Whole House Water Filters for Well

I f your home is not supplied with water from the municipal water plant, then you have to know right from the get-go that your options in regards to water filtration are not typical. Thus, installing a whole house system that will cater to purifying the water that runs through all faucets and outlets in your home is a bit more complicated as there are different types of impurities you are dealing with as opposed to those who use the municipal water treatment plant for their supply.

Water assessment is ideal prior to your purchase, but there are systems out there specially designed to respond to the needs to those who get their water supply from the well, systems that generally feature softening and sterilizing technologies which add to their proficiency in dealing with a wider range of pollutants.

Top 5 Whole House Water Filters for Well Comparison

1. Aquasana Pro Well Rhino+Softener 2. Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20 3. Crystal Quest Eagle 4. iSpring WGB32B-PB 5. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Capacity 500,000 Gallons 1,000,000 Gallons 1,000,000/1,500,000 Gallons 100,000 Gallons 100,000 Gallons
Filtration Stages 6 6 Multiple 3 3
Service Flow 7 GPM 15 GPM 9-11 GPM, 10-13 GPM 15 GPM 15 GPM
Operating Pressure 20-100 PSI 25-80 PSI 20-90 PSI 40-80 PSI 20-90 PSI
Operating Temperature 40˚-90˚ F 36˚-120˚ F 40˚-90˚ F 40˚-100˚ F 40˚-100˚ F
Features Upflow Design, UV Sterilight Filtration, NAC Salt Technology Pelican UV Max, Nature Soft System Salt-Free Softener Preserves Healthy Minerals Housings with 1-Inch Ports
Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years

The Well Water Treatment Systems Reviews

1. Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Pro Well Rhino+Softener

As it is specifically designed to tackle well water contamination in order to protect you and your loved ones from bacteria, viruses, and other impurities which are commonly found in private well water, the Aquasana Rhino was an obvious pick for the #1 sport. Manufactured by Aquasana, the leading company on the market for filtration systems, its quality is only surpassed by its durability and reliability. As you install it, you not only get great-tasting water that is free of impurities from every tap in your home, but you finally get to reduce your body’s exposure to chemicals that cause damage and excess drying. Furthermore, even air quality is enhanced as in the bathroom, the steam that results when you bathe won’t be filled with chlorine vapors and other harmful particles.

Superior Filtration

Comprised of filtration stages that are carefully joined to provide a high-potency purification of the contaminants that reside in the water, the Rhino is unmatchable when it comes down to performance. There are 6 filtration stages through which it passes the water before outputting it, as shown in the matrix below:

Filter/Media What Is Removed
#1 – Sediment pre-filter Eliminates rust, silt, sediment.
#2 – Salt-Free Softener Prevents scale build-up.
#3 – Copper-Zinc and Mineral Stone Eliminates scale, heavy metals, and inhibits bacteria growth.
#4 – Activated Carbon Filter Eliminates pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical compounds.
#5 – Sub-Micron Post-Filter Eliminates remaining sediment and particles down to 0.35 microns.
#6 – UV Filter Eliminates bacteria, germs, viruses, and chlorine resistant cysts.
Performance-Enhancing Technologies

The two technologies it features that we are referring to include the UV Sterilight system and the NAC salt-free system. Utilizing a safe method that does not imply the use of salt, as the name suggests, the NAC salt-free technology is the one we must thank for the system’s superior capability in regards to water softening. Due to its presence, water hardness won’t be an issue anymore as it eliminates and prevents scale build-up, thus helping prolong the lifespan of water-using appliances. The UV Sterilight, on the other hand, is responsible for tackling germs and bacteria found in the well water that supplies your home so that you won’t be exposed to any serious health threats when you drink water or take a shower.

Mention Worthy Features and Specs
  • Designed to provide unmatchable filtration – upflow, dual tank design maximizes contact time between the water and the filtration media.
  • During its impressive lifespan, it can purify up to 500,000 gallons of water, ridding it of impurities for your safety and well-being.
  • Hassle-free maintenance – besides changing the cartridges when it is required, you don’t have to perform other actions, like backwashing, for example.
  • If you are minimally experienced in DIY tasks, you can take up the installation of the system yourself following the comprehensive guide provided.
  • The main filtration unit must be replaced in its entirety after filtering 500,000 gallons of water, which means that you won’t need to make any serious investment in the system for a long while.
  • The sediment pre-filter requires replacement once every 2-3 months, but this period can vary depending on your personal water consumption rate. We recommend that you check on it every month to see if replacement is due – it is white when you install it, and it signals that it requires replacement when you cannot see white any longer.
  • The post filter it features requires replacement once every 9 months, and we advise you to not neglect it as it plays a pivotal role in the sterilization and disinfection process, the system needing it to be in pristine shape to deliver a good performance.
  • Once per year, you will need to replace the bulb of the UV Sterilight system for it to be able to continue properly disinfecting the water and killing health-threatening herms and bacteria.

The system alongside its accompanying technologies is warranted against defects by the manufacturing company during the first 5 years after purchase. As long as it is properly installed and used, the warranty will not be voided and you will benefit from free repairs or replacement during this period of time. To sweeten the pot, Aquasana even throws in a 90-day trial warranty that implies you can return the product if you are displeased with it and receive a full refund.

2. Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20

To deliver the promised results when it comes to purifying water that comes from the well, the Pelican system utilizes, in addition to its basic four stages of filtration, two additional ones provided by the salt-free softening technology and the Pro UV filter.

Filtration process:

  • During the first stage, it employs a 5-micron pre-filter system that tackles sand, sediment, silt, and debris down to 5 microns in size.
  • During the second and third stages, it uses a GAC or catalytic granular activated carbon media to remove chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and hundreds of other impurities that contaminate the water.
  • In the fourth stage, a KDF-55 media is used to prevent and reduce the growth of algae and bacteria, sanitizing the water you consume and use.
  • In the fifth stage, the salt-free softener tends to remove scale and preventing its build-up in order to get rid of all water hardness related issues.
  • Lastly, the UV system is employed to kill off any bacteria, germs, and viruses that might threaten the state of your health.

As it boasts an ingenious up-flow design, there is no need for backwashing, and thus no electricity is required to run it, which is good news for your wallet. This design is to thank for the inexistent water waste during the softening and conditioning processes, further adding to its efficiency and Eco-friendliness. The provided pH ranges from 7 to 11.0, so you will finally be able to maintain proper pH in your body through hydration. The recommended operating pressure ranges from 20 to 80 PSI, while the temperature ranges from 36 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is easy to install, so we are confident that you can take up the task yourself, not requiring professional help that would cost you a pretty penny. When it comes to maintenance, you only need to worry about the pre-filter system that must be replaced once every 6 to 9 months, and the main unit that must be replaced after 5 years of use. The manufacturing company provides a 5-year performance guarantee for the system and a lifetime warranty against defects for the tank and parts. Furthermore, there is a 90-day trial period provided as well, so in case you don’t feel like it is what you need, you can return it and receive your money back in full.

3. Crystal Quest Eagle

There are two size options that you can pick between in accordance to your specific needs, more precisely a 1,000,000-gallon model that is best suited for homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms, and a 1,500,000-gallon model that is appropriate for homes with 2 to 4 bathrooms. The smaller version delivers a service flow ranging from 9 to 11 gallons per minute, while the larger one provides from 10 to 13 gallons per minute.

Filtration process:

  • A 20-inch sediment pre-filter is used to eliminate sediment, dirt, silt, and sand.
  • A 20-inch solid carbon filter cartridge is employed to remove insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, and volatile organic compounds.
  • The water is passed through a 20-inch 0.2-micron ultrafiltration membrane where small-sized impurities are handled.
  • The GAC filter adsorbs and removes organic contaminants, odors, and bad taste.
  • Two beds of Eagle Redox Alloy media are used to reduce unwanted contaminants through the process of electrochemical oxidation-reduction and adsorption.
  • The salt-free softening system employs an anti-scale media to neutralize the minerals that normally cause scale build-up.

The filter media volume of the small model is a little over 1.5 cubic feet, while for the bigger model, it exceeds 2 cubic feet. However, we must admit that there is one aspect that disappoints a little, more precisely the 1-year warranty that is unexpectedly short considering the overall quality of the system and the fact that it is provided by one of the leading brands on the market.

4. iSpring WGB32B-PB

Although there is another entry in the iSpring palette that is appropriate for use in the purification process of well water, more precisely the WGB32BM model, we chose this one as it provides a wider range of purification when it comes to heavy metals encountered. Specialized in the removal of lead, iron, radium, arsenic, mercury, manganese, copper, and more, it is one of the best well water filtration systems you will stumble upon, its success rate exceeding 98%.

Filtration process:

  • During the first stage, it uses a polypropylene sediment filter that tackles contaminants down to 5 microns in size, like sand, silt, and sediments.
  • In the second stage, a CTO carbon block filter that uses coconut shell carbon is employed to get rid of organic compounds, bad taste, odors, and more.
  • Lastly, the third stage uses a lead and iron removal media that has the capacity of filtering at 15,000 for lead, reducing it under 15 ppb to ensure clean, pure drinking water that does not present a threat to your health.

As the CTO and polypropylene filters both boast a 100,000-gallon purification capacity, you are likely to be required to replace them only once per year, which is reasonable considering the rather cheap asking price of the system as a whole. The installation process is explained in detail in the instructions manual that accompanies it, and it is an action that you can perform on your own to save money.

We must admit that what truly impressed us was the fact that it retains healthy minerals in the water so that you get your daily calcium intake through hydration, not being required to solely rely on food or other means. Alas, just like the Crystal Quest entry we previously reviewed, the warranty that accompanies it lasts for 1 year only, which is below industry standard.

5. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

Specially designed and built to tackle non-chlorinated well water contamination, the Home Master is a cheap and easy to install 3-stage system that is worth checking out. Its 15 gallons per minute recommends it for large houses with 3 to 6 bathrooms. It delivers a high flow rate as a result of the 1-inch ports on the housings that make high water pressure possible. Another element that provides it with this impressive flow rate is the large size of the filters that additionally require reduced maintenance, saving you time, money, and sparing you of effort.

Filtration process:

  • In the first stage, a multi-gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter is used to remove dirt, silt, sediment, and more.
  • During the second stage, a radial flow iron reduction filter is used to reduce iron content to 3 ppm with minimal pressure drop.
  • In the last stage, a 20-micron radial flow granular activated carbon filter is used to remove chlorine, chemicals, odors, and bad taste.

Maintenance work is not required all that often considering the low asking price for the system as a whole. The polypropylene filter needs to be replaced once every 6 to 12 months, depending on your personal usage and sediment quantity, the iron reduction filter requires replacement 2-3 times per year, depending on the size of your household and the iron level in the water, while the GAC filter needs to be replaced after purifying 100,000 gallons of water.

The recommended feed water pressure ranges from 20 to 90 PSI, while the recommended water temperature ranges from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the manufacturing company backs it against defects during the first 2 years after you purchase it, which is more than enough considering how little you pay for it upfront.

Potential Contaminants Found in Groundwater

The tricky part with groundwater is the fact that, at first, it seems clear and clean. This is normal seeing how the ground handles filtering our particulate matter naturally. However, don’t be played by the seemingly pure water as it is, in fact, more dangerous than the water from the municipal supply as it tends to be filled with natural, as well as human-induced chemicals and impurities that degrade its quality, making it hazardous to our health when consumed without being first properly filtered. Some of the causes of well water contamination include the dissolving of metal caused by the fact that it flows through the ground, which inevitably leads to high metal concentrations in the water, leaking fuel tanks, toxic chemical spills, septic tank leakage, placement over an old dump site, treatment of lawns and crops with pesticides and fertilizers.

Common contaminants and their effect on your health:

  • Arsenic: A carcinogen agent that causes liver and kidney damage, and chronic toxicity.
  • Copper: Causes anemia, liver and kidney damage, intestinal distress. It also alters the taste of the water.
  • Lead: Delays physical and mental development in newborns, increases blood pressure in adults, causes hearing and learning problems in children.
  • Iron: Doesn’t necessarily alter your health, but it leaves a bitter taste in the water and causes plumbing fixtures to brown.
  • Manganese: Does not alter your health, but it is toxic to plants at high levels, and it stains laundry.
  • Nickel: Slight liver and heart damage in humans, considerable damage to the health of animals.
  • Sodium: Presents a threat to your health if you are on a low-sodium diet.
  • Sulfate: It has a laxative effect when consumed in high doses, and it changes the taste of water.
  • Mercury: Causes nervous system disorders, damages the kidneys, can cause chronic toxicity.
  • Selenium: Toxic in high doses in humans, and causes chronic toxic effects in animals, especially cattle.
  • Barium: Causes problems with the gastrointestinal system, the neuromuscular system, and the cardiac system.
  • Cyanide: High doses cause damage to the liver, brain, and spleen.
  • Coliform bacteria: Depending on their specific nature, they can cause cholera, dysentery, polio, typhoid fever, and even infectious hepatitis.
  • Pesticides: Cause dizziness, numbness, cancer, poisoning, gastrointestinal problems, weakness, and produce damage to the reproductive system, the nervous system, the liver, the kidneys, and the thyroid.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Before we jump in and analyze the potential issues that may arise as time passes with the filtration system, let’s first cover what are your obligations in terms of maintenance and use. As long as you perform the duties that are required of you and you treat it right, it is less likely for issues to ever arise with the system, thus getting to enjoy a quality performance on its part for a longer period of time.

  • Even if it seems trivial for those who have installed and used whole house systems before, reading the accompanying instructions manual is a must. Carefully follow each step of the installation process, not undermining its importance as it can lead to the voiding of the warranty agreement through serious system damage. The same applies when routine cartridge replacement work is due, being required of you to follow the provided instructions.
  • Make sure you change filtration cartridges on time. Otherwise, you will witness a sudden drop in performance quality as the system will not be able to handle removing certain contaminants due to oversaturation of its filtration media. You can find the cartridge replacement schedule info in the user manual that comes with the product.
  • When the time does come to perform routine maintenance and change filters, make sure that the replacements you buy match your system. To check for compatibility, look in the manual to see what your options are or contact customer support.
As long as you replace filter cartridges on time, you won’t expose yourself to the dangers of drinking polluted well water. Doing this will upkeep a proper functioning of the purification system, and you will enjoy your purchase to its fullest.

Daniel | Water Filtration System Expert

Troubleshooting the system:

Problem Causes Solution
Water pressure drop Cause #1 – Overused cartridges. Cause #2 – Clogged cartridges. Simply replacing the filter cartridges will suffice to get water pressure back on track. If the cause was a clogging of the cartridges, however, you should look into filters with a higher micron rating to better handle the sediment passing through them.
Water pressure drop Cause #1 – Filter replacement date has passed. Cause #2 – Inability of the filter media to remove the sources of the existing tastes and odors. First, you should replace the old cartridges, especially if the issue that caused it was that you missed the replacement date. If the issue persists, however, you have to change the system with a new one that can tackle the type and level of contamination that you are dealing with. To avoid having to make this serious of a change, we recommend you test the water before making a purchase to see exactly what are the issues at hand and make an informed purchase in regards to the system’s purification capabilities.

Testing Process

Softening effectiveness

A common issue with water that comes from the well is the fact that it has a high level of hardness, purification systems that are supposed to specialize in treating it being expected to solve this issue. With each of our selections, we took it upon ourselves to test and see exactly how big of a difference installing them made when it came to softening hard water. We tested a water sample specifically for hardness before making the installation and after in order to figure out their effectiveness.

Bacteria removal

Contamination of an organic nature is just as often encountered as hardness issues are, so we tested a water sample before the installation of each system was made and afterwards in order to see how big of a difference this addition made when it came to the elimination of bacteria and germs that inevitably threaten the consumer’s health.

Overall filtration quality

As it is a whole house system, you expect it to filter out as many impurities as possible, not solely focusing on softening and bacteria removal. Thus, we made it a point to test and see how much the overall quality and purity of the water improved after making the installation, checking for various contaminants, including volatile organic compounds, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, chloramines, and more.


Evidently, the ease of installing each system matters as, when you are dealing with a reasonable to install product, you are spared of an extra expense – calling in a pro. When we were installing each system in order to test its effectiveness in terms of water purification, we paid attention to the level of difficulty implied with the process as a whole, and we took into consideration the amount of time wasted on the procedure as well.


Routinely, there are certain maintenance tasks that must be performed, more precisely replacing filter cartridges. To see how troublesome it will be for you to perform these tasks, we took it upon ourselves to change the cartridges and have a first-hand experience of how difficult and time-consuming it is to replace the cartridges for each entry in our top.

Test results

Product Softening effectiveness Bacteria removal Overall filtration quality Installation Maintenance
Pro Well Rhino+Softener 10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10
PSE2000-Pro20 10/10 10/10 9/10 10/10 9/10
Eagle 10/10 9/10 9/10 10/10 9/10
WGB32B-PB 9/10 8/10 8/10 10/10 9/10
GMF3SDGFEC 9/10 8/10 8/10 10/10 9/10

Rating Our Picks

Rating Criteria Impact/Importance Product to Receive the Best Score
Capacity The capacity of each system shows for how long you can rely on it to provide a thorough filtration of impurities that lurk in the water. This spec basically shows the lifespan of the system, when the system finishes purifying the maximum amount of water it can handle requiring you to do major maintenance work in regards to cartridge replacement. Crystal Quest Eagle
Number of filtration stages The more the merrier when it comes to the filtration stages that the system passes the water through before outputting it as you are ensured the purification process is more thorough. The involvement of multiple filtration media also shows that a wider range of different size and type contaminants have been removed, thus the quality of the water you end up using and consuming being superior. Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Pro Well Rhino+Softener, Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20
Water softening technology We gave a higher rating to the systems that featured salt-free, dependable, safe softening systems. One of the main issues that well water is known for is its hardness, so it is more than obvious why we paid extra attention to the softening technology used by these systems. Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Pro Well Rhino+Softener, Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20, Crystal Quest Eagle
Sterilization Just like hardness, bacteria infestation is another common issue with water that comes from the well, an issue that greatly impacts your health as it puts you in direct danger of falling prey to various diseases. Knowing this, we gave extra points to the systems that featured UV technology which tends to the removal of bacteria and viruses, leaving behind a truly safe and pure water for you to consume. Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Pro Well Rhino+Softener, Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20
Cartridge replacement Cartridge replacement frequency had a major impact on how we shaped our ranking as it shows not only how time-consuming maintenance work will be with each system, but how costly it will get as well. Evidently, the system to receive the best score is the one that requires the least amount of maintenance work and for which the replacement parts are less expensive. Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Pro Well Rhino+Softener
Warranty One surefire way to figure out if a product is qualitative or not is to check out the warranty provided for it by the manufacturing company. The longer the warranty the better as you can have the system replaced or repaired free of charge in the event that any malfunction or defect appears. Just note that the warranty agreement can be voided if you subject the product to improper use, which means that you have to follow instructions when installing and using it if you want to benefit from this perk. Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20

Frequently Asked Questions

?What is the purpose of the UV system?
This system uses UV to destroy certain cysts, viruses, and bacteria present in the water as it flows through the UV chamber. For its effectiveness to be enhanced, the water should already be treated for as many contaminants as possible before entering its sterilization chamber.

?How do I figure out what is the right system for me to acquire?
Even though well water tends to have the same types of issues regardless of the specific area you live in, for you to make as smart of a purchase as possible, we advise you to first test a water sample and see what is the water hardness level, if there is serious bacterial pollution, and what types of health-threatening contaminants reside in it. Only by doing this can you know for sure what type of filtration media you require the system to boast.

?What could be the cause of bad tasting water?
Obviously, contamination is the source of your problems. However, only certain pollutants cause the hydrating liquid to develop a weird taste, some of the most common impurities that lead to these issue including chlorine, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, zinc, iron, manganese, sodium, and sulfur.

As opposed to systems which tend to the purification of water from the municipal water supply, well water systems have a more difficult purpose to serve as water hardness comes into play, an uncommon issue with the previously mentioned source which benefits from initial filtration before it reaches the pipes in your home. Evidently, other uncommon contaminants plague its quality and make it hazardous for use and consumption without prior filtration. For optimal results overall, the Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Pro Well Rhino+Softener is your best choice, evidently, its 6 filtration media which include a salt-free softener and a UV filter ensuring that the main issues with groundwater will be fixed. As it is manufactured by a leading brand in this field, reliability is a given, which is another plus that adds to its desirability.

In case you need a higher capacity system than our top ranked pick, the Pelican Water PSE2000-Pro20 and the Crystal Quest Eagle offer viable solutions. The Pelican entry boasts a 1,000,000-gallon capacity which makes it appropriate for use in large homes with 4 to 6 bathrooms, while the Crystal Quest is even more generous as it provides 2 different capacity size options, one which is usable until it filters 1,000,000 gallons, and one that requires replacement after purifying 1,500,000 gallons. However, if you are in need of efficient water purification yet money is an issue, the Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is what you need as it comes at a cheaper price as opposed to our other selections and when compared to most entries on this market, all without dropping performance quality. It boasts a 100,000-gallon capacity, the 15 GPM flow rate makes it appropriate for houses with 3 to 6 bathrooms, and it uses a 3-stage filtration process to rid the water you use of any and all impurities.

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