decent 48-gallon capacity, which combined with the actual design of the tub makes it ideal for soaking sessions. The door is made with tempered glass, so there is no need to doubt its resistance. When it comes to the warranty provided for this product, know that the manufacturing company backs it for a lifetime for the door, for 10 years for the tub, and 1 year for the plumbing.

Provides you with a relaxing soaking experience due to its design Does not feature a seat to sit on when bathing certain areas of your body
Comes with an ergonomic headrest pillow on which you can comfortably lay on when bathing Lacks a grab bar that you could have held onto for a safer immersion into the tub
Provides you with hydro and air massage jetting for a comforting, pain-soothing experience
3-inch threshold makes it easy to get in and out of the tub
Scratch resistant design ensures it will look as good as new even as the years pass

Another cheap option to go for, one which might indeed lack a few features, but that is worth it overall as it does provide a great soaking experience which not only ensures a thorough cleansing, but a relaxing time when you are in it as well, this is one of our strongest recommendations to those looking for a tub in which they can get in without needing assistance.

Pros and Cons – Weighing the Good and the Bad Before You Decide

Regardless of the type of tub you are installing, it is no small feat. Thus, you have to consider all the aspects before you move on with the procedure as you wouldn’t want to go through the removal of your old tub and the installation of a new one and realize it wasn’t really worth it. However, when it comes to installing a walk-in bathtub, if you plan on buying one, it is clear that this is a necessity rather than a luxury as either you or a loved one has issues which impede you from bathing in safe conditions on your own. But being aware of the good and bad sides to any product is of an utmost importance, so we will now proceed with listing all the positive and negative aspects of having a walk in tub.


Easy access for those who have issues with their stability;
Great for those who cannot pull themselves out of the tub;
Easy transition from the chair to the tub and vice versa for those who are in a wheelchair;
Small threshold enables those with mobility issues to get into the tub under safe circumstances;
Better stability during baths;
When the tub has a seat, it makes it easier for the person bathing to access certain areas of the body in order to wash them;
In the case of those who are fully incapacitated, it will be easier for their caretakers to get them in and out of the tub.


Usually, they are not as spacious as traditional tubs;
With some models, it can take quite a while for the tub to get filled and drained;
As it is a permanent fixture, in homes where there is a single bathroom, it means that those who do not have mobility issues have to get accustomed to this smaller-sized bathtub as well.

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