Weighted Vests

One of the most efficient and affordable ways to build more muscles and increase endurance is to wear a weighted vest. They are in trend, so you’ve probably heard about it from your friends or other people who use them. Many of those who wear weighted clothing agree upon the fact that they can help improve performance. Well, they are absolutely right. So, if you want to take your workout routine to the next level maybe it’s time to start adding a weighted vest to your physical training.

The weighted vests come in various sizes and styles and some of them can be used by both men and women. One of the most important aspects to consider when buying one is how much weight can be added. The weights should be increased gradually, so the more pockets, the better. For making things easier for you, we selected and compared the best 5 weighted vests at the moment. Take your time and choose wisely!

Top 5 Weighted Vests Comparison

1. Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO 2. V-Force 3. HumanX 20-Pound 4. Cross 101 5. ZFOsports 40lbs
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General Information

Brand Hyperwear Weight Vest Harbinger Cross101 ZFOsports
Size Various Sizes One Size and Two Shoulder Width Variations One Size One Size One Size
Unisex/Men/Women Unisex Men Men Men Unisex
Color Black&Silver Multi-Cam Black/Hunter Green Camouflage Black


Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs.) 22-64 45 20 40 40
Weights Included 10 lbs. All Weights Included All Weights Included All Weights Included All Weights Included
Weight Increments (lbs.) 0.14 2.5 1 4 2.5
Weights Type Steel Weights Enamel Coated Iron Weights Plastic Sand Weights Iron Ore Weights Iron Ore Weights
Position Front&Back Front&Back Front&Back Front Front&Back
Single Pocket Weights Capacity Two Weights One Weight One Weight One Weight One Weight
Opening and Closing System Full Zipper 2-inch Wide Adjustment Straps Fully Adjustable Neoprene Belt Belt Attached Onto the Vest Velcro Belt
Materials Stretch Fabric Military Grade Materials Durable Outer Shell Velcro Around the Waist 1000D Reinforced Nylon
Side Lacing Heavy Nylon Liner Dual Padding Cushions Shoulders and Chest The Pockets Have a Velcro Cover on Top Double Padding and Lining Throughout Body and Shoulder
Fully Padded Body and Shoulders
Multi-Layer Pockets


Comofortable Fit
Moisture Resitant
Odor Resistant
Pocket for Phone or Other Devices
Water Bottle Holder
Other Conveniences Open Sides Hydration-Pack-Ready Shoulders


Warranty 12-Month Warranty Lifetime Warranty 90-Day Warranty 12-Month Warranty 12-Month Warranty
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Customer Support

Weighted Vests Reviews

1. Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO

If you’re looking for a vest to add resistance to your workouts, then Hyper Vest PRO is one of the best you can go with. It is great for cardio and polymeric workouts as it gets really close and tight to you, promoting twisting mobility. This is a unisex vest and includes 10 pounds of weights.


The stretch fabric is very comfortable and durable. It is also odor resistant and breathable, making the vest perfect for long workouts. Due to the fact that it comes in multiple sizes, both men and women can get their appropriate size. There are plenty of weigh packets in the front and in the back for a balanced workout.

  • Front zipper: allows you to easily put the vest on or take it off.
  • Elastic side lacing: can be easily adjusted to achieve a snug yet comfortable fit. The lacing also promotes ventilation.


With this model, you can achieve excellent results. The many little pockets are fitted close to your core so when jumping or exercising, the vest stays on – this prevents damaging your joints. Also, when you’re lying on the ground, you can keep the vest on as the weighs won’t make you feel uncomfortable. For improved performance, you have the possibility to arrange the weights according to your preferences.

  • Horizontal plane: doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Steel weights : each of them weighs 0.14 pounds and you get a total of 10 pounds. You can also purchase additional weighs.
  • You can hardly notice it under the clothes as it features a slim design
  • Winner of the Men’s Health Gear of the Year 2017
  • Comfortable fit
  • Innovative design
  • Well-ventilated
  • It doesn’t have a pocket for phone or water bottle
  • Not all weights are included

This is a great vest and we recommend it to both those who have never worn a weighted vest before and sportsmen. It is carefully made to provide a proper ventilation and a secure fit, featuring a convenient zipper and side laces. Nevertheless, we are disappointed that you don’t receive all the weights and you don’t have a pocket to carry your phone or water bottle.

2. V-Force

There aren’t many vests as comfortable and well-made as V-Force. The model is available for men only and it comes in one size. However, for more convenience, you can opt between a wide and a narrow shoulder width and you can select from multiple colors. You can load up to 45 lbs. and it features enamel coated iron weights in 2.5 increments. All of them are included and the pockets are placed in the front and the back, allowing you to customize the vest according to your preferences.

The model is made from military grade materials and it comes with many features that are meant to provide an increased level of comfort when wearing it. Therefore, it has a heavy nylon liner that makes it resistant to abrasion and fully padded body and shoulders for a comfortable fit. You can also adjust it with the help of the straps. Also, the materials are odor and moisture resistant and we like the fact that it features hydration-pack-ready shoulders.

  • Impressive warranty
  • Many color options to choose from<
  • Made with comfort in mind
  • Generous weight capacity
  • All the pockets feature multiple layers to increase their resistance
  • Not suitable for women
  • It doesn’t feature a pocket for your phone or water bottle

The V-Force vest is our choice because is made from quality materials, is backed by a lifetime warranty, and it allows you to load it with up with weights up to 45 lbs. You can also choose from multiple colors and you can even buy a hydration-pack. However, we would have like it to come with some extra pockets for storing your personal things.

3. HumanX 20-Pound

Here is another weighted vest to go with if you want to take your training to the next level. HumanX 20-Pound was specially made for men and it comes in one size. Nonetheless, you have the possibility to adjust it with the help of the neoprene belt. The included plastic sand weights have 1-pound each and the total number you can use is 20. Fortunately, all the weights are included, so you won’t have to pay any extra money. For more convenience, you can place them both in the front and the back pockets.

The overall construction is durable and you can put it on or take it off with no hassle. It features a durable outer shell and the shoulders and the chest feature dual padding cushions. As about the fabrics, you can rest assure as it is not only moisture resistant but also odor-resistant, which allows you to take it under your clothes when performing your daily activities.

  • Well-made
  • Takes the shape of your body
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Can be hand-washed
  • Easy to load weights
  • Made only for men
  • Short warranty

With the help of this vest you will be able to add more intensity to your workout session and gain more body strength. It is comfortable, provides a snug fit, and is easy to clean. At the same time, it comes with all the necessary weights for a high-intensity training. Among the things we don’t like are the short warranty, only 90 days, and the lack of pockets for water bottle or phone.

4. Cross 101

The next model that caught our attention is Cross 101. It is available in only one size and one color but the belt allows you to adjust it just as you want. With a maximum weight capacity of 40 lbs. this model is exactly what you need for an intensive workout at the gym and not only. The iron ore weights come in 4 lbs. increments and all of them are included. But you can only load them in the front as there are no back pockets with this model.

We also like the fact that Cross 101 features Velcro around the waist and all the pockets come with a Velcro cover. Additionally, in comparison to the first 3 models in our list, this one has a pocket to store your phone and a pocket for your water or energizer. Moreover, the material is moisture and odor resistant.

  • Has extra pockets for your phone or water
  • Affordable price
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Generous weight capacity
  • Attractive design
  • No available size for women
  • The weights can’t be loaded in the back

Among the things that we like best about this vest are the extra pockets, the Velcro cover on the pockets and around the waist, as well as the adjustable belt. At the same time, it is very comfortable and it has a very stylish design. The only major drawback is the fact that you can’t load any weight in the back for a balanced training.

5. ZFOsports 40lbs

ZFOsports 40lbs is another great vest worth considering, especially if you want it to be well-made without paying a fortune. This model comes in one size and can be worn by both men and women, you just have to adjust the Velcro belt for a perfect fit. The maximum weight you can load in the pockets is 40 pounds and all the iron ore weights are included. You can load them in the front and in the back, according to your preferences.

The vest features a simple black design, being made from 1000D reinforced nylon. Another interesting thing about this model is that the body and shoulders feature double padding and lining. The materials are moisture and odor resistant, so no matter how intense your workout is, the sweat won’t get into the fabric.

  • Great for both men and women
  • Extra pockets for water and phone
  • Comfortable fit
  • Enables you to move freely
  • Easy to clean and affordable
  • Adjusting the straps may take some time
  • Is rather difficult to insert the weights

In conclusion, ZFOsports 40lbs is a great choice if you want to invest in a quality vest. This model is available at an affordable price, is easy to clean, and very comfortable. It is perfect not only for men but also for women, allowing you to load up to 40 pounds. The only things that need some improvement are the strap system and the pockets.

6. RUNFast Max Pro

This vest is a nice option if you’re looking to take your training to the next level. It comes in a universal size that fits most. For more versatility, you have the option to choose between a model with shoulder pads or without shoulder pads. It is available in 5 weight sizes as it follows: 12 lbs, 20 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs, and 60 lbs. No matter what size you choose, the weights will be included, so you won’t have to pay extra money. They are filled with sand and they are placed both in the front and the back of the vest, for a well-balanced workout.

The vest is pretty solid which means is made of high-quality materials. The Velcro strap is very durable and you can adjust it according to your preferences. It is made of nylon that is sweat resistant and ensures breathability during intense physical effort. For more convenience, it features a pocket where you can put a small MP3 player. The manufacturer backs the product for a period of 1 year.

  • Easy to insert and remove sand bags
  • Durable stitching
  • Features wide straps
  • Made of top quality materials
  • Includes all the weights
  • Not very comfortable if you opt for the model without pads
  • The pocket doesn’t hold larger devices

We like the simple design and the fact that is well-balanced. You have the possibility to choose from more weight sizes and all the weights are included. According to the customers who have bought the vest, it is more comfortable with the shoulder pads, so you may want to keep this in mind when buying it.

7. Empower Weighted Vest

Specially made for women, this vest features a contoured x-shape design that helps distribute the weight evenly. It is made of soft lycra and spandex, for increased comfort. It features reflective trim both on the front and the back, being great for walking or running at night. Due to the adjustable side straps, this model fits women with a waist size between 24 and 48 inches. The straps also help stay in place when working out. For extra comfort, the manufacturer added pads in the shoulder straps.

It comes with 8 pounds of weight which are in fact sand pockets. However, they are not removable as they are sewn inside the vest. Additionally, it has a built-in pocket to store your personal items. It is 13 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 16 inches tall. For maintaining it, you just have to clean the visible spots by hand. To get the most out of your exercises, you will also receive a workout guide.

  • The straps can be adjusted to fit women with a waist sized from 24 to 48 inches
  • Features padded shoulder straps
  • The x-shape silhouette design fits women’s curve
  • Reflective strips on the front and on the back
  • Made of comfortable lycra and spandex material
  • The sand pockets are not removable
  • Some customers complained that straps loosen up

The vest is suitable for most women as it comes with adjustable straps. It is made of high-quality materials for a comfortable workout. Very easy to clean. What we don’t like is the fact that you can’t remove the weights or add some extra more.

8. Mir Air Flow

This vest can really help you increase the intensity of your workouts. It is well-made and provides a tight fit no matter if you’re running, biking or exercising at the gym. It is available in one size but you have more options in terms of weight – 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 pounds. The weights are made of solid iron and you can easily add or remove them according to your preferences as the pockets feature a hook-and-loop closure.

It is entirely made of quality materials, so it is highly durable and comfortable. The denim-like fabric doesn’t only look nice but it is also sweat and odor resistant. In order to clean it, you can wash it in the washing machine and then you can put it in the dryer. For a comfortable fit, it features shoulder straps that allow you to adjust its length and a Velcro belt to adjust its width. For this vest, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty service.

  • Includes the weighs – each weight has 3 pounds
  • The weight is distributed evenly
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and belt
  • Doesn’t restrict your movements
  • Very easy to clean
  • The extra weights are rather expensive – in case you want to add some more

Really nice vest with plenty of features that make you feel comfortable while wearing it. Can be cleaned very easily and you can customize it according to your fitness level. Also, it is very easy to take on and off.

How the Products Were Rated

Rating the products is an important process when it comes to deciding which ones are the best. Therefore, the best way to rank the selected weighted vests is by simply comparing them in terms of capacity, fabrics, warranty, and so on. While it is true that all the vests we picked are very popular and well-designed, there are some of them that have impressed us from more points of view.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity

    Even though you may not use the vest to its full capacity, it’s always good to have the possibility to add as many weights as you want. Of course, it is recommended to load them gradually, but still, the more you can add, the more versatile the vest is. If you take a closer look at our models, you will see that Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO has different weight capacities. This depends on the size of the vest. For example, the maximum capacity for the XXL model is 64 pounds. The V-Force can handle weights up to 45 pounds, while Cross 101 and ZFOsports allow you to load weights up to 40 pounds. HumanX 20-Pound has a maximum weight capacity of 20 pounds.

  • Weights Included

    If the weights are not included you will have to buy them separately. But this means extra money. Fortunately, most of the selected products come with all the weights included, except for Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO. With this model, the manufacturer includes only 10 lbs, so if you want to add more weights you have to pay for them.

  • Pockets Position

    Each vest comes with tiny pockets for loading the weights, their position differing from one model to another. Some of them have the pockets located in the front and the back while others have pockets only in the front. For a perfect balance is best to have weights placed not only in the front but also in the back. The only model with front pockets is Cross 101 while all the others have also back pockets.

  • Opening and Closing System

    Nobody wants a vest that is difficult to put on or take off. Each model has an opening and closing system but it is designed in a different manner. Most manufacturers use belts that allow you to adjust the vest for a tight fit. The belts may be made from Velcro, neoprene, or other fabrics. An innovative system is the full zipper featured by Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO but since the zipper can’t be adjusted, the manufacturer also added side lacing. At the same time, the V-Force has straps which can also be adjusted according to your preferences.

  • Moisture & Odor Resistance

    Considering the fact that the body sweats more when wearing weighted clothing, the fabrics have to be carefully selected. For this reason, a great choice is to opt for fabrics that are moisture resistant, thus preventing the growth of bacteria. Also, the fabrics have to be able to keep away bad odor, so most materials are odor resistant. Therefore, all the models are moisture and odor resistant.

  • Warranty

    Knowing that the product you buy is backed by the manufacturer in case it is defective offers you more comfort. Therefore, Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO, Cross 101, and ZFOsports come with a standard 12-month warranty. But there are some exceptions. The longest warranty is offered by the Weight Vest brand which offers an impressive lifetime warranty, while the product with the shortest warranty is HumanX 20-Pound. The manufacturer backs it for only 90 days.

5 Benefits You Should Know About

       The reason why the weighted vests are so popular is because they offer excellent benefits. Wearing them while running, walking, or exercising is the best way to increase the intensity of your training. Besides being a great tool for fitness, you will surely like the fact that they are durable and comfortable. So, here are some of the most important benefits of using a weighted training vest.

  • Increases Body Strength and Endurance: When training with a vest, your body has to adapt to the extra weight, so your muscles will become stronger. However, you don’t have to exaggerate with the weights, add them gradually and let your body accommodate to more weight without forcing it. It takes time and patience to achieve the results you want.
  • Improves Bone Density: Improving bone density is much easier if you wear a vest while running. As we’ve said before, your body will have to become stronger, so the muscles, along with the bones will work together to face all the extra weight.
  • Helps Burn More Calories: If your goal is to get rid of the extra pounds, then you can be sure that a weight vest will help you do that faster. Usually, when exercising, you burn more calories and the more intense is your workout the greater the number of calories you will burn.
  • Improves the Cardiovascular System: A great way to improve your heart and cardiovascular system is to increase the intensity of your workout. Since your body has to work harder, your heart needs to keep pace with it and supply more blood to your muscles. In time, this translates to a healthier cardiovascular.
  • Increases the Lung Capacity: Besides more blood, your body also needs more oxygen when working with extra weights. This will force your lungs to expand and increase their capacity over time. Therefore, your respiratory system will be improved, allowing you to breathe with ease while performing your daily tasks.

Top Brands

  Although there are many weighted vests available, only some brands have managed to distinguish themselves in terms of performance. Names like Harbinger, Hyperwear, and others are well-known among those who want to push their body to the limit and change the current workout routine.

  • Hyperwear

    Hypervest is a very popular brand in the fitness industry. The company manufactures a wide range of products, including storage solutions or softball accessories. Additionally, you can also opt for the Hypervest softbell, sandbeel, or steelbell. One of the most successful products is the Hyper Vest PRO that has received the Men’s Health award for the best weight vest.

  • Harbinger

    Ever since 1988, Harbinger has been manufacturing high-quality gloves and belts, as well as various weightlifting accessories. The company has managed to gain the trust of many customers worldwide. Currently, the company designs and manufactures 3 vests: 2 models for men with a maximum capacity of 20 and 40 pounds and one for women with a capacity of maximum 10 pounds.

  • Weight Vest

    Established in 1981, the company has been producing weight vests of superior quality and now, it is worldwide recognized for manufacturing numerous weight vests, including the Box vests and the V-Force and V-Max short and long vests. All of them are meant to help you test your fitness limits and achieve your goals.

  • ZFOsports

    When it comes to renowned fitness brands, ZFOsports is in the front rank. The company comes with a long history behind, so now, customers all over the world can enjoy a wide range of products at a great price. At this moment, ZFOsports manufactures a great number of vests, among which the popular are ZFO, ZFS, or ZFL vests. Also, the company produces vests for women, as well as weighted belts, gloves, and so on.

Considering the benefits of a weighted vest, we truly consider it a great investment if you want to take your fitness routine to the next level and achieve the body of your dreams. From the many models available, we have selected the best 5 just to make sure you make the righ choice. It seems that Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO is the best model to go with only that you have to buy extra weights for a full weight capacity training. Our choice is V-Force as it is versatile, features quality materials and is backed by a generous warranty. However, if you’re looking for some budget-friendly models, then you can confidently choose one of the other reviewd models. No matter what your option is, you can be sure your training sessions will be more intense and more challenging.

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