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Webcams represent a good choice when we want to monitor or check something. How many of us did not wonder if our house is safe when we are at work or anywhere else? But this can be solved easily by just purchasing a webcam that can record everything you need. Webcams are very versatile devices and come in a variety of models. You can opt for a basic one or you can choose the wireless model. We suggest the second one due to its easy system and features. Below you will find a variety of these items so that you can choose the one that fulfills all your needs.

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Top 6 Wireless Webcams Compared

Photo Product Name Dimension Number of Pixels Maximum Resolution HD View Light Correction Compatibility High Feature Price
Amcrest ProHD IP2M-841S Image
Best Overall
1. Amcrest ProHD IP2M-841S 4 x 3.9 x 4.5 in 1080p 1080p/30fps Yes Yes Smartphone, tablet, Windows, Apple Works with Alexa for voice control Check Price
Logitech HD Pro 960-000764 Image 2. Logitech HD Pro 960-000764
2.8 x 7.5 x 8.9 in 1080p 1080p/30fps Yes Yes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later Built-in dual stereo mics Check Price
Logitech HD C525 960-000715 Image
Our Choice
3. Logitech HD C525 960-000715
8.2 x 3 x 6 in 720p 72p/30fps Yes Yes Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Live Messenger One-click upload to Facebook and YouTube Check Price
Wansview IP HD 4332025266 Image 4. Wansview IP HD 4332025266 2.4 x 1.4 x 3.9 in 720p 720p/30fps Yes Yes iOS/Android mobile devices, Windows PC, Apple Mac Amazing night vision Check Price
Logitech HD C310960-000585 Image 5. Logitech HD C310960-000585 6 x 3 x 8.2 in 720p 720p/30fps Yes Yes Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 High-resolution snapshots at up to 5 MP Check Price
Wyze Cam WYZEC2 Image 6. Wyze Cam WYZEC2 2.2 x 2 x 2 in 1080p 1080p/30fps Yes Yes iOS and Android Works with Alexa

Amcrest ProHD IP2M-841S

Check the Price

Upgrade your safety and security with the most intelligent product. The 1080 pan/tilt HD camera is the best choice for you due to all its conveniences and features. The model comes with an intelligent digital zoom for a more precise image and it will also help you get a better look with its IR LED night-vision included. Now you do not have to worry about the dark, things will get easier for you. Additionaly, its 90 degree viewing angle will allow you too see more clear and more detailed so that you do not miss anything that may interest you. It can be used with Amcrest View App and it also includes 4 hours of free cloud storage. Opt for this innovative product and you will notice the difference as soon as you will start using it.


Everybody is looking for the perfect product but also for a nice and appropriate design. The device has a modern design and it fits everywhere you place it without worrying that it can look bad. Its small and light range will help you introduce and install it in any corner of your house. Its stylish appearance will fit everything around it and will not bother you at all.

  • Crystal clear view with 1080p Full HD
  • It comes with remote pan and tilt with intelligent digital zoom
  • It has an IR LED night-vision up to 32 feet
  • 1 year US warranty and life-time support from Amcrest
  • Some people claim that the upload speed is not very fast

This camera is a great investment due to its conveniences and facilities. Now you can feel safe and secure just by using this smart and innovative device with a modern design.
Additionally, its easy setup will help you save time and be practical.

Logitech HD Pro 960-000764

Check the Price

This camera is another device that can help you do a lot of things just in a couple of minutes due to its easy installation. Some of its most important features are its full HD 1080p video calling with the latest version of Skype for Windows and 720p HD video calling with supported clients. It is built with dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction, it also has automatic low-light correction. The device has tripod universal clips for laptops, LCDs and monitors. It is an impressing camera that can bring lots of advantages. You do not have to worry when using it because it is compatible with many types of devices such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later than these. It works with Chrome, Android and USB port.

  • Crystal clear 1080p HD video and audio
  • It comes with dual mics
  • It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later
  • Tripod universal clip included
  • It does not have any warranty included

This item includes lots of benefits and has a fair price for everyone. It is the best choice for anyone who needs it; simple, unique, with a great design and several options. Make it easy and safe by purchasing this product.

Logitech HD C525 960-000715

Check the Price
This model is suitable for anyone who is interested in purchasing a wireless camera. Coming with an amazing fluid 720p HD video recording, a video calling in 16:9 widescreen, and impressive 8 MP photos, it will amaze you day by day. Another significant peculiarity is the Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology that brings smoother and better video images just as the real-world. Now the videos are more vivid and more natural. Moreover, the sound is more clear and you will not hear any bothering noise. With just one click you can upload your favourite videos and photos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and if you like editing your photos this camera comes with Magix video and photo editor to fulfill all your wishes. The 360 degree rotational camera will help you shoot on the go and record easier at any angle.

  • Fluid 720p HD video recording
  • Ultra smooth Autofocus
  • It comes with a 360 degree rotational camera
  • Noise-cancelling mic included
  • The warranty is not included

This item will help you record everything and keep your memories safe and secure. You will not regret this purchase when you will notice all its significant features and peculiarities. Also, the price is affordable for everyone’s needs.

Wansview IP HD 4332025266

Check the Price
This one is another of our recommendations. The device comes with a lot of advantageous features and also the price is a good and affordable one. You can monitor everything you need or want in a simple and practical way. The device is slim, easy to install and to be used. You will enjoy a true HD experience in 720p and a wide 120 degree angle. The multiview function will help you monitor the same screen without changing the camera to another to check what happens. The night-vision is up to 20 feet so you will not even notice the dark, everything will be clear as it is in the day light. It includes also a mic to speak with your family anytime and anywhere. Wansview camera is compatible with both Windows and Apple. It includes a 60 day free return or exchange and free technical assistance. Note that there is no micro SD slot included.

  • Crystal clear view with 720p HD
  • Wide 120 degree viewing angle
  • Multiview function and night vision up to 20 feet
  • 60 days warranty
  • Some people claim that it does not connect to the Wi-fi network

This mini camera is the best choice if you want to monitor or keep safe the activity in your house. You can rely on it and on its features so that you can leave your house safe and secure. We have chosen this product due to its reliability and good price so do not hesitate in purchasing it.

Logitech HD C310960-000585

Check the Price
This is another item that you should consider due to its features and, why not, due to its price. The product has a high definition video up to 720p. It has a smooth HD video call and you do not have to worry anymore about unclear photos. With this Logitech webcam you can easily share photos and look good even in bad light. You can upload your favourite videos on YouTube in only one click. The camera has a built-in mic with noise reduction and universal clip for laptops, LCDs or monitors so that it can be versatile. It supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

  • Logitech Fluid Crystal technology view in 720p
  • It comes with a mic for noise reduction
  • It has automatic light correction
  • 2-year limited warranty included
  • Some people claim that it has some driver issues

This product is saleable due to the fact that it offers many benefits and you can feel safe and secure when using it. More than this, it can be the best choice to keep your favourite videos, photos, all your memories. This camera can be the best deal regarding its features and also its price.

Wyze Cam WYZEC2

This one is another of our recommended top products due to all its characteristics that offer you perfect captions and videos. Either you are using it for face timing your friends or for monitoring your house or baby’s room, this one might be a good option, too. You can see everything directly on your smartphone thanks to the 1080p full HD view, no matter day or night. Moreover, the motion tagging technology detects motion in both live and playback modes. Now you can easily identify objects wherever in your house. Wyze has a small design with a magnetic base, metal plate, and 3-axis design so it can fit anywhere you want without any other tools needed. What’s great about it is that is works with Alexa so to ease facilitate your job. The device works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks and the operating system supports iOs 8 and Android 5.0 or later. Note that it has only indoor use due to the fact that it is not waterproof.

  • Motion Tagging technology
  • Small size
  • Sound detection
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Some have complained about its poor Wi-Fi connectivity
The product sells so well due to its tiny design that can fit anywhere without even noticing it. The fact that it works with Alexa is a great feature,too, because you can easily use the voice control. Enjoy clear and crisp captions with this innovative and modern gadget.

What Are They Good For?

Webcams are often used in the corporates, more particularly in video conferences. But who said that you cannot have your own webcam at your home? Such a smart device can help people monitor their own place even when they are not at home. This way you can supervise your children or your pet without worrying at all. You can keep in touch with everything that happens there even though you are not able to be present in that place. Note some of the most important features of wireless camera systems.

  • Easy to install – As it is obvious they do not need any wires so that it will take a couple of minutes to install them.you do not have to worry anymore about climbing in the most inappropriate places to place the wires. You just connect it to the Wi-fi network and this is all, you will immediately notice the outcome. Just make sure that you have a power source relatively close to the wireless camera so it can offer you the best connection, and the best video image, by default.
  • Versatility features – This is maybe the most important trait of these webcams. There are a lot of apps for webcams so that you can easily monitor everything from your phone or tablet. You can use it only to monitor your room, you can use it as a nanny cam or even watch live feeds from it. Moreover, it can act as a recorder, for instance when you need to record a party or an event.
  • Deter crime – It may sound scary but it is a significant reason especially for those who live in disreputable neighborhoods. Once you place them you will see the effect on people immediately and you will feel more secure. When installing them at work or at home you can prevent crime from happening. Cameras are intimidating people and they will feel insecure in just a few moments.

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